As the Crow Flies (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Hey, you ♪ Come out here on the floor ♪ Let's rock some more ♪ Come out here on the floor ♪ Honey, let's rock some more, yeah ♪ Now when you get out here ♪ Don't you have no fear ♪ Put your hands on your hip ♪ And let your backbone slip ♪ And work out ♪ Thank you.
Good morning, Selim.
- Good morning, Can.
- All good? Any problems? - No, we're good.
All set.
- Sounds great.
Let's sit by the window.
Yeah? Yes.
Girl, I can't believe it! I really can't! What will we do? Well, we'll prove ourselves.
- And Kenan? - What do you think he said? I told him that we had a chance, and he said, "What chance? Fuck chance.
" That's what he said.
What can I get you? Can we have a few more minutes to look at the menu? - Sure.
- Thank you.
Girl, we're gonna do it.
They'll call us the duo of the year.
We'll be Müge and Lale.
Everyone will talk about us.
This is totally happening.
Oh, this is amazing! It is.
We'll be the ones in charge.
Oh, yeah.
Here's the scripts.
Take a look.
Go ahead.
Kenan will go over it too at some point, so Oh my gosh.
This is awesome.
I'll do the opening, and then you can go on with the interview.
Thank you so much, but we haven't ordered yet.
- Compliments of Selim.
- Selim? He's the owner.
- Thank you.
That's very nice.
- Thank you.
Wow, so much! Enjoy.
- Hey! - What? - What's going on? - I don't know.
- Come on.
- I don't know.
- Who is he? - He might Okay.
- Tell you what.
- What? He's very cute.
Good morning, Selim.
Everything is set.
Morning, Ahmet.
How are you? I'm good, thank you.
Enjoy your coffee.
Love All you need is love ♪ Love, love All you need is love ♪ Here it is, my scheduler.
Okay, thanks.
Has Lale asked about me? Özge.
Don't worry about Lale.
You should focus on your wedding and your whole new life ahead of you.
Do you think I got fired because of my wedding? I mean, the Lale I know wouldn't do something like that.
Büşbüş made a post.
Did you see it? Whatever.
You'll be fine.
- Weren't you planning on quitting? - No, I wasn't.
This was my career.
I was happy with my life.
Don't do this to yourself.
I have to get going.
But I love you though, okay? See you.
There'll only be one me ♪ She wanna be just like me ♪ I'm here.
I see what you mean on IG ♪ Only action that you get With a girl is type B ♪ Like me She wanna be just like me ♪ Can't do dead Now she wanna fight me, fight me ♪ I see what you mean on IG ♪ Only action that you get With a girl is type B ♪ - Hello.
- Hi.
Good morning.
You can't do it faster? What am I supposed to tell Lale? Of course I need it tomorrow.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Hello? Yeah, I'm Lale Kıran's new assistant.
Not Özge, Aslı.
Yeah, I've replaced her.
I'll be holding you to that promise.
All right.
It's a deal.
Hello, I'm calling for Lale Kıran today.
I'm Aslı.
Aslı Tuna.
Lale, Kenan, can we talk for a second? - They'll go to Eskişehir.
I'm telling you.
- I agree.
They're getting ready.
I'm curious.
Why did you say yes to being Lale's assistant? Wait, what? Why not? You majored in journalism, didn't you? Now you're scheduling coffee dates.
What exactly is your career path? I mean, is it in line with the goals you have? Let me just say I'm doing what I want to do.
And it's in line with my goals.
You don't need to worry about me.
I don't really get it, but it's your life.
Get ready for Eskişehir.
Me? You.
I thought you don't have to, but if you want to improve your reporter skills.
You can decide.
It's not that I don't want to go, but I don't want to get in your way.
Don't worry.
I'll arrange everything.
I already know which hotel.
All right.
- Are those your outfits? - Mm-hmm.
They're my favorites of yours.
Those famous shoes of yours would go perfectly with that skirt.
I have famous shoes? Of course.
Everyone knows them.
Black toe, transparent.
- Beige on the back.
- Oh.
Now I know.
But I left them at home.
That's too bad.
- It's a good day for those.
- You think so? Well, I have an embarrassing confession.
Fire away.
It seems being Lale Kıran is really difficult for you.
I've noticed that since I started working here, but now that I'm your assistant, well When I'm an adult, I want to be an amazing woman just like you.
An adult? I guess I'm not a kid anymore.
Besides, I'll never be you.
I just don't have it in me.
No worries.
It's beautiful watching you.
All right.
Today I'll let you be the one who picks out my shoes.
Okay, I'll get them right away.
And it's already your Kenan time, so you won't notice that I'm missing.
- Okay.
- Yes.
I'll be right back.
See you later.
- I'm here to get Lale's shoes.
- Excuse me? Would you tell me what closet Lale keeps her shoes in? It's upstairs, right across the hall.
Thank you.
Selim? Hello.
- Yeah, of course.
- Did you close the restaurant? No.
Just clearing my head before the lunch rush.
Selim? Um Kenan's bracelet.
I left it here.
I swear Lale did nothing wrong.
- It's all my fault.
- Okay.
It's all right.
Is Kenan asking for his bracelet? Top drawer of that console up there.
Okay, I'll take it back to him.
Have a good day, Selim.
See you.
I want a single ice cube in it and keep it a bit cool.
Good morning.
Get off! Stop it! What are you doing? Give me something to drop a bomb.
I'm not telling, so leave.
- Let me give you a kiss.
- Yusuf! I'm leaving.
Kenan's working late.
- I don't need him to give me more work.
- Go ahead.
I'll leave in the commercials.
Hold on to this for me.
- The code? In case I need it.
- Zero, one, zero, nine.
Good luck.
KIYIKÖY - DOWNTOWN - Are we ready? - Ten minutes.
Okay, great.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to surprise you.
It's okay.
You've got lots of champagne piled up in here.
Uh, yeah.
People send it to me sometimes.
Here you go.
That's a waste.
Well, I mean, it must be hard.
Why? You're always trying to keep up with your life.
You have no time for you.
You move on past all your successes.
And all this champagne just sits there, waiting for you.
You can take some if you want.
Özge used to.
Well, I won't do that.
It's karma.
Those bubbles, they're for you to celebrate.
Wait? Are you a little emotional? Hmm, yeah.
I guess I am a little bit.
You're always catching up, standing tall, always being great.
And that's so admirable, but Lale, are you really happy with your life? Don't you want to hit pause on things? Maybe just for a moment? Maybe.
It would be nice, I guess.
Let's drink.
- I'll get those glasses.
- All right.
You know what? It's past the girls' bedtime, anyway.
I earned this one.
Here's to us.
Anyway, I said, "Get lost.
" "There's no way we can be a thing.
" He was behind me.
See? But you hurt the guy.
No, that's not it, ma'am.
I said it because I was the one who was behind.
Because at the end of the day, I'm a very average person.
I'm nothing special.
And that's okay.
Why do you talk yourself down like that? Because it's the truth.
It is what it is.
I know who I am.
Look, if you actually see yourself as someone behind others, then you'll never be able to get ahead.
Right? Lale, those are wonderful words.
You're very inspiring, but I want to be honest with you.
You don't need my permission.
I mean You are Lale Kıran, and you don't know what it's like to be someone else.
Us ordinary people are nothing like you.
We don't have a bar to set like you do.
Everyone is special.
Never forget that.
You You just have to see it in yourself.
Find it in you.
What's wrong? I think I need to go to the bathroom.
Oh, my poor you.
Go ahead and then we can Oh! It's late.
 That's enough for today.
We should go.
Come on.
We've just opened the bottle.
No, come on, sweetie.
- Go ahead and then come back.
- Okay.
Hello, Selim? Good evening.
It's Aslı.
Lale and Kenan will be leaving here soon.
I thought I should let you know.
Kenan? That's right.
They wanted to hang out in Lale's room tonight after the show.
Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
Okay, Aslı.
Thank you.
Good night.
Oh! Oh! Kenan, I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to.
Aslı, are you okay? Kenan, I'm just a little buzzed.
Lale and I had a few drinks.
We talked about you actually.
Turns out I can't hold my champagne.
I mean, look at me! Yeah? So did she complain about me, then? Are you serious? She told me about Kıyıköy.
And that peach-colored shirt of yours.
Your Kıyıköy nights.
That made me really sad for you two.
Lale's holding so much inside.
It's not fair to either of you.
Lale says it's because she has a family.
Oh, I'm so tipsy.
 I'm so sorry.
I'll see you, Kenan.
Hey, hold on.
So what else did she say in there? Well, you know how you're going to Eskişehir? I think she's feeling excited.
But she doesn't feel like she should be.
That must be so hard, really.
It's not fun holding it in.
Kenan, you two look so good together.
You really do.
I've said too much.
I'm so sorry.
I should go.
- Okay.
Nihat can take you home.
- But Lale? It's okay.
I'll get her home safe.
- Okay.
- Okay? - You didn't go home? - What's going on? - Aslı? - I sent her home.
- We had a few drinks.
- Obviously.
- Now it's time to go home.
- I'll give you a ride.
No, Nihat's outside.
I told him to take Aslı home.
- It's okay.
I got you.
- Oh! Okay, that's good.
- Come on.
- It was really nice.
Thank you so much.
Eskişehir, then? Yeah.
- I'll have Nihat come and get me.
- I'll pick you up.
It's too much trouble.
Oh, don't worry.
I won't be late.
That's not it.
Come here.
What? Okay, I'm confused.
I don't know anything.
But I know you know.
Okay? Wait, what? Go inside.
Sleep tight, okay? All right, come on! Take a picture of us.
Come, darling, come here.
Look at this beautiful peach shirt I bought you today, dear.
I can't see.
How am I gonna take a picture now? Hold still.
- Okay.
- Hang on.
This is a great picture.
It's perfect! You can show it to your kids in the future.
"That's how beautiful Lale was before she turned into a mess.
" Oh! I'll love her even if she turns into a mess.
She'll always be my beautiful Lale forever.
What if I don't? Then I'll live with your cellulite and saggy breasts.
- It won't matter to me.
- Ew! You two are too in love.
- Good night.
- Oh, okay.
That's nice.
Like we don't know where you're going.
I'll introduce you to him.
Be patient.
My love.
My love.
Your love is killing me.
I would die for you.
I need you to live.
Do you realize how much I love you? Promise you'll always love me? Because I truly love being in love with you.
I will always love you.
I promise.
- Did you mess something up? - Oh, fuck off! Anything for me? Be patient, not yet.
Think we should have dinner? - I made something.
- Oh, wow! You love being a pet.
Mm! This is good.
You think beer's a good idea? I'm young, Yusuf.
I have a fast metabolism.
Post the show will be live from Eskişehir.
They already announced that.
- Tell me something only you know.
- Do you really think that's smart? Then they'll know that I'm talking to Büşbüş.
Keeping it secret? Your relationships.
To Büşbüş and to me? You want me to say I'm sleeping with the office boy? All right.
No one knows that you're with me.
But everyone can tell you've been getting fucked real good.
They're coming for me, girl And I ain't got time ♪ If they ask you, darling ♪ Look.
Your face lit up.
You glow.
I think I'm good for you.
Keep it here ♪ Oh.
Oh! - What? - Post this.
"Lale Kıran has been glowing lately.
" - What? - You asked me.
Say, "I wonder what's up?" Do it! You're crazy, man.
It's time for bed.
No more phone.
- Dad, is Mom glowing? - What? Of course.
No, I mean, lately, does it seem like she's been glowing? Büşbüş posted it.
Hey, now.
You know social media isn't allowed.
I'm curious.
I can't help it.
Don't be, honey.
Don't you worry about that stuff.
You think that's why we got you a phone? - Should we disconnect it? - No.
Come on.
Go to sleep.
Good night.
Oh, hi.
Just a glass for a nightcap and then to bed.
I'm leaving for Eskişehir first thing.
Why did you stay so late? Well, you know the new assistant girl? Aslı.
We had a couple of drinks and talked.
I lost track of time.
- With Aslı? - Mm-hmm.
So you had drinks with your assistant, who you just hired the other day? Really? I know it sounds a little weird, but it's true.
But it felt nice, you know? Cleared my head a little.
Kenan wasn't drinking? No, he wasn't.
I don't need drinks with him.
I'm around him all day.
Oh, but he drove me home.
I have two little drinks, and he's all weird with me.
Oh, okay.
I've had enough, Kenan! Enough! You're killing me, damn it! You've torn my heart into pieces! You have to stop! You're killing me.
Do you understand? All right, Lale, all right! Okay, I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry! You're sorry for what? We're just killing each other, Kenan.
You're so toxic! Lale, okay.
Don't go.
It's okay.
Look, we're Lale and Kenan, you know.
So don't leave.
Don't you ever give up on me.
I'm sorry.
- Please.
I won't hurt you again.
- Kenan, I can't.
I can't do this.
I can't! We're off commercials.
Last 15.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Yes, thanks.
Three, two.
Lale, you're on.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Lale Kıran.
Welcome to The Other Side, everyone.
Tonight, we're live from the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality building because this is where the heart of Turkey has been for two days.
Next-generation energy investments supported by international funds have made undeniable progress.
I think it's fair to say Eskişehir is certainly glowing tonight, wouldn't you say, sir? Please welcome İsmet Aydın, an expert you all know very well.
He'll be our first live guest tonight.
- Thank you.
- Welcome, İsmet.
- Have you had your coffee tonight? - Yes.
- And how are you doing? - Very well, thanks.
Okay, all right.
You and I go way back, but tonight, I won't pull any punches.
İsmet, tonight is all about Eskişehir.
Is it going to be the new energy hub? The rates Damn, she's so good.
Is it too early to be dreaming of something new or should we keep expectations low? - Tell us.
- What's your endgame? Are you going to replace her? I mean, let's say you did.
You really think you're as good as her? I think we're all wondering how exactly you plan to make this a reality.
That's why some people are suspicious.
The numbers are there, Lale.
However, I believe we may have a clash between the numbers and the letters.
My next guest on the program, I imagine many of you know him quite well.
The veteran city representative, Haldun Yıldırım, waiting behind the cameras.
Looks like he's got a lot to say.
Please join us.
Welcome to the show.
Thank you so much, Miss Kıran.
That peach colored shirt of yours.
Your Kıyıköy nights.
Lale's holding so much inside.
It's not fair to either of you.
That must be so hard, really.
It's not fun holding it in.
Maybe İsmet is a bit of an optimist.
Or maybe he's just a big dreamer.
My goal isn't important, my dear.
It's what people think that matters.
You're awesome.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We should knock on wood.
- Really? - Yes.
We'll see.
Totally caught off guard.
You need to plant an idea first.
Then it grows all on its own.
It's like fortune-telling.
If one tells you that you'll fall in love with someone with blue eyes, you tend to pick someone with blue eyes.
So you don't care about being good at this or that you'd have to force her out? Well, it's not about doing a good job.
If the people that matter say you're good, then you're good.
No arguments.
Everyone agrees.
When I get her seat, no one will ever question me.
You're not planning on learning how to actually do any of the work? You're looking at it all wrong.
That's why you'll always be an office boy.
Hello? Yeah, hi.
I'm calling for Lale Kıran.
This is her assistant.
Room 305 needs to be sent a bottle of champagne.
Huh, something else? Okay, that will do.
But I need it there at ten o'clock exactly.
Okay, thanks.
Good night.
Thank you so much.
What? Nothing.
I won't ask.
Yeah, don't.
You wouldn't understand.
Oh, for quite some time ♪ I've been trying ♪ Trying to realize where I went wrong ♪ Excuse me.
Can we get our check when you have a free minute? - Right away.
- Okay.
I'm dying.
- It's the nerves.
- We're ready.
We're great.
Kenan will come over too.
We'll be good.
- Going to be perfect.
- Okay.
No, I got it.
This is on us.
- What? - What? Selim said it's his treat.
Have a good evening.
Thank you so much.
You too.
- Um - Oh! Him again? - Don't stare at him.
- I'm not staring, but - What's this? - For me or for you? Oh, come on, for God's sake! - Stop being so obvious.
- All right.
I know it's you.
He's checking you out.
He's looking at you.
Tell you what.
Talk to him.
You should go over.
- Prince Charming.
- Kenan? Not Kenan.
You broke up with Kenan.
He's done.
That's over.
No more Kenan.
- You're right, but - Check him out.
Just go.
- Stop pushing me.
- Go ahead.
Oh! Be nice.
ALYA MOVIE THEATER - I didn't keep you waiting, did I? - No, it's okay.
I actually came a little early.
You're so sweet.
- Shall we? - Yeah.
Something wrong? I don't know.
It's just strange.
What's strange? Never mind.
I guess it's a romantic movie? - I think you'll enjoy it.
- I'm sure I will.
Three, two, one.
You're on.
- Good evening.
I'm Müge Türkmen.
- And I'm Lale Kıran.
It's very nice to be here.
Starting tonight, we'll be sure to bring you honest, true, and quality news on our new television program The Other Side.
We're happy to be your hosts.
We're starting our first show with a story that has been swept under the rug for a while.
Good job.
You kids are just awesome.
I'm excited for the new beginnings here.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but we're embarking on a long journey together.
That's correct, Kenan.
So you can discuss the details with Gül, okay? You know how the TV business can be, kids.
You both went to school for it, and you know how media works.
Lale, my dear.
You know there's such a thing as a screen face.
Only one person needs that.
Not everyone's meant to be onscreen.
Not everyone's meant to be in front of the camera.
Correct? I'm not expecting that anyway.
I mean Being in the middle of the story is good enough.
I don't think I'm following what you're saying.
The program can be hosted by Lale alone.
We don't need both of you.
Today, I feel like Lale will bring us a new wave of people from your generation to watch our network.
That's our opinion.
- Right? - Absolutely.
No way! We can't do this! It's simple! Guys, you're not making any sense.
How could this happen to us? Do you think I'm happy about this, Müge? Lale, calm down.
Come on.
Think with your head for a minute.
You'll be the news editor, okay? I'll be the producer.
- Lale, you'll be in front of the camera.
- Oh, come on! No! Lale, do you even realize how humiliating what you're doing right now is for me? I'm just so sorry.
Fine, you guys call the shots.
I'll shut up.
Nothing is gonna happen to us.
It's still gonna be the three of us.
Müge, just let it go.
Let her take the lead.
She'll have to stay fit.
Manicures, pedicures Whatever she's got to do for fuck's sake.
You and I will handle the news.
- Maybe it is for the best.
It's Selim.
He says congrats.
He set a table at the restaurant for us.
He wants us to Fine, you go.
Tell him I say hi.
- No, that wouldn't be okay.
- Go.
Just go.
- This isn't the time for - Just go.
I think it would be good for me too.
Us being separated would be good for you? Lale, I've got this.
All right.
I'm going.
Are you okay? You're making a big deal out of this, Müge.
I mean, just think about it.
It's ridiculous.
We're gonna be so rich.
Our lives are gonna change forever.
- You know, they talked about it.
- What? Has Lale told you yet? She's actually getting married.
Oh, yeah? Don't you think that's too fast? And what were you expecting? That she'd date around, see what her options were, then come back to you? Oh, sorry.
You were "Kenan and Lale.
" But see, that's not how it is.
We broke up, Müge.
It's over.
That's ancient history.
She should do it.
I mean, we'll all have decent lives now.
- There's a long road ahead.
- Seriously? You're not upset? Of course not.
That's great.
- You summoned? - Who, me? Maybe I imagined it.
Come in.
Aslı probably did this.
I can't believe how easily we got him to come clean about his numbers.
Oh! Aslı did this for us, huh? - Just be honest about it.
- What? Remember that shirt? What shirt? The one you got for me.
Which one? It's around somewhere, Lale.
Just like we are.
I didn't throw it away.
Or forget about it.
I'm waiting to wear it again someday.
What's going on? Are you okay? Kenan? Say my name.
Say my name again.
Can you do that? Please.
Say it.
Are you all right? I've missed you so much, Lale.

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