Attack on Titan (2013) s04e23 Episode Script


"Trost District" I found a survivor! Over here! Lend me a hand! Careful now! Don't worry.
You're all right now.
The Titans are marching away from the island in a line.
I doubt they intended to hurt us, but What was that weird, terrifying dream all about? My house! Because of Eren Jaeger, my house was! It's a small sacrifice to pay.
How dare you! His son was killed! The wall falling killed lots of people! No, it's Eren who killed them! That's right.
Eren Jaeger killed his own people.
But if he hadn't woken the Wall Titans, the world would come to slaughter us all! Yeah! The Eldian Empire will survive by their sacrifice! Victory is ours! You can't win without sacrifice, but it was worth it! Give your hearts! Give your hearts! Give your hearts! - Hitch.
- This is trouble.
With everyone this worked up, people are gonna clash.
We might have to arm ourselves.
Bring all the riot gear you can! - Roger! - Roger! Good grief.
What are they doing in Shiganshina? It's from the basement? If you scream I'll cut your throat.
First, take off the jacket.
You're so weak, I thought you were a granny.
To think there'd come a day when I toss you around, Annie.
It's you, out of all people, Hitch? I've gotta get her in the basement before it's too late.
Help! It's no use.
I already cut myself, so I can transform whenever.
You'll just have to do as I say.
Oh, yeah? If you're this weak, you won't have the energy to transform.
You might be right.
Guess we won't know till I try.
Dreyse! Are you all right?! Dreyse! I'm coming in! Dreyse?! Corrections by masaca "Sunset" You're smarter than I thought, Hitch.
Shut up.
If you're skipping town, I've got no reason to stop you.
Besides, I won't have to stare at your face in the basement anymore.
That's great.
I won't have to listen to your endless rants about lousy men either.
How do you know about that?! Were you conscious the whole time?! For four years, it was like I was watching some distant dream.
The only thing I could hear was you and Armin talking from far away.
And when I couldn't, it was always the same pure darkness.
So thanks to you guys talking, I always knew what was going on.
But then, I was suddenly thrown back into the world and I heard Eren's voice.
Is he actually serious about destroying the world? The Wall Titans really are marching Look beneath their feet.
The only meaningful job I've had as a soldier is picking up bodies and debris cleaning up after you and Eren.
Maybe now you can answer me.
How does it feel to see all the bodies crushed for your grand mission? Yeah Since you asked it so often, I mulled it over a lot how we gave it no thought.
Killing people was something we were praised for.
Outside our lands, we were taught it was fine to kill soldiers and civilians alike.
Since we were atoning for Eldia's sins and saving the world, anything we did was justified.
Armin told me about your situation.
In short, you guys were trying to stop that.
You thought all the dead were a small price to pay? No.
Saving the world didn't matter to me.
Huh? None of it mattered to me.
I was abandoned by my parents right after I was born.
I came from my mother's affair with an Eldian.
I was picked up at an internment zone by a foreigner with Eldian blood.
He'd been put there for similar reasons as me.
His goal was to make me a Warrior to give himself a better life.
For as long as I remember, he drilled the martial arts of his homeland into me.
To him, my only value was if I could become a Warrior.
Years passed by and I became strong, just like he'd hoped.
And then I repaid him for all the pain he'd caused me.
I made it so he couldn't walk straight again.
But overjoyed, he said: "Now you can kill, even without a weapon.
" Uh, what? Is this your life story? I listened to you talk for four years, so the least you could do is hear me out.
So you see, I just didn't care.
I didn't care if people lived or died.
I didn't think that any life had value, including my own.
Until then.
The morning I left for the island, he fell to his knees and apologized.
"The things I taught you were wrong.
" And then he pleaded in tears: "Please come back.
Forget about being a Warrior and Honorary Marleyan.
Just come back.
" That man was my father.
He thought of me as his own daughter.
I have a father waiting for my return.
And just like me, there are others with people important to them.
I can't say nothing matters anymore.
All the things I've done till now are absolutely unforgivable.
But if it takes me back to my father, I'd do it all again.
I see.
Thanks for telling me.
But even if you make it back, all you'll find is rubble and a corpse.
I know.
Please believe me, it's the truth! You saw the dream, too? I knew this would happen.
The island devils are coming for us.
- It's just a dream! - Oh, no.
Gabi Falco - No it wasn't! Why won't you listen?! - Oh, no.
Gabi Falco The rumbling has begun! Eren Jaeger is coming to kill us all! He's coming to crush your house, wife, and family! And why should I believe you?! "We all saw the same dream, so let us out!" I bet you're all in on it so you can try and escape! All the Eldians in other camps will be saying the same thing! You think we're all in on it?! Wouldn't put it past you! At this point, you're guilty of conspiracy! Arrest 'em all! On your knees! Hands behind your head! Hurry it up! So promise me that you'll come back.
I promise.
Gunfire? Eh? Commandant! The Jaegerists are taking over the fort! You should escape! If they find you, who knows what they'll do.
No, there's no place for me anymore.
The core of our military is dead literally sliced at the nape.
The Jaegerists will gain people's support and control the island.
Those like me in the old regime will be purged.
I'm too old to live in the mountains and shit outdoors anyway.
If not for you, we'd be dead! No matter what happens, we'll protect you! You damn fools.
Why do you think I did nothing and let a bunch of wimpy tots kick my ass? Do what the Jaegerists say.
Don't disobey.
The most you guys could protect is yourselves.
Fall into their ranks.
You're kidding However, there may come a day for you to rise.
Until that day, try not to lose yourselves.
Armin, wait.
Even if you head for Ragako, you won't catch Conny.
Besides, what would you even say if you did? Will you ask him to give up on saving his mother? I will.
Even if it's pointless, I've gotta do everything in my power.
Otherwise, we won't gain Gabi's trust.
She's key.
Any chance at keeping Reiner and the Cart in line depends on her.
The problem of inheriting the Nine Titans hasn't gone away.
We might repeat another 2,000 years of war over Titans and their powers On this tiny island.
Honestly, I'm so tired that I could sleep like a log for two days.
But right now, I've gotta do what I can.
It may have a huge impact on humanity's future.
I'll tell Conny that maybe his mom should stay as an upside-down Titan.
See you.
Armin What should I do? Go help Jean.
Think of how yourself.
And Eren? What about him? I don't know! What can we do anyway?! Hange and the captain might be dead! Floch might point a barrel at our heads! What's more, Annie might be awake now! The military has fallen apart! It's chaos! Oh, yeah.
Historia might be in danger.
The Volunteers, the Azumabito, and Nicolo are at risk, too.
I don't have time to think about the bleak Eren situation! Can't you see that?! Sorry.
If Commander Erwin was here, he wouldn't have snapped at you like that.
Huh? I know the answer now.
I was the wrong person to bring back to life.
My scarf is gone Even though it's for his mother, I reckon Conny will hesitate and think twice about sacrificing a kid's life.
You'll make it in time.
Thank you, Mr.
I'll be staying with the Brauses for now.
Get away from here as soon as possible.
Take care.
My real name is Gabi.
Huh? Gabi sounds weird.
Mia's better.
Huh?! See you, Kaya.
Goodbye, Gabi.
Stop, Floch! Don't shoot him! Relax, Jean.
I'm helping him understand.
He couldn't grasp the situation, but I think he does now.
Now everyone knows what happens if you decide to mouth off.
Hey, who elected you to act like king of this place? I'm glad you asked, Jean.
Listen up, everyone! Ten months ago, Eren told me his plan: His plan to use Zeke and gain control of the Founder! Wha?! I gathered comrades, aided Eren, and today, his plan was fulfilled! You Volunteers lost both your leader and the military who had your backs! And soon, you'll lose your homelands! They'll be reduced to giant footprints! You lost the reason you came here the dream of reviving your homelands! Even so, if there are any among you who will aid our Eldian Empire, speak up! We will welcome you as fellow Eldians! - Screw you, asshole! I'll be dead before I bow! - Pay your respects! His pride as a Volunteer wouldn't let him live in submission.
But is pride worth dying for? What's so wrong with submission? Isn't it much better than dying like this? Take some time to think.
Lock 'em up.
Yes, sir! What the? Jean, what happened here? To answer your question, I act on Eren's behalf.
If Eren is solving the problems outside the island, I'll wipe out the resentment within it.
Anyway, after surviving through that hell four years ago, it's finally in our grasp.
Do you know what it is? Freedom.
You don't have to fight anymore.
You can live as you please.
Jean, didn't you want a comfy life in the interior as an MP? Go live it.
You're one of our heroes.
Is it over? It's over, so go back to being the old Jean: Reckless, annoying, and cheeky.
What'd you call me? Floch, what happened to Captain Levi and Commander Hange? Ah Unfortunately, they were killed by Zeke.
Conny I appreciate you helping me, but aren't we still going north? See? Sunset is that way.
It's fine.
Puts us further from danger down south.
I'm taking you to a hospital for your amnesia.
I found you collapsed all by yourself it's true.
I'm a soldier, so it's natural to help out this much.
That's right.
I became a soldier.
Conny! Become a splendid soldier who protects everyone! Dad, Sunny, and Martin won't be coming back, but I can still bring back Mom! Just wait a bit longer, Mom.
I became a soldier, and now Thank you, Conny.
You've really gone out of your way for me.
It's nothing.
Thank goodness Conny's a nice person, but I really need to get back south.
I remember up until meeting Colt and Gabi, but what happened after that? Plus, I feel like I've seen Conny somewhere before.
But if he doesn't recognize me, maybe I haven't.
Judging by their course and speed, those airships are heading back to Marley.
They probably saw the rumbling and left the rest of us for dead.
No, it's the right call.
They'll be able to inform our motherland faster.
It's better than waiting to get crushed.
But at this rate, there's nothing we can do.
Is there any possible way to stop it now? No But either way, we'll fight to the bitter end Um! Hold up! Could you not eat me just yet? I'm completely unarmed.
Oh? Who's that over there? Don't worry.
He's just a harmless fellow who refuses to die.
Corrections by masaca A horde of marching Titans.
When the unsuspecting look up and see them, will they be stricken with fear, or strike back? Next episode: "Pride.
" "Pride"
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