Attack on Titan (2013) s03e03 Episode Script

Old Story

1 "Old Story" I was born on a small farm in the northern region of Wall Rose.
It was on land owned by the noble family of Reiss.
As far back as I can remember, I was helping around the farm.
But, my mother was always reading books and not once did I see her doing housework.
She was a beautiful woman At night, someone would come for her in a wagon and she'd go off to the city wearing fancy clothes.
For me, that was just life as I knew it.
After I learned to read and write, I picked up a book to imitate my mother.
Only then did I know how alone I was.
In all the books, parents cared about their children.
They talked, hugged, fought or so the stories went.
I had never experienced any of those things.
One day, out of curiosity, I decided to try hugging my mother.
I just wanted to see what kind of face she would make.
Mother! She ended up shoving me away, but that was the first thing my mother ever did to me.
That's why it made me so happy.
If only I had the courage to kill the girl Those were the first words my mother said to me.
After that, she left the house and began living somewhere else.
And then, five years ago One night just days after Wall Maria fell For the very first time, I met my father.
Nice to meet you, Historia.
My name is Rod Reiss I'm your father.
That man He was the lord ruling the land we lived on.
My mother I hadn't seen in years looked terribly frightened.
Historia You'll be living with me now.
This is a problem, Lord Reiss.
Let's avoid acting rashly now.
Did the fall of Wall Maria make you a little scared? Mother! No! I am not the mother of that girl! She has nothing to do with me! Oh? Is that true, Lord Reiss? Do you really have nothing to do with this woman or child? So be it These two here have nothing to do with me.
I thought that might be the case.
What?! What are you? You never existed.
You never worked at the estate either.
Nobody knows who you are.
That's not Master! Please tell them that's not true! Mother If only If only I never had you! Those were my mother's last words.
Moments before I was to be killed, my father proposed an idea.
That if I were to be sent far away and live out a quiet life, perhaps they could spare me.
Your name will be Christa Lenz.
Please forgive me for everything.
In order to protect you, I had no other choice.
F-Father I was always thinking about you.
I've always dreamed of the day I could hold you like this.
You're special Royal blood runs through you.
It does? That's right, Historia.
Our Reiss family is the true royal line.
And because you're special, you're the one and only person who can save all of humanity.
Now, let us go, Historia.
To the place it all began Sannes! Are you all right?! Hey, don't tell me You didn't tell them anything, right? Our loyalty to the King is more Sannes! I can't stand to hear your voice anymore! You've betrayed me since the very beginning! To think how I trusted you! Sannes! He never told us anything.
In fact, we never questioned him.
We threatened Ralph with a knife and forced him to read this script that I wrote.
That's all.
Then I I betrayed the King? Y-You devils! I'm not trying to deny it, but I'm sure Nick thought the same thing about you.
That's why I said what I did.
That I was beginning to feel sorry for you.
Look at how pathetic you are! Grown-ass men wailing and crying! It serves you right, morons! See how you like spending the rest of your life shitting in a tiny cell! See you.
Next in line This role of ours There's an order to it.
When one's role is done, another steps in to start the act again.
And thus, the world can never be rid of it.
Good luck, Hange.
Section Commander? Sorry I made a mess.
There was a cockroach.
I see Just one kick of yours should've blasted it to bits.
It's about time you fill them in.
Oh Yeah, I should.
Eren will be eaten?! Yeah.
Eren remembered a conversation that went like this Do you resent me for it? I'm not sure I don't know.
You probably didn't want to eat a human either Speculating based on that, Ymir was a Titan wandering alone outside the wall.
Bertholdt, Reiner, and Annie had a comrade that she ate.
When a Titan eats someone, they don't change back into a human.
But, what if a Titan ate one of Reiner's comrades? They're humans who can transform into Titans.
In other words, if a Titan eats someone with that power, they revert back into a human.
Furthermore, they obtain the power of those they eat.
In the other day's battle, Reiner was throwing Titans at Eren, who had escaped.
Eren has the power to control Titans with his scream.
He was trying to snatch that power with those Titans.
In that case, Eren is just a vessel who is bound to be replaced.
Basically, if the government has a Titan of their own, they'll be the one to eat Eren.
Calm down.
Even if you go on a rampage, they're not going to give Eren back to us.
Anyways, we head for the lands of this Rod Reiss.
Get ready to leave at once.
Yes, sir! I'll go tell Erwin what we learned about the Reiss family.
I'm sure he's waiting to hear from us.
We can meet up on Reiss' land.
Hear from me at the usual spot.
Excuse me.
Commander Erwin, Pyxis is here for you.
The commander? Yes, he wants to see you.
Let him in.
Sir! Sorry about the late visit.
I just couldn't stand still, you see.
I finished reading your letter.
I came with some thoughts of my own.
But, first I need to ask Are you serious? Yes.
In order to retake Wall Maria, we'll overthrow the government.
I knew this would happen one day.
This cramped world can only hold people for so long before they begin to lash out.
And when that time came, I'd have to point my gun at the King as well.
If my guess proves correct, this plan will not require military forces to take action.
Nor should it be necessary for anyone to die.
Oh? Do tell me then.
Is such a method possible? However, the groundwork for this to happen is not quite ready.
And if everything is not in order, me and everyone else will be hanged, no doubt.
Oh, that's all? In other words, it's another huge gamble.
It seems I may be a betting man.
The news should come shortly.
Until it arrives, I'd like you to hear a story regarding my childhood.
Hmm? My father He was a teacher.
What in the world? Section Commander, that was Yeah, I know.
Excuse me! Erwin I thought as much.
My gamble was right after all, Commander.
One of the First Interior Squad confessed.
The current royal family is a fraud.
Reiss is the true royal family.
My word! Right now, Squad Levi is underway rescuing Eren and Historia.
Once they're recovered, we'll have Historia Reiss enthroned as Queen.
As one possessing the true royal blood.
And you'll force the makeshift King to relinquish the crown? To the true Queen Without spilling any blood, we will overthrow the government.
And in front of the people, we'll reveal that the system as they know it has all been a lie.
Very well.
I'll back your plan.
However, whether or not it should be carried out is not for us to decide.
You understand that, don't you, Erwin? Of course, Commander.
Did anything come of the Reiss investigation? I found out as much as I could.
From all that I learned, one curious incident stuck out.
Incident? Commander Erwin! The Interior Squad demands you turn yourself in! They're making a scene in the middle of the city that you organized a murder! It seems the enemy's been making plans of their own.
Hange, get far from here.
Huh?! What are you planning to do? I need to be the face of the Scout Regiment.
You should act at your own discretion.
Furthermore, the next commander of the Scout Regiment Hange Zoë, it's you.
The Scouts are in your hands.
Hey, he's here.
It's Erwin.
I take it you know who this is, Erwin? The boss of Reeves Company.
Dimo Reeves.
Yesterday, and in this very place, Eren Jaeger was abducted by underlings of Reeves.
However that was all a mere scheme between the Scouts and Reeves Company in order to evade handing over Eren Jaeger to the government.
And then when Reeves was no longer needed, they killed the man to keep him from talking.
The murderer is still at large and must be holed up with Eren.
What a convenient story that is.
What you scoundrels are doing It's the same as monopolizing Eren's power for yourself.
And that act violates clause six of the Humanity Charter.
You know which that one is, don't you? To prioritize one's own gain over the safety and longevity of humanity, yes? That's right.
Therefore, in acknowledgment of violating said law, all Scouts are to be apprehended! Old man You think the fat cats will finally be satisfied? I bet Reeves would be glad to know he proved useful in the end.
There's still Levi to deal with I told you, he'll show up on his own.
We'll crush him when the time comes.
What do we do now?! May I have a moment? Hmm? Get away from my husband, you lowlife! In the battle of Trost District, Mr.
Reeves delayed the evacuation by trying to take along his wealth.
So what?! Are you saying he deserved to die?! However given the current situation with Trost on the verge of collapse He planted his feet in the city, and using any means possible he aided those with no place to go while striving to revive the city.
Except, by somebody's hands that dream was extinguished.
I promise you I will avenge him.
My father He was a teacher.
One day, we were learning history.
To protect themselves from the Titans, humanity took refuge within the walls and realized 100 years of peace.
In doing so, any records of our earlier past were lost for all of time.
That's what we're all taught.
However, I having doubts of my own, asked my father a question.
My father evaded answering the question and ended class as normal.
But After we got home, my father answered my question.
He said the history books given by the government were full of contradictions and mysteries.
My father continued to tell me more, and even as I child, I was astounded.
There's a reason he didn't tell that story to the entire class, but I wasn't smart enough to know.
I'd been telling the other kids my father's story, and one day, the Military Police came to question me.
My father didn't come home that day He died in some accident in a faraway town.
Based on what I knew, my father was killed by the government.
One hundred and seven years ago Humanity that fled into these walls The King had altered their memories to make them easy to rule.
That was my father's theory.
Oh? Because if they hadn't done that, civilization within the walls could never succeed? Yes.
Ever since I was a child, I've been thinking Why did my father have to die for nothing more than getting close to the truth? Even those in the government would believe what they're doing is just.
However, I realized one thing about them What they're trying to protect is not humanity, but their gardens, houses, and lands.
Rather, if anyone dares threaten their authority, they'll be extinguished, whoever they are.
In the end, there was nothing to justify my father's death.
My father was killed by human greed And by the foolishness of his own son.
Before I knew it, my father's theory became truth inside my heart.
Now, my mission in life It's to prove my father's theory once and for all.
The Scout Regiment murdered a civilian! Some of them have fled capture! They're still on the loose! If you spot any of these persons, report it immediately! Told you, didn't I? They're the ones who had that Titan battle here and destroyed practically everything! I bet they're planning to use that Eren monster to wipe us out! Captain, we bought the supplies.
The Military Police were handing out these.
If this is true, the Scouts will be disbanded.
I heard they'll be hunting for us tonight.
They're also putting guards on all the vital roads, and it's impossible to get through without a pass.
Captain, what now? If we don't hurry, Eren Calm down.
They're using a wagon.
It'll take at least a day to reach Reiss' territory.
We'll have to use that time to come up with a plan.
Captain, I hear footsteps.
They're coming this way.
Those who throw away their life Those who believe in justice Those who protect the city Courage which swells up from memories gives people the courage to fight.
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