Ask the StoryBots (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

How Do Computers Work?

1 [laughing.]
Aah! [laughing.]
- [whirring.]
- Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah! Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, dude! [laughing.]
StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts - The StoryBots - [yelling.]
Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - Love to learn - And adore adventure - Whoo-hoo! And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery - The StoryBots - [all whooping.]
Meet Beep and Bing Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots And when they get a stumper That demands investigation It's to the outer world On a hunt for information StoryBots Got a question? Got lots? If something's got you baffled Worry not Just ask the StoryBots Just ask the StoryBots Boop.
[phones ringing.]
- [muttering.]
- [phones ringing.]
- [rumbling.]
- Huh? [grumbles.]
I said I needed two folders not boulders.
[both chuckling.]
Get them out of here.
No time for nonsense.
- [beeping.]
- Huh? [shrieks.]
I need an Answer Team ASAP.
[mumbling over phone.]
Not them.
[all yelling.]
Oh! - [Bo giggling.]
- [Beep grunts.]
I love bubbles.
Oh, Bang, could you pop Boop? Boop.
Uh, hey, guys.
It's an Answer Department, not a playground.
You better get your act together, 'cause you StoryBots are skating on thin ice.
Huh? [yells, grunts.]
Answer Team 341B reporting for duty, sir.
Good, because I got a kid with a question.
And he needs an answer, pronto.
Capiche? Hi, StoryBots.
- Hey! How's it going? - Good to see you.
- What's your name? - My name is EJ.
- EJ! - EJ, all right! - Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure to meet you, young man.
What are you doing in there? We're playing with bubbles.
What are you doing? I have a question for you.
- Well, what is it, EJ? - How does a computer work? [all.]
Uh We live in computers, but I don't really know how they work.
Yeah, I mean, does a crumb know why a cookie is delicious? Does a word know why Shakespeare is so beautiful? Does a grain of sand, like, understand the immense vastness of the universe, man? Uh I think what Bang is trying to say, EJ, is that the parts of the computer we live in are so super-duper, duper, duper, duper, duper, duper tiny that we don't really know how it all works.
Uh, yeah, what she said.
Hey, I got it.
I know where to find the answer.
StoryBots, prepare for transport.
Let's find out how computers work.
Outer world, here we come! [whirring.]
Hate to burst your bubble, kid.
You might be waiting a while.
Ah! My eye! [yelling.]
[all screaming.]
[all yelling, grunting.]
Here we are, guys.
We have a perfect view.
A view of what, dude? Look.
It's a computer.
[angelic chorus.]
Bing, this computer looks so old.
- Does it even work? - I don't know.
Let's find out.
Nothing's happening.
[all yell.]
- Ooh! - Whoa.
What's that guy doing? [computer switches on.]
Oh, look.
The keyboard thingy.
Uh Yeah.
When the guy presses the button, the computer works.
- Looks like we got our answer, guys.
- Yeah.
- That was a quick one, man.
- Guys, wait a second.
What's actually happening when the buttons get pressed? [all.]
Um I think we better climb inside and take a look around.
- Oh, yeah.
- That's a good idea.
- I'm in.
- I want to know more.
- [Bing grunts.]
- [Boop.]
Hmm? [Bo whimpers.]
Whoa! - We gotta get out of here.
- Cool.
- Help! - The signals, they're going that way.
- Come on, Bo.
- [groaning.]
In here.
- [grunts.]
- [sighs.]
We made it.
All right.
We gotta keep following that signal.
This way.
I got it.
I got the signal.
- Wait.
What is this? - Where are we? [male voice coughs.]
Hello? [rooster crowing, horns blowing, metal clanging.]
Oh, snap, StoryBots.
- [clanging.]
- Welcome to the Central Processing Unit.
- Ooh.
- Wow.
Who are you? I'm the Operating System.
But y'all can call me OS.
I got all the instructions to tell this computer to do what I tell it to do.
I'll take that, nephew.
So, you have the instructions [gasps.]
That means you can tell us how computers work.
We need an answer for a boy named EJ.
Sorry, StoryBots, I can't right now.
This input just came in from a person.
What's input, man? Input is just a signal that tells the computer to do something.
- [beeping.]
- Voilà.
Oh! The input came from that guy at the keyboard thingy.
What did he want? - [beeping.]
- Let's see.
Oh, come on, man, not this again.
This fool wants the same CAT file I sent him earlier.
Man, this machine can send a man to the moon, and all y'all wanna ask about is CATs? Can we at least ask about one dog? This CAT business gets on my nerves.
You know what? Would y'all run down to storage for me, get this CAT file? [gasps.]
There's a cat in here? I love kitty cats.
You got it, OS.
We won't let you down.
Um How exactly do we find storage? It's the hard drive.
Just take the bus.
Be quick, now.
We don't want to keep that person waiting too long.
We'll find the kitty cat for you.
How many boxes do you think there are in storage? Uh Four? More like 400 million.
Ugh! Come on, you hunk of junk.
[horn honking.]
Wheels on the bus.
[playing upbeat song.]
Oh, the wheels on the bus go Round and round Round and round Round and round Oh, the wheels on the bus go Round and round All through the town Oh, the wipers on the bus go "Swish, swish, swish" "Swish, swish, swish Swish, swish, swish" Oh, the wipers on the bus go "Swish, swish, swish" All through the town Oh, the horn on the bus goes "Beep, beep, beep" "Beep, beep, beep Beep, beep, beep" Oh, the horn on the bus goes "Beep, beep, beep" All through the town The wheels on the bus go Round and round Round and round Round and round The wheels on the bus go Round and round All through the town [Bing.]
Yeah, yeah! [laughing.]
This is awesome! [wailing.]
Are we there yet? Everybody, get ready! [all yelling.]
[yelling continues.]
- [all groaning.]
- [creaking.]
Everybody OK? Headcount.
- Here.
- Boop.
[voice quavering.]
Don't be scared, Bo.
It'll be fine.
That's a really long way down.
Anybody see the cat? We might never find it in here.
Yeah, this place is humongous.
Well, we do have these instructions from the OS.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
- Of course, the instructions.
- [Bo.]
If you say so.
- [beeping.]
- Oh! [all exclaiming.]
[automated voice.]
Welcome aboard, ladies and gentleman.
Keep your arms and legs inside the gondola at all times.
We are en route to Hard Disk 1, Sector 8, Track 91412.
I guess this isn't too scary.
This is scary! [gasping.]
It's OK, Bo.
It's OK.
[Bo whimpering.]
[automated voice.]
Please direct your attention to the left of the gondola.
Some of these files date back to the late 1980s.
There's the classic PC game Minesweeper.
Oh, they're so dusty.
This must be where the computer stores files that aren't being used.
[automated voice.]
Please, don't eat the browser cookies.
- Bang! - Sorry.
Hey, guys, down there.
Check it out.
That must be where the cat is.
Why is the kitty cat down there? [automated voice.]
Arriving at Sector 8, Track 91412.
So I'm guessing he's in that box.
Don't you worry, Mr.
Kitty Cat.
I'll get you out of this dark, scary place.
Oh, my goodness.
I love him so much.
Come out of there, Mr.
Kitty Cat.
Wow, that's a tight lid.
Well, don't worry.
I'll keep you safe.
You can count on [cat screeches.]
The cat! I'll save you! [all yelling.]
Boop! [grunting.]
Sit tight, ladies and gentlemen.
- En route to CPU bus.
- Hang in there, guys.
We'll be out of here before you can count to 10.
[cat meows.]
- One, two, three, four - [chuckling.]
- [gasping.]
- five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! [screams.]
Ugh! No-good [mumbling.]
[both chuckling.]
[guitar song plays.]
Well, I got my kicks Just counting to 10 I count my fingers Then I count them again I count 10 pins in a bowling lane I count 10 umbrellas When it starts to rain I count 10 flying fishes And it's such a thrill I wanna keep counting And I think I will I got 10 pennies and I got 10 dimes I know 'cause I counted them all 10 times I can count 10 toads Playing 10 guitars 10 chipmunks Chomping on chocolate bars I count 10 giraffes With their 10 long necks If I were a Roman, I'd count to X I'm crazy about the number 10 It's a little bit of heaven 'Tween nine and 11 I'm excited just to write it With a big felt pen 10 ladybugs, 10 butterflies 10 chocolate malts and 10 French fries 10 rocket ships, 10 astronauts 10 banjo-picking StoryBots It's the coolest number Since I don't know when Everybody's gotta love the number 10 Everybody's gotta love the number 10 [whooping.]
OK, Mr.
Kitty Cat, we're out of that dusty hard drive now.
The OS will take good care of you.
Hey, OS, we found the cat.
What's next? Yeah, there's that little fleabag.
OK, come on now.
The person's waiting.
Let's run it through the CPU.
Um It needs to be processed.
[bell dings.]
[whimpers, gulps.]
The cat's gotta go in there? Yeah, the CPU's part of the next step.
Now, while the accumulators get busy, this computer is wild.
It got faster RAM transistors, - so it can process the most complicated - I don't think I like that.
This thing is top-dog.
[voice distorting.]
The cutting edge of computational excellence.
- [bell dings.]
- Voilà.
Calibrating complete.
Bo, I'm ready for that file.
Run, Mr.
Kitty Cat! [screaming.]
[cat screeches.]
Whoa, loose cat.
I got you, Mr.
I'm right here.
- [all gasp.]
- What have I done? - That's not a cat.
- It's not a real cat.
It's just ones and zeroes, man.
No, no, that's called "binary.
" Where did the kitty cat go? [grunts.]
Man, y'all really ain't getting this, huh? Allow me to enlighten you.
This is binary.
The language that computers speak.
Ones and zeroes are the building blocks of computer language.
They are arranged into specific patterns that computers can read.
I am smart.
It's a code.
But, look, binary is not just for letters and numbers.
You can use binary to make pictures, sounds, apps, and games.
A computer can make anything you need with just ones and zeroes.
Even a cat? Even a CAT.
[computer powers down.]
[computer powers up.]
What is it doing? It's processing the code.
There's a million ones and zeroes in that CAT file.
The CPU is reading it all and doing thousands of calculations to make sense of it.
Wow! [OS.]
The CPU follows my instructions exactly.
And it can do all of this work faster than any human can even dream of.
Here it comes.
Kitty Cat! [laughs.]
Whoa! Oh, come here, little guy.
- [all gasp.]
- [cat meows.]
Oh, yeah.
I forgot you're not a real kitty cat.
Hey, StoryBots.
The cat is ready for output.
Output? What's output? It's the last step.
Giving the human exactly what they ask for.
[man laughing.]
It's a cat.
Mm-hmm! I love that sound.
- Another one done, baby.
- [man.]
Kitty cat! Well, it looks like we got our answer, guys.
Thanks, OS.
- Bye.
- See you.
So long, Mr.
We learned a lot.
[chattering and laughing.]
Hey, hey, all right, all right.
I gotta get back to work.
[electronic voice.]
StoryBot fun fact number 14,537,921.
Did you know that a camel can drink up to 40 gallons of water at one time? [grunts.]
[inhales, exhales.]
So, uh you seen a restroom around here? - [groans.]
- [thuds.]
[guitar music plays.]
Walk like a camel [vocalizing.]
Walk like a camel You can rock like a camel When you walk like a camel Out in the desert Under the burning sun See the camel walking Having camel fun Get out of your chair Jump up on your feet And dance with the camel To the groovy camel beat, hey! - Walk like a camel - It's a camel [vocalizing.]
- Walk like a camel - It's a camel - Hey, hey - Walk like a camel Here we go, here we go Walk like a camel Yee-ya, ya! You can run like a camel Let's go! When you walk like a camel [exclaiming.]
- Walk like a camel - Walk like a camel [vocalizing.]
Walk like a camel - [phones ringing.]
- [mumbling.]
What the [StoryBots yelling.]
That was pretty smooth.
- Boop! - [yelling.]
- [crashing.]
- Boop.
What are you StoryBots doing back here? I told you get an answer, not dilly-dally.
We got the answer, boss.
We know how computers work.
It all starts with input, man.
That's when a human tells the computer what they want it to do.
Input goes into the operating system, which translates it into binary code.
That's a language made of just ones and zeroes, man.
The computer takes the ones and zeroes and does lots of calculations really, really fast.
That's called "processing.
" The ones and zeroes can be arranged to make pictures, sounds, apps, games.
That's called "output.
" And when the output is delivered to the human who asked for it [all.]
That's how computers work.
Just give me that tape.
Ugh! Output.
[upbeat song plays.]
Input, processing, output Let's all sing about Input, processing, output That's how computers work [phone ringing.]
Input is a request usually expressed With the press of a key or a screen That sends a signal But it's not as simple as it seems Because then it gets converted Into zeroes and ones They call that binary code While a system called the OS Keeps things smooth And helps handle the load Next up is processing Which is even more astonishing 'Cause so many calculations Happen so fast To do just what you ask In what feels like no time It's showtime When whatever you wanted appears Before your eyes and ears That's output So let's now put it all together One more time, let's sing Input, processing, output It's all about Input, processing, output That's how computers work That was fine.
I'll take it.
- [whirring.]
- Hey, guys, it's EJ.
- Hi, EJ.
- Hey, EJ.
How you doing, buddy? So, what do you think, EJ? I didn't know computers did everything with ones and zeroes.
I know, man.
It is bonkers.
Thanks, StoryBots.
I can't wait to tell my mom.
- Bye.
- [all chattering.]
- Bye, EJ.
Glad to help.
- [exclaims.]
Learning about computers.
What are you still doing here? There's work to be done.
Hundreds of things to do.
- Every second.
You gotta do them.
Go, go.
- Bye, boss.
Get out of here! Go! StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart They love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots Boop.