Attack on Titan (2013) s03e19 Episode Script

The Basement

"The Basement" Armin! Get down! It hurts It hurts so bad Bertholdt It hurts It hurts so bad Sasha? Sasha! You're in terrible shape What happened? Armin! Eren? I'm glad you're back! Huh? You're up? Captain! What in the world happened here? I remember Bertholdt becoming a Titan What about the others?! Are they okay?! That's as far back as you remember? Huh? Eren, tell him everything.
Well? Up to speed, Armin? Are you telling me the Scout Regiment is the nine of us here and that's it? For the time being.
The fighting ended four hours ago.
We've been looking for survivors, but none yet S-So, we managed to seal the walls of Shiganshina But Reiner, the Beast Titan, and one other escaped Bertholdt was captured Then there was a dispute about using the injection on Commander Erwin or me And I turned into a Titan and ate B-Bertholdt Here.
Why did you pick me? No matter how you look at it, wasn't Commander Erwin the right one to bring back? Captain! Why did you give me the injection?! Tsk! I told you to tell him everything.
The thing is, it seems your two friends here didn't think that way.
They stood up to me prepared to draw blood.
Huh? We'll take whatever punishment comes.
You'll be disciplined for insubordination, but Does taking the punishment allow you to do anything? No However The final decision to choose you was mine.
No I chose this to be the place where Erwin dies.
I don't understand There's no way it's okay to let Erwin die If the commander is gone, how how will we go on? I agree.
I thought it should've been used on Erwin if we're being brutally honest.
No It's a shame we were put in that position Anyways, Erwin entrusted Levi with the decision to use it.
And Levi ended up choosing you.
There's nothing more to say.
Erwin's life and a Titan's power rest on your shoulders.
No matter what anyone says, that's part of who you are now, Armin.
Does that mean I need to be Erwin's replacement? No way I can't Don't get me wrong.
You'll never be Erwin's replacement.
But I know you have a strength that nobody else has but you.
I won't regret my decision.
However, don't make these guys regret it.
Nor anyone else.
And don't regret it yourself, either.
That is your mission.
Shut up! We're no match for Sasha.
Well, being the successor of Erwin as commander of the Scouts, we're kinda in the same boat.
From here on out, we'll have to grin and bear it.
Right Now then If it's not a problem for Armin, we should get going.
Levi, Eren, Mikasa, and I will go investigate.
You other four keep watch from atop Shiganshina's wall.
Do you still have the key? Yeah.
Right here.
Eren When I get back, I'll show you the basement that I've kept secret all this time.
Hey, Eren! How many times must I say you can't go in the basement?! Why aren't I allowed to?! Because your father keeps his work tools there.
Medicine, too.
It's dangerous for children.
Tsk Your intentions are the key.
The key to saving humankind from this despair.
We have reason to believe that the basement of his home in Shiganshina houses a secret of the Titans that not even he is aware of.
If we can just reach this basement, we may be able to obtain information that will help us break free from the Titans' century-long tyranny.
Hey, where's your house? R-Right Is this it? Hey, Dad! When will you show me what's in the basement? Who knows? Perhaps when you realize the most important thing of all.
Luckily, the fires didn't make it this far.
Right here.
Under this are the stairs to the basement.
That's a relief.
It's not flooded with water.
Let's go.
What's wrong? Eren? Hurry it up.
This This key It doesn't go to this door What? You're kidding I'm certain that's the key Dr.
Jaeger had.
Step aside.
I'll open it.
Huh? Wait Hold up It almost feels like a laboratory down here.
My dad was a doctor, so he was always cooped up down here mixing medicine.
That makes sense.
In fact, if this medicine is all labeled correctly, it's stuff that's widely available.
And since all the books here relate to medicine, at first glance, it's just a doctor's study.
"There's nothing suspicious here.
" It's like that's what he wants people to think.
Yeah If you're hiding stuff from the Interior Police, you wouldn't want it out in the open.
Quit standing around, brats.
Erwin's hunches are rarely wrong.
Thanks, Mikasa.
It's another all-nighter.
Eren There's a keyhole right here.
It opened.
It's empty?! Look closer.
It's a false bottom.
It smells like peppermint oil and charcoal.
Were these treated to keep moisture and bugs away? We were looking for something and these must be it.
I wonder what it was my dad wanted to show me.
That's when Erwin asked this question "How do we know there's not more humans outside the walls?" He insisted that as long as we haven't been able to freely explore the outside, we can't know for sure if humanity was completely wiped out by Titans.
And yet, history books declare the rest were wiped out.
Hmm? If you consider that history books should maintain an objective viewpoint, it should read, "It is believed the rest of humanity was wiped out.
" You're just trying to find fault in anything and everything.
I'm not! There's intent behind it! For example To make us believe that humanity doesn't exist outside the walls.
That is, by the royal government that issues the books.
You're overthinking it.
This is what they call splitting hairs.
I was teasing him back then, but look at us now You'll just have to apologize to the man himself.
In not too long, it'll be dawn.
If our heroes were to return, it's about that time The Scouts returned just a moment ago! They successfully took back Wall Maria! This is a portrait? Let me see that.
No It's far too detailed for this to be drawn by a person.
That's Dr.
Jaeger's writing.
"This is no illustration.
Instead, this uses light reflected off a subject and burns the image on special paper.
It's called a photograph.
I come from a place outside" the walls where humanity lives in elegance.
Humanity has not perished.
I pray the person who finds this book is a fellow patriot.
Hurry, Fay! We'll lose it unless we're fast! Wait up, Grisha! You two stop right there.
I told you not to forget your armbands when you go outside.
Grisha, you absolutely must not leave the walls.
Hey, wait! I got it, Mom! We'll be back! Come on! When I first thought as to how I should start my story I immediately thought of that day.
Hey! Whoa! Sorry! Grisha, be careful! Watch where you're going! Oh It's leaving Must be nice Someday when I'm rich, will I be able to ride on an airship, too? What are you talking about? There's no way either of us will get rich.
Yeah But it must be nice I wonder what we could see from up there.
There it goes Let's go, Fay! Huh?! My teacher said the airships take off and land at a place near here! Let's go see! What?! But Mom said we're not allowed to leave the walls! It'll be fine! Just for a bit! We'll be right back! Hey! Get back here! We'll be right back! That naive day of my youth when I had to face the truth of this world.
His story began with pulling his sister's hand while gazing upwards at the sky.
The hatred and hope reflected in his eyes show Eren a cruel world.
Next episode: "That Day.
" "That Day"