Attack on Titan (2013) s03e17 Episode Script


We die trusting the living who follow to find meaning in our lives! That is the sole method in which we can rebel against this cruel world! My soldiers, rage! My soldiers, scream! My soldiers, fight! The commander! Don't look back! Charge! "Hero" How pitiful To never learn from the mistakes of history It's a tragedy how King Reiss stole their memories of the world.
That's why they're repeating the same mistakes.
In the end, they'll send every last person in the walls, down to the children and elderly, on a suicide charge.
Saying if they're going to die, they may as well die proud.
It's bullshit! I crushed it into dust? What's gotten into me? Why are you getting worked up? You're not like your father, right? You've gotta try to enjoy things.
So let's turn them all into proud little chunks of meat! The second volley is coming! Fire! It's coming Is this how I die? I wonder what Hitch is doing Wait, I bet she's still in bed Sounds nice I don't get it Why am I, at a time like this? Yeah! Game over! You like that? I changed how I threw the pitch.
Now you're done for.
Fire! Like I said How is firing those things going to help you? All that screaming What good is it going to do you?! Aww, you poor things Hmm? What's that? My Titans have fallen Huh? I need to watch out for a single soldier? Yes.
Captain Levi is dangerous.
Is this Levi? My nape! What the? I can't see a thing! Did he take out my eyes? My legs! What happened to all that fun you were having?! Tsk! I'll harden! Shoot, I won't make it! Come on, let's try to enjoy this! After transforming, if your body's severely damaged, it's too busy healing to let you transform.
Isn't that right? Hey, answer me.
Learn some manners.
I can't kill him yet Isn't anyone out there still alive? If they are, even on the brink of death, this injection will make them a Titan.
We can have them eat this guy and steal the Beast Titan's power.
Someone, just one I can bring back to life.
Hey Where are you going? Stop All of you! Go kill him! It hurts! You've done it now, Levi! It hurts! But your weapons have to be all used up.
With this, you'll all be wiped out! That might've been a close one, but victory is ours! Wait I made a promise to him that I'd kill you no matter what.
I promised! Why am I alive? The others Hey! Is anyone else alive?! That bastard To think he's seriously alive Why won't he just stay dead? What the hell do we do against something like that?! Hey, Armin I think having Eren escape is the best we can do.
He's thinner Huh? The Colossal Titan has gotten a little skinnier.
It's just like Hange said! The Colossal Titan is weak in a battle of attrition! Remember Eren's experiments! He could only transform up to three times.
If that's the case for a 15-meter Titan, a 60-meter one might be less efficient! And there's his steam attack, too! I bet it's consuming everything except his skeleton to produce that steam! So what are you saying? Armin I have a plan.
You all need to draw Reiner away.
Eren and I will defeat Bertholdt ourselves.
The two of us can win and I'm going to prove it.
All right.
Leave Reiner to the rest of us.
Took long enough, dummy.
I really thought we were goners.
I don't know why, but when it comes to taking back freedom strength flows through me.
If this plan goes well, I I won't get to look at the sea For some reason, when I think of the outside world courage flows through me.
Eren, wake up! Let's go look at the sea! Eren, that sums up my plan.
As long as we properly execute it and manage to trick Bertholdt, this battle is ours for the taking.
Got it?! We've gotta trust that Eren and Armin can handle Bertholdt! We just need to keep Reiner away from them if we can! Let's keep him occupied from a safe distance! Roger! He ignored us?! That jerk! He's changing his focus to Eren? We'll just have to kill him! Mikasa! Hey! If we can't get Reiner's attention, we have to finish him off right here! It's on us to protect Eren and Armin! Yeah, I know We've only got three Thunder Spears left! Shit! But We've gotta try anyways! 'Cuz unless we fight, we can't win! What was that? What got me? A single attack took out my knee I can't remember much since then I'm blowing this whole area away.
If you can, lie down with your Titan body facing upwards.
Bertholdt What the hell happened to me? I don't know what's going on and I don't have much strength left.
But I know Eren's over there.
And as long as we capture Eren, that should still mean that we win.
Isn't that right, Bertholdt? I'll deal with these chumps quickly and come running to back you up.
Reiner must be facing the four who went that way.
Strange Only Eren and those guys in the 104th survived the explosion? To be perfectly honest, I hoped to blow everyone up.
But I'm used to these sorts of trials, Armin What's the point of waking Eren when he's all battered like that? I want you to show me.
What will you leave behind in your final moments? I know it's a plan I thought up myself, but its success mostly depends on how long I can hold out for.
Armin, don't tell me you're Eren Sorry, but I can't die till I look at the sea.
So I'll have to call it quits before it gets out of hand.
The rest is up to you.
Y-You know, because I'm just not a hero.
No You're wrong The Armin I know is Eren You should know.
We promised to go to the sea together, right? Have I ever lied to you in my life? So no matter what happens, stick to my plan till the end! Sh-Shit Eren! I knew it This battle is already won.
He probably has a severe concussion and can't even stand on his own.
Enough of this Let's end it! Armin All the way to the very end you fought well.
Eren! Armin! No We left it to them We're going to kill Reiner.
If there's one way to take Reiner out with three Thunder Spears, this is it.
We'll pick a fight with him while he still can't move.
Either way this fight goes, this is where it ends.
Bring it on.
Reiner! First, I go as the decoy.
Conny and Sasha will follow with two Thunder Spears and aim for Reiner's jaw from both sides! Sasha! Jean! One of them missed If we blow off his jaw, Reiner's mouth should open up! Mikasa can use the last Thunder Spear to hit his nape through the mouth! His mouth isn't open Even so, I have to do it! Why? I can't blow Armin away Why won't his anchor come loose? He shouldn't even be able to get close! I knew it His bones aren't being consumed! The anchors stay put if they're not in muscle! But most importantly, he can't move his body while he's emitting steam! But, Armin Is this how you go out? In all your wisdom, the best plan you could come up with was to get scorched to death like this? I can't breathe! I have to let go No! Not yet! It's not enough! I've gotta buy more time! What's he trying to accomplish? A diversion? But Eren's still beat to a pulp over there.
Mikasa and them have their hands full with Reiner.
There isn't anything else to it? If this really is the end for you All right I'll make it quick for you.
Hold on! Don't let go! I entrust it to Eren! My dreams My life Everything! This is the one and only thing I have to give! I'm sure Eren will reach the sea! He'll look at the sea for me! Mikasa! It's too risky! No, it's perfect! Hange! Now's your chance, Mikasa! She can't be Reiner! Come out! It's over Next is Eren and the horses That's hardening? Gotcha! A diversion?! Which means Eren tricking me into thinking he couldn't move and all Armin's stalling was just to buy Eren enough time to make a replica hardened Titan! They did it to make me think there weren't any enemies nearby To make me lower my guard Have I ever lied to you in my life? Dammit, I should've known Hey, why don't you fight back? Huh? They pick on you 'cuz you don't hit back.
Are you fine with losing forever? I'm not losing.
Huh? Because I don't run.
Hey, what's your name? Huh? I knew you were more of a hero than anyone else.
Finding resolve, Eren and the others defeat their enemies.
However, what they lost cost more than what they won.
The despair alone has left them stunned.
Next episode: "Midnight Sun.
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