Attack on Titan (2013) s03e18 Episode Script

Midnight Sun

I should've known this would happen.
But I had no other choice but to rely on you.
Armin Why don't you run away? A Titan? Shit! You just try coming closer! Make one move to take him and he's dead! What's that? He's got Titan marks around his eyes.
Is he the Beast Titan?! Are you Eren Jaeger? If nothing else, I'm taking him with me! You look nothing like your father.
What? Believe me, I know what you're going through.
We're both victims of your father.
You've been brainwashed by him.
My dad? Argh You're kidding me! He chased me all the way here? Let's call it a draw, Levi.
We're in no shape to fight.
Bertholdt I'm sorry, but I think it's the end for you.
Eren! Someday, I'm coming back to rescue you! He ran? Captain! That was the last of my gas.
I'll chase him! Hand over your gas and blades! Right! Hurry! "Midnight Sun" Reiner What's this metal case you had in your left chest pocket? Before we chopped off all your limbs, you tried to grab it with the strength you had left.
Suicide pills? Or perhaps a bomb? Ouch! Sorry.
A letter A letter? What kind of letter? A letter from Ymir.
You have to give it to Christa Only after we've inspected it.
Now then.
I've got a mountain of questions for you, but Your lips seem as tight as your armor is hard.
Are you going to cooperate and tell us everything that we want to know? No.
It helps that you're prepared for this.
Hold on! Are you sure? We might be able to steal his power.
Today, I would like to explain how we're going to get maximum value from this injection.
Using this medicine, the Colossal Titan's, the Armored Titan's, or the Beast Titan's powers can be stolen.
As for how The one injected with this will become a Titan, and eat someone who can change into a Titan like Eren can.
By doing so, although they would initially be a Titan lacking intelligence, they would revert into a human able to wield that Titan's powers.
If this is achieved, not only do we gain information regarding Titan powers, we're also able to revive a person on the brink of death.
If you capture an enemy with Titan powers, sever all their limbs.
And when it is safe to do so, summon Captain Levi.
We have only this one injection.
I'm entrusting Captain Levi with the call to use it.
I don't think all the conditions for that have been met.
We don't know the situation with Levi and the other side.
Neither do we have the time to go confirm it ourselves.
Reason being, there's no way for us to gauge the full depth of their powers! Even if I cut his head off, we can't be too sure! This isn't like you, Hange.
If we back down because of not knowing something, down the line, can we ever hope to beat the Titans? Jean When are we ever going to know all there is about the enemy? Mikasa.
Yeah? How much gas do you have? It's almost entirely gone.
But it should be enough to reach Eren and Armin at least.
That's more than me.
Mikasa I need you to go check out their situation.
Fill up your gas and bring back the injection from Levi.
If for any reason you're unable to do so, fire a smoke signal.
That will be my signal to end Reiner.
Hange, I The decision was mine.
You were just a factor.
Why did I? After all this time, am I actually? Yeah! Keep it up! Armin's breathing again! Come on! Just keep on breathing! Armin? Captain! Get the syringe! Make Armin into a Titan and we'll have him eat Bertholdt! Hurry up and inject him! Yeah Hange! Not good! Reiner was taken! Hange! Shit! Conny! Don't chase! We hardly have any gas left.
You'll just end up getting killed.
Shit! It's my fault I've done something terrible I said the decision was mine.
Let's regroup with the others.
Captain Levi I finally found you.
Commander Erwin is badly wounded! His stomach is gouged and his organs are demolished! The blood just won't stop! I thought that injection might be able to help, but What do you think? Huh? Captain? He's still breathing.
He's alive.
I'm using the injection on Erwin.
You said you'd use it on Armin! I'm reviving the one who can save humanity.
Reiner You were incredibly lucky.
You guys Do you have the faintest damn clue what you're doing? It's Erwin The Commander of the Scouts.
And you're saying to watch him die.
There's no time for this.
Stay out of my way.
Keep your emotions out of this.
Keep my emotions out? Tell me How come you didn't hand over the syringe right away?! Because I was considering the possibility Erwin might still be alive.
You couldn't have known Floch would drag the commander here! There's just no way you knew! You're right, but The fact that Erwin is now here means I use it on him.
Hey! His strength isn't all there! I can take it from him by force! You should know as well as I do! Without Erwin's talent, humanity can't beat the Titans! That's right, Mikasa! Let's stop with this madness already! It's no different if we lose Armin.
Eren! Hasn't it always been like that? He's the reason why we saved Trost by plugging it with a rock.
He revealed Annie's identity.
It was Armin who came up with the idea of moving at night! The only reason we uncovered Reiner's hiding spot and the only reason we defeated Bertholdt was all because of Armin! The one who's gonna save humanity isn't me or the commander! It's Armin! Isn't that right, Mikasa?! Please give it to me! The one who will save humanity is Commander Erwin.
Shut up! I will not shut up.
Don't think you're the only ones who had it tough! You might not know, but On the other side of that wall, there's not a single living soldier.
Everyone died when the Beast Titan threw boulders at us.
I didn't think anyone could be saved But Commander Erwin was the only exception.
He thought of a plan for us to bite back at the Beast Titan and we did.
We were smashed to bits just as planned.
And I'm sure the last thing they felt was fear.
When I found the commander alive, I was about to finish him off.
But that's going too easy on him.
I thought to myself that he ought to taste more of this hell.
And then I understood.
The only one who can lay waste to the Titans is a devil! And if I can bring back the devil, that must be my mission in life! That has to be why I survived like a coward when everyone else died! So stay out of his way! Don't do it! Hange Hey You've got to be kidding me No way You can't be serious Mikasa! You have to know how much we need Erwin! We can't let the flames of hope extinguish inside the walls! But Armin could do that, too! It's true, Armin is exceptional But he doesn't have Erwin's experience and leadership! There are people I want to bring back, too.
Hundreds of them.
I've had to say farewell since the day I joined the Scouts.
Hange! But You know, don't you? No matter who it is, there comes a day to say farewell.
I know it's impossible, but you have to accept this.
There will be times you can't keep your sanity.
It's tough.
Very tough.
I know.
Even so, we have to keep moving forward.
Captain Do you know about the sea? No matter how far you look, it stretches past the horizon.
It's a gigantic lake.
Armin said Hey! Cut it out! There's a sea beyond the walls and he said we'd go there together! But that was our dream since we were little, and I forgot it long ago! Avenging my mom Killing the Titans The only thoughts in my head are full of hate! But he's not like that! Armin cares about more than just fighting! He has dreams! Everyone get out of here! I'm going to have Erwin eat Bertholdt! Come on.
Let's go, Mikasa.
Shit Shit! Armin See you Let's start by seeing the sea! You'll see! It does exist! If this dream of yours comes true what will you do then? I don't know.
I won't know until it happens.
I I want to go to the basement.
Good grief.
They're all the same Whining like brats one after another Everyone had to be drunk on somethin' to keep pushing on Everyone was a slave to somethin'.
But there's more than that.
The sea Erwin! Teacher How do we know there's not more humans outside the walls? Give up on your dream and die.
Lead the recruits straight into hell.
Everyone had to be drunk on somethin' to keep pushing on I will take down the Beast Titan.
Levi Thank you.
Guys! Help me! Annie! Reiner! Captain Why did you? Do you think you can forgive him? He had no choice but to become a devil.
It was us who wished for that.
And in the end, when he had finally been set free from hell, we wanted to bring him back once more.
But I think it's time to let him rest.
Erwin I promised I'd kill the Beast Titan, but It's going to have to wait.
He's dead.
I see.
Armin is shaken after learning of Bertholdt's and Erwin's deaths.
Eren heads towards that place his father, Grisha, promised to show him.
Next episode: "The Basement.
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