Attack on Titan (2013) s03e13 Episode Script

The Town Where Everything Began

Wall Maria contained one third of humanity's remaining territory.
Five years ago, when humanity lost this territory, from within the remaining two walls, they realized: "That we are not meant to continue living.
" After all, humanity cannot defeat the Titans.
I'm going to drive out every last one from this world! However, one young man gripped that small blade held in his heart, and thrust it into a Titan, pounding its massive head into the ground.
When humanity saw this, what did they think? Some were proud.
Some held hope.
Some cried out in anger.
Then, if Wall Maria was retaken, what would humanity cry out? Would they finally start believing that humanity deserves to live? Advance! That our own fate is something we can decide? Will it be enough for them to believe? If only Wall Maria was retaken "The Town Where Everything Began" Whoa! Hey! You've gotta light up the ground! S-Sorry.
We're not at the foot yet? It's almost dawn.
Once we're over this mountain, Shiganshina's right there.
Sorry you're stuck with my horse.
You're supposed to be saving your energy.
Yeah, I know.
She's right.
Rest up, Eren.
Don't say his name, idiot.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
Assume this place is swarming with enemies.
Titan on the left! Everyone halt! Light up the area! It's all right.
He's fast asleep.
This lad must not be one of those new types that moves at night.
That's too bad.
Let him be.
I can't believe we didn't see it till that close up.
Yeah, I'm with you there.
This moonless night must be protecting us.
Light from the moon is reflected sunlight.
The new type of Titan We think they use that minuscule amount of reflected light to move.
Using the new moon was the right move.
There's no guarantee we won't have a repeat of before.
That lad may be one of those "Moonlight Titans" for all we know.
Hope we capture one someday! I'm shaking? Why? What am I so scared of? Shit If I screw up retaking Wall Maria because I'm like this, what then?! How many people will lose hope forever? There won't be a chance like this ever again! Am I not cut out for it after all? Someone like me? How can I save humanity? Someone like me? How? Eren What are you shaking for? Are you scared? Huh?! I'm not scared! Huh? You're kidding Look at your hand.
This is It's cold! My hand's damn freezing! Really? My whole body's been shaking this whole time.
See? Eren, have you ever been afraid of Titans? Normally, everyone's terrified of them.
Like me The first time I faced a Titan, I couldn't move a muscle.
But there I was And you pulled me right out of a Titan's mouth.
How were you able to do something like that? I remembered the time you showed me that book.
Up until then, I never once thought about what was outside the walls.
I just spent every day staring at the clouds and sky.
But then, I heard your story and looked into your eyes.
You were seeing an awesome dream.
But I had nothing.
That's when I knew.
I wasn't free.
Trapped in a small cage in a huge world, my freedom stolen by those unthinkable fiends.
When I realized that, I couldn't forgive them.
I don't know why, but when it comes to taking back freedom Yes Strength flows through me.
Thanks for that.
I'm good now.
I bet, by this time next year, we'll be looking at the sea.
I recognize this area.
I think we came here for firewood.
I can see the foot! There's signs of a trail! It's so close.
I can hear the river.
Finally, we're back The first time since we fled from here.
Back to our hometown Be on guard for Titans hiding in the shadows! Our operation begins now! All troops, switch to ODM gear! There's two gates we must seal the inner and outer.
With that, Shiganshina will be isolated.
We'll exterminate any Titans left inside.
If the enemy knows our plan, they'll go straight after Eren, but We'll have hoods covering the faces of all 100 of our soldiers.
By the time they find out who Eren is, we'll have the outer gate plugged.
Don't stop! Head for the outer gate! Roger! This is the remains of a fire? They're here and close! Bertholdt and Reiner! My house is right around there.
That's where we left everything behind.
It's okay, I'll take it all back! This is all too strange Not a single Titan in sight? But we have to keep going.
Yeah, there's no reason to call it off.
I can do this! No We can do this! Because we've all been special since the day we were born! We're free! Don't let your guard down! Keep on the lookout! Roger! Eren! How's your ODM gear? It's fine.
But I did manage to lose my cloak.
The hole?! Success! It's plugged all right! We did it! Eren, you okay? No problems here.
I'm ready like we trained.
We'll head for the inner gate! While we're on the move, remember to hide your faces! I really plugged the hole? And that easily? You did it.
Believe in your own power.
The hole from then Not yet! No matter how much you plug it, they'll break the wall as long as they live.
Until we kill Reiner, Bertholdt, and any other enemies, the operation to retake Wall Maria won't end.
Of course I know that! The outer gate was a success.
Still, it's odd There's no attack coming.
On the contrary, we've not seen a single Titan so far.
Were they not prepared for our sudden assault? We can only hope, but Considering what Arlelt discovered Hmm? I looked into it.
I'm pretty sure someone was camping.
The pot was cold and lights were scattered on the ground.
They were drinking something like black tea.
Smells good What is this drink? Also, there were three cups with drops of a black liquid in it.
At the least, there were three people atop the wall.
Th-Three, you say?! Was the metal pot completely cool? Yes.
I find that odd.
Th-The pot? We charged here at full speed using horses and ODM gear.
Had they noticed our approach by sound or by sight, they'd have two minutes to react.
A pot in use wouldn't cool in just two minutes.
They had to have known we were coming for five minutes or more.
Meaning they've had plenty of time to prepare for us.
But how? Th-There must be a scout in addition to the three on the wall No, we have to assume there's many more enemies in hiding.
For now, locating the enemy is our priority.
Arlelt With that brain of yours, you've saved us from disaster countless times.
Right now is one of those times we need you.
Huh? Take as many soldiers as needed.
Find out if enemies are hiding near the inner gate or not.
As of now, you obey Armin Arlelt's commands.
Continue the search! R Roger! We searched the wall thoroughly! What are your orders, Arlelt?! Send one group to each side of the wall! Search all the buildings near the inner gate! Report any findings with an acoustic shell! A-All right? Roger! Another big gamble of yours? No, he's proven himself.
He's one of our greatest weapons.
Eren's coming to plug the inner gate.
What now? Pause the operation until we find the enemy? We continue.
We'll lose a prolonged battle in enemy territory.
For us, our only chance is with a decisive battle.
Besides, if this is all according to the enemy's plan, we'll just have to live with it.
In any case, they're not the only ones hiding something.
What do I do? Eren's coming to seal the inner gate And we don't know where the enemy's at! Why haven't they shown even though we plugged the wall? Why can't we find them no matter how much we search? This is bad What now? If we fail that'll really be the end! It's over.
Everything They always attack us in unthinkable ways we always fail to predict.
We're always at a disadvantage because we simply know nothing about Titans! Always? Did you find them, Arlelt?! Where are they?! Not yet! Everyone search the walls! I told you we already did! There's nowhere to hide! Inside the walls! Inside the walls? Yes! There must be a spot where someone could stay inside for a long time! How do you know that?! It's a hunch.
Do you have any idea what sort of situation we're in?! We don't have time to waste on hunches! Think about it! The enemy always attacks us using Titan powers in ways we never imagine! If we constrain ourselves to common sense and reason, we'll never be able to gain the upper hand! The signal to halt the mission! All troops, scatter and stand by atop the wall! Roger! There are times to be strict and times to be flexible.
Adhere to the principles you vowed while giving everything you've got.
Obey the chain of command.
The reason we are here is to claim victory! Break into two groups again and search the surface! Especially above the gate! Commence the search! Rog Roger! What are they doing? Should we really be waiting like this? Yeah, so much for our surprise attack Armin Did you figure something out? A position to react, no matter when Eren appears A position able to see everything If there is such a place, it has to be in the walls.
If the enemy has no idea we know about the Titans in the walls, and they think we'll never see it coming Or possibly? Here! There's a cavity here! Reiner! Shit! Captain?! Is that another Titan power?! Captain?! Is that another Titan power?! So close! But I couldn't finish 'em! Keep on the lookout! Locate his allies! Boulder incoming! Get down! What the?! Did he miss? No That was good aim.
He plugged the entrance.
Now the horses can't pass.
They'll aim for the horses and surround us in order to block our escape and annihilate us here.
We're both hoping for the same thing.
To settle it here once and for all.
Humanity or Titans?! Which side will live?! Which side will perish?! A horde of Titans appears out of nowhere.
As they vie to settle the fight, the once friend becomes enemy and stands in Eren's way.
Next episode: "Thunder Spears.
" "Thunder Spears"