Ask the StoryBots (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Why Can't I Eat Dessert All the Time?

1 Aah! Netflix.
Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah! Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, dude! Boop.
StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - Love to learn - And adore adventure - Whoo-hoo! And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask 'em what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots And when they get a stumper That demands investigation It's to the outer world On a hunt for information StoryBots Got a question? Got lots? If something's got you baffled Worry not Just ask the StoryBots Just ask the StoryBots Boop! Couscous! Blowhole! Satchel! 111! Twister! I told you guys I needed sticky notes! Not silly goats! Get 'em outta here! Goats! Blue jeans! Trousers! Pantaloons! Aah! Skip to my Lou! That's a heck of a question.
Get me the best answer team we got! Pronto! Really? That's the best we got? Of course it is.
Quit your laying around! What the heck are those things?! They're boomerangs! Check it out.
Mm, yah! Huh? Wha! Those things are a menace and there's work to do! Put 'em away! We got questions to ans Aah! Ha-yep! - Wow! Yeah! - All right, sweet! - So cool! - That's good! Yeah! Yeah, that was pretty good, huh? Not bad, dude, but next time you gotta put a little more back into it.
Like this! Hoo-reeee huh! Whoa! I don't think that one's coming back! Boop! Quit your dillydallying! We got questions to answer! Yes, sir! Absolutely! Answer Team 314B reporting for duty, sir! Good, 'cause I got a kid that needs an answer, pronto! Capiche? Hi, StoryBots, my name is Lilyn.
Lilyn, hi! How are you? I have a question for you.
Why can't I just eat dessert all the time? Yeah! Why can't we eat dessert all the time? That makes no sense! Bing, I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason why you can't eat sugary desserts all the time.
Lilyn, don't you like eating your dinner before dessert? No.
Wait, you really don't like eating dinner? Are you sure? Yes.
What about your vegetables? You must like vegetables, right? No.
There's not one vegetable that you like? - Well, one.
- What is it? Corn.
Yeah, corn is pretty cool! Oh, yeah, that's a good one.
Corn chips! Popcorn! Guys! Guys, focus! I know where we can find our answer.
StoryBots, prepare for transport! Let's find out why we can't eat dessert all the time! Outer world, here we come! Ugh, finally, get some work done around here.
Let's see what we got oh! Ugh! Why me? Whoa! Where are we, Beep? We are at a bakery! But, like, what are we doin' here, man? Well, if we wanna know why we can't eat dessert all the time, who better to ask than someone who makes dessert all the time? A baker! Ooh, the baker makes dessert all the time! Egg-xactly.
Hold on! I'll be right there.
Holy cow! This is awesome! Fudge! Cakes! Cookies! Rainbow cookies! Double rainbow cookies! Uh, Bing, are you okay? I've done it! I've done it! I've done it! I've finally done it! I have finally created the perfect dessert.
Whoa! That is awesome! That's the most amazing cupcake ever! First, there was Cindy Manbun.
Hello! Hello.
And then, there was Billberry Pie.
Hey, how ya doin'? And who could forget Connie Creampuff over here? It's really nice to meet you, StoryBots! - We can hear you.
- What? Okay! - Thank you.
- Okay, sorry.
As great as they all are, and they are great They're great! Nothing, nothing compares to my strawberry-infused Grand Royale Cupcake Supreme! Ugh.
And now for the finishing touch.
Boop! Hello! Adorable! These are all so beautiful, Mrs.
Baker! But we need help answering a question for a girl named Lilyn.
Ooh! Questions! I love questions almost as much as I love baking.
What does Lilyn want to know? Well, she wants to know why we can't eat dessert all the time.
Ooh, that is a very good question, and I have the perfect explanation.
I'll be right back.
So, you see, StoryBots, along with being tasty and sweet, an excess of monosaccharides can have an inherent negative effect on everything from our teeth to our metabolism.
So, even though we do love sweets, it's important to know, when considering the standardized 2,000 calorie diet, the ratio of calories to nutrients found within your average sugary sweets deviates significantly from what has come to be widely accepted healthy percentages for what one's caloric intake should be derived from.
So, you see, it's because of this, StoryBots, that you simply cannot have dessert all the time.
Any questions? Uh, Mrs.
Baker? It's getting really hot in here! Oh, my soufflé! My soufflé! I'm coming, my darling! Uh, guys, I didn't understand a single word she just said.
And I thought she was never gonna leave! Whoa! Who are you? I'm Jake, the Supreme Cupcake! Oh, yeah! Uh, hi, Mr.
Um, can you tell us why we can't eat dessert all the time? Who says you can't eat dessert all the time? Ha-ha, I knew it! Hold on, Bing.
You cats don't believe me? I can prove it to you.
All you gotta do is climb inside! All right! Listen, guys, I don't know if this is such a good idea.
Come on, Beep.
We're never gonna understand that baker.
And we do need to answer the question! Boop.
All right, guys, I guess we should do it for Lilyn.
Buckle up, StoryBots.
It's tummy time! - Heh? - Huh? Ooh! Ooh la la! Aah, ze cake! Tummy.
Good fresh food is what you need To be strong and healthy As you're growin' And your tummy is like a gas tank That you fill up When you want to get goin' So you can play, you can run You can have lots of fun And dance all around Till the day is done Your stomach is like a factory Turning food into energy What you eat is yummy From your mouth to your tummy As it travels down your esophagus Where it hangs out in your stomach Mixing up so it can digest Then your food passes through Your small intestine Where your body gets Everything it needs To build your muscles, make you grow Give you lots of energy Then what's not used Just passes through Some people call it number two Your digestive system is your factory Turning food into energy Welcome to Tummy University, StoryBots! Whoa! Who's that guy? You mean old Dean Bananas? Forget him and feast your eyes on Alpha Kobbler Pie! Home of the sweetest parties on campus! Line it up, pledges, it's initiation time! Move it, Brock! Line it up! Guys, I know we need to get Lilyn an answer, but this doesn't feel right.
Ah, don't be a bunch of squares.
This place is packed with sugar, perfect for short bursts of energy! Short bursts of energy? But that means the energy runs out quickly! Yeah! The energy may run out, but the sugar never does! Later, alligators! Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Come on, guys, let's go! Whoo-hoo! Well, how bad could it be, man? Alpha Kobbler Pie! All right, that's bad.
Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Cannonball! Why is everybody acting this way? Because we're full of sugar! I'm the king of the world! Look, guys, we're not finding any answers here.
I think we should go! Uh, Beep, I think we may have lost Bing.
Attention, pledges! This is the last stop on your journey to joining this sacred fraternity! Alpha Kobbler Pie! Tonight, your commitment to the brotherhood will be tested with the age-old tradition the Dunk! Dunk him! Alpha Kobbler Pie! Brock O.
Lee, step up! Uh, you know what, guys, you're great and all, and I love Alpha Kobbler Pie, but I'm not quite sure this is where I belong.
Hey, everybody, some fidgety little yellow dude is about to chug a two-liter bottle of soda! It's gonna be epic! - Yeah! - Alpha Kobbler Pie! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Whew! That was a close one.
Aah! Oh, excuse me.
Have you seen our friend? Uh, I don't know, what does he look like? He's a fidgety little yellow dude.
You mean that guy who's about to chug a whole bottle of soda?! Is that bad? Bad?! It's almost 100 times the amount of sugar you find in a carrot! We gotta stop him! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! We're too late! He drank the whole bottle, man! Whoo-hoo! Aah! Cannonball! What do we do now? Well, we wait.
Sugar may give you lots of energy, but you crash and burn pretty quickly.
Like that! Oh I feel sick.
Bing, Lilyn is waiting for us! Oh oh, no, no, I'm up.
Oh Don't worry, guys, he'll be all right.
Little bit of rest, lots of water Thanks for your help.
I'm Beep.
What's your name? My name is Brock! Brock O.
Nice to meet you, StoryBots.
It's nice to meet you, Brock! So, uh, if you don't mind me asking, what's a healthy-looking dude like you doing in a place like this? Honestly, StoryBots, all my life I've been looking to find that special place where I fit in, and I'm definitely not gonna find it here.
And we're not gonna find an answer to Lilyn's question here, either.
Come on, guys, let's get out of here.
Yeah, let's go.
Come on! Yes, please.
This place smells funny.
Aah! Whew! Yes.
Huh? Huh? Time to go.
I've got three words for you And I'll give you a clue They're "time to go" It may sound like a bummer But there's more to discover So say yes and don't say no And don't dillydally Doing diddly-squat 'Cause I checked the time And it's leave-o'clock No ifs, ands, or buts No ten more minutes It's non-negotiable We're finished here Time to go - It's time to go - Time to go I know you wish that you could stay But it's not your birthday So this one won't come true But don't be mad, be glad For the fun that you had And you had a lot now It's time to go - It's time to go - Time to go I wouldn't say it if it weren't so - But it's time to go - Time to go Now grab your things It's time to go All right, fellas, break it up.
That's what happens when you eat too much sugar, son! Oh, sorry, officer! Sugar may give you energy, but you crash hard! Brock O.
Lee, is that you? I'd expect to find Cupcake Jake here, but you? You don't belong in a place like this! I know.
It's time to explore your options, son.
Dean Banana always says every food can make the body a better place.
It's time to find out what you do best! Just look at us! We're fats.
We're good at protecting the cells in the body.
- Yep, we're fats.
- Fatsies for life.
Wait, fats? I thought those were bad for you! It's all about moderation, StoryBots! You don't want too much or too little.
You want it just right.
Yep, just right.
I don't think I have any fat.
I couldn't protect anything.
That's all right, son! Take a look around! You'll find your place.
Thanks, officer! Come on, Brock, this way.
Oh, is it snack time already? What do you think, Brock? See anything interesting? This looks kind of cool.
Maybe this is what I'm good at.
I don't know if this is for you, Brock.
You think you got what it takes, kid? Maybe.
I aah! Whoa! - It's time to exercise! - Whoa! Go easy! My grandpa could lift that.
Lift like Grandpa! I'm trying Eh, what's the heart made of, fellas? Protein! What builds the big muscles? Protein! It's T-Bone's turn! T-Bone! T-Bone! T-Bone! This is for you, Grandpa! I love you, Grandpa! That's how you lift! Huh? Where'd you go? - Runners, take your marks! - Huh? - Get set! - What's going on? Dum-dee dum-dee Dum, dum, dum, dum Do you guys see Brock? There he goes, man! Come on, quickly! What are we running from? We're not running from anything! - This is a race! - A race? I hope you're packed with the good carbohydrates like the rest of us.
What are "good carbohydrates"? They give your body the lasting energy it needs to run all day long.
Not like those simple carbohydrates in sugar.
Huh, I think I'm running low already.
Keep it up, Brock, you can do it.
Go get 'em, man! You got it, Brock! All right I'll do my best.
I'll do my best.
Whoa Oh! Hey, StoryBots.
I'm sorry I couldn't run the race.
- Hello.
- Aah! Who are you? Easy there, big fella.
We are vitamins and minerals.
We prevent people from getting sick.
We make the cells in the body strong.
And strengthen the immune system.
Hey, Brock! Lookin' good, man! Hey, buddy! I'm looking through your numbers here, Mr.
Lee, and, zoinks, your vitamin and mineral levels are off the charts! - Oh, my! - Off the charts? Oh, no! Not more bad news! No, no, no! That's a good thing.
Eighty-one milligrams of Vitamin C, 57 micrograms of folate, potassium, calcium! You have the building blocks of a healthy immune system.
You'd be a great fit here at the medical center.
Wow, really? You're saying you think I belong? Sure do, kid.
Dean Banana?! Whoa.
You've found your place among the nutrients.
Proteins build and repair muscles and organs.
Carbohydrates fuel the body.
Fats protect the cells.
And vitamins and minerals prevent the body from getting sick.
Wow! And remember, Brock, a little bit of sugar may taste good, but it's nutrients like these that make people strong, smart, and healthy.
Proud of you, son! Ah, you look good, Brock O.
Lee! Well, guys, it looks like we found our answer.
- Feel better, Brock.
Congratulations! - See ya, Brock.
Thanks for your help, dude! Hope you get better! Bye, guys! - We appreciate it! - Ta-ta! Goodbye, StoryBots! You're smart! StoryBot Fun Fact number 517,902.
Did you know that horses can sleep standing up as well as lying down? Looks comfy! Mind if I try it? Uh, well You know, I I - Hey.
- Huh? Well? I'll take it! Another beautiful day on the farm.
What's for breakfast? Man, you know what's for breakfast! We're horses! We eatin' hay, oats Hay, oats We eatin' hay, oats Hay, yo, yo, yo I'm a horse and I got that horsepower I can run up to 40 miles per hour I'm smart and I'm fast And my legs are so strong Because my leg bones Are extremely long Havin' eyes on the side Of my head guarantees I can see all around, 360 degrees And this hair on the back of my neck That's my mane It makes me so fly It's kind of insane Instead of four feet Us horses got hooves So they don't chip I'm wearing horseshoes Got a long, hairy tail To swat away flies - They bug me, get it? - Get off of me, guys! I'm bigger than pigs Much taller than sheep And I'm so cool I even stand when I sleep Can I go different speeds? I'm glad you asked I can walk, trot, canter Or gallop, that's fast Male horses are stallions Females are called mares - Young horses are yearlings - You don't have to stare.
On the farm, you might find us Pulling a plow To help sow the soil This is a cow What do we eat? Yo, take some notes We eatin' this hay And eatin' these oats Hay, oats Hay, oats We eatin' hay, oats Hay, oats Purple crayon! Honeydew melon! Pamplona! What the? What are you StoryBots doing back here? I told you to get an answer, not dillydally! We got the answer, boss! People can't eat dessert all the time because it doesn't have the nutrients their bodies need to stay healthy and strong! Yeah! Desserts have lots of sugar, which can give you bursts of energy But that energy burns out real quick.
I would know.
Plus, the body needs a lot more than just quick bursts of energy.
Yeah, man, it needs protein to help build and repair muscles.
And carbohydrates give us fuel so we can run around all day long! Fats protect the cells in our body, like in our hearts and our brains! And there's vitamins and minerals that prevent us from getting sick.
They do everything, from building strong bones to supporting the immune system.
Without nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fats, people's bodies would get really, really, really sick and That's why you can't eat dessert all the time! Just give me that thing! Catch! Doh! Good thing we always make a backup! Proteins build Fats protect And minerals and vitamins prevent Carbohydrates give you energy To keep you alert You can't get all of that from dessert Let's start with minerals and vitamins Better invite 'em in They stop problems before they start By helpin' out your bones Your brain, and circulation And cells From your skin to your heart Now I've got a question Do you like to play? To run, skip, jump And dance your cares away? Well, that all takes muscle So protein's a must You'll be stronger eatin' some Every day-ay Carbohydrates are like gas for a car Givin' you energy that gets you Where you're goin' from where you are Fats protect your cells In your brain-ayn And kind of everything Now let me hear you sing Proteins build Fats protect And minerals and vitamins prevent Carbohydrates give you energy To keep you alert You can't get all of that from dessert No, you can't get all of that From dessert Oh! That was actually pretty good.
Hey! Look, everyone, it's Lilyn! Hi, StoryBots.
Hi, Lilyn! Hey, did you like our answer? What'd you think? What'd you think? Wow, I didn't realize that broccoli was so good for you.
Yeah, man, it's, like, packed with vitamins and minerals.
Thanks, StoryBots.
I can't wait to tell my mom and dad.
You're welcome, Lilyn! Anytime! Bye! All right, that's enough wastin' time! Get back to work! There's questions to answer! Let's go! - Move! Go! Now! - Bye, boss.
StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - Love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask 'em what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots Boop!