Attack on Titan (2013) s03e02 Episode Script


Yo, Levi.
You grown any yet? Oh? It don't look like you changed at all! Kenny! Kaboom! "Pain" Gunshots?! What's going on?! Stay in there! Hiyaah! Historia! Eren! Hiyaah! Shit! They predicted every last one of our movements! Kenny What the hell is he doing in the Military Police?! It's Levi of the Scouts! W-Welcome to our establishment! Oof! Shit If this keeps up, I'll lose my team, Eren, and Historia too.
Tsk! Ain't that the damnedest thing! I smell a filthy rat coming from this bar Come out, you little rodent Found ya! The law has come to exterminate the vermin! Bang! Bang! Eek! The hell?! Ain't you here?! Right here, Kenny.
It's been a while.
Never thought you'd still be alive.
What happened to slaughtering the Military Police? Now you're one of them? Adults do plenty of things a kid like you can't understand.
Oops, my bad.
You're just so tiny, it's hard to believe you're older now.
I been looking forward to seeing you in action.
Never thought all those tricks I taught you would be helping you out like this.
Didn't I ever tell you what happens to a cornered rat? No matter which way you try to run, you'll get blasted from above.
Hey, Levi There's gotta be a reason you became a Scout, and I think I know what it is.
We had no choice but to survive in that garbage dump.
It took all we had each day to keep livin'.
And when we found out how big the world really was, you can bet it hurt like hell.
But something saved us We'd found something we wanted to do.
It's that simple.
It's simple, but the truth is The only thing that made our lives fulfilling was finding hobbies.
Hobbies? So is blowing the heads off my team another hobby of yours? Yup To achieve my grand goals, I'll kill as much as I have to.
You're no different.
You kill when it benefits you, too.
Yeah Wait! Captain Thanks, Old Man.
A chair?! What?! Fire! What?! Gunshots! Huh? From there! I heard a bunch of shots! You think something happened? Most likely.
The Captain had this message for us From now on, we'll be fighting humans, too, and not just Titans.
Huh? You mean? Hey! Hmm? Was that the First Interior Squad? Commander.
You're needed to check some papers.
Finally bit the dust? You moron How would I answer that if I'm dead? Ow, ow, ow He got me good.
Forgot that bar owners are allowed to keep guns for their own self-defense For a runt, he's sure grown up.
That's wonderful.
Huh?! Like hell it is! My dream is getting further and further away Hey! There goes Eren! Captain! What the hell?! Chase the wagon! Yes, sir! Listen up! They're used to fighting other people! Listen up! They're used to fighting other people! They already got three of ours.
If we're gonna get those two back, you can't hesitate! If you get the chance, you kill! Got it?! Roger! Tsk! Armin, Jean! Secure the wagon! We'll cover you! Sir! Another dead Jean! Don't move! You Jean! "Capital Mitras" How disappointing that nothing came of Erwin.
We still don't know the location of Eren Jaeger and Historia.
At this rate, freezing Scout activity will prove all for naught.
Indeed Do we know what information they might have learned from Pastor Nick? No helping it.
If we question too much, we'll reveal to them things they didn't know in the first place.
No, what they know or don't know matters not.
It's what they tried to learn.
That's plenty.
We should deal with them to the extent of the law.
Just as we've done until now It's from Lord Reiss.
Eren and Historia have been captured.
He's already moved against Erwin and the Scout Regiment.
There's no need for us to take action.
That's the last of it.
If you want your personal effects back, ask later.
No, it's fine.
I was hoping to speak with you.
I'm in no mood to reminisce about the past.
How cold of you, Nile.
Weren't we once comrades aiming to be Scouts? This tiny world is about to change.
Will it bring hope, or despair? Can we trust the government with the future of humanity or not? Who gets to choose? Who decides? Who will you trust? Erwin, you What are you planning to do? Gamble, like I always do.
Did you go through this, too? Sorry It's okay.
Sorry Sorry Shit! Armin! Jean! Don't do it! Fall back! Eren! What's wrong? This grimy place kill your appetite? No Jean, there's something I don't understand What's that? When I shot that gun to save you I honestly thought I didn't make it in time.
Sorry, but why was I the one who shot first? That's Because the other person hesitated.
It's true.
Armin, I'm sorry I should've done what I had to do.
I know what it is The person that I killed I bet they were a nice person.
Someone that was much more human than I am I pulled the trigger so easily I did I'm Armin, you've got blood on your hands now.
You can't go back to who you were.
Why would you say that? Embrace the new you.
Just think, if your hands were still clean Jean wouldn't be here right now.
I'll tell you why you pulled the trigger Because your comrade was about to die.
Armin Thanks to you getting blood on your hands, nobody on our squad ended up dead.
Thank you.
Captain Levi, I I thought it was wrong to be fighting other humans And wrong for you to order us to do it.
I was afraid to be hurting other people.
But I'm the one who was wrong.
Next time, I'll shoot.
I never said anything about who was right or wrong.
I don't even know myself.
Are you really the one in the wrong? Now then It's about time we hear what he has to say.
Wait! I'm just an old man used for moving wagons around the I've met this man once before.
In the city, people were calling him Boss.
Yeah, I know.
Dimo Reeves, right? Tsk! We were just following orders the Military Police forced on us.
And failed big time They'll plunder the Reeves Company for all that it's worth.
They won't stop with me and my dumb son.
They'll make sure all my employees die in so-called accidents.
So you'll die without a fight? Trost should have collapsed by now, but it's persevered.
That's because the Reeves Company brings people and work together.
But if the company was gone for good, just how few would survive the winter? Are you suggesting I team up with you? We just need to know where Eren and Historia are.
If you're supplying the Military Police, we can figure something out.
But can you can stop my city and employees from dying of starvation? I can't guarantee it.
However, you can trust that we'll move towards that end.
Finally, the nuisance is gone.
Erwin, big trouble! The situation got worse! There's two things! The first is that Eren and Historia were abducted! Three on my team were killed, too.
I'm planning to meet up with Levi to see if we can hunt down their location.
And? The other? Eren remembered a conversation between Ymir and Bertholdt, but.
Shit, if this is true My head's gonna explode! Calm down! What's the problem? If we don't rescue him quick, Eren will get eaten! Hey! Are Levi and them actually there? They are.
I promised him I'd cooperate, so they let us go for some reason.
Are we there? Reeves, you damn Sorry about that, pals.
What now? Does this really mean we're safe, Old Man? There's no guarantee.
You're kidding! Then why?! A merchant must learn to follow their nose.
Not just to smell easy money, but to sniff out profit awaiting in the future.
Once you find it, bite and don't let go.
Got it? Remember that.
Sorry, I'm late! You're still going at it? Yeah, I'm pretty new to this.
Sannes! You should know I'm also a novice at human torture, so please bear with me! Wait! What do you even want?! Who the hell tortures without asking questions?! Oh, right We do have some questions for you.
Where are Eren and Historia? Why are you after Historia? What's the Reiss Family? Too slow! Can't you see that we're in a hurry?! It starts again I feel like the screams are louder than when the captain did it.
Even though I know it's to save those two, it makes me sick.
Let's face it We're criminals now.
The enemies that we're fighting We're not killing them because they're trying to eat us.
It's because their views are different No, just the group they belong to.
And for that, their lives Armin All of us We're not good people anymore.
Sorry, I can't peel nails as well as you.
Just how many did you peel to get so good? Too many to count.
Within these cramped walls, do you know why war has never broken out? It's because the First Interior Squad dirtied our hands to protect the peace.
A teacher too smart for their own good A stupid couple who tried to fly A whore from some ranch in the sticks! Humanity has only made it this far because we erased them! You should be thanking us! I've never seen anyone get more pleasure out of torture than you guys! You're monsters! But I'm not even afraid.
I I have I have the King, I I believe in the King and peace in the walls.
That all the things we've done were justified But To think it hurt this much Go on and torture me to death already.
That's all I ever did with this blood-stained life of mine.
Time for a break.
That's troubling I'm beginning to feel sorry for him.
Quit shoving me.
It hurts Ralph! You're pathetic.
It only took one nail to make you talk.
Sannes doesn't have any nails left.
You're nothing like him.
Like I care? That was his decision.
The guy never shuts up about peace and the King.
The rest of us hate him.
Do us a favor and kill him already.
We're not letting it happen until he verifies your story.
You already got what you wanted out of me.
Gimme a break.
Will I be getting a bed in my cell, or what? Ready, Sannes? Let's try again.
This is tough for me, too, but I'll do my best to Reiss is the true royal family.
So much for trying not to stand out Flegel is taking forever, dammit.
Merchants shouldn't be sellouts when it comes to trust.
Was it wise not to ask him where Levi is? He'll show up even if we do nothing.
How do you know? Because I raised him.
Levi Ackermann is just that kind of guy.
The true royal successor is Historia? In other words, both Eren and Historia are likely wherever Rod Reiss is.
That's him.
Historia I'm sorry for everything A girl's past It's a secret big enough to change the kingdom Once this secret is known to Erwin, he remembers a past of his own.
Next Episode: "Old Story.
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