As the Crow Flies (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX SERIES Say my name again, will you? Are you okay? I've missed you so much, Lale.
Hold on.
- Wait a second.
Please stop.
- What? - Just wait, Kenan.
- What? Please just stop.
- This is wrong, Kenan.
- What? Kenan, enough.
Look, let's not do this.
We can't get carried away in the heat of the moment.
I mean, it was a great show, and I know we're worked up about it.
- What's wrong? - Oh, fuck the show! What does the show have to do with this? You've been drinking tonight.
I haven't.
Okay, maybe then you I think you should leave.
Please, we have to fly home tomorrow morning, okay.
So you're just trying to play games with me.
Why would I play games with you? Are you all right? Oh, I'm just fucking great! Yeah, everything is awesome! Fireworks are just exploding inside! Would you just be honest with me, Lale! Be honest with me for a change, please! Just be honest with me.
What's going on between us? Do we have something? What is this? You've been doing these things lately.
Sending me signals.
I don't know.
Maybe you're realizing it too.
I don't think I understand what you're getting at right now.
Have I given you mixed signals of some sort? Why are you acting like this? We were fine! - Oh, so we were fine? - We were! I wasn't fine though.
You were fine.
After all, you have your two husbands.
- What? - Selim at home, and I'm at the network.
So why are we not waking up together? Why aren't you by my side when I wake up? Why the hell am I sleeping alone? You're being ridiculous! Everyone in this city has slept with you, but somehow you're still alone? I'm not with you.
I don't wake up with you.
That's why I'm alone when I wake up.
All day, I do everything for you.
I make sure everything runs smoothly, calm your mood swings.
I handle it all like I'm handling the wings of a delicate butterfly.
- But - What is it then? You aren't mine.
Kenan, now hold on.
Don't you dare do this.
- It's not fair! - What you've been doing to me isn't fair.
I don't know why the hell I ever agreed to this.
So say it.
Remind me you're Lale Kıran.
Remind me you're the kind of woman who comes once in 100 years.
You're not making any sense.
We've been through everything together.
- Oh, fuck you, Lale.
- What? Me, the network, Müge, Selim.
It's a privilege.
We all get to live off your spotlight.
Just say it.
Admit it.
You've always known that I will never be able to leave you.
Admit it.
Bullshit if you really think that.
So tell me it's not true.
Be honest with me for once.
I am going home right now! I want my flight changed so I can get the hell out of here immediately! Go ahead.
But this conversation isn't done.
You're still up? You're back early.
I decided to come home.
Thank you, my love.
Yes, honey? What's wrong? Nothing.
What do you What's wrong? Tell me.
I don't get it.
Tell you what? What should I tell you? I want you to be honest.
What's really going on? What don't I know about? Just tell me.
- Nothing's wrong.
- Something's wrong.
Something's going on.
Look, for years it's been fine.
It was working.
Even though the system is odd.
Maybe I was stupid.
Kenan, you It's a weird situation.
But I said, "Whatever.
It's fine.
" I accepted everything.
You being around Kenan every day.
All of it.
But now something has changed.
Come on.
Please don't lie to me.
- Selim.
- Tell me! Maybe I don't understand what you're asking me.
What's the problem? - What's the problem? - Yes.
It's this.
How things are.
You're never at home.
You stay with Kenan.
When the girls and I go away, you go in your own world with Kenan.
When I ask if he's been here, you don't even tell me the truth.
You lie.
What is going on? Huh? What are we doing? Be honest.
Just tell me the truth.
Wait a minute.
Am I not honest and open with you? Do you hear what you're saying? I've never, ever lied to you, Selim.
I don't believe you.
- Do you want a divorce? - [scoffs.]
Tell me what you want.
Do you want me to go? Do you want to take a break for a while? Do you want to think? What do you want? It's been hard for you lately because of all these crises.
- Maybe you felt neglected, and I'm sorry.
- But you're still What? I'm still what? Should I pack up and move? Do you want to go? What do you want? I can't just go.
Because of the girls.
We're married.
Neither of us can just leave.
This is life.
We're not like - Forget it.
- Like what? Forget what? Selim, tell me.
I'm not like Kenan, okay? You and I don't get to fight and break up in moments of passion.
I'm your husband.
We have two children.
I can't just leave because I feel like it.
I am stuck here.
And I hate myself for choosing to stay.
Mia! Mia! The seeds will grow into a tree inside of me.
- [Selim.]
Come on.
The bus'll be here soon.
- [Melisa.]
I know.
- [Melisa.]
Mia! - Let's go, Mila.
Hurry up.
Dad, can you listen to this song? Show me later.
Who stayed down here last night? No one stayed here.
I couldn't sleep, so I watched some TV.
Mom, I want you to listen to this.
Hold on.
Good morning.
[rap song playing over headphones.]
This is cool.
- [car horn beeps.]
- Oh no! - [Selim.]
Let's go.
- I'll listen later.
- Okay, you guys.
- Have a good day.
And I'm sure your day will be hectic.
See you! I made you some breakfast.
I'm off.
- Kenan's not in yet.
- I wonder why.
Bet he's running late.
Kenan's never late.
Was his flight delayed? No, no delays.
And he was picked up this morning.
[phone rings.]
Okay, Lale's here.
Good morning.
Kenan's not coming in today.
He messaged me.
It's kind of weird.
Don't you think so? I mean, this is a first.
Kenan won't be coming in.
I don't feel right, Müge.
It feels like it's constant.
And on top of that, I feel the stress of the contract.
Well, I don't I don't feel that tension, really.
Uh because [scoffs.]
no one tells me about anything.
I'm basically a low-level employee here.
Müge, why are you being like this? Of course Kenan will ask for your opinion.
The man's already overwhelmed.
Yeah, right.
I'm sure he will.
Of course.
Listen, I'm telling you.
I think something's up.
Don't you care about what I'm saying, Müge? - Okay, what's going on? - I told you something's up.
It's one thing after another.
Selim's being weird, and Kenan's being weird.
I can't explain it, but it's like someone dropped something into the atmosphere and everything's going haywire.
- Can you please listen? - Okay, sure.
I have to go.
Can this conversation wait? I get it.
You're having problems.
I do get it.
But I think that, you know Lale Kıran has it so hard.
- [Gül.]
They're asking for 12.
- [Sulhi.]
What? They're not getting that.
I told him that.
- But he came back with lots of numbers.
- Kenan? He keeps showing me offers from our rivals.
The boy has no shame.
He never did.
It's not surprising.
What should we do? Convince him.
Our final offer's nine, okay? And if they try to walk? Make sure they don't.
Convince them.
Make them stay.
You have to do it.
- Yeah, I know.
- Thunder.
My favorite horse.
- Gazi winner.
- Mm-hmm.
Seyfi takes great care of him.
He's been taking care of him since he was a pony.
They have a special connection.
And that's why Seyfi That man means a lot to me.
However, if there ever came a time when I had to choose between Thunder and Seyfi, I would obviously choose Thunder.
You can sort this out.
You've got this.
I need to tell her something.
- Gül's busy.
Tell me instead.
- But Lale told me to come here.
- Okay, tell me.
- Can I just Come.
- So you're Lale's new assistant.
- Mm-hmm.
I gathered.
So explain to me.
Why didn't Kenan come in? Well, I don't know.
Usually, I would know.
Lale tells me everything.
We're close like that.
You know? I guess she didn't have time today.
So you're close with her.
Is that right? Tell me more about that.
To Lale, I'm more than an assistant.
We're friends, really, and I actually care a lot about her too.
What's your last name? Tuna.
Be a dear and bring me the employee records for Aslı Tuna.
You started at the network three months ago.
And out of four interns, Güliz included, you were who they picked.
What else is here? Lale laid off her assistant Özge after six years.
And you were chosen by Lale to be her assistant.
Are you old friends with Lale? Uh, no.
But the two of us got along immediately.
That so? Now that I'm looking at this, you're one lucky girl, aren't you? So Aslı Tuna, besides being lucky, what else are you good at? I've got the power in me ♪ I feel the fire within ♪ [Aslı.]
You'll never understand me.
I am going to be somebody.
Lose control ♪ [Aslı.]
There's Müge.
And there's Lale.
Don't you trust me? ♪ [Aslı.]
What if I look at myself one day and see I've only become someone like Müge and it's too late for me? I know that you're scared that when you're 40, you'll look around and see you've amounted to nothing.
Don't you, don't you ♪ Inside, don't you ♪ Don't you want to be victorious ♪ And ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, we're on! Hello, Melisa? Okay, calm down.
Lale, you're on.
It's okay, honey, calm down.
Calm down, honey, everything's all good.
Lale, we're live.
Müge, something's wrong.
Come on, Lale.
You've got it.
Müge, what's wrong? [Müge.]
Where the hell are you? Müge, tell Nunu to take her off the air.
The phone.
Give me the phone.
SELİM, IS MELİSA OKAY? [phone beeps.]
COME ON! Nunu, commercial.
Cut to commercial.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
Today's show will begin with the reactions to yesterday's broadcast from Eskişehir that have been piling up.
After that, the minister of labor will be with us via a live feed to discuss these allegations.
I'm Lale Kıran, and welcome to The Other Side.
[both gasp.]
Sorry! I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
I'm just a little distracted right now.
It's okay.
Oh, shoot, they're all mixed up.
They're all out of order.
That's okay.
I'll fix it.
Kenan, um What about him? - He sort of asked me to find Büşbüş.
- Have you? No, I haven't been able to.
But I'll tell you if I do.
What will happen to them? Will they get reported? I think Büşbüş is actually talented.
But she's gone down the wrong path.
I wish she hadn't done so.
I had a bad show, so if you'll excuse me.
- See you.
- No! I mean I think you did great.
You're always great.
You're really talented, ma'am.
Well, thank you.
I was distracted during your show.
I'm sorry.
My friend Melisa called me.
She's also a huge fan of yours, like me.
She had a fight with her boyfriend and was having a breakdown.
I'm really sorry.
Why don't you call her? Call her? In here? Go ahead.
Call your friend Melisa.
You said she was a fan.
Maybe I can give some womanly advice.
[phone buzzes.]
Hello, Özge, honey.
- How are you? - Hello, Lale.
- I hope you're not busy.
- Not at all, honey.
I'm not busy.
Are you okay? On air, you were I'm fine, honey.
How are things? Are you ready for tomorrow? Well, yeah.
In fact, that's why I'm calling.
I know this is a weird time, but Do you remember how you said you'd be my maid of honor? But after everything went down, I thought you wouldn't want to come anymore.
Why would you think that? Of course I would still be honored to be there and be your maid of honor.
Thank you.
That really makes me so happy.
I'll see you.
See you, my dear.
[in French.]
Good luck.
Oh, hey.
- Post this.
- What's up? Say you have some news, and it's shocking.
Okay, what is this shocking news? Kenan and me.
In a relationship.
But call me Lale's new assistant.
- What is this really for? - Why don't you just do it? Kenan's a little out of your league.
Do you really want this? I thought you wanted to be invisible for now.
I don't have time for your opinion.
You don't get it.
I need to be on the offensive here.
You're spiraling downward and you don't even know it.
Okay, I'll post.
What are you doing? Here.
Come on.
- I keep feeling a chill, Kenan.
- That's ridiculous.
I don't think it is.
Something's wrong.
Maybe this is what's meant to happen, Lale.
Maybe we've reached the end of our run.
Kenan, don't you understand? Something feels off.
[phone buzzes.]
Check your phone.
I bet Büşbüş posted again.
God, screw Büşbüş.
Oh, wow.
Is this true? [scoffs.]
What the hell? That's so fake.
- Kenan.
- Lale.
You think it's fair to ask this now? Maybe you did something, and she got confused about it.
I'm not into her.
I don't want anyone but you.
All right? I think you know that much about me now.
Does Selim know what happened in Eskişehir? I didn't tell him.
You didn't feel like you had to? If it was someone else, someone different [scoffs.]
Yes, if it were anyone but you, I would've told him.
But if he knew it was you, Selim would be hurt.
Understand? I'll call you if something comes up, Lale.
You've declared that you would like to be married.
As your witnesses, I can attest to this fact.
So, by the power vested in me by the city and in accordance with the Turkish Civil Code, as well as our honorable mayor, I pronounce you husband and wife.
Congratulations to both of you.
God bless you.
- [Lale.]
- [registrar.]
Congratulations, sir.
I wish you joy and happiness.
- You weren't invited? - You weren't invited either, loser.
You've been at the network for years.
So neither of us are special then, I guess.
Paying for our plates wasn't worth it.
What's wrong? Maybe this is the end of it.
It can't be! I won't lose! I only have one life, and I'm not going to end up as some basic loser.
I'm not going to be some nobody forever! So that's all you care about? Pretend you're sitting at a table with a few people.
You're at a meeting.
And you've forgotten your pen.
You start searching around.
And everyone at the table sees you.
And they all hold out their pens for you without even asking.
Then they even get excited about which pen you could maybe choose.
So you want to be the important person at the table.
Well, that's the only happy person there.
I won't be anyone else.
I will be that person.
Or I will kill myself.
I'm not like you.
You'll see, okay? You'll see.
I'll show you.
You really are a mean person.
- And that's what's going to take you down.
- What's wrong? Are you heartbroken? Asshole! This isn't about me.
Do good things.
It's a good power to have.
It actually helps to care about other people.
That's not how it works.
Maybe you need kindness so you can get to the top.
But once you get to the top, you don't need anything anymore.
It's not just about the climb and getting there.
You need to think about how you'll stay on top when you're there.
- What's with all this sentimental garbage? - Maybe think about it.
I don't need to.
Soon, I won't have to show kindness to anyone.
People with power don't have to be kind to others.
Well, then.
It's obvious you're taking a different path.
Care to enlighten me about it? But I really don't get what you're saying.
Let's try this.
Tell me something about yourself, dear.
Define yourself.
Because every year, new young people come through those doors.
Lots of big dreamers.
So who are you? Tell me.
Otherwise, I'll just come up with my own opinions about you.
Come up with a reason as to why you're lucky.
- Um Well - Why did you come to this network? Why did you come to speak to me in my office? You could always start there.
Miss Simin, I wanted to raise a few concerns I have about our news program.
[clicks tongue.]
Wrong answer.
Think about it.
Go decide.
Then come back.
The lions, without realizing it fight among each other and make way for the birds.
Because they see themselves at the top of the food chain.
They don't notice simple mistakes.
And that's how the bird of prey swoops in.
That's my glass, so you know.
You sure about that? We could ask it.
As far as I can tell, the glass wants to stay out of it.
Who gets it wins.
Oh, they win? - Is that how you see it? - Mm.
[clicks tongue.]
I want what I deserve.
What I've deserved since the beginning.
So what is it that makes you think you deserve it? Explain it to me, please.
All right.
Because it looks good with me.
Look, this bit of whisky is single malt.
Aged in oak barrels.
Slightly smokey.
Aged at least 25 years.
Whisky's my thing.
I know it well.
Is that so? Really? Yeah.
I'm familiar.
The finest details.
I know where it belongs and when it should be consumed.
Well, maybe that's your problem.
You're the kind of guy who stops the world from spinning then tells it to turn around.
So would you leave it up to fate? What are we supposed to do? Stay away and leave it be? That's passive.
But you should know This one's mine.
You should find something else.
Lale, ma'am! Lale! My dear.
I love you so much.
Thank you for coming tonight I don't think anything that's been happening to you lately is fair.
Honestly, when I was told you didn't want to visit me in the hospital, I was a little sad.
But I'm so happy you were able to come today.
Thank you for everything! Sweetie, thank you for everything, Özge.
You absolutely deserve the best in life.
- Thank you.
- You are beautiful.
Go on, enjoy it.
See you soon! Thank you, honey.
Honestly, when I was told you didn't want to visit me in the hospital, I was a little sad.
So you're just trying to play games with me.
You've been doing these things lately.
Sending me signals.
I don't know.
Maybe you're realizing it too.
Just be honest with me.
You're never at home.
You stay with Kenan, and when I ask if he's been here, you don't even tell me the truth.
You lie about it.
I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Özge doesn't want to see you.
I've been following you since the beginning of your career.
I watched you when I was 11 years old and decided I wanted to be a journalist.
When I turned 18, I saved all my money to get a pencil skirt like yours.
My mom called me ridiculous, saying I was too young to wear a pencil skirt like that, but I studied hard to get into journalism school.
All I wanted was to meet you.
I can't believe this is happening, that you're right here.
This might be the happiest day of my life.
I really think I'm your biggest fan.
You should be chasing after news stories, not me.
How did Özge's wedding go? [scoffs.]
It was you, hmm? It's you.
Uh, what do you mean? [Lale exhales.]
You did it.
You encouraged Kenan.
You convinced Selim that something was going on.
Who knows what other things you've done that I don't know.
I had a life, you know.
It was in order.
A system, you could say.
And from afar, it didn't seem unhealthy.
I was healthy.
But then, Kenan came to confess to me as if I were hiding feelings for him.
I never lie about things.
Only people who are stupid lie because eventually the truth comes out.
But this is my fault.
I didn't take measures to properly protect myself.
Lale, ma'am.
I looked away from it.
Lale, I don't - I don't understand what you mean.
- Of course you don't, hon.
Or do you? Because you can't own it.
It was you.
It was you all along from the beginning.
You came here and tried to ruin my life.
Because you hate me so much.
You've sworn to take me down, and you're afraid of nothing.
But I got you.
It was you that day.
You were the girl in the college bathroom.
Admiration is the greatest poison.
But I got you.
Well, am I fired? Is that it? Why don't you tell me? - I will.
- Go ahead.
It's all too late.
I can't be fired, Lale.
You're done.
Your time's up.
What would people think if you went and fired me now? She sent away the young, pretty girl 'cause she was jealous? Kenan slept with the girl, and she was jealous.
And what would Selim think of it? Hmm? Getting rid of me would only confirm your affair with Kenan.
I'm here.
And you won't be able to fire me.
I'm here! I'm here, and I am not going away.
Got it? I'm here to stay.
Lale the ancient.
Oh, yeah.
You thought some random person in the universe wrote that? They're writing about you.
Real people say it.
I say it.
I wrote it.
Lale the ancient.
Good for you.
This is your talent, isn't it? Saying nasty words? - Nasty? - Nasty.
And what exactly is your talent, hm? I don't know.
Maybe being able to do this job correctly? It's not just about luck.
Do you think I know nothing about life? Do you think I have no skills? You think I'm untalented? Huh? So old-fashioned.
I wonder what you're gonna do now, Lale Kıran.
You normally save the day.
Don't you? I wonder how you'll manage to get yourself out of this one.
- Lale, if you're ready, ma'am.
- I am.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Kenan's not here again.
What's going on? - Shh.
If everyone's all settled, Volkan, we'll start with your story.
Actually, can you sit down for a minute? Müge, can I start us off? Right.
I have something to tell you all.
An important announcement.
Dear Aslı, my assistant.
I think you all know her well.
It took me some time to discover her hidden journalistic talents, but I'm so happy she showed me her true colors.
That's why I'm sending her to our Ankara office as our new reporter.
- Wow, congratulations.
- What do you think? - [girl.]
Congrats, Aslı.
- Sounds great if that's what you want.
Aslı, dear.
I wish you all the success on the bright path ahead of you.
And I know you'll do great things.
I'm certain.
You deserve it.
Right, guys? Bravo! Congrats! Ankara's cold, so bring a jacket.
All right.
Volkan, go ahead and get us started then.

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