Atlanta (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

North of the Border

1 (MUSIC PLAYING FAINTLY) EARN: Yo, we should probably get moving.
You know, the 75 about to be crazy.
Oh, and your fit's on the table.
Hey, man, if you want this money, we need this college fan base.
And, you know, first it's this, then it's Spring Fling, and that's $60K guaranteed.
(MUSIC CONTINUES FAINTLY) You heard me, right? Nigga, I heard you.
You do realize I'm trying to make you more money? - That's how I make money.
- Look, no shade, but we both got different standards of living, a'ight? - Yeah, that's true, but obviously - Where y'all going? - Oh! - Oh, fuck, man! Tracy, man, what'd I tell you about breaking in my goddamn apartment, man? This .
38 almost sliced your ass.
(CHUCKLES) But, nigga, you know I'm staying here.
Yeah, but what happened to "one week," Tracy, man, huh? One week was months ago.
You know what? Whatever, man.
Where y'all going? We're going somewhere not fun.
We're leaving right now.
It's-it's We got to leave.
- (LAUGHS) That's funny.
- Right now.
'Cause I ain't asked when.
I asked where.
Man, we doing a show.
At Statesboro.
For free.
TRACY: Yo, let me roll, man.
You need security, right? Look, all I need is a hotel floor, bruh.
EARN: We're not staying in a hotel.
Plus, don't you have to tell your P.
if you leave? (LAUGHS) Damn, yo, you Fulton County Police or something? Yo, hold on, hold on.
Bring it back, man.
What you mean, no hotel? Hey, Earn.
You're not allergic to jicama, are you? By chance? I don't No.
I don't know.
Listen - Cool.
- It's not a hotel, per se, but-but I think it might be better.
Huh? - The fuck I'm looking at, Earn? - Oh, wait.
Th-That's the girl when both our phones died.
And I found her on Instagram.
And guess what? She love you.
And she runs the Pajama Jam.
Okay, we can just stay with her and pocket the money from the hotel.
She cute as hell, too, boy.
You stay trying to be slick.
Man, I am slick.
Her roommate? Treasurer.
That means Spring Fling next year.
- (SCOFFS) - That's, like probably more than $60K if I can, you know, sweet-talk her.
All right, man.
We'll see.
You know, any bad bitch with over 3K followers, it could be tough.
You know, she got an unrealistic worldview on how the world works.
She only got, like, 300 followers.
That's even weirder.
Oh, found my fork.
- Yo, I'm ready.
- Hey, hey, hey, man.
- Oh, I'm ready, too.
All right.
- Yeah.
Let's do this, baby.
We're we're not gonna have enough room.
And we're leaving right now.
Nigga, I'm ready right now.
Yeah, man.
$200 for security right here.
- Bring all black, boy.
- Say no more.
Come on, man, we're leaving.
Oh, shit, let me get my jacket, bro.
("PATTY CAKE" BY KODAK BLACK PLAYING) Sniper Gang Yeah, I like this lil' beat right here Yeah, this a nice little beat I'm sippin' on Belaire My chick from Bel-Air My whip from Germany (OVER RADIO): I'm cooler than LL I'm sippin' on Belaire My chick from Bel-Air My whip from Germany I'm cooler than LL I clap a nigga Like patty cake I clap a nigga like patty cake I'm swaggin', I got flavor I got sauce, call me Ragù I love my baby girl Pussy bald, call her Caillou I clap a nigga like patty cake Yeah, that way I'm 'bout to grab the Wraith I'm 'bout to grab the key I think somebody tailing us.
Snatch your baby girl and skeet all on her face Oh, no, we good, we good.
They turning, they turned.
It's all good.
My bad.
It's either I win or you lose 'cause I won't accept (MAN SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) This it? Yeah.
We made it.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) - This place kind of stinks.
- Damn.
ALFRED: The fuck? - You good, bruh? - Yeah, man.
That's a good sign.
Uh does Violet live here? - Hey, guys.
- Oh.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey, how's it going? Hi.
I'm Violet.
VIOLET: Oh! - I see you brought one extra.
- EARN: Yeah.
That's Tracy.
Uh, he won't be staying here, though.
- I think he's staying with family.
- (LAUGHS) Nah, nah.
I'm staying here.
- We can find space.
- Oh, word? Cool.
- Great.
- VIOLET: Okay, come in.
"Find space.
" Okay, guys, just make yourselves at home.
Uh, so, you guys remember Erika, right? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
And, uh, you met Honey.
EARN: Mm-hmm.
So, you two can sleep in Erika's room, and Tracy, you can sleep here.
TRACY: All right, cool.
You got cameras around the perimeter? - Uh - I'm Paper Boi's security.
He's not really security, but he'll be fine.
Hey, uh, let me show you where you're sleeping.
All right.
(VIOLET CHUCKLES) Hey, you need a hand, big dog? - ALFRED: I'm good, bruh.
- You sure? TRACY: Okay.
Nigga, are you eating chocolate chips? Yeah, bruh.
You can sleep on the bed with me.
No, no, that's cool.
I can sleep over here.
(CHUCKLES) Don't be stupid.
Come here.
Come on.
(CHUCKLES) All right.
See? This is nice.
(CHUCKLES) (CHUCKLES) Can I tell you something? I had a dream about you.
We were holding each other, naked by this river, and you were this beautiful white crane.
(CHUCKLES) And I was this magnificent crocodile.
(BOTH LAUGH) And we were just laying there.
- Hmm.
- Holding each other for warmth.
And then I ate you.
There was blood everywhere.
And then this, like, intense light just shot through my belly.
And I knew that meant that we were connected.
I knew this would happen.
ALFRED: Mm-hmm.
(CHUCKLES) - (CHUCKLES) - (GIGGLES) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SPEAKING SOFTLY) Hey, what's up, team Paper Boi? How we living? Don't be rolling up on my mans like that, bruh.
- All right, man.
- EARN: Hey.
We know them.
They just performed.
What was that all about? VIOLET: Oh, my God.
I'm such a fan.
- I loved your mixtape.
- You're crushing this shit tonight, man.
- Thanks, man.
- That's good shit.
Earn, what's good? You want to get, like, a picture or something? Like those pajamas.
- (CAMERA CLICKS) - Yeah, you know.
- Yo, that was a great show.
- Good for a college set.
This kid's killing it.
Clark, you killed that tonight.
Oh, thanks, man.
Yo, y'all were dope, too.
I like the outfits, man.
Y'all trying to get lit with us? - No, man, we gonna hang back tonight.
- Come on.
Look, I could use some weed though, like, bad.
Come on.
- Uh, I don't think we - CLARK: Dang, bro.
I'm sorry about that.
We do got bottles in the greenroom, though.
Carson Flex gonna pull up.
- Y'all trying to hang, anybody? - VIOLET: Oh, yeah, we'll hang.
- Oh, yeah.
- She would be great.
- They're coming? - You can go with her.
- CLARK: Thanks, man.
- Yep, all right.
- I'm-a find you later, right? - Yeah, I'm-a find you, man.
CLARK: Generous, man.
Thank you.
Catch you guys later.
VIOLET: Don't have too much fun without me.
- (SCOFFS) - Hey.
- I'm about to hit the field, all right? - Yeah.
You need me, just give me the signal.
Hit it from here to there.
- Know what I'm talking about? - You already know.
- Mm-hmm.
- Hey, man.
- Appreciate you.
- For sure, baby.
This nigga really think he a bodyguard.
He's just trying to earn his money.
I can understand that.
WOMAN: You really showed up.
I'm sorry.
We have a lot of artists bail on us, so thank you so much for coming out.
Oh, no.
It's all good.
Thank you.
Well, uh, this is my girl, Elise.
- Hey.
How are you doing? - Hi.
She's majoring in modern literature, and she's actually writing a paper on you.
What, like, a Paper Boi paper? - Yeah, yeah.
- (LAUGHING) All right.
- I can feel that.
- That's what I'm talking about.
- You're very aware of your words.
- Oh, yeah? You're the only rapper doing that right now.
I appreciate that.
Should we save Alfred? Nah.
No, that's good for him.
I haven't seen him smile in a while.
- He needed that.
- (LAUGHING) If I'm worried about anybody, I'm worried about that nigga.
DARIUS: Uh-huh.
You know that Clark County dude? - Yeah.
(SNIFFS) - Industry plant.
- Yes, I've been saying that.
- For sure, for sure.
No, I mean, it's obvious.
(PEOPLE GASP) What the fuck?! Are you fucking kidding me, man? I saw that shit, bro! No.
Okay, just stay.
- Hey, what? - EARN: Hey, chill, all right? - ALFRED: Yeah, I'm good, man.
- EARN: Just, I'm-a check this.
- I'm-a check this out.
- VIOLET: He was looking at - those skimpy-ass whores.
- TRACY: Who gives a fuck? I wasn't asking you.
What the fuck you think he's supposed to do?! You think you're the only one? Oh, after I bring all of y'all into my house.
TRACY: Listen, bitch, keep your hands off of me for real.
- VIOLET: Why not? - Do it again, see what the fuck happens.
- VIOLET: I'm not scared of you.
- Bitch You fucking broke-ass security guard.
You're nothing but a dirty, dirty old man You do your thinking with a one-track mind Clean up your rap, your story's getting dusty Wash out your mouth, your lies are getting rusty - Whoa! - (PEOPLE GASP) (GRUNTS) You all right? You all right? Yo, you okay? Oh, damn.
I knew her ass was crazy, man.
I told you, man.
What happened, yo? What happened? Nothing, nothing.
Oh, my eye.
Hey, she slapping the shit out of you ain't nothing, man.
You good? I told you her fucking ass was crazy, man.
What happened? - Yo, we should - VIOLET: Those fucking niggas - was trying to get me! - We got to we got to go now.
- VIOLET: Yes! - We need to leave right now.
Hey, Paper Boi.
What's up, man? What the fuck, man? What's the issue? What, man? - Just chill, you guys.
- Where the fuck y'all going? - Man, we standing right here, nigga.
- What y'all do - to my little sister, man? - EARN: Stop it.
Go, go, - It wasn't us.
It was, um - Come on, man.
What we running from? I don't even know why we running - from these niggas, man.
- Yo, where the fuck is Tracy? Why are we running from them, man? Dude, you can't do shows in a hospital, man.
- They ain't gonna do shit.
- Hey! I'm talking to you.
- Man, we listening nigga.
What? - Watch your tone.
- No, fuck this dude, man.
- I-I'm gonna take care of this.
- You want to square up? - Hell no.
It's cool.
Okay, listen.
We're all here to have a good time.
Black people.
Just non-violent.
We're trying to - TRACY: Bitch! - ALL: Oh! Run, nigga, run! - Run! Run! Run! - (LAUGHS) (ALL SHOUTING) (OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) Thank you, man.
(EXCITED CHATTER) - (LAUGHS) - What the fuck?! Oh! (SHOUTING CONTINUES) ALFRED: What the fuck are we running from? - (LAUGHTER) - Let's go.
Oh, shit.
(SHOUTS) That shit was crazy! Me and Paper Boi! (PANTING, COUGHING) - You good? - ALFRED: Yeah, man.
I can't believe y'all got me out here like this, man.
(GROANS LOUDLY) Sweating through silk.
I'm looking like a goddamn peasant, man.
All I know is that girl Violet better not touch my weed.
That's all I know.
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Fuck, bruh.
Yo, yo.
Come on.
Oh, shit, come on.
Come on.
What the fuck? - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - All right, man.
TRACY: Come on.
All this fucking running.
- We got to get off campus.
Violet knows everybody.
Look, all I know is I need to find some weed, or I'm gonna lose my shit, man.
DARIUS: Wait a minute.
Y'all smell that? - What? What is it? - Sniff.
I mean, use your (ALFRED SNIFFS, SIGHS) Certain hats, weed.
This way.
Fuck, man.
You're fucking Paper Boi.
- Yeah.
- That explains the citronella.
What are you doing here, man? Are those silk pajamas? Yeah, man, I was I was performing at Pajama Jam.
The what? Forget it, man.
Hey, y'all got weed? Yeah, yeah, fuck yeah, we got weed.
We got fuckin', fuckin' smoking with Paper Boi.
Hell yeah, man.
Y'all on them Backwoods? We got some other shit in the house, too.
We'll smoke you out.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hell yeah.
- (MAN WHIMPERS) - ALFRED: Oh, what the fuck was that? It's all good.
It's just some pledges, you know? Newbies got to pay the price, right? Hey, uh, here, come on.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
Paper Boi's here.
Come on.
But I like what y'all doing here, bruh.
You don't give no fucks.
(LAUGHS) Hey, yo, I just I got to tell you, man.
You're like one-one of my two favorite rappers.
You know, you and Post Malone? Yo, that Postal mixtape That changed my shit up, man.
Hey, man, is that is that an elephant rifle? Uh yeah.
Yeah, a bunch of the alumni send guns to the frats.
A lot of them are in the NRA.
Oh, okay.
I was word.
I was thinking about joining the NRA.
(LAUGHING) Y'all are crazy.
We have a whole gun room.
- A gun room? - Yeah.
Want to see? Wait.
We got a few of these, too.
DARIUS: Oh, shit.
Hell yeah.
Y-You want to see the gun room? - TRACY: I'm trying to see that shit.
- No, go ahead.
- Yeah.
- Come on with it.
Excuse me.
(EXHALES LOUDLY) Oh, yeah, man, like I was saying, though, yo.
Yeah, a lot of us are from the South.
I'm, like, a really big UGK fan.
Pimp C, like, one of the last real prophets, man.
That was like the-the Crime Mob, D4L, Maceo days.
Yeah, those were classic.
So you into snap music? (LAUGHS) Man.
You remember that song, um The bubble gum.
- (SNAPS FINGERS) - Yeah, that was my shit.
Laffy Taffy.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, my cousin used to always play that shit.
PRESCOTT: Matter of fact, hold on.
("LAFFY TAFFY" BY D4L PLAYS) All right, pledges, get the fuck up! Gonna do this dance for our new friends! (LAUGHS) Girl, shake that laffy taffy That laffy taffy, shake that laffy taffy Snap, y'all! Girl, shake that laffy taffy That laffy taffy, that laffy taffy Oh, oh I'm lookin' for Mrs.
Bubble Gum I'm Mr.
Chik-O-Stick - I wanna - Dun dun dunt, oh - 'Cause you so thick - (LAUGHING) 'Cause I stay so hard You can suck me for a long time All right, uh, stop, y'all! This a candy store (SONG STOPS) (DISTANT CHEERING, SHOUTING) Uh, I got to go give these pledges a mud bath.
Uh, y'all need anything from the fridge? - We good, man.
- Yeah, we're good.
Thank you.
PRESCOTT: All right.
Yeah, cool, man.
Move out! (ALFRED CHUCKLING) (BOTH LAUGH) (LAUGHS) EARN: Oh (BOTH LAUGH) Tonight, man (LAUGHS) (INHALES, EXHALES LOUDLY) Tonight was some bullshit.
I know.
Uh I think we need to talk about the real problem.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) Tracy's got to go, man.
(BOTH LAUGH) (ALFRED LAUGHS) Oh, shit, nigga, I'm talking about your ass.
(LAUGHS) What? What are you talking about? - How am I the problem? - Man, you gonna act like tonight wasn't a bunch of your bad decisions? Did you not see Tracy throw a girl down - a flight of steps? - I saw it.
And it happened after she threw a cup at me for talking to another broad, man.
And speaking of which, that bitch Man, that bitch was crazy from the start, man.
And you knew that.
And you still put me in the same room with her ass so you could save the same amount of money I would have made in an hour or less off the block.
Tracy escalated a harmless situation.
- (SIGHING): Bro.
- You saw that, bruh.
Nothing was about to happen until something happened.
I've been talking to Clark County's manager, man.
About what? The fuck you think, Earn? Managing me.
Actually managing me, man.
Shit I could be getting, shit I should be getting out here.
(SIGHS) Look, you family, man, and I'm trying to ride with you, but sometimes that shit ain't enough, bro.
'Cause money is important.
I see exactly what's happening out here.
It's getting colder, it's getting harder to eat.
I need shit, Lottie needs shit.
You need shit.
I gotta make my next moves my best moves, man, so Something gotta shake.
I don't think you're cut out for it.
- ALFRED: The fuck.
Fuck, no, man.
What the fuck is all this shit? - That's fucked up, bruh.
- Fuck, bro.
That's fucked up, bruh.
For real.
No, goddamn it.
God, man! Al, just chill.
Damn it, man.
My car and shit, man.
Fucking college bitches.
Who the fuck are we dealing with, man? Look at all our shit on the fucking lawn, man! - DARIUS: Oh, God, bro.
- ALFRED: What the fuck? Oh, fuck no, man! Look at this shit.
They cut up all my shit! Goddamn! And of course my fucking weed gone.
- Goddamn, let me see that, bruh.
- TRACY: Oh, shit.
- (SIGHS) - Not the kicks, bruh.
Damn, I couldn't even be mad at that.
That's kind of It's impressive.
(LAUGHING) Oh, shit.
(YELLS) (LAUGHING) Oh, my God, these fucking hos, man.
Fucking hate these fucking college hos.
Shit! Where's my laptop? Violet.
Violet! TRACY: Ah, shit.
This nigga losing it, man.
- Violet, open this fucking door! - DARIUS: Hey, Earn.
Violet! Violet! - Open this door.
- Earn, it's not really that serious.
Don't fucking touch me, man.
Yo! Violet! That's your cousin, bro.
Earn, look, man.
Ain't nobody in there, bro.
Nobody's there; they gone.
- Nah, somebody's in there.
- Look, we'll just go back home.
They're gonna open this fucking door.
- We'll just figure this out.
- (ALARM BLARES) - What is you doing, man? - Oh! - Yo, Earn.
Earn, man.
- (LAUGHING) (EARN KICKING DOOR) Earn! Earn, Earn, Earn, man.
- Hey, man, I got you.
- Hey, man, let's go, man.
- You'll get your stuff back.
- Let's go, man.
Earn! - Man, you don't hear that shit? - It's cool.
- Man, don't do this to me, nigga.
- TRACY: I'm on probation! Open this fucking door! ALFRED: I'm leaving with or without your ass, man.
- Come on, man.
- Get your ass home.
Come on, man.
Fuck that nigga.
I'm out, man.
- (LAUGHTER) - (ALARM BLARING) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) (ALARM CONTINUES BLARING) TRACY: That shit was crazy, huh? Earn? Bruh, you pulling that fire alarm on 'em? Now, that shit was fucked up, my nigga.
You ain't have to do 'em like that, man.
(LAUGHING): For real.
Yo, this nigga was kicking the (LAUGHING): kicking the door and shit Oh, fuck, man.
What made you go like that, bro? Kickin' the door? What, you think a woman gonna open the door for you, kickin' the door like that, bro? Tracy, could you do me a favor and stop talking? I'm not in the mood.
(LAUGHS) "I'm not in the mood.
" Yo, man.
Your little cuz got a temper, man.
You need to watch out for that one.
(SIGHS) You got to watch out for me? Nigga, this is your fault.
It was me that made them girls crazy.
Nigga, it was.
Were you there? Hey, both of y'all, chill.
Did you steal that? (LAUGHING): Goddamn! Yo, is you the campus police? (LAUGHS) Let me see your badge.
Let me see it.
(LAUGHS) Bang! (LAUGHING) Nigga, it's old as fuck, bruh.
You can't even put a bullet in this thing.
Look at his face, man.
He's scared as hell, boy.
(LAUGHING) Yo, pull this car over, so I can fight this nigga.
TRACY: Fight this nigga? - ALFRED: Earn.
- Yeah.
Who are you? Oh, he playin', right? Pull the car over.
- Earn, relax, man.
- Al, pull the fucking car over.
- You better get your cousin out.
- So I can beat this nigga's ass.
- Beat my ass? - Yeah, beat your dumb ass.
- Your fucking dumb country ass.
- Ooh, I want to see - that shit, man.
- Pull the fucking car over.
Bruh, if this car stop, I'm-a give you - these fucking hands, bruh.
- Nigga, I wish it would stop.
- I don't give a fuck.
- Earn, man.
- I'm-a turn your ass - I'll knock you the fuck I'm so sick and tired of your fat fucking mouth! - (LAUGHS) - Open open this - Oh, hey, man.
No, no, Earn.
- Pull the fucking car over, man! - Yeah, you want me to pull over? - Pull yeah, pull the fucking car over, so I can beat this nigga's ass! - All right, all right, let's go.
- Yeah.
Come on, man up.
(CHUCKLES) Come on, dawg.
- All right.
What's up? - (EARN GRUNTING) Nigga.
(GRUNTS) Come on, man.
Stop playing, dawg.
Get in the car.
(EARN COUGHS) TRACY: Come on, man.
I don't want to do all this, bruh.
Come on.
Stop playing with me, man.
Yo! Stop fucking playing with me, man! Yeah.
- TRACY: For real? For real? - EARN: Yeah, yeah, nigga.
(TRACY GRUNTING) I told you to stop fucking with me, man! - ALFRED: Tracy, man.
- It's your fucking cousin, man.
- It's not my fault, bruh.
- Come on, man.
Come on.
- This nigga, man.
- ALFRED: Come on, man.
TRACY: That's your fucking cousin, man.
EARN: (GRUNTS) You want to fuck with me, nigga? - What? What? - Come on, nigga.
What's up? What's up, pussy? (TRACY GRUNTS) DARIUS: Oh! Shit.
(SPITS) (SNIFFS) (ENGINE STARTS) Oh, doh, doh, doh Doh, doh, doh-doh - Am I a good man? - Ooh, ooh - Am I a fool? - Ooh, ooh - Am I weak? - Ooh, ooh - Or am I - Ooh - Just playing it cool? - Ooh, ooh
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