As the Crow Flies (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

[thunder rumbling]
- [melancholy piano music playing]
- [lighting cracking]
[Lale] Oh, come on, Müge, please
take a photo of us together, will you?
[Kenan] My beautiful Lale.
[Lale] How do you like the rosy
shirt I got you today, my darling?
It's too dark, how am I
supposed to take a picture? Hold on.
- Hold still. Ready?
- [Lale] Okay.
[thunder rumbling]
[music continues]
[Müge] Tell you what,
this is a great picture.
Check it out.
It's epic.
You can show this picture
to your kids when you have them.
[music speeds up]
[knocking on door]
[music fades]
Hi. It's really time we have a talk.
I'm in a hurry, I need to get going.
You won't miss anything
over five minutes, all right?
[door closes]
What are we drinking?
I told you I had to leave, right?
[cell phone ringing]
What's up, Zehra?
Kenan, I'm really sorry
for calling you at this hour.
What's wrong? Tell me.
I know you discussed it with me earlier
today, but I got completely distracted.
Cut to the chase, damn it,
just tell me what's going on.
Lale's daughter.
Melisa. Today, it's her birthday.
I completely forgot about it.
The address is in my datebook
so I had to come back to the office.
I'll find a gift for her and
send it on your behalf immediately.
So Lale's busy right now.
Yeah, she must be at the party.
Sounds good. All right then.
Take care of it, please.
Certainly, sir.
But you need to come up with
a show concept. What's it gonna be?
Did you make up a synopsis,
a script, a storyline?
Aslı needs to go.
If this is about Lale,
well, forget about it.
Why is that?
Why? Because I want to hire you.
Not that messed up system
you set up for yourself.
I see.
What is it that Lale lacks, Güliz?
[Güliz sighs]
- I admit you guys get along very well.
- Mm-hmm.
You share a connection that can't be
severed in any way, you know what I mean?
If I was to hire Lale,
I wouldn't want you then.
Your unwavering solidarity
in the face of your superiors and whatnot.
Oh, kill me already.
I haven't mentioned any of this to Lale.
And even if I did, I really have
no idea how she'd react.
But I don't want Aslı there at all.
What do you keep talking about Aslı?
Why do you avoid talking
about money constantly like that?
[chuckles] Did you really
come here to talk about money, Güliz?
Generally speaking.
All right, name it.
I want you to give me a number.
You want me to give you a number.
Exactly. Yes.
A clear one. Do tell.
Honestly, you really think I need money?
Listen, Güliz, I love my job.
And that love is unrivaled
by all the money in the world.
So, I'm never troubled by it.
The money belongs to me.
I can give you what you deserve.
Got it?
My body is filled with money for you.
About the Aslı thing,
why do you want her to vanish? Huh?
What's wrong? Be honest.
Is it because she screwed Lale over?
Though I don't think
you ever cared about that.
Listen, Güliz, this is
all about the audience.
You're asking for their time.
For their values.
Maybe you'll get a break one day,
But only with lies.
With no faith at all.
Then what?
If you are not simple, nor kind,
not authentic, or true to who you are,
neither forthcoming
The audience will know.
It's the truth.
You know what happens then?
You're screwed, Güliz.
Okay. Say no more.
I get it, and you're right.
But I'm not gonna kick Aslı out.
It can't happen.
That audience you hold in high regard?
They're still hooked on Aslı, all right?
Yeah, maybe her ratings are failing,
but she's still close to the top.
- She's the talk of the town.
- She'll drop away.
She'll just vanish.
I'm telling you, the audience will know.
So, they'll know. We'll deal with it then.
And you know what I think,
to be completely honest?
I don't think she'll vanish,
that won't happen.
I'm sure she'll find
a way to get through this.
You'll see, and I think
it's gonna be fun to watch.
I mean, put money on it,
and you'll see who comes out on top.
Me or you?
[Müge] Hello!
What's up?
- Oh!
- Mmm.
Oh dear. I've been mulling over ideas
and concepts since we saw each other,
and I swear, you won't believe
what's been floating about in my mind.
Hold on, I'll tell you everything.
Did you order for us?
Just coffee, you know.
Just coffee? I'm sorry, but I'm starving.
Excuse me! Over here, please!
Fuck all that gluten shit.
I'm so happy to see you!
Goodness, I can hardly wait.
Oh. I'm ready to order. Um
- Welcome, ladies.
- Thank you.
I'll get a breakfast plate,
but please include scones, croissants,
panzerotti, and everything else. Okay?
And I'd like some tea beforehand.
- Of course, ma'am.
- Amazing.
What's up with your house in Datça?
- Uh, my house?
- Mm-hmm.
Um Well, it's almost done, yeah. It is.
Uh I still need To take care of
the little things, finish the landscaping.
I don't know what good
that would do though.
I'm feeling at one with nature lately.
We should go up there together.
Wouldn't that be nice, honey?
Maybe you should just
start by living there, Müge.
[tense music playing]
I don't know, it's just a thought,
but I don't think
we're good enough for you.
I mean us, the network,
this town, this life.
Some things just leave
a mark on your soul.
You start doing things
you shouldn't. Low blows.
What're you talking about?
Ma'am, how do you like your eggs?
Sunny side up.
- That's how my friend likes it.
- [waitress] Very well.
I'm trying to understand
what you said. Um
Why did you bring up Datça out of nowhere?
I was thinking about you, Müge.
And us.
And what happened lately.
All the things we've been through.
This isn't gonna work, Müge.
I'm sorry.
But you need to figure out
who you are first.
You need to remember who you are now.
Lale, just give me
a straight answer, please.
Why the change of heart all of a sudden?
Because you hate me, Müge.
Don't you?
You hate me,
You hate Kenan,
Gül, as well.
And Aslı.
And probably so many more you lost count.
That hatred is poisoning you,
Müge, it's suffocating you.
Don't you see that?
Okay, but why is that?
Why do you think I hate everyone?
Everyone I worked with, you know.
You, Lale, for instance,
why do you think I hate you so much?
I have no idea.
I wanna know. Why?
All right then, I'll explain.
You fired me as news anchor, Lale.
Remember how you fucked up
my life and my career, Lale?
Did it occur to you that
that is why I hate you?
I did that?
You believe it was my call?
Why would I have told them
I wanted you gone?
I don't understand how
you could think something like that.
Why would you make up a story that I was
the one who pulled the rug
out from under you?
Well, you could have
said no to them, right?
You had the opportunity to tell them
you wouldn't do it without Müge,
but you didn't.
You could've declined their offer,
but what'd you do? You just said,
"Amazing, thank you very much."
To who?
To us! To me, to Kenan!
After that, you just crawled back into
your little corner like you always do.
We had to bite the bullet
and make all the hard decisions.
I committed all those sins for you
while you were hiding. Me!
Don't you dare sit across from me
with your adorable, goodhearted,
and cute little Lale act.
Just don't! I'm sick of it!
And you're starting to act
the part of the martyr now.
Don't, Müge.
It's beneath you.
Why bother about the past anyway?
Oh, quit your bullshit. Stop!
Watch your tone. Enough with the act.
Okay, what then?
What would make you feel better? What
How could I fix this?
What would make this better?
What exactly do you need? Hm?
I'll tell you what I need to feel better.
- That you
- [plate clatters]
That'll be all, please, thank you.
Let me tell you
what will make me feel better.
It would make me pleased
to see you miserable.
I'd be glad if you made the wrong choice.
To see you broken,
hitting rock bottom, disappear!
If that's what you want to know,
that should satisfy your curiosity.
You completely fucked up my life!
You fucked up my whole life!
You hear me, Lale?
You're the reason
I turned into this lost person
who is always at odds with herself.
You are!
And you think it's just me? Huh?
You left an entire cemetery
behind you, Lale.
I can leave this fucking place
and go live in Datça.
I could do that easily.
But you'll have to deal with this
for the rest of your life!
You're not a good person at all.
You're not!
You want so hard to be acknowledged
as a wonderful person, but you aren't.
And you never were!
Never! You wanna know what you are?
You're a fucking piece of crap
that's what you are!
A monster!
[sound muffling]
A monster!
You're not a good person at all!
You're a fucking monster, Lale.
A monster. A monster
You're a monster who chews up and devours
anyone that gets in your way, okay?
That's what you are,
you're not a righteous person at all!
[sound resumes] You're a monster!
Okay, fine. Müge.
Yeah, fine.
[dramatic music playing]
[narrator] All small creatures are known
by how they act when they face a lion.
This is what it means to be a lion,
a queen, and to sit on the throne.
The lion's job Is to be able to take a hit
without getting bruised,
no matter how bad it hurts.
[scattered applause]
Thank you.
Sir, this is your last day with us.
We're sad to see you go.
We learned so much from you.
- Same goes for me. Okay, let's begin.
- Mm-hm.
- Thank you.
- Shall we begin?
[Kenan sighs]
All right.
Once again, good morning, everyone.
As you're all aware, our planet's
greatest problem is the greenhouse gases.
[tense music playing]
[Aslı] At what point
did you hear the snap exactly?
"I'm good, it's done now.
This is the point of no return."
"I'm wealthy.
No one can take away these things."
"And I can drink this very
expensive wine whenever I want."
At which point was that?
[Lale] That point doesn't exist at all.
Or snap or whatever.
Bad news.
This wine is mine today, sure.
And yes, I can drink it.
Not having it tomorrow is mine.
The high ratings I received back then
and don't receive now are also mine.
Do you understand what I mean, Aslı?
Success and failure are both mine.
That's how life works.
[cell phone ringing]
Hello, Aslı, hi.
This is Bora, the attorney.
Yeah, yeah, I know, sir. I was
expecting you to call me, actually.
It's as I thought, it's not the first time
the girl's tried something like this.
She went to court
for assault, slander, and so on.
She kept up with her schemes
of lies and defamation.
Charges were dropped for all.
What I mean is that
the plaintiff's claims are questionable.
Is that a good thing?
We're waiting for the district attorney
to tell us that a review isn't needed.
And I can tell you from experience
that this case will be dismissed.
You're in the clear now.
[relieved laughing]
Okay, I'm so relieved.
I'm just
Thank you very much, sir, for your help.
Uh, please add me to your list of contacts
in case you need any kind of help.
And of course, we should discuss
your compensation, I mean
No, no, no, please.
It was a favor for Lale. It's fine.
All right.
Thank you again.
[dramatic music playing]
[breathes shakily]
And these figures
are increasingly on the rise,
affecting all of us negatively.
All the details are also
in the files in front of you.
Okay, good job.
This piece looks okay, but we didn't
allow the other party to explain.
[melancholy piano music playing]
We misjudge them sometimes,
and fail to understand what they wanna do,
and how they are. Thus,
we need data before making assumptions.
[woman] Once again, we're waiting
to hear from our source.
Thank you for your work.
You're welcome.
Okay, everyone, is that
everything for this morning?
All right.
Then, I'll see you all on set later.
Send me the rundown, will you?
Do you have a minute?
- Well, I have to go to Sidika, but
- Right.
I forgot.
I guess I'll see you later then.
[music continues]
Lale likes her salad with pomegranate.
[cell phone buzzing]
- [knocking on door]
- Come in.
[music swells]
Isn't it time we talk?
Okay, sure, let's talk.
[music fades]
[all] Surprise!
- [Zehra] You're gonna be missed.
- Kenan, sir, we hope you'll come see us.
You didn't have to do this, guys.
What are you talking about?
Come on, guys. Let's pop
that nice bottle of champagne. Woo-hoo!
Thank you very much, Yusuf.
[indistinct chattering]
[slow piano music playing]
Okay, sound check.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
[man] Thank you, Lale.
Thank you.
Are you ready?
Yeah, I guess.
For what?
For your new life.
[music tempo increases]
You and Selim have broken up.
[director] Five, four, three,
two, one.
You are live, Lale.
[Lale] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
As we enter the early days
of a brand new season,
and the invigorating winds
sweep through the city of Istanbul,
I'm afraid the situation
in the country has turned complex.
How will this impact the local economy?
Coming up next, we have a special guest
who's none other than
renowned economist Nermin Yilmaz.
With her unparalleled expertise
and insightful analysis,
Yilmaz has undoubtedly emerged as
one of the leading
economic minds of Turkey.
Maybe we do have hard days ahead of us,
or maybe this bad weather
we're experiencing
is not as hazardous as we think.
Maybe this is just
a demanding process we have to endure
in order to see happier days.
All these questions
will be answered by Nermin Yilmaz.
Stay tuned as we welcome her to the show.
I'm Lale Kıran,
and you're watching The Newsroom.
Don't go anywhere.
[dramatic piano music playing]
Cam Two, a little more to the right.
It's common knowledge that economics
is a challenging subject area,
for people like us in particular.
We all want everything to work out,
but that doesn't always happen.
This is why.
Uh, considering the current
economic climate,
I'd appreciate it if you could provide
an analysis in layman's terms.
Does this have anything to do with me?
[music continues]
I don't want to get you confused,
but I don't think I can wait
until the show ends.
I mean, I have to ask you this.
Are you finally mine?
[music swells]
[Kenan] Are you with me now?
[music stops]
All right, we really appreciate
you breaking things down for us.
A pleasure to have you.
Thank you for joining us, Professor.
So why didn't you tell me then, Lale?
Why have you kept me in the dark?
You're not afraid of me, are you?
Or you think I'm too good for you?
Which is it?
That's right.
The weather isn't that bad, after all.
What you just heard should help
alleviate your mind a little, hopefully.
And that concludes tonight's broadcast,
ladies and gentlemen.
But before going off the air,
I'd love to thank Nermin Yilmaz again
for providing a detailed overview
of our current nation's economy,
and to thank our team
that has meticulously examined
every facet,
from the peaks to the valleys,
leaving no stone unturned. And we hope
for the best possible outcome.
I would like to add a few words.
We're ready for the future.
Whatever it could throw at us.
We'll soon realize
we're not afraid to seize the day,
and we will keep existing.
I pray that we all have the strength
to welcome the changing
of the winds and the seasons.
I hope you stayed to the end.
That's it.
And as usual, here's hoping for
brighter, sunnier days tomorrow.
Have a beautiful evening.
Good night.
[dramatic piano music playing]
[music fades]
[knocking on door]
["(I Just) Died in Your Arms"
by Cutting Crew playing]
Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight ♪
It must've been something you said ♪
I just died in your arms tonight ♪
I, I just died in your arms tonight ♪
It must've been something you said ♪
I just died in your arms tonight ♪
Oh, oh ♪
I, I just died in your arms tonight ♪
It must've been some kind of kiss ♪
I should've walked away ♪
I should've walked away ♪
Oh, oh ♪
I, I just died in your arms tonight ♪
- [song fades]
- [boat horn blowing]
[Lale] Good morning!
Good morning.
- Ah! Where did you get this from?
- Mm?
From downstairs.
- Though it tastes like shit.
- Oh really? Like shit?
[sniffs] I have to buy
a coffee machine, y'know.
Mm-hmm. [kisses]
I ordered one when I woke up.
- You did?
- Yeah, I did.
Thank you. [chuckles]
[uplifting music playing]
So, now you are a morning person.
Getting up with blurry eyes but
otherwise in good spirits,
- Huh?
- Wow, really?
You used to say I woke up full of energy.
You were lying to me then, weren't you?
Well, I was an idiot back then.
Oh, are you smarter now?
You're such a gorgeous woman.
I'm starving.
[Lale laughs]
What? Really? You're serious?
[music fades]
[Kenan] All right.
- Thank you, sir.
- Enjoy, ma'am.
- So, you're actually starving.
- Actually.
I really am.
- Then I hope you enjoy.
- [chuckles]
[cell phone ringing]
Yes, Güliz?
No, I had a change of heart. I mean
My circumstances have changed.
Yeah, I'd like to get
started in two weeks' time.
If it's alright with you, of course.
If not, that's OK with me.
Okay, I'll see you then.
What's in two weeks? What's going on?
[Kenan] I wanna take you to Kıyıköy.
[soft instrumental music playing]
[music fades]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Aslı] Yeah, Okay.
I'm aware that we're having a dry spell.
Lale is on vacation, right?
So, she's not a threat.
What's up with these low ratings?
I'll make things right.
Müge is gone, too. We have no
editor-in-chief, or anything like it.
This place's starting to
feel like a freak circus.
No, it's not. Not at all.
We'll get back on our feet.
Look, Aslı, I like you,
But I think the audience
has given up on you,
And your ridiculous show should end.
Don't you think so?
No, it's not like that.
I have a few fresh ideas.
I'm gonna revamp the concept.
Are you gonna meet with Sulhi?
- Güliz, wait!
- What the fuck do you want from me?
Just back me up on this.
I beg you, I need them
to keep supporting me.
I'm gonna make this right, okay?
Tell them I'll fix everything.
Aren't we friends anymore, or what?
I don't have a say in this,
it's not that simple.
Besides, didn't you say
you wanted to fly solo, huh?
Didn't you say that?
And playing the friendship card?
Stop talking to me like that.
It doesn't suit you.
Things have been getting
worse and worse lately.
It seems like she also lost her fans.
So I say we should get
rid of her right away.
- We'll hire Lale again
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Give her anything she wants.
- Yes.
We need to return to our original essence.
As natural as the birds and the bees.
It is.
[sighing] I don't really care about
who is going to be
hosting the shows, right?
I wouldn't care if we even used dummies.
What matters is the concept
and the creators.
I disagree with you there.
I think you're wrong too.
Listen, anything you want
to do off-screen is fair game, Güliz.
But the person on screen
is the one bearing all the responsibility.
- That is our face, right?
- The face.
Have you ever had it
with a woman with a great, fit body
- but an ugly face? You know what I mean?
- [laughs]
[laughing] Come on.
All right, stop using women
for your metaphors, you pigs.
- I got your point, but let's not be rude.
- All right, okay.
Lale is always Lale.
That's right.
Anything she wants, she gets.
[suspenseful music playing]
[woman] I have no idea
what's gonna happen.
[woman 2] They'll decide
our fate in an hour.
And those ratings aren't helping us.
[woman 2] We're screwed.
[Aslı] What are you doing here?
Selin, what's up?
I asked you for that file on Russia,
but you're still here chitchatting.
I'm so sorry, ma'am, we were
just admiring the painting.
It's an amazing piece, isn't it?
- I'll go get the files immediately.
- Uh
Yeah, absolutely, Aslı.
The painting is beyond great.
You've got amazing taste in arts.
Take that painting down now.
[man] Sure.
Right away.
Mehmet, follow me.
Hey, you two. Take it down carefully.
Remove it gently.
[Güliz] What's this?
A gift.
A gift to our network from me.
[dramatic music playing]
[somber music playing]
[tense music playing]
[Nunu] Oh, boy!
Something's wrong. We have to stop.
No stopping.
Ten seconds to air!
Enough, leave me alone.
[Nunu] Four, three, two, one
You're on, Aslı.
Good evening, my very nice audience.
This is another live edition
of The Other Side,
where we will discuss the issues
that you've expressed interest in
and/or curiosity regarding.
Get closer.
[slurring] So we'll begin the show
with a real-time call.
Did he tilt the camera?
He didn't, but
Let's move closer then.
All right. Cam One, stay on Aslı.
[man] Aslı, the reality's not so different
from what you see in the media.
Sevket, please.
Sevket, please, tell me,
tell the audience exactly what happened.
Because there was
a major outrage on social media today
because of this incident.
But these things happen, right?
It's a ruthless world.
They brutally hit you hard
because we love to hate the most.
[slurring] It's true.
Consider myself as an example.
Like everybody, you know,
When I first open my eyes in the morning,
I think about who I should
have a bone to pick with.
I use my burner accounts
to spread my hatred.
And if it's someone
I really have it out for, ooh
- But Aslı, I'm sure you understand how
- Excuse me! Hold on a sec okay
I'll give you a chance to talk, but first
it's me who needs to make a few comments!
She's gonna curse.
I'm not sure.
Oh my God. [laughs]
Uh-oh. The crazy bitch lost it.
I'm so sick of this place!
I'm so sick and tired of this screen!
There's no point in trying!
We were really eager
to replace those titans, y'know?
I'm not gonna lie,
at least I achieved that!
I can't believe how low I stooped. Ha!
And here I am at the top!
But now, I'm quitting this fucking job!
[man] Holy shit! I'm cutting her off!
No, wait. Wait. Keep going.
Keep going.
What's wrong?
This is awful.
Really awful.
I came in here every day,
stood under these spotlights and
Let me tell you something
about these damn lights.
Their authority is
stifling, oppressive, vicious!
To all my fans out there,
and to all my haters
I'm getting the hell out of here!
And don't worry, because
they'll replace me with new faces
who will either love you, or despise you,
make you feel worthless,
and give you more sensational news
to add to your pathetic lives.
So farewell, then.
[dramatic music playing]
Step aside!
[music fades]
[somber piano music playing]
Don't look at me!
What are you staring at?
I'm leaving, okay?
Don't I deserve some applause?
You pieces of shit!
You're all fucking assholes, okay?
There, I said it!
I don't give a damn
whether any of you burn in hell.
Get back to work!
[tense music playing]
[Lale] You just don't have what it takes.
This will get you nowhere.
I'm telling you. You don't
understand how this business works.
[Müge] You're only here because
you took advantage of the chaos, Aslı!
[Yusuf] They cut off your head
if you hold it a little high.
[Gül] Maybe you should take a break.
How about we call it mental fatigue?
[Güliz] I don't think
you'll ever become somebody.
You lack any semblance of sparkle.
[Lale] I will step down
for someone who's worthy to take my place.
[music fades]
[gulls calling]
[soothing instrumental music playing]
[Lale] Okay, where would
you like to have lunch?
Okay, sweetie, tell
your sister I miss her.
You look great, as usual.
- You really think so?
- Yes, I do.
Are you feeling nervous, Lale?
I am a little, I guess.
We're going back to our network.
You know The Other Side is our baby.
Also, Güliz
What is Güliz? The boss?
Yeah, she is.
- And it's to our advantage, actually.
- Mm.
She said, "Bring me Lale.
Don't worry about the money."
"We won't bargain over her fee."
We'll see.
[music fades]
[tense music playing]
Welcome Lale.
Thank you.
Welcome, ma'am.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Welcome back.
Thank you.
- [woman] Welcome, ma'am.
- Welcome.
Thank you.
[Lale] Hello, everyone.
Hope you're well.
I'll see you later.
Hi, guys.
It's good to see you, ma'am.
Lale Kıran. Welcome.
Thank you.
You're back. And so is Kenan
Which actually means a lot to me.
I know.
After all, you approached him first.
I did.
So, tell me about
all those plans of yours.
We already established
we'd play by your rules.
You know my game plan.
What does Lale has to say?
All right, Lale. Do you have a strategy?
[tense music playing]
I don't.
What was that?
I said, I don't.
[laughs] If you feel like
you owe something to that measly network,
we can handle that, don't worry about it.
No. I'm leaving mainstream media.
So I won't be working for you.
What are we gonna do then?
Did you think about that?
Because up until now,
we thought you'd be working with us.
Now you're telling me you won't.
So, what's up with that?
Do you have any ideas?
Do you think I'd be here if I didn't?
Only if you're interested.
[tense music playing]
[doorbell rings]
If you no longer feel the need to cry,
maybe we could have a chat.
I've got a proposal for you.
[music intensifies]
[Yusuf] I graduated
with a major in journalism.
I decided to work my
way up from the bottom.
They never gave me a chance.
They don't see us.
They look down on us, they despise us.
Even when they appreciate you,
they act as if they are doing you a favor.
They don't accept that we exist.
You can never go up the ladder.
You can never be one of them.
Oh, wow.
Wow, he's such a charmer.
Well, I'm charmed.
- It's okay. I got it, man.
- No problem.
Yusuf, do you need anything from us?
Are you ready?
I'm good, thank you.
[narrator] Every king
has his own bag of tricks.
Every time a new ruler ascends the throne,
the winds of change begin to blow.
The king lays out the terms,
and everything manifests
after his own image.
Whether or not that
shift will be successful,
only time will tell.
[Nunu] Ten seconds!
[Nunu] Five.
- I wish you all a good show.
- [Nunu] Four.
- Best of luck everyone.
- Three.
- Thanks, Yusuf.
- Two, one
You're on, Yusuf.
Good evening. I'm Yusuf Tunca.
Welcome to The Other Side.
[instrumental music playing]
Forget about that, Aslı.
What do you think about my proposal?
I'm in, Gül.
[music continues]
That's it from us, ladies and gentlemen.
We really appreciate you tuning in to our
newscast and spending a moment with us.
The show was produced by
an incredibly talented
group of individuals.
And I'd like to end
my first show as a host
by expressing all my respect, admiration,
and gratitude for Lale Kıran,
my dear mentor and hero.
[narrator] Queens come and go,
just like the tides ebb and flow.
The throne passes through countless hands.
There comes a time
when power becomes a mere fairy tale.
Eternity is what truly matters.
Making a lasting impression
in the minds, memories,
and capturing hearts
to truly make your mark.
Anyone who's able to seize eternity
will reign forever,
come hell or high water.
- You animal! You asshole!
- What's wrong?
You made fun of me
while you were making plans?
- What're you talking about?
- You enjoy this? Huh?
What the hell are you talking about?
Aslı! Listen!
Hey, Aslı!
Just let me come in and we can talk!
Get out of here or I'll call the police!
Aren't you at least
a little bit happy for me?
["Sevmemeliyiz" by Sena Şener playing]
Get out of here!
Get out.
[sobbing softly]
[song continues]
[continues sobbing]
[song continues]
[cell phone chiming repeatedly]
[narrator] When the new queen
takes her place on the throne,
a realization dawns,
a secret that remains unknown to all.
The throne is hell.
[song continues]
[exhales deeply]
[song fades]
[gull calling]
Wait a minute, wait a minute,
just wait a minute.
You need to listen to me first.
So you told my dear Niyazi
you were going to kick him out?
Answer me, what're you waiting for?
You think I'll let you do that?
Of course, I'll stop you. Yeah.
Do you hear me?
[crowd applauding]
All right, everyone, we'll have a short
commercial break. Don't go anywhere.
Concerning Life with Aslı Tuna
will return with new captivating talks.
[applause continues]
You're crazy.
We will lead the ratings.
[intense music playing]
No, I didn't.
I didn't see it.
No problem, I'll check
it out now, no problem.
[woman] Wow, what do you think
about that Lale Kıran thing?
- What happened?
- You haven't heard?
[woman] Lale Kıran's sex tape.
Has everyone watched it yet?
[woman 2] That lady knows no bounds.
This is outrageous.
[woman 3] Emre and Lale
got caught red-handed at the hotel.
- [woman 4] I watched it. It's terrible.
- You were a role model to me.
[man] What career? Humanity is dead.
[intense pounding tones]
[music continues]
[music fades]
[dramatic music playing]
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