As the Crow Flies (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 7

Let's make it happen. I like it.
Great news.
Thanks a lot, sir.
You can put that over there.
Come here, you.
You were a present from my daughters.
That's why I have a great spot for you.
The sun will come up for you here.
Hello, Selim?
How's it going?
How are you holding up?
Just getting settled.
And you? Are the girls asleep?
Yeah, they are.
Uh, your awards
and your books are still here.
How do you want to do this?
You want me to send them over?
You don't have to do that.
This place is too small.
It's okay.
They can stay there.
If you're certain you won't need them,
no problem.
How've you been, Selim?
I'll get there, you know?
Sooner or later.
And so should you.
In due time.
We'll be okay.
We both will.
I'm sure of this.
I'm lucky to have you.
I'm lucky to have you.
Didn't you say that you were going to have
a plumber come
fix the sink in the bathroom?
Did you call him yet?
Yeah, I called him. It's not fixed,
but he'll be here tomorrow.
Should we hang up, or, uh,
if you'd like to talk
No, no, no, we should hang up.
Let's hang up.
Talk to you later.
Have a good night.
Good evening, ma'am.
Good evening, what's up, Ahmet?
I just wanted to know when you'd like
for me to pick you up in the morning.
Traffic's going to be heavy tomorrow.
Oh. Um, I see.
So how about
You don't need to pick me up.
For a while.
I'm going to drive myself.
- Okay, but
- No, no, there's nothing to worry about.
I'm not going to fire you.
It's just temporary.
Your talent is still
required by the network.
Think of it that way.
All right. I'm here for you if you need
- Thanks a lot.
- Good night.
You too, Ahmet.
["Sil Baştan" by Şebnem Ferah playing
We dove deeper into that piece
Hulusi was talking about.
The guy is probably right, but
we still have no solid evidence.
We'll meet with an official
from the Maritime Department.
If we get something,
we'll break the story on tonight's show.
If that's all, I'll see myself out.
It's not.
Did you already find employment?
What are you gonna do? Do you have a plan?
So, are you asking because you
wanna get mad at me or reprimand me?
I don't know.
Maybe you're just tired
of the burdens of your past.
Or maybe you just
wanna start from scratch.
I'm just trying to understand, that's all.
You can keep analyzing things.
You're not really trying
to get an answer from me,
because you already have all the answers.
You're going on a new journey
with Gül, aren't you?
Keep your elbows high.
That's it.
Try to squeeze your shoulder blades.
Hold on.
No problem, you need to catch your breath.
It's a joke, I hope.
Is this true? Because we need
to change your routine otherwise.
Don't be stupid, of course it's a lie.
All right, that's enough
of you for today anyway.
Get out of here!
Fine, I'll get changed and leave.
Yes, it is.
There's someone, a traitor,
And the things happening lately,
something's going on.
I need something from there.
I can get it for you, if you'd like.
You'll do it?
Sure, I will.
The landlord has a vendetta against you.
Maybe he's envious of you or something.
My guess is he did it
to hurt your reputation.
Hand over your phone, if you don't mind.
Well, now that you're a celebrity,
you might need to open a fake account.
Oh, you're right.
I've never considered
opening one, you know?
Birds believe they have eyes
in the back of their heads,
but pride clouds everyone's vision.
The strike comes out of left field,
catching one off guard.
And that strike
always comes out of the blue.
Here's your mocha cappuccino, ma'am.
Uh, be careful. It's hot.
So, Nazlı.
What was that, ma'am?
You really think that
you got this all figured out?
As if bringing me down would pave the way
for pathetic vermin such as yourself.
Mm? I'm not following you.
Is something wrong?
There's nothing wrong at all.
It's just
all part of the game, really.
Back then, it was what I did.
And now it's you.
And there's a subtlety there, you know?
And it's big, as a matter of fact.
I'm not Lale.
You got it?
So, getting rid of me wouldn't be
anything like getting rid of Lale.
Do you understand me?
Oh yes.
You're just a bad replica of who she is.
What about you?
I wonder if
you're just a bad replica of me?
Let's say I'm a more
developed version of you, ma'am.
the one person who is here to stay.
So, what have you done
professionally, that they'd even consider
giving you that chair after I'm gone?
Tell me, what have you done
to make it happen?
You bet I have.
Ma'am, what are you doing?
Ah! Help!
Somebody help!
Help me!
Help me!
She's crazy! Somebody help!
- What's going on?
- The chair! Give me that chair, man.
- I've had it, I'm done, enough!
- Easy. Here.
- Get some water.
- She's mean. Totally inhumane!
You'll be fine. Calm down.
Aslı poured steaming hot coffee over me!
She needs to be stopped!
I can't believe it.
I need to go to a hospital now
and report her for battery!
We should call the police,
this is assault.
Okay, calm down, easy.
Just breathe.
I can't take anymore! I'm done!
You'll be all right
Any idea how serious this can be?
I can't believe
Aslı would do something like this.
- Her burns are at least second-degree.
- She needs to go to the hospital now.
She's nothing but a pest.
You know how those
low-level employees are.
She's trying to throw mud at me,
but it's not working.
Plus, she's a moron
to mess with me in the first place.
You think she'll ever
work in this field again?
I don't think so.
She's trying to do something
that makes no sense at all.
Am I right?
I don't think she'll be
able to do anything, right?
Legally, it's possible.
At the end of the day, it's battery.
There are, in a sense, eyewitnesses.
I can't say that you're out of trouble.
People tend to favor the underdog
in situations like these,
and more inclined
to believe the victim, in a way.
Obviously, you're in
a position of significance.
But, this could work to your disadvantage,
rather than your advantage.
Oh, what did you do?
I mean, look at what
they are saying about you again.
Do you believe she'd hurt
her assistant like that? I mean
Oh no. Come on.
The girl just gave her
a taste of her own medicine.
It was inevitable, I guess.
I don't care if she murders her.
Yeah, I don't give a fuck.
It doesn't matter.
So, did you read, you know
What do you think about what I wrote?
Actually, it has potential,
and not a bad format either.
How long have you been
thinking about doing this?
For quite some time, actually, yeah.
Seems like this is
the appropriate time for it.
Who would be
the show's anchor?
Uh, me.
You, huh?
Gül, to be honest,
I think the moment is right.
I've always had this on my mind,
but then Lale arrived,
and I had to put it on hold
for a long time.
Otherwise, I've always been
ready to be in front of a camera.
Besides, I think
the audience would clearly prefer
watching someone my age
instead of those ankle-biters.
So then, Müge,
as I'm sure you know,
or rather, remember,
when you and Lale first came to us,
Sulhi and I had to make
an executive decision.
Yeah, in fact, I remember
that day quite vividly, Gül.
You guys said I wasn't gonna be on camera.
But I'd like to think that
that was only Sulhi's decision and not
No, Müge, I agreed with him.
And that's still what I think.
Obviously, you're
a very gifted journalist, but
you're missing the screen spark,
as we call it.
- Looking good on cam
- Oh, stop it now, get out of here, Gül!
You and your Lale can both go to hell.
She was a total loser
when we were at school,
a real square peg in a round hole.
An absolute loser, if you ask me!
I always had her back then,
and now you're all saying that
I don't look good on camera,
and Lale has what it takes?
It's me who's the talented reporter,
and I should be in front of the camera!
Müge, you're embarrassing yourself,
and you'll regret this.
I'm not gonna regret anything this time.
I'll find a way, I don't need you people!
Fuck you all!
What the hell do you want?
What do you want?
Such a princess you are.
Wow, so you actually live here.
I'm sorry. I had no idea.
Let's have a talk, me and you.
My God.
This is horrible!
Look at that haircut! I swear
I'm gonna set these on fire.
Why? You looked so beautiful.
- Beautiful?
- Yeah.
And what do you like about that?
I can't believe you, I wanna puke.
I think it's time that we talked.
We should.
You know, Lale, I've meant
to share with you
all I've been thinking and feeling
for quite a long time.
It's been nagging me,
breaking my heart, I promise you.
But then, you know, after everything,
I just felt terrible about what happened.
It was literally eating me alive.
I asked myself
I mean, I just thought, how could you
ever let something like that
happen in your life?
How did life make us do this?
What was the point, I mean?
And how did it, Müge?
Gül. Lale, they threatened me.
It's impossible to fathom
how awful Gül is. You have no idea!
Do you recall
the house that I built in Datça?
- Mm-hmm.
- At the time, I owed a lot of money.
And obviously, she knew.
But I didn't want anyone else to know.
And I just got so scared
she would ridicule me,
That I did everything she asked.
Yeah, I know you're not lying,
Because you've never been
the type of person
to do anything like that
on your own free will.
I know what I'm telling you right now
is neither an excuse, nor an apology,
but I promise you again that it crushed
my heart, and I felt bad for a long time.
I really deeply regret what happened.
I hope you see where I'm coming from.
Well, I'm trying to.
Because I just can't bring
myself to actually hate you.
I've missed you, you're my best friend.
Come here, come here, please, gimme a hug.
I'm gonna cry.
- No, no.
- I feel like crying.
No. Uh-uh.
Let's take a break
from the crying for a little while.
I'll do my best.
Well, then we might as well
crack open another bottle.
- How about another glass of red wine, eh?
- Yeah.
I mean, let's drink it all up.
Let's hit the bottle until we pass out.
Cheers to that!
- Phew! Okay? More?
- A little bit more, yeah.
- A little more.
- Stop.
Oh, it won't stop.
I have something to tell you,
but I don't want you to get mad.
Why would I? You can tell me anything.
You need to get laid immediately, lady.
- What?
- You heard me.
It works wonders, trust me.
That is an excellent cure.
You need to knuckle down
and have some hard sex.
You need to learn to keep
your hyperbole in check.
But I'm not talking about
a relationship at this time, no way.
If you want to feel desired again,
you must get intimate ASAP.
Or you'll become a celibate hermit.
I don't know.
But we'll see.
Kenan and I parted ways, by the way.
- What?
- Mm-hmm.
I am.
I mean, you guys are
like twins, huh? So, why?
The mystery of the month.
He wanted to leave,
and he did.
- Ugh.
- At least, he's about to
I was stunned too.
Wait a minute.
Could this be some kind of a sign? I mean
How so? What do you mean?
We both feel the same.
Betrayed, right?
Are we going back to square one?
Huh? Like
You and I, I mean.
Are we, Lale?
A clean slate for both of us,
a chance to start over,
erase and rewind. Huh?
Now that Kenan is out of the picture,
I can replace him, Lale!
Oh, yeah, I get it.
I do. You're
I mean, after all that happened,
that you have a few reservations,
I totally understand that.
Or you don't trust me.
I would feel the same, of course.
Let's see how it goes first,
if you don't mind.
Let's take our time
Let's wait and see.
Let's wait and see!
Oh, my God. I feel so much better now!
Wow, this is so amazing!
Oh, Lale, you're so great.
Come here! I missed you so much,
I really have, y'know!
You know, deep in my heart,
in my entire body,
I swear to God, there was this fire.
I was a wreck without you.
My life felt empty, Lale.
Well, I missed you even more, Müge.
I have missed having
the sense of security that I had
while you were around.
Oh, come here, sweetheart.
Come here.
So, you got together with Müge?
Didn't you listen to anything I said?
I told her you were about to leave,
and she said
she'd love to replace you. That's it.
- Oh, really?
- Yes!
She wants to work here.
- How wonderful.
- How about forgiveness?
Happy now? I forgive her.
- You know it's a virtue?
- I don't give a fuck about your virtue.
Beg your pardon?
Are you really that desperate? Huh?
Get your act together.
I thought you were leaving.
Why do you care?
You joking?
Are you seriously gonna
behave in such a stupid manner? Huh?
You just can't help it, can you, Lale?
- Does Selim know about your bullshit?
- No!
Are you happy?
It's my decision.
Besides, Selim
Yeah, what? Say it. Yeah?
This is what I want, goddammit.
It's my decision.
I thought you gave your notice?
You said that. Didn't you?
So, it's all about the contracts, right?
It's about the fine print.
Is that it?
- Don't you care about what we do anymore?
- Care about what we do?
What are you talking about, Kenan?
Why wouldn't I care?
You're the one
quitting without explanation!
You think you own this company?
You think everything revolves around you?
You think you can have
your cake and eat it too?
You're not in charge, hear me!
I've had it, now!
I'm done here.
- You can't leave, I'm still talking!
- I can!
Get out!
I'm sick of you walking
out on me like that anyway!
Yusuf, uh, do you mind coming back later?
I need to be alone.
Go. We'll do this later.
- I can't do that.
- Do what?
- You're making a mistake. It's true.
- What mistake?
You're barking up the wrong tree, ma'am.
Kenan asked me
He asked me to hide it.
This is what Müge did.
Just recently.
She's definitely not honest.
Kenan said, "Let's not
tell Lale about this."
Because it'd upset you.
And even just now, he didn't mention it.
He doesn't wanna see you get hurt.
Thank you.
Cool, send a reporter over there.
Okay, sure, sir. I'm on it. Immediately.
I'm sorry.
No worries, it's fine.
It's not fine.
You were right.
Can we just get back to work?
Good evening, sir.
Yes, Yusuf. What's up?
Ma'am, I've just sent you the email.
I wanted to keep you informed.
Okay. Sounds great, Yusuf,
much appreciated, thank you.
I'm really sorry, Lale,
I know you're off, but I'd like
to ask you something, professionally.
You've been a journalist for years,
and you have a nose for it.
What do you think
about that Aslı Tuna incident?
You worked with her for a while, so
You think it could be true?
I think it's just to smear her.
They're trying to bring
the girl to her knees.
Clearly. It's obvious.
So, you think it's some kind of setup?
We can't exactly be sure.
But, yeah, I do think it is.
Okay, I get it.
- Well, uh, thanks a lot, ma'am.
- Have a good night.
Excuse me.
Please, could you make me
a dry martini, straight up.
My English is not very well.
But I wanna talk to you.
You are beautiful.
Thank you.
Would you like to sit?
- Sure?
- Of course. Welcome.
I have
Uh, wait.
I need to find the word.
- Do you speak French?
- Yes!
There you go!
It's it's easier for me.
Let's speak French.
- I'm Miguel.
- Lale.
You have beautiful hands.
Thank you.
That is so kind.
Yes, that is disgusting!
It's right. It's true. I'm not kidding.
Tell me
what are you doing here?
I have to go now.
Excuse me.
Could I please come in?
I'm waiting to hear from the DA.
But the girl has reported me for battery,
so either way, I'm screwed big time.
Is this why you came to my place?
To enjoy this?
Oh, I'm sorry, Lale.
Surely you wouldn't take
pleasure in my misfortunes!
Something's different about you, isn't it?
Something's happened.
Wow, you really are a great observer.
I'd be happy to tell you again, Lale,
that I know you better than anyone
You don't.
It's someone else.
Kenan, obviously.
Kenan the magnificent.
Lale's very own Kenan.
I heard you guys were leaving the network.
Kenan's leaving the network.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
So, Lale and Kenan
are officially drifting apart?
How are you going to get through this?
You need him like oxygen to survive.
Aslı, look
Enough about me already.
We should discuss you instead.
What are you gonna do?
How are you gonna deal
with this situation?
You've been asking
the questions so far, right?
It's high time I ask you
some of my own, don't you think?
So, tell me
was never interesting enough for you.
From where you stand,
I'm a mere speck in your sight.
Because you people are
just so educated and shrewd.
You never question
or even feel the need to understand.
I haven't so far, true,
but I'm trying to understand.
I'm listening, okay.
Go ahead.
This life
- Hm?
- I mean,
The world is
running on two streams, y'know?
We all have social media,
which is obvious,
and we have facts.
That's what you used to say, right?
The facts.
As it happens, you do
need the cold hard facts.
Don't you?
You haven't done anything,
It's purely manipulation, that's all.
The people always believe
whatever it is
that they choose to believe, though.
Not only that,
scandals always make for greater drama.
Cheers to you.
That's a great way to sum it up.
You know
Ironically, this is the first time
in my life that I need the truth,
but now nobody cares about it.
Well, I care about it.
Hold on.
All right
Uh, yeah
Here you go.
Bora, attorneyat-law.
Here, call this number,
I mean save it, and he'll deal with this.
I'll call him.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You don't have my number, do you?
Maybe I do, check it out.
From back when you were my assistant.
Would you look at that?
I mean, I don't get it, why are
you actually in the neighborhood?
C'mon, why did you leave
your fabulous life to come here?
Tell me the real reason, please.
Because we're talking
about the facts, you know.
I was curious.
A fine wine.
Investigate her background.
If she has done this before,
it's a harmful habit.
You need to find out.
And your track record is
going to stay untarnished.
I'll look her up.
Thanks for the advice.
After all, you've been
a journalist since forever.
And a good one at that.
Thank you, Lale.
Good girl.
Süleyman Demir is
about to be released from prison.
We aren't the only ones who have
camped out here for days on end
in the hopes of getting an interview.
We'll wait and see what he has to say.
For over an hour now, there's been
a vehicle waiting to whisk him away.
The liberation of Süleyman Demir is
of great importance for Türkiye today.
- He's out. Yes, he's out now! Süleyman!
- We can see Süleyman exiting the premises
I see him. Can we get any closer?
Is there a comment?
Do you have a comment, sir?
Ah.Good to see you.
Come here. How are you?
I'll see you later.
He's getting in his vehicle.
Care to comment, please?
Stay on him, stay on him.
Come on, try to get
a good shot of his face.
Have you heard?
Heard what? What's going on?
Damn, you have no idea
what's going on around you,
Because you're too preoccupied
with your own issues.
Süleyman is out. We need him on live TV.
Just make sure you give the man a call,
impress on him that he shows up
immediately. I'll text you his number.
No problem, I'll give him a call.
You can count on me.
Whatever, just do it.
I've tried to reach him for months,
I even visited the prison,
but nothing worked.
Will you just calm down, Yusuf?
Yeah, you want me to calm down,
but they're ignoring everybody.
- No one can reach him.
- Yusuf, you need to try. Come on.
I hope this is a good time, Süleyman.
It's Kenan. Kenan Sezgin.
First of all, I'm glad you're out.
If you'd like to share your thoughts,
we'd love to have you
on The Other Side, live
Oh, really, huh?
To be given a chance to defend yourself.
Right now, the whole country is
I hope you get well soon.
Okay. Take care.
I get it. It's fine.
You have a good day too, sir.
Süleyman, I'm glad that you're out.
I thought, as the GM of the network,
I should give you a call.
Good morning, Süleyman.
This is Lale Kıran. How have you been?
Yeah, I'm okay, thank you.
But, how are you?
Thank heavens.
I'm glad you're out.
I tried really hard to reach you.
I have no doubt that your wife has
discussed it with you at some point.
That's right.
I can say for sure that
the media got all of this so wrong.
I mean it, Süleyman.
That's not lost on me
In fact, I can clearly see it.
But I don't think you'd let
the innocent suffer along with the guilty.
I know, you wouldn't.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
I would love that.
You know,
you and I go back a long way, Süleyman.
Remember that the bonds
of our relationship are unbreakable.
I'm available to talk to you whenever,
wherever, and however you see fit.
I would love to meet up with you.
Yeah, absolutely.
Of course we can,
it's all right, I would love that.
Then I don't think I should
send someone to pick you up.
All right.
Then I'll have your black coffee
ready right before you arrive, Süleyman.
Sounds perfect.
Thank you very much,
and see you later, Süleyman.
Once again, enjoy your lunch.
Have a good one.
Well, that was amazing. You did it.
Did what, Yusuf? He won't come.
What do you mean?
I'm messing with you.
Lale Kıran in all her glory.
All right then.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Lale Kıran,
and welcome to the Newsroom.
This evening, on this set,
we will be presenting a show
that is very close to our hearts.
As a matter of fact, it was announced
this morning that Süleyman Demir,
whose conviction sparked disputes
among the general public
and the business community,
had been freed.
This morning, after being
detained for three years,
he was finally released
and able to see his loved ones again.
Three years have passed during
which Demir has remained silent.
But that's no longer the case.
In fact, on the first day of his freedom,
he will be our guest,
on live TV this evening,
to shed some light on the facts.
I'm looking at him as we speak.
Welcome, Süleyman. Please, have a seat.
All right, Türkiye has been
waiting for a statement from you,
and it's an honor that you chose us.
Now, everyone,
I'd like to invite someone
who has been on top of everything,
as the Turkish people
want to know about Süleyman Demir
and talk to him about everything
in a clear, honest, and thorough way.
My friend and colleague, Yusuf Tuncay,
who has been watching Süleyman's story
for a considerable amount of time,
deserves the floor.
Yusuf, please join us in the studio.
Okay, while they give him a microphone,
I'd like to tell you
a little bit about him.
Yusuf has been following
your story very closely, Süleyman.
In fact, he tried to contact you
many times, but was unsuccessful.
I won't comment on that.
So, anyway, I'd like to
pass the baton to him.
And I'm sure he can take over from here.
All right, everyone,
I'm sure you all remember the video
which made it into
the trending topics just the other day.
Now let's have a look at it.
I'm sure that you'd rather
talk to Lale Kıran than me,
though I'm honored to interview you.
Not at all. If that's how
Lale wants things to go down,
then I'm okay with it as well.
That's great. Great.
Then, let's move on
with my first question, if you will.
Of course.
The queen
always has a monolithic plan.
However, she never lets
anyone in on her entire scheme.
Any creature can know
just the tip of the iceberg of her plan.
Only when you cross the finish line,
will the intricate and brilliant
scheme of the queen
become clear as day.
- Congratulations!
- Oh, thanks guys.
- You were really amazing.
- Thanks.
- We're so happy for you.
- Gosh, look at this.
This is amazing, Yusuf.
You should be proud!
Thank you, Lale.
You did it.
It was absolutely amazing.
Every question was spot on. Right?
It was amazing, wasn't it?
The live show was amazing, it was.
Sir, may I have a word, please?
Of course. Ahmet, what's up?
Well, y'know, since I'm not
working for Lale anymore
How so?
Since, uh
she left the house,
somewhere closer to downtown,
I was left without a job.
I've been waiting for another
opportunity at the network, sir.
I was wondering if you could help.
Sometimes you
may love the heat, you know?
But sometimes it leaves you breathless.
You'll quit drinking? Is that it?
With a heavy heart.
But I have to give up.
I get it, Ahmet.
Uh, I'll take care of it, don't worry.
I appreciate this, sir.
Hey, Yusuf,
Where's Lale?
You just missed her, sir.
Oh, Ahmet. Come here, please.
- Yes, sir? You just missed Lale, sir.
- Yeah, I know.
She had a problem with her phone
she couldn't text me her location.
Can you text it to me?
Sure, I'll text it to you now, sir.
["Buzul" by Karakter playing
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