Atlanta (2016) s02e10 Episode Script


1 GLORIA: Whoa.
This is so beautiful.
That's a good price.
Mom, can we leave soon? I'm tired.
I was at school all day.
I don't know what you gonna do when you get a real job.
You said school is my job.
Boy, shut up.
I'm almost done.
(GASPS) Wow.
("GIVE ME ONE REASON" BY TRACY CHAPMAN PLAYING) Give me one reason to stay here And I'll turn right back around (BALL BOUNCES) Give me one reason to stay here And I'll turn right back around Said I don't want to leave you lonely You got to make me change my mind Baby, I got your number Oh, and I know that you got mine But you know that I called you Mom, can I get this shirt? - What shirt? - This one, in my hand.
Better not have no craziness on it.
Oh, why you had to pick this color? This is the only one.
Let me see it.
Call me anytime Thanks, Mom.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
You're gonna work for it.
Go and get me a bag of potato chips.
- The kind with the owl on it.
- Where are they? Over there, by the jeans and the socks and the other snacks.
Go on and find it, boy.
I am.
Here comes the brand-new flava in ya ear Time for new flava in ya ear (INDISTINCT CHATTER) EARN: What's up? Chillin'.
Cool shirt.
You do the math homework? I forgot about it.
Just copy it during lunch.
(THUD) (GIRL SCREAMS, GROANS) Hey, who did that? Huh? I said, who did that? Aw.
Hey, man, I'm sorry, though.
- I didn't mean to - Yo.
You threw that yogurt out the window? Yeah, listen, I'm sorry.
(KIDS GASPING) (LAUGHS SOFTLY) DRIVER: No moving around the bus.
(KIDS MURMURING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) BOY: Every single time, you're always like, "No, stop it.
" GIRL (LAUGHING): That doesn't even make no sense.
You know, you know.
CHRIS: Oh, snap.
Look at the nigga with the FUBU shirt.
Yo, man, let me see.
(CHRIS SCOFFS) Man, do I want one of these.
I got to wait till my birthday, though.
MARK: Oh, Earn out here, he trying to jump fresh.
I see you.
You know.
MARK: Okay.
I got you.
So, what-what you telling me is, y'all finna be mad at me for the rest of the time I'm here Hey, Earn.
I like your shirt.
It's new.
MARK: Wait, wait, wait.
Y'all had a sale, or something? Why both y'all got the same shirt? CHRIS: Oh, shit! One of y'all got a fake shirt.
Look, this one has more stripes than that one, and that one got a patch.
Oh, no, y'all wearing fake FUBU now? (LAUGHTER) My shirt ain't fake.
Talk to Earn.
My shirt ain't fake, either.
"My shirt ain't fake, either.
" One of y'all got a fake shirt.
Let me see the tags.
- Yo, where's Johnny Lee? CHRIS: I don't think he's here yet.
He wasn't on the bus, so he might come late.
Definitely gonna know which one fake.
HALEY: Okay, ladies and gents.
Let's take our seats.
I'm Mr.
Haley, and I'm subbing for Mrs.
Fox's homeroom.
Why your shoes so dirty? (SOFT LAUGHTER) He got chicken grease on his shoes.
(LAUGHTER) Please take a seat, young man.
(SCOFFS) Your underarms smell like ribs.
(LAUGHTER) Sit down right now.
(LAUGHTER) I'm gonna write you up.
CLASS: Oh Earthquake! (LAUGHTER) So, do you know why you're here today, Alfred? Racism.
Not everybody's gonna like me.
Well, no, that's not it.
Waleed came here today because he believes you stole his graphing calculator.
He did steal my calculator.
I know he did.
- No, I didn't.
- He's lying.
I bought one from him.
It was the one that got stolen.
My name was already engraved in it.
Prove it, 'cause that's a lie.
This is exactly why we don't allow the buying and selling of any items here on school property.
You definitely know that, Alfred.
I've told you that several times.
Well, if that was true, then both of us are guilty.
You'd have to write me and him up.
So do what you got to do.
Alfred, go back to class.
And if I hear about you selling anything, I'm gonna send you to I.
Got it? I need a pass.
There you go.
(DOOR OPENS) (PHONE RINGING) (BELL RINGING) Hey, they got snitches up in here! - MR.
WHITMAN: Alfred! - (LAUGHS) I will write you up, boy.
Go to class! Wait, so what's going on? Devin has the exact same shirt as me.
Well, pretty much.
One of 'em's bootleg, though.
- What? - Fake.
So? Your shirt looks fine to me.
But if it's fake, everybody's gonna roast me.
Remember how Thomas got his nickname? Who? Thomas Jones.
Doo-doo Jones.
Well, is your shirt fake? I don't know.
Doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
I've worn this shirt twice this week.
(BOYS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) Beat your ass with your hand-me-down overalls.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Gonna be major differences between animal cells and plant cells.
The cell walls, for instance.
So, when we're looking under the microscope, we are going to locate the key differences.
Denisha, sit up.
You can't sleep here.
My head hurts.
BANKS: Remember you said you were going to do some work today? DENISHA: So? Everybody, go ahead and break into your lab groups.
Denisha, do we need to go and talk outside? No.
We talked about this at the meeting.
Are we gonna have a good day today? I don't know.
Are we? This one's a plant cell.
Are you sure? I couldn't tell.
There's a chloroplast in there.
Hmm, I thought that was a mitochondria.
You're pretty smart, Earn.
RACHAEL: Look at this one.
The thing on the right is a vacuole, right? I think so.
Last one.
Yeah? Let me see.
You got a thread on your shirt.
Um it's an animal cell.
All done.
Hey, yo, is that him? That's him.
Come on, come on.
- Come on, come on.
- Oh, sh - Hold up, hold up, hold up.
- Yo, yo, yo.
Look at this.
Nigga, where did you get this fake-ass FUBU from? A thrift store? My shirt's not fake.
I got it at a regular store.
- (LAUGHS) - How much it cost? I don't My mom bought it for me.
BOTH: Oh! - Come here, come here.
- Hold on.
Look at him trying to hide his fake shirt.
Don't try and hide that shit now.
It's too late, nigga.
My shirt's not fake.
Uh, I don't know, man.
It looks fake to me.
Hey, this nigga ain't got on FUBU.
- He got "FEBE.
" - (BOTH LAUGHING) Hey! Hey, everybody! - This man got on FEBE! - (BOTH LAUGHING) Like, type of nigga to wear four-line Adidas and shit.
- Boy, what is wrong with him? - Who let him out the house, man? Excuse me, do you think that I might be able to touch you? - Who, me? - Yay-yay I can tell you how I feel About you night and day How I feel about you Noo ahhh noo ahhh I can tell you how I feel about you (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) What's up? You got that homework? Left it in my locker.
Everyone's talking about you and Devin's shirt.
Yeah, I know.
People in other grades know about it.
Well, your shirt is real, so you ain't got nothing to worry about.
Everybody's gonna roast the hell out of Devin, though.
It's gonna be bad.
You can't wear no fake shit here.
Nobody knows whose shirt is fake.
Johnny's not even here.
Yeah, he is.
He came in late, but he was in Ms.
Wells' class with me.
He's here.
OLDER KID: This fool got on FEBE, too.
Hey, look, look, look, look, man.
So, tell me, whose is fake, yours or little dude over there? Man, my dad bought this for me.
All right? I don't wear bootleg clothes.
I got all the Jordans, everyone knows that.
And Earn come in here every day looking like a bum, so y'all know his shirt is fake.
Y'all know it.
My dad don't buy me nothing fake.
(LAUGHING): Hey, you a funny dude, man, hold on.
- You sensitive now? - Hey, come here, nigga.
- Come on, brah.
- (LAUGHS) Why you got to be like that? Ooh, Rush Hour soundtrack.
- What's up? - What's up, man? What's good? Nothing, really.
Hey, you saw that Dragon Ball Z last night? Nah, my mom won't let me watch it anymore.
Saw the black guy with the red lips and now she says it's racist.
- Oh, yeah, man, that's weird.
- Yo.
You got to help me.
Why? What's wrong? It's my shirt.
Somebody has the same one as me and now everybody's saying one of us has a fake shirt.
Oh, snap, man, that's you? - What are you doing? - Nothing.
- I was trying to be cool.
- Bruh.
Man, is this shirt bootleg? I don't know.
I got it at Marshalls, but it was on sale.
Man, that's why you can't be buying stuff on sale.
Bro, you got to get some money.
He's tripping.
Look, there's a hole in it.
(LAUGHS) I'm serious, Al.
I need your help.
I'm not cool like you.
If the older kids find me, they're gonna beat me up.
Yeah, man, you're right.
What should I do? I'm freaking out.
Uh, how cool is the other kid? He's pretty cool.
He always has dope clothes.
His dad is, like, 30.
Man, don't be acting nervous.
I mean, people try to come at you, just deny it.
Confidence is the key.
All right? Hold it down, cuzzo.
Heading to lunch.
WILLIAMS: Make sure you finish your packets and bring them in tomorrow.
I'm going to place a bin on my desk.
I want you to put them in there.
And cite your work, folks.
The Internet is not a source - (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) - All right, names at the top of your packets.
That's an easy 50 points.
Good job.
(OVERLAPPING CONVERSATIONS) Wait, Earn! Johnny? Guess who I found.
Check it out.
Oh, this shit crazy.
Let me see the tag.
This one's fake! It says "made in Bangladesh.
" It should be China.
I knew he was wrong as hell.
(OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Hey, yo, his shirt fake, y'all! Yo! Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold on.
Let me see.
Let me see.
Man, this one the real shirt.
It's supposed to say "made in Bangladesh" on this one.
Of course this fool gonna say "made in China.
" He is Chinese.
(LAUGHTER) That one the fake one.
Trust me, I know.
Man, my shirt ain't fake.
It ain't.
CHRIS: Yo, this nigga homeless! Devin rockin' fake FUBU now.
JOHNNY: I'm not Chinese.
I'm Filipino.
Here you go, Earn.
You know, that's my number, if you want to call me.
But only between 6:00 and 9:00.
O-Okay, cool.
- See you tomorrow, Earn.
- See ya.
I can't believe this fool tried to lie on you.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Yeah, 12th-graders just found out.
They're going in on this man.
- (LAUGHTER) - Damn.
Hey, FEBE, man.
): Band practice will be moving to Room G today due to a leak in the ceiling.
That is Room G.
Just a reminder, the book fair is this Tuesday.
If you have any books you want to donate, you can trade them with Mr.
Johnson Spirit Week is next week.
We will be doing Pajama Day, Sports, Crazy Hair, and '80s Day (SCHOOL BELL RINGING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (DOOR OPENS) Everyone, please settle down.
I came to let you all know something very serious.
Your classmate, Devin Myers, committed suicide last night.
(CHRIS LAUGHS) We're not sure why, but we've heard a couple of things.
It seems Devin's parents had just gotten divorced, and he was dealing with it pretty hard.
Now, if anybody needs to talk about what happened, please visit Mrs.
Lindell in the counselor's office.
Banks or any other teacher will write you a pass.
Thank you, Mrs.
BANKS: I think it's good to remember that we all have personal things going on in our life that other people may not know about.
(DOOR OPENS) So - Hi, Mrs.
- Oh, hello, Denisha.
BANKS: But let's try to be more understanding of one another.
Okay, um, turn to page 45 in your books.
And, uh, who wants to read? - I'll do it, Mrs.
- Okay.
Whenever you're ready.
You look tired.
No, I'm okay.
Just a long day.
Maybe you need to start going to bed sooner and stop staying up.
- (CHUCKLES) Hey, Earn.
- Hey, Auntie.
GLORIA: I got a call from the school.
One of your classmates died.
- Yeah, Devin.
- Hmm.
- Did you know him? - Kind of.
That's so sad.
She seemed to think maybe some of the older boys were messing with him.
You better say something if somebody tries harassing you.
People will bully you your whole life if you let 'em.
- Yeah, they will.
- You got to stand up for yourself.
Mm-hmm, and you and your cousin got to look out for each other.
You guys look out for each other, now.
Boy, get your feet out that chair.
GLORIA: You start piano lessons tomorrow.
- You ready? - Yeah, I'm ready.
I'm gonna lay out a suit for you, so you'll need to add a black belt.
A suit? Why I got to wear that? Because I said so.
You want to make a good impression.
My mother always said, "You got one chance to make a first impression.
" LORRAINE: Mm-hmm.
True indeed.
But it's gonna be all hot GLORIA: I don't care.
You are a black man in America, and when you meet people, you need to look good.
Your clothes are important.
That's true, Earn.
You need to wear the suit.
GLORIA: Oh, and I got you another one of those FUBU shirts.
It was on sale.
Don't say I never did anything for you.
Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Life I wonder Will it take me under? I don't know Imagine smokin' weed in the street Without cops harassin' Imagine goin' to court with no trial Lifestyle: cruisin' blue Bahama waters No welfare supporters, more conscious of the way
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