As the Crow Flies (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [upbeat music playing.]
[alarm beeping.]
- You going? - Yeah.
Go back to sleep.
Of course I want soup.
The guests will be hammered.
They'll need soup.
But nothing too fancy.
The officiant will be ready at eight.
No, honey.
The entrance song is important to me.
I'm at the office.
I'll call you later.
Don't make any decisions Lale, ma'am.
 This is for you.
- And there's one more.
Bring it over.
- Thanks.
I didn't know planning a wedding is so much work.
Well, I hope yours will be just how you want it to be.
I'm nervous it won't be what I want.
But thank you.
I appreciate it.
Having NJ perform is awesome! He never plays at weddings.
Enjoy it.
Okay? [coughing.]
- [Müge.]
Sorry, the door - Is Müge - Shh! - I won't say a thing.
- You just focus on organizing my meetings.
- Okay.
- A word, please? - Sounds good.
Seriously? - Let me see it.
- I can't.
It's been deleted.
- You sure the source is real? - Lale, it's unbelievable.
Hotel check-ins and check-outs, camera footage, former chief of police's records.
They say they have it all.
But they want us to pick it up in person.
All right.
- But who can we trust to pick it up? - I don't know.
- Is it safe? - Özge can go.
Send her.
Yes, sure, I'll handle it.
No worries, but [Kenan.]
But what? You know, I was planning on taking this afternoon off.
You know how I'm swamped planning my wedding.
That's true.
Go and take care of this.
And then you're off for the day.
Sounds good.
When should I go? Go now and give it to Müge.
But make sure you're careful.
- All right.
- It's important.
Breaking the news.
Have you seen Müge? Don't get me started.
She's gone too far.
You should have seen the stories she posted last night.
- Maybe I could talk to her.
- Don't, Kenan.
Let's put it on hold for now.
We could do that, but it isn't the first time.
Let's just wait.
As you wish.
But it's going to get worse.
She'll end up hitting a wall.
She'll get through it.
Her heart doesn't need to be broken.
- Müge, it's me.
- Oh.
Really? I did the story about social security renewals for health workers.
- Okay, go ahead.
- Hold on.
Heads up.
We are breaking a story, so things will be a bit different today.
Wow, we have a scandal, huh? That's exciting.
What is it? - Really? Why don't I know about it? - It's new.
- We'll find out more as the day goes on.
- We'll keep you updated.
Don't worry.
I'll deal with the important thing.
You don't need to know.
Once I'm back, I'll be off.
Lale is yours for the day.
Here you go.
Okay, don't worry about it.
Shut up.
Of course I'm worried.
Don't talk too much, always listen, and make sure she never has to repeat things.
- Got it? - Uh-huh.
And keep up.
Her legs are long, so make sure you walk fast.
Always have these around.
Don't get all confused, or you won't handle this.
Okay, don't worry about me.
I'll do my best.
At the end of day, Lale knows that I'm not you, you know.
Obviously, no one can take your place, and she knows that too.
Of course she knows that.
Anyway, try and act like me.
Make her feel safe.
Good luck.
Bye, then.
See if it's working.
- I'd rather you see for yourself.
- Yeah, okay.
It's all good.
Everything's here.
I'm deleting all the data I have.
Only you have it now.
- It's not from me.
- Got it.
You got me, right? It's not on me.
- It's yours.
Stay away from me.
- I understand.
It's on me.
- Looking for someone? - What are you doing here? - Looking for you.
- Stay away from me! - We can't be seen together.
- Okay.
I'm busy today.
When Lale gets back from her facial, I'll be her assistant for the day.
- So you're not waiting for her? - I'm waiting for someone else.
- Who? - Fuck off.
I'm not telling you about it.
I'll only post when I'm told.
I'm yours, you know.
I can't say it yet.
- But you can have it later.
- Fine.
Then give me your keys.
I mean, I think you'll be late.
But don't tweet anything without asking me first.
Whatever you say, ma'am.
Ah, that's who you're meeting.
- Psst.
- What? I heard Müge was out until last call.
Maybe you can use that.
Doubt she had as much fun as us, though.
Yeah, okay.
[upbeat music playing.]
Dammit, I'm gonna be late.
It's Aslı, ma'am.
Yeah, you had the Sinan story.
Volkan told me you had a headache and left some ibuprofen for you.
He could have given it to me.
He was going to, but I told him not to.
It might look like you have a hangover.
Pardon? Yeah.
Please move.
Oh! - Hello there! - What are you doing here? - Where's Lale? - Lale's getting a facial.
I just saw Müge, by the way.
She was headed to the bathroom.
The bathroom? I think she might be hungover today.
It looked like she was gonna be sick.
Who cares? I'm gonna be late.
- Oh, yeah.
All your wedding stuff.
- Uh-huh.
It's so hard.
My cousin's was a nightmare.
So who are you meeting with? - The DJ and the opening act.
- Oh, they're the worst.
They're always in such a rush.
Just how late are you? Müge is taking a long time.
Anyway, I wish you luck.
Let me know if this falls through for you.
I do know a DJ, but Only if you need it.
- He's not the best.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Forget it.
Eat shit, Müge.
There, it's yours.
Come on.
Let's go.
- After you.
- Thank you so much.
Hi, honey.
No, don't be upset.
You know I'm so busy.
We'll figure it out.
Don't worry.
You can tell me what's wrong.
Honey, what makes you say that? Do you think I'm neglecting you? Tuncay, listen, I'm going to be with the girls in just a moment.
So can I give you a call later then? Many kisses to you.
Yes, talk soon.
Okay, I lied.
Oh, well.
Sometimes all you need to do is hear yourself think.
A little you time.
- Hello.
- Hello, Lale.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Lale, welcome.
Thank you, Kadir.
It's going to be a great day now that you're here.
Okay, now I want you to make my day.
I know you have the story.
I do hope you're willing to share.
I have some details I'd be willing to tell you.
Shall we? Of course.
- Aslı, can you - I'll be fine.
I can wait here.
- All right.
Take good care of my girl.
- Of course.
I've got some new coffee.
- Shall we have some? - Sure.
Aslı, would you like some? - I'm good, Lale.
Thank you.
- [Lale.]
Very good.
Kadir, when do you plan on getting older? [Kadir.]
What? Look who's talking.
You haven't aged a day in years.
- What are you talking about? - Mom, would you say something to her? - Mom, she's being ridiculous.
- Oh, God! Come on! Okay, let's stop fighting.
Come on, get in.
All right, put your seatbelts on.
- [girls.]
Mom! - [Lale.]
No buts, you're wearing seatbelts.
All right.
Are you guys hungry? What do you want to eat? - [Melisa.]
- [Mila.]
Pizza! Okay, you can have them both.
Nihat, to the usual club, please.
Who are you? I'm Aslı.
Aslı will be filling in for Özge for us today, okay? Aslı, we're going to grab a bite to eat and then I'm taking them skating.
What do you want to do? You can eat with us, if you like, or if you want to do something else I'll come with and go skating.
Are you sure? Özge calls this "happy hour" for a reason.
Lale, I'd love to join you for the day if you don't mind.
- And besides, I'd love to help.
- It's fine with me.
You guys? - It's okay.
- Sure.
Wow, okay.
Nihat, we head over to the club then.
- Enver, how are you doing? - Welcome, ma'am.
- Please.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
Thank you so much.
- Say thank you.
- [Melisa.]
Thank you.
- Girls, do you have everything you need? - [Melisa and Mila.]
We do.
Here you go, girls.
- [Enver.]
Enjoy your meals.
- [Lale.]
Thank you.
- Hello, how are you? - [waiter.]
Good afternoon.
The girls and I have a special pizza.
Cihat created it.
- Of course.
The princess pizza.
- [Lale.]
Aslı, the girls and I have our own pizza recipe.
It's delicious.
But it's too much gluten for me.
You're welcome to have some.
Yeah, that sounds good.
- I would love to try some.
- Okay.
- [waiter.]
What would you like, ma'am? - I'll have my usual.
Coming right up.
Wine? Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- [Aslı.]
I'm good, thank you.
- Cheers.
Oh, I forgot to turn this off.
- [phone beeps.]
- Mom, come on! I'm sorry.
Ma'am, is something wrong? - Yes, there is.
- Anything I can help with? We're missing the story we're breaking tonight.
What do you mean? - Özge has it? - She's gone.
She was supposed to bring it.
Then where is it gone? Stop yelling at me, Kenan.
It's not here! You told me you took it from her yourself.
I did.
It was on my desk.
And? It's not here now! - I'm gonna lose it.
- Well, actually What is it, Müge? Tell me.
"Actually" what? Well, she put it here and left.
She didn't wait for me and texted saying she left it on my desk.
- But it's not here now.
- You said you took it from her.
Okay, that was a little misleading.
- Great job, Müge.
- It was on my desk.
- Keep it up.
- Come on! [Melisa.]
I'm never talking to Mert again.
That's final.
Come on, Mom? Why aren't you saying anything? You're right.
- Mm-hmm.
- You should just go to work.
- But we were supposed to go skate! - All right, we will.
Lower your voice.
Eat quickly.
Come on.
Finish up.
And then we'll leave.
Are you going to be okay? We've had promos running saying we'd break that story.
Mom never has it easy.
Yeah, never.
I think this is okay.
Go on.
[phone ringing.]
- Hello, Kenan.
Talk to me.
- I don't know what to say.
Özge's gone and no flash drive.
We can't find it.
Müge should have it.
She gave it to her, didn't she? You know what, Müge's been Okay, calm down.
What's the plan? I have no idea, Lale, okay? Of course today is the day you're not here.
Okay, Kenan.
I'm on my way.
Hello, Selim? Hon, I need to ask a favor.
Can I drop the girls off and have you come home? I'm so sorry to ask this of you.
I know you're busy at work.
But something urgent's come up and I have to go back.
Okay, babe, thank you so much.
See you there.
If you want, you can go back to the studio.
I can stay here with the girls.
I can handle them.
I promise.
You're so sweet, dear.
Thank you, but we'll take the girls home.
Then we'll head back to the studio.
Girls! [speaking French.]
Come on! [Melisa.]
What's wrong? Daddy, our plans changed.
I guess you heard.
Girls, go get cleaned up.
Put your clothes in the laundry basket.
They're clean.
We didn't skate long.
Come on, Mila.
Thank you so much.
I'm sorry.
It's a disaster at the studio.
Of course it is.
It always is.
You go ahead.
I've got things here.
By the way, Aslı is filling in for Özge as my assistant.
- Hello, Aslı.
I'm Selim.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Melisa.]
Mom, would you come here? - I've got it.
I can stay for a few more minutes.
- Something to drink? - Me? No.
- I'm getting some water.
I could - I'm good.
Thank you so much.
More problems, huh? I guess, yeah.
That's live TV.
Never a dull moment.
It's a very busy line of work, you know.
It is.
- I've just started learning everything.
- Good luck with that.
Kenan never leaves Lale's side, actually.
They're always together.
Sounds like him.
They've been working together for years, which is good.
Honestly, I could learn the job a little faster if Lale and Kenan weren't always cooped up in her office when she's getting ready.
I mean, if I could only be in there with them, I'd have a better idea of how they think.
Of course.
I'm sure you'll get there.
Aslı, you go on ahead.
I'll be right with you.
Okay, I'm off, then.
It was very nice to meet you.
Have a good day.
She's sweet.
You're not mad at me, are you? I'm used to it.
Can I have a hug, so I believe you? A crisis awaits me, Selim.
Did Kenan come by? You guys get drunk together when we were gone, maybe? No.
He was going to, but I canceled.
- He wasn't here, then.
- No.
Why? Nothing.
Just asking.
Thank you for the extra driving.
Hello? I'm here, it's okay.
I'm just outside.
Would you be a dear and get me a coffee? - I know.
Light roast with just ice.
- Exactly.
Light roast coffee, ice only, please.
I swear I put it there.
You say you left it here, but it's not.
It couldn't have flown off.
Why didn't you hand it to her personally? Help me understand that.
Well, I was going to hand it over personally, but Müge was What? What's wrong? What? What is it? Go ahead.
Say what I was doing! - [Lale.]
- I promise I left it right there.
I'm at my wits' end.
We've been promoting this story since this morning.
- [Lale.]
- Now we don't have a story! Come on now! We need to calm down, and then we can figure this out.
Özge, dear, walk us through what happened from the beginning.
You went there, got it, returned, had the flash drive.
Then what happened to it? [girl 1.]
They lost the story.
- Which one? - [girl 1.]
 Haven't you seen the promos? - We were going to break it tonight.
- [girl 2.]
Really? - I bet Kenan's gonna be pissed.
- [girl 1.]
Has he seen Lale? [man.]
See if Büşbüş has posted yet.
The lions have a game they like to play.
They create a problem and see if a bird will show up to solve it.
The bird shows up.
Saves the day.
Then what? They go back to ignoring the bird.
They carry on with their lives.
No one appreciates the bird.
And of course, they would still eat the bird without hesitation.
That's why it's better to avoid that game.
Getting appreciation is useless.
The bird is better off without it.
For the bird of prey, it must keep killing to zero in on its target.
- Lale, your coffee.
- Thanks.
I want the security cameras checked.
I came in, put it there, and left.
We all know who uses this hallway.
Maybe someone took it.
I wish you'd taken it from her yourself, Müge.
You're blaming me then.
That's really great.
The girl's a moron but somehow it's my fault.
Müge, don't push it.
You made a mistake.
Just stop it.
Okay, do we have a plan? Yes.
- I have one.
Fire me.
- Uh Kick me out like you did Rıza.
How about that, huh? You two will come out squeaky clean once more.
Then that account, what's her name, Büşbüş will post and say Müge drowned in her own shit.
It won't be your fault.
Müge, what are you talking about? You're making no sense.
How is this related? I'm telling you.
We can clear this all up.
Can we just say that it happened and move on? Please? I mean, Büşbüş is still around Yes.
We still haven't found out who she is.
I put an idiot on the task and he came up with nothing.
I need this place's security camera footage.
It's urgent.
What did you do? I just need it.
You have to take it all.
There can't be anything left.
Okay? Can you? You want something erased, don't you? What happened? Yusuf, it's urgent.
Listen to me and hurry before someone sees.
Okay, but first, tell me what you did.
Aslı, you gotta tell me what you did.
Okay, I'll think of something.
I mean, I can try.
But no promises.
Okay? I'm losing it.
I'm about to lose my mind.
I can't believe it.
- I'll figure this out.
I'll find a way.
- Find what? We look stupid, Lale! Kenan, enough! Enough! I'm dealing with Selim.
I'm dealing with the girls.
As if life wasn't enough to deal with and now this! I'm overwhelmed.
I am overwhelmed! I've been telling you from the beginning.
I've been telling you that I will handle it.
We just need to try and stay calm.
Why are you smothering me? Stop it! Enough! [Lale sobbing.]
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
We're good.
We're good.
You're Lale.
You're my Lale.
You're a jewel.
What? Tell me.
Tell me.
You can tell me.
We're about to start.
Let's go.
Which one? [makeup artist.]
Which finger? - Lale? - Yes? I've been meaning to ask you.
Why do we keep putting a band-aid on your finger? You don't have any scars.
How do I look? Perfect.
I can't breathe.
Don't be ridiculous.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, wait.
- Come here.
- What's wrong? - Give me your hand.
- Why my hand? They try to make a flawless jewel, but they will always be fake.
This is to show you have flaws and your experiences in life.
This is your proof that you are a true jewel.
Do you really think that? I do.
To me, you are a true jewel.
Go on.
No reason.
Just for luck.
Özge, I think you've been tired lately.
No, I'm totally fine.
This has been my first mistake.
You are an amazing PA.
And a very smart girl.
You'll achieve amazing things in your life.
You'll keep learning and get even better.
I don't doubt this.
What do you mean? What are you saying, Lale? You seem exhausted, and I think you need rest.
Don't cry.
Look, this breaks my heart.
We will call it a temporary break.
- I love you so much.
- My dear girl, I love you so much too.
I really do care about you.
We've always been so close.
I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I let you down, and I hate myself for it.
There's no need to be so hard on yourself.
Tonight, go and get a good night's rest.
Tomorrow morning, you can get up and work on wedding plans.
This is good.
You're getting married.
Okay? After that, when you're ready, you can come back to work.
How about it? - It's just a break for now.
- Okay.
Don't make me worry about you, Özge.
Promise me.
You'll be fine.
I'll call you.
Okay? That's enough crying.
It's not the end of the world.
[sirens wailing in the distance.]
[machine beeping.]
You really scared us, Özge.
- [man.]
Are you in pain? - No, they pumped me with painkillers.
We should get going.
I think they want you to rest.
The doctor was annoyed so many people were hanging out here.
They're gonna kick us out.
Lale? Did she come? The show is still on.
We asked for permission to come.
It's okay.
Don't think about that now.
I'm sure she'll be here after she's done, you know.
Mm-hmm, that's true.
Yes, dear? Was today okay? I didn't get to ask before.
You can't worry about that now.
But we got by okay.
Did you know she let me go? Listen, girl, just get some sleep right now.
I'll be back later.
Your fiancé is downstairs filling out paperwork.
If Lale comes, can someone please wake me up? [Aslı.]
Of course.
- Aslı! - Oh, Lale.
Is Özge okay? Yes.
She just fell asleep.
Her neck was bruised, and she had a bunch of stitches, so I'll go up and see her.
- Lale, ma'am.
- Yeah? Well I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but What? What's wrong? Özge doesn't want to see you.
Of course she doesn't.
That's fair.
I'm so sorry for being so blunt about it, but she said I understand.
I get it.
I'll see you.
Well, Özge and I have parted ways, you know.
Yeah, I heard, and I'm very sorry.
My assistant position Would you like to take it on? Yeah, I'd like that very much.
Well, then, tomorrow morning Seven o'clock at the studio.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
I don't normally do that.
I'm a quick learner.
Besides, I've been watching you.
Lale, ma'am, thank you very much.
You're welcome.
But calm down, okay? I'll see you bright and early.
Wonderful, dear, thank you.
I want her to receive the best treatment possible.
I'll cover it.
For Özge Biçer.
The lions will kill then they will mourn the dead so they feel no remorse.
This is how they can live with their actions.
[knocking on door.]
[doorbell ringing.]
Ta-da! I cooked something in case you were hungry, but So what happened? [Aslı.]
Post this.
"Lale Kıran has fired her assistant because she's getting married and didn't have time for work.
" "Where's the female solidarity?" "Is this how Lale Kıran acts despite her big words?" - That's it.
- That's it.
She fired her because she's getting married.
- Mm.
Did you get the camera footage? - I did.
Where is it? - I have it.
- Then give it.
I will not.
I think you've been a naughty girl.
Hey, Yusuf.
Hey, what? I have the footage.
So give yourself to me.
Now you're mine.
[playful music playing.]

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