Attack on Titan (2013) s03e12 Episode Script

Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall

In other words It's possible for us to plug that hole in Wall Maria now.
The Scout Regiment hurry their preparations for retaking Wall Maria.
Hell yeah! We did it, Eren! Eren? Let's hurry make weapons, and get going to Shiganshina.
Seems if I inject this I'll turn into a Titan.
There came another One more thing to shape their fate had been found.
Sorry I'm late.
Well? Have we discovered what's in the container? The thing is With our technology, I'm afraid we can't dig much deeper.
Like we've heard from Eren and Historia, it seems to originate from some sort of human bodily fluid.
However, it vaporizes when exposed to air, making analysis difficult.
Whoever made it must have had technology far superior to ours.
If it was the Reiss family, I can't imagine how Hmm In that case, instead of tampering with it, we should use it to achieve our current objective.
But who do we entrust it to? Erwin, to you? No I'm no more than a wounded soldier.
This box belongs with one of our elite soldiers who has the best odds of survival.
Levi, would you keep it? If it's an order, just say so.
Why even ask the question? We can't predict in what situation we'll have to use this.
We'll be relying on you to make a decision on the fly.
Judging when and who to use it on will be for you to choose.
Can we leave that to you? If this dream of yours comes true, what will you do then? I don't know.
I won't until it happens.
I see All right.
I'll do it.
By the way, I'd like to unveil that work of mine soon.
Have you given it thought? You still haven't given up on that? If the public saw that repulsive display, trust in the military would hit rock bottom.
You don't know art when you see it.
"Night of the Battle to Retake the Wall" In other words, Eren's father, Grisha Jaeger is likely a human who came from outside the walls.
Just like Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt, he possessed the Power of the Titans.
But different from those three, he was supportive of humanity within the walls.
If he was so interested to know about the Scouts and such, we could've used more of that support of his.
I wonder From the moment he entered the walls, he was searching for the royal family all alone, I'm sure.
And that That's not something you do without incredible resolve.
That same father wanted to show his 10-year-old son, eager to join the Scouts, the basement of their house.
On death's door, he said the truth of it all was in the basement.
What in the world do you think is down there? Things which mustn't be said.
No Things Grisha Jaeger couldn't say, even if he wanted to.
That which the First Reiss King wiped from our memories memories of our world is what I hope, but Pondering about it here won't accomplish much.
The preparations finished today.
The operation to retake Wall Maria starts in two days.
Want to know what's in the basement? Let's go see for ourselves.
Isn't that what Scouts do? Let all your squads know.
Keeping it secret of course, yeah? On a day like this, we deserve some meat, right? Good idea.
Gotta show those kids us adults can be counted on.
What about Commander Sadies keeping secrets from us? Forget about him.
We don't have time to deal with it.
I'm shocked, Hange.
You used to adore him! Shut up! What is it, Levi? It's a bit hasty, but What will you do after retaking Wall Maria? I'd guess a defense plan comes first, but After that? Eliminating threats.
Outside the walls, there seems to be someone hoping Titans will eat us all.
Of course, the answer to who is in the basement, I imagine.
It's as I said earlier.
We'll plan that after the basement.
I'm asking this because you might not live that long.
You can't exactly move like you used to.
Let Hange call the shots.
You'll just be dead weight.
Let the good news come to you.
We'll tell the others I argued till you gave in.
No That's actually what I intend.
Fine with that? I'm not.
I'm fine being food.
Use me as bait.
The chain of command still remains.
If I'm gone, then Hange.
If Hange's gone, the next.
It's true, this operation will be dangerous, but to humanity, it's more important than anything else.
That's why I've gone to such lengths.
This is all my plan.
If I don't do it, the success rate will plummet.
That's right.
The operation might fail, but If you bite the dust in the process, we're doomed.
So just sit at your desk and keep using your head.
That's the last thing the Titans would want.
And for humanity, it's the best thing going for us.
No, you're wrong.
Our best option is for me to gamble it all Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hold up Keep using that bluff around me and I'll break both of your damn legs.
I'll make it nice and easy to attach them later.
But the operation to retake Wall Maria will proceed with you weeping here.
It'll be a bitch to get to the toilet though.
I'd like to avoid that.
What you're saying is right.
A wounded soldier should stay off the battlefield.
However There will come a moment when we learn the truth of our world and I must be there for it.
Is it that important to you? More than your legs? Yes.
More than humanity's victory? Yes.
I see Erwin I'll trust your judgment.
This may be a special night, but let's not let the public find out! Behave like soldiers without causing a ruckus! Eh? Meat? What? Is this meat? Am I dreaming? Tonight's the night before we retake Wall Maria! Cheers! Huh?! Wait! Calm down! We'll split it evenly! Hey! That big piece counts as two! Hell no! But you suck with the spear! You're useless, so gimme yours! Say what?! Don't you start pulling that shit, potato girl! What the hell do you think you're doing?! Cut it out, Sasha! I I don't wanna have to kill you! You can't eat the whole thing alone! You're eating me! Eating me! Eating me! Sasha! That meat is Jean! Have you lost your mind?! Do the Scouts never get fed any meat? Pathetic Conny, would you knock Sasha out already? I'm trying! She should be unconscious, but she's still moving! Hey, I think we've got casualties.
Whose brilliant idea was it to serve meat? Sorry.
But now we know blowing the food budget for two months in one night results in this.
That should do it.
She finally ran out of energy.
Can you believe this freak? And to think she once offered to share meat with everyone.
Huh? When? Four months ago, when we were servicing the cannons.
I brought some meat from the officers' storehouse! It'll be fine! We can just raise more cattle and sheep once we retake our land! It's happening again! The Titans are going to get in! It disappeared! I thought I felt sorry for you.
Only four months have passed since back then? Only four months.
But think, in just four months, we're in Squad Levi.
We climbed the ranks in a flash.
It's 'cuz you're a genius.
Damn straight I am.
Let's eat before our food gets cold.
Don't you see? You're the rear guard 'cuz you've got no experience.
I understand that I may be weak, but Isn't the vanguard the best place to learn how the enemy moves? What's this? Trying to act all tough talking about self-sacrifice? But if we're all not of that mentality, how will we be effective as a unit? Listen here Everyone starts out as a recruit.
If we throw recruits into battle like cannon fodder, they'll all be too dead to learn.
Which is why it's your job to sit in the back and study, so you can come home in one piece.
But the most useless of all is the suicidal maniac who only knows how to charge in.
Right? Jean Who do you mean by that? Who else but you? You suicidal maniac.
Actually, I found something out recently.
I'm quite a normal person, you know? So if you're saying that to me, that just makes you a coward, Jean.
You're so full of yourself, you pig shit! You trying to grow out the hair on your mane, horse face?! Hey, what the? Just don't hit the face.
You jerk! You're ripping it, ass! What the hell are they doing? You bastard! Show 'em what you've got! He's losing ground! Looks like something started.
And here I told 'em to behave But seriously Ah? If you didn't have Titan powers, you'd be dead ten times over.
And every time, Mikasa would swoop in to save your ass.
If you insist on being suicidal I'll just have to kill you! That's something I'll have to take to heart! You should start showing your mom some respect, Jean-boy! Would you forget that?! Blargh! Shouldn't we stop them? No I think it's fine.
Why isn't anybody stopping us? How long will this go on for? Shit I think I'm gonna barf up that meat.
You're all too damn rowdy.
Go to sleep.
And clean that up.
Yes, sir! Ouch It's weird when I say it, but Shouldn't you guys watch out for me more? I knew if you got hurt it would heal up quick, so I just watched.
That's so cruel.
You're the one who incited it.
But at least you're spunky again.
I'm glad we met the commandant.
I It doesn't Whether I'm spunky or not, I'll do what I have to do.
But, yeah It's easier now.
Kept thinking about stuff I can't change.
And wondering why I can't be strong like Mikasa and Levi I was jealous.
But even you and the captain alone, you can't do much.
Which is why we've all gotta find the things we can do.
And by joining together, that's what makes us powerful.
Every person is different.
And it's all for times like this.
Yeah I think you're right.
Once we retake Wall Maria and defeat all the enemies coming for us will they come back? Those days We'll bring it back.
But some things are forever changed.
We'll make them pay for that.
But there's more than that.
The sea A salt lake so big that merchants could spend their whole lives and still not get all the salt.
There's more than just Titans outside the walls.
Fiery water, lands of ice, sandy snowfields I joined the Scouts so I could see all that.
You sure did.
Right?! Let's start by seeing the sea! You still doubt that it's real, Eren! You'll see! It does exist! All right then.
Guess we'll have to go see.
It's a promise, then! You have to! Yet another conversation only you two get We can explore the outside world! It's gotta be way bigger than inside the walls! Okay, I get it.
Just before sunset It's finally time.
Hey! Hange! Good luck! Flegel? Take back Wall Maria for us! The future of humanity is in your hands! Captain Levi! Thank you for saving our city! You all come back in one piece, all right?! But go and reclaim our territory! Someone's got a big mouth.
Well, with the commotion we made, of course they'd find out.
The thing is, all that meat we ordered was from the Reeves Company.
Damn that Flegel.
Yeah! You can count on us! You know we will! How long's it been since the Scouts got a send-off like this? Who knows? I don't think we've ever As far as I'm aware, this is a first.
The final operation to retake Wall Maria will now commence! Advance! You guys Do you have the faintest damn clue what you're doing?!