Ask the StoryBots (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

How Many Types of Animals Are There?

1 [laughing.]
Aah! [laughing.]
- [whirring.]
- Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah! Whoo-hoo! - Yeah, dude! [laughing.]
StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts - The StoryBots - [yelling.]
Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - Love to learn - And adore adventure - Whoo-hoo! And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if team 341B Can solve another mystery - The StoryBots - [all whooping.]
Meet Beep and Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots And when they get a stumper That demands investigation It's to the outer world On a hunt for information StoryBots Got a question? Got lots? If something's got you baffled Worry not Just ask the StoryBots Just ask the StoryBots Boop.
- [Hap grumbling.]
- [phones ringing.]
Toothpaste! Static cling! Pine nuts! [screams.]
I can't take it anymore! [female voice.]
Now, clear your mind, take a deep breath Well, back to work.
Sasquatch! Boysenberry! Blue-footed booby! Huh? [beeping.]
Who am I gonna get to answer that? Get me Answer Team 68A! [operator mumbling.]
Well, how about Answer Team 68B? [operator mumbling.]
Sixty-eight C? D? E? F? G? Well, who is available? Wait, not them! [StoryBots yell.]
What are you guys do [grunts.]
Huh? - What the heck is that thing? - It's my rubber band ball.
- [all gasp.]
- Isn't it cool? Cool? We don't have time for this.
There's a question that needs [grunts.]
an answer.
- [all gasp, chatter.]
- Oh, yeah! No problem.
- No problem, man.
- Boop.
Well, get ready for a doozy.
Missed me.
Whoa! Hi, StoryBots.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's up? - What's your name? - My name is Rayne.
- Hi, Rayne.
- Hey, Rayne.
- Hey, how you doing? - What's your question, Rayne? How many different types of animals are there? Wow, great question.
Yeah, you must really like animals, huh? Do you have a favorite? I like a jellyfish.
Oh, I love jellyfish.
Why do you like jellyfish? I don't know.
They're just mostly made up of water, and they're, like, squishy.
Yeah, they are kind of squishy.
Hey, guys, I got it.
I know where we can find the answer.
[keyboard beeps and honks.]
StoryBots, prepare for transport.
Let's find out how many types of animals there are.
Outer world, here we come! [whirring.]
I'm ready for you this time.
[StoryBots screaming.]
[screaming continues.]
[all grunting.]
Where are we, Beep? Since Rayne asked us how many types of animals there are, I thought where better to start than a rain forest? There's more types of animals here than any other place on Earth.
You mean we're gonna get to meet all the animals? Oh, I love animals! They're so cute and cuddly and fun to hug.
Ooh, I wonder which one we'll end up seeing first.
I don't know, man.
Whatever it is, it sounds hungry.
Huh? [rustling.]
[all whimpering.]
[all screaming.]
Huh? Oh, hi, StoryBots.
I thought you were the new species of bird I was looking for.
And we thought you were a big, hungry animal that was gonna eat us.
What? No.
I am a very picky eater.
The only thing I'm hungry for is adventure.
In fact, I'm on an adventure right now.
Say, you haven't seen a rare bird come this way, have you? I don't think so.
What does it look like? Actually, I've never seen it, but I have heard its call.
It sounds like this: [trills and squawks.]
So, why you looking for a new bird? Because I'm a biologist.
That's a scientist that studies life, like plants and animals.
You study animals? Maybe you can help us.
We're trying to answer a question for a girl named Rayne.
She wants to know how many types of animals there are.
- Yeah, and we're gonna count them all.
- Whew! Count them all? Well, that is an adventure.
There are a lot of animals out there.
Good thing scientists created taxonomy to help you out.
Tax-whatcha-me? Taxonomy.
It's a system that scientists have created to keep track of all living things.
- Here, let me show you.
- [squeaking.]
- Ooh! They're ready to go.
- [StoryBots.]
Whoa! You sure have a lot of stuffed animals.
It does get lonely in the jungle sometimes.
Anyway With taxonomy, scientists group animals together based on things that they have in common.
The first way we group animals is by whether or not they have a backbone.
What's a backbone? It's a bone structure that supports the entire body.
Animals that have a backbone are put in the vertebrate group.
And animals without a backbone are put in the group called invertebrates.
So, there are just, like, two groups? Oh, no.
That's just the start.
Vertebrates and invertebrates are split into even smaller groups.
Vertebrates are split into five.
- Mammals - [lion roars.]
- birds - [bird calls.]
- fish - [water splashes.]
- reptiles - [snake rattling.]
- and amphibians.
- [frog croaks.]
Oh, and invertebrates, well, they're broken down into lots of - [bird calling.]
- [gasps.]
Did you hear that, StoryBots? It's my bird! I I gotta I can't I gotta go! Wait! Hold on! We still need an answer to Rayne's question.
Sorry, StoryBots.
I'll see you later.
My bird! Now how are we gonna organize and count all the animals for Rayne? Hmm.
One, two, three, four, five.
Hey, I got it! There are five groups of vertebrates, and five of us.
Let's each count one.
Oh, that'll definitely help us stay organized.
[all chattering in agreement.]
- [Beep.]
Let's go count some animals! - Yeah! [whirring.]
Package from the number five.
- Huh? - Huh? Hmm.
[both chuckling.]
High five.
Aah! [both laughing.]
Number five is fun and easy You can count it on one hand You can pick a five-string banjo In a funky five-piece band You can rope five hairy buffaloes Then take them for a drive Oh, man alive It's number five I thought I'd see the five Great Lakes I took a trip up there In a car with five tires 'Course I had to count the spare I saw five big old submarines A-startin' on a dive Oh, man alive It's number five Let's count! One, two, three, four, five iguanas Munching curly fries Five jumping beans on trampolines Five gophers in disguise One, two, three, four, five baboons A-flyin' five hot-air balloons Five piggies crying "Wee, wee, wee" It's crazy all the fives you see Five pennies in a nickel And five points on a star A green five-headed Martian Looks a little bit bizarre That kooky, crazy number Makes me wanna jump and jive Oh, man alive It's number five Oh, man alive It's number five [whirring.]
This African watering hole is the perfect place to find mammals.
- [roaring, trumpeting.]
- Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Can I get some help, please? Mr.
and Mrs.
Animals, I just need to ask you a question.
Please? Hello? Hello? Anyone? Hello? Hey, you schmoes! [all.]
Huh? - Psst! Hey, Marvin.
Pay attention.
- Huh? Oh! Now, listen up! This StoryBot has a question for us! [squeaks.]
OK, go ahead, dear.
Um, thanks.
Hi, everyone.
I'm trying to count all the mammals for a girl named Rayne.
Could you please raise your hand if you're a mammal? Huh? Psst! Marvin, you're a mammal.
Raise your hand.
Oh! Oh, come on, Carol.
I thought we agreed this was drinking water.
I'm gonna be sick.
Whoa, there are a lot of you.
Can you tell me what makes you all mammals? Well, for starters, most of us have hair.
Of course, there are some exceptions, like the naked mole rats.
Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer.
I'm out of here.
We also birth live babies instead of eggs.
See? [all.]
Aww! That's adorable.
And most of us feed our babies with milk we produce ourselves, because we are awesome! That is awesome.
OK, let me see if I've got it.
Most mammals have hair.
You birth live babies instead of eggs, and you feed your babies - with milk you produce yourselves.
- [all.]
You got it.
So, elephants are mammals? That's right.
And honey badgers are mammals? Yeah, but honey badgers don't care.
And zebras are mammals, too? You bet.
And even those crazy things are mammals.
[woman 1.]
That's adorable.
Look at that over there.
- [woman 2.]
Don't wake it.
- [man.]
I'm tired.
Wow, even people are mammals? How am I ever gonna count all the different kinds of mammals? Don't worry, dear, we can help.
Right, guys? - Oh, yeah.
- That's right.
Sure, whatever.
All right, guys, let's go count some mammals.
[birds twittering.]
Ha! Counting birds is gonna be so easy.
Just count everything that flies.
Bees fly, but they're not birds.
Butterflies fly, but they're not birds either.
And that is definitely not a bird.
What makes a bird a bird? [bird.]
Whoa! Huh? What was that? [bird.]
Whoo-hoo! - Hey.
- [shrieks.]
Who are you? Peregrine falcon.
Fastest bird on the planet.
Nice to meet you.
Uh Thanks? - You're welcome.
- Hey, since you're a bird, - maybe you can help answer a question.
- I can answer any question.
Well, what makes a bird a bird? Hop on board, StoryBot.
I'll show you.
Yeah! Whoo! First up, feathers.
All birds have feathers.
- Hey, dude, you're blocking the mirror.
- Huh? Yes, sir, we are.
There you are, handsome.
Next up, beaks.
All birds have beaks.
Right, Sam? Yup, sure do.
And don't forget the eggs.
[bird squawks.]
All birds are born from hard-shelled eggs.
So, are penguins birds? Feathers, eggs, beaks.
Are chickens birds? Feathers, eggs, beaks.
Are flamingos birds? Feathers, eggs, and beaks.
Wow, I could sure use your help counting all the birds.
I'll be your wingman any day.
All right, let's go count some birds.
[both whooping.]
Why did I have to be the one to count [gulps.]
reptiles? [whimpering.]
Well, I guess there's no reptiles here, so, I'll just be going.
Are you looking for reptiles? [hisses.]
If so [all.]
Welcome to the swamp! [squeaks.]
Oh, well, that's very nice of you.
We don't get many visitors out here.
On account of most things think we'll eat them.
[laughing nervously.]
Can we get you some tea? Coffee? Charcuterie board? Oh, no, but thank you very much.
So, what brings you out here? Well, I need to find out how many different kinds of reptiles there are.
Would you mind telling me what makes you reptiles, so I know when I've found one? The most noticeable is that we have scales that cover our bodies.
The second is that we are cold-blooded.
Cold-blooded? Yes, our temperature changes based on the weather.
So, we are hot when it's hot out, and cold when it's cold out.
That's why we have to warm ourselves in the sun.
Oh, of course.
The third thing is that most of us lay eggs.
- That's right.
- [screams.]
Harold, don't sneak up on people like that.
Uh, my bad.
OK, so, you have scales, you're cold-blooded, and you lay eggs.
Well, I need to count all the different kinds of reptiles, so, I really should be going.
It would go much faster if we helped.
[all chattering in agreement.]
That's a great idea! Let's count some reptiles! [whirring.]
Oh, how am I gonna count all of those fish? Well, first you gotta make sure that you only count the fish.
But, like, isn't everything down here a fish? Hey, bub.
Do I look like a fish to you? Uh No, not really.
So, then, like, what makes a fish a fish? - Well, most fish have gills.
- [grunts.]
I have gills, and they help me breathe in water.
Anything else? Most of us have fins rather than limbs, like arms and legs.
Fins not limbs, baby.
Give it up.
Oh! So, like, let me get this straight.
Are seahorses fish? Yup.
Look, gills and fins.
Are electric eels fish? Of course.
Gills and fins.
Are sharks fish? Gills and fins, baby.
Gills and fins.
Oh, yeah.
What's with all the questions, anyways? I'm looking to answer a question for a girl named Rayne.
I need to find out how many different fish there are.
Why didn't you just say so? We can help.
- [all chattering in agreement.]
- I'm bored anyway! All right.
Let's count some fish, dudes.
Boop! [bugs chirping.]
Boop! [croaks.]
- Boop? - [croaking.]
Boop! When you're an amphibian Your home is in the water and on land On lakeshores Or a river like the mighty Rio Grande We all have gills like fishes - When we're very small - We're very small Then we grow lungs for breathing And legs to hop or creep and crawl Most of us lay eggs in the water Just to hatch our sons and daughters We like it warm, but not much hotter We're cold-blooded Yeah We are the amphibians - Salamander - Frog - And toad - And newt We're slimy But in a way Don't you think we're kind of cute? [croaks.]
[mimics Tarzan yelling.]
Huh? [mimics Tarzan yelling.]
[both chuckling.]
Huh? [both chuckling.]
So many animals Chickens and walruses Tigers and porpoises Geckos and tortoises So many animals Lions and manatees Zebras and chimpanzees Parrots and wallabies So many animals Ponies and bullfrogs Leopards and wiener dogs Polar bears and hedgehogs So many animals Up in the trees, under the seas In the deserts and the forests And the prairies There are so many animals [man.]
There are way too many animals to fit in this song.
Whales and eagles And hamsters and beagles And iguanas and seagulls Yeah, so many animals Foxes and beavers Chinchillas and lemurs Echidnas and anteaters So many animals A squirrel, a rhinoceros A honkin' hippopotamus A human being - Hey, that's us - So many animals Up in the skies, under the ice In the jungles and creeks And on the mountainsides There are so many animals to know [whirring.]
[animals screeching, honking, roaring.]
Great job, everyone.
Gosh, there's a lot of animals here.
It took a lot of work, but my group was able to count over 5,000 types of mammals.
That's nothing.
I counted over 10,000 types of birds.
Really? There's over 10,000 types of reptiles, too.
And don't forget about the fish.
There are over 30,000 types of them, man.
That's amazing.
And what about you, Boop? How many types of amphibians are there? Boop! Seven thousand five hundred amphibians [croaks.]
If we add up all these numbers, that's over 62,000 different types of animals in the world.
We did it! - We did it! - [all cheering.]
Guys, way to go.
All right.
- [male voice.]
Hey, Mack.
- [all.]
Huh? Ain't you forgetting something? - Who said that? - [male voice.]
Over here.
What about all of us? Who are you? We're the invertebrates.
And just because we don't have a fancy backbone doesn't mean we don't count.
- I'm so sorry, I didn't even know - We got snails Hey, there.
- worms and crabs - Hi.
Hey! Watch where you're swinging that thing.
all the different types of bugs Uh, we prefer to be called "insects.
" - [spider.]
octopuses - Hello.
- [spider.]
heck, even dung beetles.
- Who's so pretty? Who's Huh? Uh, nothing weird going on here.
[whistles, whimpers.]
Not to mention spiders, and lots, lots more.
We're animals, too, pal.
So sorry.
I didn't mean to offend.
We're just trying to answer a question for a kid named Rayne.
Can you tell us how many types of invertebrates there are? What do I look like, an abacus? I'm a freaking spider.
Maybe I can help.
Scientists have already discovered over one million different types of animals.
And we're discovering new ones all the time.
Some think there could be as many as tens of millions of different animals on the Earth.
- [all gasping.]
- Tens of millions? Wow, we'd never be able to count that many animals.
- Looks like we got our answer, guys.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Bye, animals.
- Thank you, vertebrates.
- Hey, thanks, animals.
You guys are cool.
- Bye.
[computer voice.]
StoryBots fun fact number 717,221,043.
Did you know the French bullet train can go up to 584 kilometers per hour? Then it needs 16 kilometers just to stop.
Next stop, Paris.
[speaks in French.]
Train, train, train, train Train, train, train, train There is the conductor And there's the engineer - Hello - In front's the locomotive - The caboose is in the rear - Back here In the middle is the dining car For when you need a snack - I'm hungry - We're roaring cross the country - Hear those wheels clack - Click, clack Train ride, what do you see? Buffalos on the wild prairie A mountain lion in a big old tree We're riding on a train - Next stop - Pancake City Train, train, train, train Train, train, train, train The boxcar's full of cans of beans The flatcar's hauling lumber Sleeping car is for those long trips When you need to slumber The observation car's windows Are big so you can see The tank car, it is full of milk For making ice cream Train ride, lookie there There's a building, there's a bear See a moose And a lady in a rocking chair We're riding on a train We're riding on a train We're riding on a train [horn honking.]
- [Hap mumbling.]
- [phones ringing.]
Perpendicular! Pachyderm! Petticoat! [StoryBots yelling.]
[all groan.]
What are you StoryBots doing back here? I told you to get an answer, not dillydally! We got the answer, boss.
Well, sort of.
Yeah! There's so many types of animals, it's hard to keep track.
That's why scientists created taxonomy, man.
The system that groups animals together based on things they have in common.
The first way is by whether or not they have a backbone.
Those with are vertebrates.
Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians.
Animals without a backbone are called invertebrates, and there's way more of them.
Altogether, scientists have identified over a million types of animals.
And some scientists think there could be tens of millions of different types of animals on Earth.
Just give me that tape.
How many kinds of animals Exist on Earth? So, so, so many Life is so diverse And we discover more all the time Scientists try to keep track And while we know it's in the millions We can't quite be exact Though it's impossible To list them all Scientists made a system Called taxonomy Which classifies all animals Into groups Now, this system divides them Into two basic kinds You got the vertebrates The animals with backbones You know, spines And then the invertebrates Who also share a common trait The lack of a backbone Which they don't seem to mind Now, for vertebrates it's been decided It makes most sense that they're divided Into mammals, fish, amphibians Reptiles and birds Invertebrates have different groups And within them There's so many cute and charming guys Like butterflies And wiggly little worms How many kinds of animals Exist on Earth? So, so, so many Life is so diverse And we discover more all the time Scientists try to keep track And while we know it's in the millions Between one and tens of millions We just can't be exact Holy cow.
That's a lot of animals.
- Yeah.
- Yup, you bet.
Hey, look, everyone, it's Rayne.
- [Bang.]
Hey, Rayne.
How you doing? - [Bo.]
Great to see you.
Did you see there's over a million types of animals on Earth? It's the coolest thing I've ever heard.
Thanks, StoryBots.
- Yeah, we did it.
- No problem, Rayne.
- Bye.
- [all cheering.]
- Yeah.
- So long.
Enough dillydallying! There's work to be done! Back to work! - Go, go, go! Get out of here! Go, go! - Bye, boss.
StoryBots Living inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - Love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots Boop!