Ask the StoryBots (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

How Do Ears Hear?

1 Aah! Netflix.
Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah! Woo-hoo! - Yeah, dude! Boop.
StoryBots Living inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - Love to learn - And adore adventure - Whoo-hoo! And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots And when they get a stumper That demands investigation It's to the outer world On a hunt for information StoryBots Got a question, got lots? If something's got you baffled Worry not Just ask the StoryBots Just ask the StoryBots Boop! Bonfire! Jumpsuit! Tuna! Hmm.
Hmm Good job, Fred.
I need a little coffee, pronto! Little coffee.
Bacon! Eggs! Biscuits! Huh? What do you want? Oh, yes, Your Majesty? Right away, ma'am.
Immediately, ma'am.
Thank you.
Huh? Get me an answer team, on the double.
Answer Team 341B reporting for duty, sir.
- What's with all this bird seed? - It's for the birds, man.
What birds? Shoo! Aah! They like us.
They like me.
Well, stop dillydallying.
We have a question to answer.
Hey! Ow! Hi, my name is Peyton.
- Hey, there.
How are you? - So nice to meet you.
- Are you in there? - Yeah, we're right here.
Under all these pigeons.
- How can we help you, Peyton? - I have a question for you.
How do ears hear? Uh Hey, do you know how ears hear, little chickadee? Oh, I know where we can find the answer.
StoryBots, prepare for transport.
Let's find out how ears hear.
Outer world, here we come.
That's it, no more Mr.
Nice Guy.
Scram, shoo.
Huh? What the? Not you, too.
Ow, my eye.
I like this music.
Yeah, man.
I can't help but groove.
- Bing, what are we doing here? - My friend Bobby makes music.
I thought she could tell us how ears work.
Bobby? Wait, is your friend the? Bobby Boombox in the house.
Whoa! What up, Bing? StoryBots, StoryBots We're trying to answer a question for a kid named Peyton.
Yeah, she wants to know how ears hear.
So you wanna know about How things work up inside your ears? Let me tell you What you need to know About every sound you hear A beat, a song, a bell, a gong Yeah, any kind of sound It starts when something vibrates That means it jiggles around, like this Feel the beat Now everything you see or touch Around you everywhere Is made of tiny molecules That's right, y'all, even air Where's my crew? Go! Go! Go! Yeah! Now when I clap my hands or shout I push those molecules about Check out how each one bumps the next Now they're making waves Those waves go spreading through the air That's how sound behaves Did she say waves? This just keeps getting better.
But how do the sound waves go into people's ears? Your outer ear is funnel-shaped It flares out nice and wide To catch the sound waves when they hit So they go right inside - When you hear a jam like this and say - That's pretty sweet You know it's made of sound waves Come on now, feel the beat Man, Bobby Boombox is the best.
Yeah! And now we know how ears work.
Come on, guys, let's head on home.
Bing, we only know how ears catch sound waves.
- What happens when they go in the ear? - Oh, well, they, uh Oh, man.
If we wanna learn how ears work, I think we've gotta go to one.
Hey, ho - Hey, Bobby? - What's up, y'all? - Do you think you could give us a boost? - Oh, sure, I can.
Hey, molecules, you ready? - Yup.
We got this.
- Oh, yeah, Bobby.
We got you, girl.
I've gotta turn it all the way up.
We've gotta make sure you StoryBots can really feel that beat! Yee-haw, awesome.
Hey, dudes, hang ten.
We're catching a sound wave.
Yee-haw! Radio.
Marconi, Marconi The genius inventor Marconi In the land of fedoras And tasty spumoni There lived a young genius Whose name was Marconi He'd tinker, daydream Read through the day - Do something useful - His father would say Now, scientists then Were already aware That electrical waves Could be sent through the air Which soon led his curious brain To inquire Could messages somehow be sent Without wire? He took to his lab And succeeded quite well With a gadget that set off A faraway bell - He showed it to experts, who told him - Dear boy, it won't work long-distance - It's only a toy - He could've put it away on a shelf - But Marconi decided - I'll see for myself It worked and it transmitted Farther each day He showed it in England It blew them away He built them a radio system for ships To stay in close contact On long ocean trips As he added new stations His company grew Till all over Europe the messages flew He then built antennas So strong and gigantic Their signals could travel Across the Atlantic He soon became rich He was known far and wide - That's my boy - Said his father with pride As others then built On his bold innovations They gave us Our popular radio stations The airwaves are busy That's no baloney Because of the brains Of Guglielmo Marconi Marconi, Marconi The genius inventor Marconi Hello! Look out, everybody! StoryBots.
- Well, aren't you a nice big face? - What's your name, friend? I am Eardrum.
What are you guys doing in the middle ear? We're trying to answer a question for a kid named Peyton.
She wants to know how ears hear.
- Did you guys feel that? - What, you mean the sound wave? Yes.
The sound waves come from outside and bounce me all around.
- Oh, that sounds fun.
- It is very important.
I bounce so the others may know.
- Others? - Know what? Pass through here if you want to learn more.
Whoa, sweet chamber.
Check this out.
- Cool.
- There's nobody in here.
- Uh, maybe they're on the other side.
- Hey, guys.
Check out this bridge.
Come on.
Woo-hoo! Um, Beep, is that a bottomless pit? Well, nothing is really bottomless, right? Here we go.
Whoa! - Tremor, man.
- Huh.
Why, hello.
Be careful, Malleus.
Watch your head.
- I do not control the drum, Incus.
- You always say that.
You're such a pain.
The drum hits me, I hit you, then you hit Stapes.
- That is our job, Incus.
- Excuse me.
Oh, this must be the worst job in the entire body.
We have company.
Oh, my goodness, company.
Pardon our manners.
I am Malleus.
- And I am Incus.
- And I am Stapes.
- We are the bones of the middle ear.
- What are you guys doing in here? When the great drum beats, we pass along its message.
It is our noble task.
There is no bottomless pit.
There is no bottomless pit.
What brings you here, StoryBots? We really need to know how ears hear.
Can you help us? Well, all we do is pass along the beat of that drum.
Pass it along, yes.
But if the beats are too quiet, we must make them louder.
If they're too loud, we must soften them up.
Through myself, then Incus, and finally, Stapes, the beat of the drum passes on through the oval window.
- And where does that lead? - To the sacred cochlea.
- Oh, how do you know? - I know things.
- You've never been anywhere.
- Behave.
What do you think happens in there? - I don't know, but let's get out of here.
- Come on, guys, we can make it across.
- Go, go, go! - Come on, Bo.
Hey! - Huh? - Boop! You can do it, Boop.
You can make it.
Boop? Quick, Boop, before the drum hits.
- Hi, Boop.
- Incoming! Greetings, StoryBots.
Hmm? Huh? Bones.
What keeps your body from going squish Lying on the ground like a jellyfish? It's the bones in your body That help you dance at the party Your pelvis attaches To your femur and feet bones Your ribcage sprouts from your spine When your vertebrae wiggles Around and around Well, your skull bone Will have a good time How many bones are shown In the x-ray pics? - Kids have 300, adults 206 - Lots of bones in your body Big and small in your body As you groove they move And bend at the joints Where your ligaments flex Like a spring Some joints twirl like a merry-go-round Others go back and forth like a swing When you put all your bones Together as one It's what we call your skeleton All the bones in your body And the joints in your body Help you dance at the party Raise your bones up in the air Welcome to the inner ear, StoryBots.
- StoryBots.
- StoryBots.
- Welcome, StoryBots.
- Welcome.
- Uh hi.
- Who are you? We are the hair-like cells of the cochlea.
- Of the cochlea.
- The cochlea.
- The hair-like cells of the cochlea.
- What brings you here? Uh, those three bony dudes knocked us through the oval window.
Yeah, what was that about? Ah Whoa.
When Stapes hits the oval window, the fluid around us moves.
They're so pretty.
And look at them dance, man.
Our dance changes depending on how the fluid moves.
Ah And each dance sends a different signal to the Smart One.
- To the Smart One.
- To the Smart One.
- Smart One.
- Who is the Smart One? The Smart One interprets the signals.
The Smart One interprets the signals.
Guys, maybe the Smart One can help us answer Peyton's question.
StoryBots, let's find this answer.
- Yeah, let's do it, man.
- Come on.
- Let's do it.
- One, two, three.
The signal.
Whoa, would you look at that.
There are signals coming from everywhere.
- And they're all going to one place.
- Awesome.
Holy moly.
- Hurry, guys.
- All right.
- Okay, team.
- Yeah, let's do it.
Hey, StoryBots.
Guys, hang on! - Oh, wow, okay.
- Who are you? I'm the brain.
I run this operation.
Lungs, muscles, stomach, emotions.
You name it, I'm in charge.
You sure have a lot going on.
This is nothing.
I'm barely being used.
I could run this place with my eyes closed.
In fact, I do, eight hours, every night.
I'm sorry to interrupt, Ms.
Brain, but You know, if my human stopped playing so many video games and picked up a book once in a while, there'd be no limit to what I could accomplish.
Wow, that's great and all, Ms.
Brain, but we're in a hurry.
- Trying to find an answer for Peyton.
- She wants to know how ears hear.
Yeah! Do you know anyone that could help us out? I can.
- Awesome.
- Sweet.
- Cool.
- I did not see that coming.
So, you remember how the eardrum and the bones of the middle ear passed along vibrations of sound waves to the cochlea? Yeah.
And how those crazy hair-like cells in the cochlea turned the sound waves into electrical signals? - Yup.
- Sure do.
Well, my job is to figure out what those signals mean.
- Cool.
- No way.
This one is telling me there's a bird nearby.
And this one is telling me someone is at the door.
Pretty impressive, right? Oh, and what's that one? Look out! That was a freight train.
The point is, StoryBots, that every sound has a unique signal.
All I do is match the signal with the sound that created it, and that's how ears hear.
- Cool.
- All right.
Well, it looks like we got our answer, guys.
Thanks for the help, Ms.
- Bye.
- Bye, Brain.
- Brain, thank you.
- Thanks for your help.
You're welcome, StoryBots.
See you later.
StoryBot fun fact number 28,512,896.
"Did you know that the Earth is 4.
5 billion years old?" All right, now, let's blow out those candles.
I love chocolate cake.
Such a beautiful, such a beautiful Such a beautiful, beautiful world I'm the Earth, and for what it's worth Twenty-five thousand miles is my girth I've got more than seven billion people Living on me All across my amazing geography Check out my mountains, valleys And trees so tall And I've got lakes, rivers And waterfalls Volcanoes, craters Swamps with alligators Tropical islands at my equator The North and South poles Have lots of ice - Only polar bears say - This weather's nice I've got so much land I'm so immense - I've got seven different continents - Seven North and South America, Europe, Asia Africa, Antarctica, and Australia But the biggest thing Everybody can see Is that I got a lot of water All over me I have oceans With lobsters, whales, otters Three quarters of me Is covered in water - I orbit the sun, that's his line - I'm so hot - And the moon orbits me - It's my time to shine I'm filled with life, both big and small The most beautiful planet of all Such a beautiful, such a beautiful Such a beautiful, beautiful world See-saw, peenie wallie, "Macarena.
" Huh? Uh like, where's Hap? What are you StoryBots doing? I told you to get an answer, not dillydally.
We got the answer, boss.
We know how ears hear.
It all starts when objects bump into each other - and cause air molecules to move.
- One molecule hits another and another.
Soon, you have a wave of sound moving through the air.
The outer ear catches those sound waves and bounces them into the eardrum.
The eardrum hits a tiny bone called the malleus.
Which hits a bone called the incus.
Which hits a final bone called the stapes.
When the stapes taps the oval window, it causes the hair-like cells inside the cochlea to sway.
Each unique motion sends a different signal to the brain.
And when the brain interprets those signals as real world things That's how ears hear.
Just Just give me that tape.
From waves of moving molecules To vibrations in the ear To electrical signals in our brains That's what it means to hear When objects move The nearby molecules get pushed around Bumping one another in a chain reaction They form these waves of sound They reach the ear Which directs them like a funnel To the ear canal Which is sort of like a tunnel To the eardrum Not the kind you play It's just a little flap That the sound waves sway So the eardrum sends vibrations made Along an itty-bitty bones parade From the malleus to the incus To the stapes, they go Amplifying the sound As it gets passed on Like a relay race baton Reaching another flap That's called the oval window And through there It passes the vibrations Through the cochlea A fluid-filled cavity Packed with these hair-like cells And the motion in this ocean Well, it makes those hair-cells sway And that triggers electrical signals That get processed in the brain From waves of moving molecules To vibrations in the ear To electrical signals in our brains That's what it means to hear That's what it means to hear That was informative.
- Hey, look, it's Peyton.
- Hi, StoryBots.
- Peyton.
- Hey, how you doing? Isn't it cool that there are invisible sound waves? - Are they in here? - Yup, they're all around us.
- Where? - Here, and here, and over here.
And here.
Don't forget over here.
Oh, and there, too - Oh, and probably some right here, too.
- We don't have time for this! We got work to do! Questions to the right, the left! I think we should invest in some ear plugs.
- Now! Move, move! Work, work! - Bye, boss.
StoryBots Living inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart They love to learn They love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots Boop!