Atlanta (2016) s01e10 Episode Script

The Jacket

1 Hey, yo, man, wake up.
Hey, man, you gotta get up, aight? You gotta leave.
It's getting late.
[bottles and cans clattering.]
Wh What time is it? It's like noon.
Look, the party was straight and everything, but but now I got to clean up all this shit.
I mean, it's like I mean it's like I know y'all, but I don't know y'all, you know? I mean, we cool, but we ain't cool.
[bottles clang.]
Where is Alfred? Who? Al.
Paper Boi.
Oh, he dipped a while ago.
You know, it's like my niggas, but y'all ain't my niggas.
I mean it's like I know y'all, but I don't know y'all, man.
[bottles clang.]
Where's my jacket? People just tearing up shit.
Somebody poured a beer in my Brita pitcher.
I mean it's like I fuck with y'all, but I don't fuck with y'all, man! It's.
it's like a a blue bomber jacket.
- Have you seen it? - Nah.
But I did see when somebody tried to light my trash can on fire.
[bottles clang.]
- What? - Yeah.
It's all burned up on the inside.
I mean, I was gonna get another one anyway, but but that's besides the point.
I mean, it's like we boys, but But we ain't boys.
Yeah, I get it.
Have you seen it's got a patch on it.
You know? Like a seal Can we hurry up and get some food? I'm, like, dying.
[women indistinctly arguing outside.]
["Broccoli" by D.
Hey, lil' Mama Would you like to be my sunshine? Nigga touch my gang we gon' turn this shit To Columbine Hey, hey [line trilling.]
- Hello? - Hey.
What's up, Al? Um, did you pick up my jacket yesterday? [indistinct speech over phone.]
No, I just I just thought maybe you picked it up.
Um I'm just gonna I'm gonna retrace my steps, try and see if I can find it.
All right? All right, cool.
Free Chicken Sandwich Day, nigga.
- Hey, what's - Listen, you owe me $10, man.
No, I mean I was here last night.
I think I left my jacket in there.
Still got to charge you ten.
Come on, man, Can't you just look? Nope.
Didn't see it.
W I really need this jacket.
Nah, man.
It ain't here.
Flippin' all night, boy, I'll be flippin' all night After I flip all night, boy, I'll be flippin' all night Flippin' all night, boy, I'll be flippin' all night Hey, honey.
You want a dance? Uh, no, actually, I was here last night.
I'm I'm just lookin' for my jacket.
Oh, with Paper Boi? I heard he was in here.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm I'm his manager.
Oh, really? Y'all need a girl for a music video? 'Cause I'll do it.
Uh, nah.
I'll keep you in mind.
Okay, don't lie to me.
I'm I'm not lying to you.
Look, are any of the girls from last night here right now? One of them might have my jacket.
Okay, what she look like? She she was blonde.
She had blonde hair.
Was it short blonde hair? Uh No, it was it stopped at, like, her shoulders.
Well, wait.
She like a hot yellow broad? She was kind of light-skinned, but not not super light-skinned.
Okay, was she thick? Was she skinny? She was pretty thick.
Big titties? Not the biggest titties.
Like, they were they were they were pretty big, yeah.
Was she tall with a fat ass? Kind of.
I don't know.
She she was like her.
She l she looked like her.
Nigga, them titties ain't big.
I whatever.
I don't I don't know the titty median here.
I've been working here for two years, and I ain't never seen nobody that look like that.
It's cool.
Uh, wait a minute.
You just gonna leave and not take my phone number for the music video? Oh.
Uh, yeah.
See, you think I'm playin'.
- I'm so serious.
- I know.
- You better call me.
- Okay.
Told ya.
[cell phone unlocks, clicks.]
- - Shots gon' make this night! Tittys and bittys and tittys.
Tittys and bittys and tittys.
Tittys and bittys and no, not [indistinct chatter.]
I hate shots.
You know that, right? - - [rap music playing.]
- Hey.
- What you doing? - - [indistinct chatter, cheering.]
Gotta get in the Uber! - Whoo! - [laughs.]
- I got shotgun.
- I got shotgun, nigga.
- I got the front.
- Man.
- That's right, man, to the back.
- Aight.
Hey, man.
Hey, what's your name, man? What you doin'? My baby mama's cousin gonna drop me off.
This nigga, man.
Hey! [Nelly's "Ride With Me" playing.]
This is Beyoncé's best song.
Nigga [laughs.]
But I stay gold! - In the back of the Doz-E - Hey! Oh, why do I feel this good? all: Hey, must be the money! - - [all barking.]
Yeah, yeah! [all barking.]
- Yeah, yeah - [all barking.]
What if we found out Ja Rule was just a dog? [laughter.]
- Like, he's just - Like [indistinct noises from video.]
- Nigga, grunk! - Look at this shit.
- I wanna see - Oh! Watch what they doin' [hip-hop music playing.]
Hey, hey, come on! I said it.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Look at that.
No, you don't understand.
It takes your soul, man.
[hip-hop music from phone.]
Yo! E-money.
- Hey.
- What it be like? - Hey, guys.
- Sup, bro? Sup? Thanks for waking me up this morning.
We we didn't wake you up.
Yeah, I know.
I woke up at 11:30 with Joe screaming at me.
- Word? - Yeah, he was pretty mad.
Why? 'Cause we, like, ruined his house.
Like, we set, like, a trash can on fire or something? - [laughs.]
- Right.
Oh, yeah, that did happen.
- Yeah.
- Yep.
Hey, that girl, Kim, threw that blunt in the trash.
- Mm.
- [laughs.]
Man, we was drunk as hell.
- That was cold.
- Yeah.
Yeah, well, he's pissed.
Well, so what? Fuck him, man.
I can barely remember last night, man.
Well, you don't need to.
You Snapchatted the whole thing.
Uh, yup.
How else we gonna let niggas know how we livin' out here? [chuckles.]
Most of this rap shit is appearances, right? Yeah, appearances of money.
Look, we need to start stuntin' on niggas more.
All right? That's what we need to do, bro.
Stunting's a kind of a trap.
We should probably make a little bit more money before we start showing it off.
Oh, my God, man.
How you suck the fun out of everything.
See, that's that's black people's number one problem.
Man, they don't know how to have fun.
I really disagree with that being black people's number one problem.
- See how he goes? - You know what I think? I think if we spent the time we spend thinking about not spending money, spent that time on spending money, then it'd be time well spent.
But all the rest of that you know, I Here, let me see your phone.
I need to contact that Uber driver from last night.
I think he's got my jacket.
Don't flip through my photos, man.
Let me get some of them, man.
Speaking of money, how you think these sunflower seed companies make money? - They're only 75¢ a pack.
- Hey.
Um, yeah, this is, uh, a customer of yours from last night.
Uh, yeah, I think yeah, the rappers.
The rappers.
I think I left a a jacket in there? It's a it's like navy blue bomber.
And now they're coming out with all of these different flavors.
- You got barbecue.
- Yeah, check, please.
- Thanks.
- Teriyaki.
- Mmm.
- Sushi.
- Sushi, nigga? - Catfish.
You got all kinds of different brands.
I don't know if I want no sushi seeds, man.
No, they're delicious.
- Sushi sunflower seeds? - Yeah, yeah.
- Hey, why you didn't get those? - Yeah.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, I'm Yeah, I was looking all over for it.
Uh, could you bring it to, uh, 24 Don't really support sushi.
- I think it's a bigger issue - Uh, all right.
- Than people talk about.
- But how is it wait, man.
- Yeah, okay.
- It's not like they killing the sushi and putting them in the seed, bro.
Oh, so that's artificial? - That's artificial.
- All right.
- Yeah.
Damn it.
- Mind mind blowing, man.
I wonder why the there's it's not real sushi.
- It's all right, man.
- It's okay.
Found my jacket.
both: Hey! Brap! He wants me to pay $50 to drop it off.
- Wait, Fidel from last night? - Yeah.
- F-money? - Ooh, these Uber niggas is ruthless, boy.
- I was hoping maybe you'd - [blows raspberries.]
Drive me down there.
- Oh, Earn, man, God.
- Please.
I think that sound like, that sound, like, come on.
Alfred, I really need this jacket, man.
Aight, man, I guess, man.
Here we go.
Bailin' his ass out again.
I guess.
Man, you didn't even bail my ass out when I was actually in jail.
What do you mean, "I guess"? - I guess we're doing this again.
- Oh, hey, man, we can go get some Jamaican food, boy.
[Jamaican accent.]
Oh, Jamaican.
- Hell yeah.
- The curry goat.
The curry goat.
The curry goat.
I wonder how they catch those goats, man.
Yo, where is this nigga, man? This some bull.
Uh, he told me to meet him here.
I don't know if one of these is his houses or what.
Well, call his ass again.
This negro stakeout shit shouldn't take this long for no jacket.
"48 Hrs.
" All black cast.
Does that even work? [chimes ringing on phone.]
It's probably him.
- Second time it's me.
- Hello? Hey, is this Earnest Marks? Uh, yeah.
Who's this? It's me, uh, you know? Senator K.
Yeah, the rapper.
You manage Paper Boi, right? I love his music.
Tell him we'll work on something.
Uh, that'd be dope.
Yo, man, you guys should come to Chicago.
Yeah, that are you asking us on tour? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, just get ready, man.
Aight, just think it.
That was Senator K.
He wants to go on tour with you.
Wait, Senator K? Yo! That boy's music is fuego! What, you see Fidel? No.
Something off.
No, man.
[engine turns over.]
What? Wait.
What are you talking about? [sirens chirp.]
- [tires screech.]
- [all exclaim.]
Move! Move! Move! Get out of the car.
Put your hands up now.
- [indistinct yelling.]
- Atlanta PD! Hey, man, chill out! Driver, I need you to turn off the car.
I need everybody to get out slowly.
All right, I'm turning off the car, man.
- I got your six! - Hands up! Dude, you don't got to point the damn guns, man.
Slowly, gentlemen.
Turn around.
Put your hands on the car.
- Look, my hands right here, man.
- Step it out! Hey, what the hell is going on? What are you gentlemen doing down here? Man, we're just waiting on our Uber driver.
Open your legs.
Do you have any weapons or narcotics on you? What? Do you gentlemen know Fidel Arroyo? F-money? Hey, hey, yo, yo! What you doing to my car, man? It's a safety precaution.
Are you guys here to purchase drugs or weapons from Mr.
Arroyo? We here for a jacket.
My jacket.
- There he goes.
- Get down! Oh, take him, take him! [gunshots.]
- Oh! - Ooh! - Coming in.
- Checking for weapons! - Yo, come on.
- Clear the area! Clear the area! Did y'all really need all them bullets, man? Just stay there, sir.
[indistinct radio chatter.]
Keep an eye on that bush! Suspect is down.
Repeat, suspect is down.
Get up! - He's dead.
- Don't touch me! Why? [sobbing.]
- Ma'am, it's okay.
- [baby crying.]
Could you could you check his pockets? That's my jacket.
Could you check in could you check in his pockets? His pockets like, is I left something in it in the pockets.
[baby crying.]
[woman sobbing.]
There's nothing.
- All right, thank you.
- I'm gonna ask you to leave.
- It's like a secret pocket in - All right.
- No.
- Back up.
Sorry about the jacket, man.
That whole thing was, uh [sighs.]
pretty crazy, though.
- And cool.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it was a little cool.
It's fine.
I'm not even mad about the jacket.
Hey, man.
It's for you.
For what? It's your 5%, or whatever.
This is a lot.
It's all yours.
Yeah, yeah, I think I'm gonna go in the house.
I ate them two blunts when the cops came.
So tonight tonight's gonna be weird.
Are you coming in? No, I'm I'm going to Van's and Lottie's tonight.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Daddy day care? - Daddy day care.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Warm the bottles up.
You did good, man.
I'll catch you.
All right.
[dog barking.]
Harry, stop it! - Stop it.
- [dog barking.]
[R&B music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
You gonna try? - Try.
- Right off the grill.
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
Mmm! - Mmm! - Look what Daddy cooked us.
- Right? Mmm.
- That actually smells good.
Yummy! - Yummy! - Want a little piece, baby? Yummy? You haven't even tried it yet.
Where did you learn to cook like this? Uh, remember that show "Down Home with the Neelys"? Yeah, that was like you want some, baby? Mmm! No, I used to I used to swing with them, so, like, I learned some things.
- Oh.
- How is it? Is it good? - [laughs.]
- It is.
- I think it probably - He didn't inhale.
He didn't.
both: No.
It's raining really hard in this movie.
[rhythmic knocking on door.]
- Who's that? - Swift.
- Hey.
- What's up, man? What's up, boy? What's good, brother? Hey.
Here you go, your key.
Thank you.
I've been looking all day for this.
Yeah, your drunk ass told me to keep it last night in the club.
You done outsmarted yourself again.
Yeah, look, so what's up? You coming to work tomorrow? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I guess.
All right.
Well, bet, man, I'll see you up there.
- All right, man.
- Hey.
Tell your cousin that party was crazy last night.
I will.
I will.
I will.
I will.
Hey, what's up, Vanessa? [chuckles.]
Hi, Justin.
How you doin'? [chuckles.]
Lookin' all hey, look, if y'all ever break up would that be weird? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- Call me "Swift," baby.
- I will.
- She got a sister? - Nah.
So y'all were wasted last night? Kinda.
Not really.
Oh, by the way this is for you.
What is that? It's that thing we always need.
You a drug dealer now? [laughs.]
Earn, are you kidding me? [laughs.]
- Are you - Oh, my God.
- Yo, you are fucking wack.
- You looked so sad.
You looked so sad.
I'm really flattered [laughs.]
That you think I could sell drugs.
No, I'm not come on.
You think I really could do that? I'd be so bad at it.
I hate you.
I know.
You're a good daddy, though.
You know you can stay the night, right? Yeah.
It's cool, though.
I'll come back tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right.
Have a good night.
You too.
Call you tomorrow.
["Elevators (Me & You)" by OutKast playing.]
One for the money, yes, sir, two for the show A couple of years ago on Headland and Delowe Was the start of something good Where me and my nigga rode the Marta Through the hood just tryna find that hook up Now every day we looked up at the ceiling Watching ceiling fans go round Tryna catch that feeling off instrumentals Had my pencil and plus my paper We caught the 86 Lithonia headed to Decatur Writing rhymes, tryna find our spot off in that light Light off in that spot, knowing that we could rock Doing the hole in the wall clubs This shit here must stop like, "Freeze!" [thunder rumbling.]
[door clanging.]
["Elevators (Me & You)" continues.]
Got stopped at the mall the other day Heard a call from the other way that I just came from Some nigga was saying something talking about Smoke something, "Hey, man, what kinda car "You drive? I know you paid, I know y'all got Beaucoup of hoes from all them songs That y'all done made" And I replied That I had been going through the same things that he has True, I've got more fans than the average man But not enough loot to last me to the end of the week I live by the beat like you live check to check If you don't move your feet then I don't eat So we like neck to neck, yes, we done come a long way Like them slim-ass cigarettes from Virginia This ain't gon' stop so we just gon' continue Continue, continue Yo mama and yo cousin too Rolling down the strip on Vogues Coming up, slamming Cadillac doors Me and you Yo mama and yo cousin too Rolling down the strip on Vogues Coming up, slamming Cadillac doors Me and you Yo mama and yo cousin too
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