Atlanta (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

Three Slaps

1 I'm so lonely So lonely at midnight for you Midnight, oh, what a lonely time to weep Hey, man, I think it's about time we haul it up out of here.
Yeah, might be.
Let me finish this first.
I should have been fast asleep It's a nice night, though.
It's quiet.
A little too quiet.
This place always gave me the heebie-jeebies, man.
This water's so murky.
It's shit water.
I almost drowned in it once when I was like eight.
Actually, right over there by the beach.
My cousin had to drag me out.
I don't know what it was, man.
I just felt like I was being pulled.
You probably was.
By what? There's a whole town underneath us.
The hell out of here, man.
That's what I'm saying.
Shit water.
This whole lake used to be a town.
Houses, barns, roads.
There's a whole raceway down there.
State government built a dam and flooded the place.
Anyone who didn't leave drowned.
Town was Black, too.
What? Self-governed Black town.
Tomorrow is on its way So, there are Black people under us right now? Yeah.
Why you think so many people die around here every year? 'Cause of drunk rednecks trying to fish at night.
Like you.
Midnight No.
It's 'cause it's haunted.
I ought to know You-you really think it's haunted? Oh, yeah.
Lot of souls down there.
That's what pulled you under.
Town full of Black folk.
They were almost white.
Get the hell out of here, man.
What are you talking about? They were almost white? White's not a real thing, right? There's no scientific basis for it.
People just become white.
It's social.
White is where you are.
It's when you are.
Armenians are white as hell till they ain't.
Armenians? When they dammed the Chattahoochee, some refused to leave.
They thought they were safe.
They'd paid to be white.
With enough blood and money, anyone can be white.
It's always been that way.
But the thing about being white is it blinds you.
It's easy to see the Black man as cursed because you've separated yourself from him.
But you don't know you're enslaved just like him.
Cold whiteness.
You're hypothermic.
You lose logic.
You see the blood and you think someone else is bleeding.
Everyone is screaming at you to turn the machine off, but you can't hear them.
You can't even hear yourself saying, "We're cursed, too.
" We're cursed, too! Oh, shit! I don't want to keep reminding you about this.
Oh, and one more thing before we go.
Listen up, everyone.
I have a special announcement to make.
In an effort to promote more Black history in the curriculum, our school has partnered up with the Atlanta Falcons and Domino's Pizza for the Change Atlanta Initiative.
So, next Thursday, we're all going on a field trip.
We're all going to go watch a movie.
The new Black Panther 2.
Let's go! I know.
I know.
It's exciting - Oh.
- Loquareeous.
Hey! Hey! Hey! - Loquareeous, sit down! - Hey! Hey! Loquareeous! Loquareeous, sit down right now! Hey! Hey! Loquareeous, sit down right now, young man! Hi, Mom.
Come in and have a seat.
How's everyone doing today? First of all, I done already told y'all to stop calling me down here.
Well, I really appreciate you coming down, Ms.
And you're Loquareeous's grandfather, right? Thank you both for coming.
As you know, there was a disruption - with Loquareeous - Uh, let me jump in here.
Uh, I'm the guidance counselor, Mrs.
Let me start by saying I am a big fan of your son.
He's been to my office a few times already this semester for disciplinary problems Talking in class, being disruptive - Well, then give him detention.
- Well, yes.
He's-he's had detention before.
Several times.
But I-I had a thought.
Maybe the reason that he's being disruptive in class is because the material is too challenging.
If we put him in remedial math and language arts, he could have the Wait.
What? No.
- My son is not dumb.
- Oh, no, no.
He's an idiot.
Y'all ridiculous.
He is not the first kid to act up in class, and you want to push him back some grades? - No, I just thought it could be - Don't you move my son.
Tell his teachers to give him detention.
- Thank you for coming.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, that went very well.
I thought I I-I think he could really use the Ms.
Reid? I'm sorry.
Uh-uh! You better dance! Since you love to dance so much, go 'head.
Shoot it.
Come on, shoot! You got these people up here thinking you retarded.
Your ass gonna end up in them SPED classes.
Now whip.
Nae Nae.
Come on.
Hit it.
Hit it! If you don't start using your common sense and acting right, these white people They gon' kill you.
- Ms.
Reid, d - Kill you.
- Now do the worm.
- Really, there's no need for that.
- Let's see it.
- There's no need for that.
You up here showing out for your white classmates.
Yeah, you laughing with them now, but they're gonna be the only ones laughing when you dead or in jail.
I wasn't even trying to show out I don't want to hear it! - What's your problem? - Now get to class.
And I better not get another call from this school.
I'll walk him back.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna get you out of there.
Mom, there ain't no more milk! There's spaghetti in the refrigerator if you hungry.
You better not be watching that TV.
I'm-a check, and I'll know.
Reid, right? Who wants to know? I'm with Family and Children's Services.
I'm here on behalf of the city to conduct a welfare ch - Family and Children's Services? - Yes, ma'am.
I'm here to conduct a welfare check on your son - Loqua - Loquareeous! - Oh, yes.
- Uh-huh.
Get in here! - See, y'all got me fucked up.
- Oh, ma'am, I just need a few - moments to speak with you.
- Did you call the police on me? - No.
- Oh, Ms.
Reid, the police are just here as a precaution.
Take him.
Go ahead.
- Ma.
- Since you want to go so bad, bye.
Ma, I didn't call nobody.
- You know what? - Wait.
Mama, I didn't call nobody.
I ain't giving you all these clothes that I bought.
Y'all better take this boy - fore I kill him - Mom.
And he got a real reason to call the police.
Mama, wait! Oh, my goodness.
Welcome home, son.
Quickly, get inside.
Thank you so much for doing this last minute.
We always appreciate it, Amber.
Oh, it's not a problem at all.
It's what we do.
All right, well, let's get you settled.
I am Amber, but you can call me "Mom.
" Um, oh, those are your new brothers and sisters.
That's Lanre, Yves and Fatima.
It's stinky here.
Oh, no, no, no, it doesn't stink.
Come on, this way.
We've kind of turned our kitchen into a workshop.
We're trying to make an olive oil shampoo, and we started mixing together some African Dudu soap.
It's not what it sounds like.
We make our own kombucha.
Yummy, huh? And we pickle our own veggies using our organic garden.
Um, we're selling it at the farmers market tomorrow.
You're gonna love it.
Oh, um, and that is your other mom.
And that little guy is Cornpop.
Welcome to the family.
So do I call you both "Mom"? - Yes.
- Call me Gayle.
Oh, dinner's at 5:30, so wash up first.
Um, we're having fried chicken.
And, um, since it's your first night, I'll let you decide.
Do you want capers or sprouts? I don't know what that is.
Capers it is.
Oh, will you get me that chicken over there? Mm.
Uh, how much did we do it last time? - 12 minutes is too long, right? - Yeah.
- It was a little dry.
- Okay, let's do eight and a half, then.
I just wanted to see that you were settled in.
I made you something special for your first day.
This says "Larry.
" Oh, well, I didn't know how to spell "Loo-Kway-reeous," so I figured we'd call you "Larry.
" Larry's a great nickname.
Um, where's the washcloth? It's okay.
He's new here.
You just use your hands.
Even on my butt? Oh, we need to take a picture.
Get around.
Get the towel.
Get the towel.
Perfect! What are you wearing? Pajamas.
You can wear that tonight, but from now, I'll lay your clothes out.
You can sprinkle some rosemary on it if you want.
It's great.
Larry, you're not eating.
This food is nasty.
If I eat it, I'll throw up.
Larry, we do not say "throw up" at the table.
But it's nasty.
No, honey.
It's just better for you.
There's too much salt and oil in most of the foods that you're used to.
Oh, did you see on Instagram today that Rihanna used the phrase "spirit animal"? No.
Please tell me that Rihanna is an indigenous person - and I just don't know it.
- Uh-uh.
Oh, my God.
We got to comment on that, right? Mm.
This is she.
We're having dinner.
I don't understand why the bill collectors are always just calling during dinner.
- I put us on that "do not call" list.
- Well, they're calling.
This food is nasty! Larry, we don't You want to know something? There are starving children in Africa.
You don't believe me, ask your brother.
I want a hamburger.
We don't have hamburgers.
That's what the dog is eating.
Well, yeah, that's Cornpop's food.
You don't? Okay, you don't want to eat, you can go to bed.
- It's 6:00! - Okay.
Man, I hate this house! We don't use the word "hate" in this house.
Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate! So, this is the last that Marcos can give us on credit.
We're gonna have to make some more adjustments.
We didn't eat lunch.
You had celery and carrots, remember? I'm still hungry.
You're supposed to be hungry.
If you're full, that means you ate too much.
How much longer do we have to do this? Why don't you try singing a song while you work? It might make you feel better.
I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006 - All these diamonds dancing on - N-No, not like that.
Sing something silly, like, um I don't want to work no more.
Okay, back to work, Larry.
We got to leave for the farmers market in 30 minutes.
Oh, your family's so cute.
Oh, thank you so much.
Larry, can you put some effort in? Shake your booty.
Come on.
Is Hugs your father? No.
- Larry.
- Whoa.
- Whoa! Kid, I almost shot you! - I learned my lesson.
I hate my new parents.
They can't cook, and they make me sleep in a storage closet.
All right.
Slow down.
Y Your parents did this? My moms.
They make me do all the chores, and I didn't eat nothing.
Please take me home.
- I'm tired of these white ladies.
- All right, calm down.
- I don't know what you're talking - Excuse me, Officer.
Is there a problem? Um, that's our son.
- This is your son? - Yes.
My wife, Amber and I We adopt impoverished children.
We have a kombucha stand right over there.
Did you want some? Oh.
I see what's going on.
I think he's just tired is all.
He said he wanted to go home.
Maybe he thought I'd arrest you for not letting him play PlayStation.
Uh, well, all four of our children are Black, so we always make sure to tell them that the police are their friends.
- Come on.
- Hey.
You know who he reminds me of in that hat? Aloe Blacc.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Thank you so much.
- Come on.
- Come on.
Larry, you are helping so much.
I'm so proud of you.
I didn't say that shit! I know being here isn't easy for you but I am gonna love that right out of you.
I promise.
You know, where you come from, they have a name for what you are.
What? A snitch.
We all have to work hard to keep this family together.
And I'm sure this is a much better situation than where you came from.
Goddamn it.
May I help you? Hi.
I'm with Family and Children's Services.
We got a call from one of your neighbors and would like to do a wellness check on the kids.
- May I come in? - Mm.
Look, if it was Chris Meyers next door, I mean, you can't really believe anything that he says.
He's, like, one of those Bernie Bro women-haters.
Excuse me.
What is that smell? Uh, kombucha.
Pickled Brussels sprouts.
So, I was going over your file, and I noticed - that you moved here five months ago.
- Mm-hmm.
But when I called Bledsoe County, they said that they could not locate a record.
Well, normally, Kasey's our caseworker.
Did something happen? She's sick.
There is dog hair everywhere in here.
Hello, darling.
Are you feeling okay? Oh.
What is this? Blueberries, like medicine.
Do you have a washcloth I can use? Uh, no.
So how do you like living here? I'm really, really hungry.
I just want to go home.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Um, you know, could I speak with you privately? I just think that there's some things about our case you don't you don't know.
- Um, sure.
That's fine.
- We'll go here.
Amber, why don't you start dinner.
Larry's hungry.
Everything's fine.
- We're good.
- Well, that's fantastic.
I made fried chicken again.
Eat up, guys.
If you don't start using your common sense and acting right, these white people They gon' kill you.
Kill you! What's your problem? Amber? Oh.
Hey, Larry.
Oh, we're going to the Grand Canyon.
You should get dressed.
Grand Canyon? Yeah.
It's gonna be fun.
Where are we going? Really.
Larry, get dressed.
We got to get going before the sun goes down.
Let's go, guys.
Larry? Come on.
Let's go.
Baby, the dream is still alive Look here in my eyes Can you see what I'm feeling? The dream is still alive - - The one of you and I And my heartache is healing - - I couldn't let it die - - No, I knew it would survive The dream is still Alive The dream is still alive Look here in my eyes Can't you see what I'm feeling? Okay, Cornpop.
Go be free.
Hey, Cornpop's a survivor, okay? He's-he's gonna make it.
Someone's gonna take care of him.
What the hell are we doing? Well, we're doing what needs to be done.
You know the world we live in, Amber.
It's horrible for these kids.
Without us to protect them, what's gonna happen to them? They're gonna go back into foster care.
Just release them in the wild like Cornpop? We'd be prolonging the inevitable.
Uh, when we adopted Fatima, I knew we were doing the right thing.
The agency even said so.
I mean, we got that big loan from the bank.
I thought that I thought that meant we were solid.
Everyone was so supportive.
Every single person.
And I just kept thinking, "Why Why isn't anyone stopping us?" Why didn't anyone stop us, Gayle? I I don't think I can do this.
But where would you advise? Don't look back.
That I generate a new design For the missing piece I had to disguise Saw a paper with the Take back again If there was a time That you loved me Can't go back, baby And sometimes I pray for the rain La-la-la-la, la-la-la La-la-la-la, la-la-la You and your glass world that does ring Though at times a frozen thing It encloses you in its crystalline Look so lovely but you'll have to decide If you could play it in reverse, then you'd find No.
Larry! All the love you took and then cast aside So you finally decided to come home, huh? Wait, Mom.
Yeah, baby? Some spaghetti in there? Yeah, spaghetti in there.
Shocking news tonight.
Authorities found children at a rest stop, apparently abandoned after their adoptive parents committed suicide by driving off of a bridge Terrible story.

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