Atlanta (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

Crabs in a Barrel

1 Temptation Temptation and sin Were my closest friends Turn left in 100 feet.
So cold and alone Turn left in 50 feet.
Turn left.
Was it a left back there? Yeah, I think so.
J-Just follow the GPS, I'm in a hurry.
Oh, I don't listen to the GPS.
- No way.
- Turn left.
It's always wrong is there another way? Why does it keep saying "a left"? Recalculating.
I've never been to this place before, so just-just follow the GPS.
This thing is crazy.
Right? Turn left in 500 feet.
Yeah I want to walk in the way My precious savior Sorry.
Sit right here.
- Hey, you must be Earn.
- Yes.
Come on in.
Have a seat.
Um hey.
Sorry I'm late.
Um My Lyft driver w-was religious.
It's fine.
Alfred just got in here.
You brought a baby.
- Had to.
- I ain't a baby.
So, gentlemen, I understand you're looking - for an entertainment lawyer.
- Yes.
Yes, we are.
Well, let me tell you a little about myself first.
I'm from the D.
area, near U Street.
I graduated from Howard and then went to Georgetown, but I'm definitely a Hoyas fan.
I graduated the top ten of my class, and after school, I went to work at the Lance and Roberts Law Firm for almost ten years.
Nah-nah nah-nah-nah-nah Nah-nah-nah Nah-nah nah-nah-nah-nah nah-nah-nah, nah-nah-nah Been here in Atlanta for the past five years, now.
So who are some of the people you represent, man? Well, I represent some singers and some rappers.
I represent the rapper A.
Oh, okay.
- Y-You know that dude.
- Yeah, that dude.
- He had that one song, "Program.
" - Program.
I also represent some actors.
I have four clients on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta right now.
I don't like lemons.
Yes, I know.
You hate lemons.
If he was to go with you, what would that take? Well, um, just a few signatures, and I would receive five percent of any deal I looked over for you.
Five percent? Yes, but that's the standard that any lawyer would charge.
Look, man.
I just don't want no janky-ass lawyer putting his hands on my contracts and checks, a'ight? I want, like, a high-level Jewish dude, not somebody gonna rob me like Don King or some shit.
Man, Don King wasn't a lawyer, I'm pretty sure.
Also, Christian came highly recommended.
He-He supposedly does good work.
Recommended by who, man? He ain't even got no clients that make actual money.
All he got is some F-level rappers and some reality TV stars.
Reality TV stars, Earn.
Just find me, like, a big-level firm, man.
Jewish dude.
- All right.
- Yeah.
It's time to start leveling up on niggas.
I gotta kick off this European tour.
Shit about to be real different.
Luke really came through with that one.
- Yeah.
- You want changing? But you should be headlining that tour.
Yep, I should be but I ain't.
All right.
I got to I got to run some errands before I meet up at the house, okay? So, I'll see you there.
- Yeah.
The movers coming by, right? - Yeah.
You and Darius need to be packed up.
We can't be late.
Yeah, yeah.
We know, man.
A'ight, Lottie.
I'll catch up with you, man.
Come on.
- Jewish.
- Yeah.
- Jewish dude, man.
- Yeah, I got you.
Here you go.
Two books.
You guys looking for Earn? Sure is.
I'm Kenny.
What's going on? - That's our truck? - Cool.
Yeah, yeah.
Is that beer? No.
This way.
All right, guys.
These are the movers.
Uh, um, the bedrooms are in the back.
Okay? Just hurry up.
We got a plane to catch.
- Okay.
- Please.
All right, little girl.
Here you go.
You guys packed? Yeah, bet you think you slick.
What're you talking about? Yeah.
I don't want that thing, man.
- See, you're gonna jam me up.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
All right? I'll-I'll-I'll get rid of it.
Just throw it in the ocean, bro.
You guys got your passports? Yeah, but, uh, Darius gonna need some help.
Oh, yeah, I think mine is, uh, like, ex-expired or something.
What? I don't know.
It could be just the date's a little late.
I don't know.
Whenever you got guys that don't know what they're doing.
My nigga, this is definitely expired.
Don't worry, my friend.
I know a place we can go, get a renewal same day.
It's okay.
Well, we got to do that, like, today.
Right now.
It's not that big of a deal.
We'll go.
You think you're slick? They have a penguin.
Monster hat.
All right.
Uh, I got to go.
When I get back, we're going to this passport place.
I'm gonna make sure that happens, okay? And Al? Could you, um, just stay on these guys? Okay, we got an international flight, which means we got to be there early, and I know you sell weed, - so you don't care about time - True.
But it's important, all right? All right.
I'll catch you guys later.
Lottie! Why did he give me your passport? Huh.
All right, it's your turn.
Almost there.
Here we go.
All right.
Now we got to find the room.
- Is it there? - No.
Wh-Where? Huh? Okay.
Here we There we go.
I'm sorry.
Did we come at a wrong time? Oh.
No, no, no, not at all.
How are you, Vanessa? - Nice to see you again.
- Mm-hmm.
And you must be Lottie's father.
- Right? - Hi.
So nice to finally meet you.
This is just a conference I wanted to have to talk to the both of you about Lottie.
Is everything all right? Um she seems to be very advanced.
Very gifted.
- Oh, good.
- Oh, my God.
Thank God.
I thought she was pulling her hair out - and eating it or something.
- Oh.
Nothing of the sort.
Or like sniffing Wite-Out - or something bad.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- Biting children.
- Yeah.
Far from it.
Far from it.
She is excelling in everything.
I mean, she knows all her colors, she knows her letters.
She's beginning to work math problems.
- Mmm.
- That's why I spoke with my friend at the Holy Oak Academy.
It's one of the best schools in the Southeast.
They have space available for their pre-K program next year, and I think it might be a good idea for the two of you to consider enrolling Lottie there.
- That's a private school? - Private school, yeah.
It's a private school.
It has a reasonable tuition.
- Okay.
- Mmm.
Okay, we'll-we'll definitely do that.
That-That-That sounds like something we'd-we'd probably do, - uh, for first grade.
- Get the money together.
Is there anything we can do with her staying here, to-to help her progress? Like, maybe, um, some more books or assignments? Stay here? No.
This school is awful.
- This school is awful? - Yes.
There are not enough resources or faculty to engage a student like Lottie.
She is really stunting her education here.
Is there something we could do for Lottie that, um would be cheaper? Keep her in a happy, two-parent household? - Huh.
- Hmm.
- Interesting.
- Good.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
It was nice - seeing you again, Ms.
- Nice to see you, too.
Thank you.
- Lottie.
- To where are we going? - Uh, we we're gonna go home.
- We're gonna go home.
- Bye! - Bye! I'm sorry.
Um would you have told us that this school was bad if she really was a regular student? No.
If I see a steer smart enough to get out of the pen, I leave the gate open.
Thank you for coming in.
Thank you.
So, she just compared the school to a slaughterhouse, right? Yeah, she definitely did.
I heard that.
I mean, she's crazy.
Schools in this area aren't that great.
We knew that.
- Lottie, come here.
- Yeah.
But at least here, she won't be the only black kid.
I interviewed at Holy Oak's.
It is pretty white, but that's all these private schools.
You know that.
You chose Princeton.
You leaving for, like, two months? Yeah, but, you know, that that should be tuition for her now.
If she goes to this school, she's gonna need you to show up.
More than you've been able to.
Yeah, I know.
We'll we'll make it work.
Get in the car, baby.
I was Under the bridge.
Let me help.
Oh, watch your head.
Oh, it's a big one.
You know, I always thought - she was gonna be smart.
- That's it.
I think every parent thinks that.
I don't know.
I mean I thought she was, like, gonna actually be advanced.
What makes you say that? You're smart.
I figured some of it would get passed along, hopefully.
Yeah, well, you're smart, too, so maybe it was yours, you know? Thanks.
All right, I got to I got to get going.
I got to make sure Darius gets his passport - and got to catch this flight.
- Okay.
Be good.
All right? Be good for Mama.
I love you.
- All right.
- See you.
You okay? Oh, yeah.
Um Yeah, I'm fine.
Just, you know, stupid shit.
It's nothing.
Stay safe.
I will.
You, too.
Bye! See you, okay? - Have fun.
- I will.
Thank you.
What the hell is going on? Man, I'm bruisin' this boy.
Who are y'all? We're Kenny's kids.
What are y'all doing here? School let out.
So? Man, you sorry.
- What? - I told you you sorry.
Whoo-wee! Y'all went to lunch? We get a lunch break.
It's 3:00 p.
I didn't eat before I came.
Oh, yeah.
Darius is packed! I'm ready to go.
Just-just put your luggage in the car, man.
No, I meant I'm packed to move, not for the airport.
Nigga, it's fine.
We'll just come back here afterwards.
Kenny, I really need you to pack up everything, man.
You bruisin' that boy.
- Come on - Yeah, I know, but now we're late, and I just need everything to go.
Can we eat first? My crew's hungry.
I'll give you 50 more dollars.
Y'all get up off that table.
Dontrelle, grab something and take it to the truck.
- You, too, Shawn.
- Garbage.
All right.
I'll meet you downstairs, Darius.
I got your passport.
Bring your keys.
Sh-Shit, wait, uh, I think I might've packed up the keys.
- You are not serious.
- God flabbit.
- I think I did.
Um - Goddamn it.
No, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Actually - Right.
- No, I think I packed Wait.
Ah! The old switcheroo.
- Sometimes things just jump from pocket - We need to go! When you piss, do you go straight through the zipper or do you go over the boxers? Over the boxers.
Me, too.
But is that the right way, though? I don't think so.
Bro, you could But, I mean, I do switch it up when I'm wearing a suit.
You know? I didn't even know this neighborhood existed.
- Mr.
X? - Yep.
Uh, we'll help you out down here.
How can I help you guys? Yeah, we need a passport replacement.
- Today.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Um, just, uh, fill out these forms, and we can make it happen.
All right.
Thank you.
I love you.
Really? 'Cause I-I really thought we were gonna be S.
It's what we do here.
Y'all, uh, going on tour? Y'all in a rap entourage? Manager? How'd you know? We kind of have a specific clientele here.
And rappers are procrastinators.
No offense.
None taken.
So, who y'all work with? Uh, Paper Boi.
We're going on tour with Clark County in Europe.
Oh, man, that's cool.
I was just listening to that new Clark joint.
- Yoo-hoo.
Yeah, yeah.
- Yoo-hoo.
Oh, man.
Yo, y'all need an entertainment lawyer? My cousin is primo.
Uh, I need ID.
How'd your cousin get into the business? Uh, my uncle does it.
Thanks, man.
Let me ask you something.
And, um, be honest.
Do you think there's a black lawyer who's as good as your cousin? There definitely is.
But, um, part of being good at your job are your connections, and black people just don't have the connections that my cousin has.
For systemic reasons.
All right.
It's all good.
Oh, perfect.
Yeah, it should be, like, uh, two hours.
- Oh.
- Cool.
- That's fast.
- Yeah, yeah.
It's, uh, $350.
Oh, that's why.
Y'all take RushCards? Yeah, I think so.
Here you go, my Jewish friend.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
How's it going, Earn? You doing all right? Definitely not.
Is Al gonna fire me? I don't know.
I know you're always at peace with everything, but my whole world's falling apart.
So Look, man, Alfred, his whole world changing up with the quickness.
Everything's moving, but he ain't gonna never forget to take care of the ones he's supposed to provide for, including you.
I don't want a handout.
I got to provide, too.
I'm getting better at this.
You know that.
- No, I know.
- You know.
I see you, man.
I see you learning.
But learning requires failure.
Al just trying to make sure you ain't failing in in his life.
You know, like, y'all both black, so I mean, y'all both can't afford to fail.
Do Nigerians get a chance to fail? Hey, don't you start that.
You know Nigerians don't fail.
Look, whatever he does, he ain't gonna do it till we get to Europe.
Give you a chance to see the world.
How do you know? Seems like an Al thing to do.
Y'all ready to do this? Yeah.
Darius is coming down, and I'm calling a Lyft right now.
Don't you got to take the truck back? Kenny's gonna do it.
I offered to pay him ten dollars.
Can we talk? Let's talk when we land, man.
That's all you're bringing? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, rule number one Pack like a Navy SEAL.
Only take what you need.
Lyft'll be here in three minutes.
Come on.
You know you want it.
- No, I'm all right.
- Ooh-hoo! Whoo-hoo, whoo-hoo! Smoke me! I really want to be smoked.
I'm okay.
You know you want to smoke me.
- Welcome to - Gate C7.
- Atlanta, Hartsfield International Airport.
- Uh-huh.
See, I told you, Earn.
We was gonna make it.
You just got to learn to trust yourself, my friend.
We're still late, actually.
She printed our tickets, but she made sure to say, "Y'all ain't gonna make it," five times while she was doing it, so we should probably still hurry.
Thank you.
- Excuse me, sir? - No, no.
Elizabeth Battola, your child is waiting for you Oh, shit.
Is that Paper Boi? - What's up, y'all? - Hey, what's going on, man? - Y'all niggas ready for this tour? - Sh Oh, yeah.
Man, we gonna be poppin' bottles in Paris, bro.
- It's gonna be crazy.
- It's lit, bro.
Speaking sign language to hoes.
- It's gonna be dope, man.
- How you doing, man? - I'm good, man.
- You check out that lawyer I sent you? Hell, yeah, man.
He's perfect.
I appreciate it.
Hey, okay, cool.
Let's-let's do this over here.
Flight's not gonna leave without Clark County, baby.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Please take liquids out of your bags and laptops, too.
Place everything in the bins.
- Your pockets should be empty.
- Remove your jackets.
Opt out! Oh.
You always got to opt out.
Opt for the pat-down, man.
I'm telling you, this-this thing here bad business.
That's why security stays so close to the food.
They don't want you to smell your brain frying in this thing.
Excuse me.
Everything in the bins, people.
Will you hand me a bin? You got to get it from the front, man.
Oh, man, he asked nicely.
- You know what I don't get? - Huh? How they make you take all your shit off, and they try to rush to get you out of the way, like they ain't just asked me to take all your shit off ten seconds ago.
That's why I fuckin' hate the airport, man.
Yeah, it's not efficient.
- All that shit isn't.
- We should hurry.
- All right.
- Whose bag is this? Hey, what-what-what? What's going on? We're going this way.
We're starting another line this way.
Hey, yo, Luke, come here.
Man, this trip gonna be crazy, boy.
I mean, I ain't never really left Georgia before, so, yeah.
Yeah, it's gonna be cool.
Yeah, it'll be cool.
- Is this yours, ma'am? - Yes, ma'am.
Okay, I'm just gonna move this over here to make a little more room.
I saw what you did - at TSA.
- Mm.
You ain't got to say shit.
Just know that's exactly what I'm talking about.
Niggas do not care about us, man.
Niggas gonna do whatever they got to do to survive, 'cause they ain't got no choice.
We ain't got no choice, either.
You my family, Earn.
Yeah, you You're the only one that knows what I'm about.
You give a fuck.
I need that.
All right? All right, then.
Hey? Let's get this money.
Brrr! - Hey, shit.
- Yeah, boy.
Hey, Clark, man? Let me holler at you.
What's up, man? Where Luke at, man? Uh, nah, man.
Luke got in some shit.
Cops took him.
What you talking about? TSA found a tool in his bag.
- Oh.
- It's just kind of Oh, he probably had a screwdriver or something.
You can't have those on a plane.
More like a hammer.
It was gold, too.
Shit was clean, though.
Wish it was mine.
Yoohoo! The piece was in Clark's bag.
Yo, Alf! Yo, open the door, man! Darius? Open up, man! Listen, man, I got Chinese food with a side of chocolate.
Alfred?! Is this mother? Al, man, - stop playing, bro.
Let me in! - Shut the fuck up! Hey, you shut the fuck up! The hell you talking to? Ready to whoop your ass.
Hey! Wake up, niggas! Alfred, will you open the goddamn door?!
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