Attack on Titan (2013) s04e24 Episode Script


Hey! You okay, Oliver?! Hang in th! That's the last of the pursuers, Levi.
Everyone got turned into Titans and only you survived.
Probably for the same reason you're not dead yet: because you're an Ackermann.
But what to do now? We can't stop Zeke anymore, so it's up to Armin or Commander Pyxis.
Even supposing that Eren does betray Zeke, if the Jaegerists control the island with spinal fluid, we'll be fugitives for the rest of our lives.
Looks like my turn has come Even if I thought I did the right thing.
Times change and you end up in a cell.
What do you say we live out here forever? Huh, Levi? That was! No way! Eren's gonna?! Levi! The Beast Where'd that shithead go? Lie back down.
It's been half a day since Zeke and the Jaegerists left for Shiganshina.
What happened? I botched it.
He was fully prepared to die and I didn't see it.
He got away again.
That's unfortunate, but right now If we run and hide, what will be left? Wha? I guess you overheard me talking to myself.
What are you building? You gonna pull me on that with a horse? There's no way in hell you can stay out of the action.
Yeah, you're right.
I can't.
My goal is to kill Zeke.
Looks like our interests align, Theo Magath Pieck Finger.
Levi Ackermann.
It seems you can stand up to one of the Nine, but How do you plan on dodging a bullet like that? I can't dodge a bullet, but I've come before you in this sad state.
Whether you shoot or listen is up to you.
Then I'll ask this first: You say you'll kill Zeke, but where is he now? Zeke's probably being held by Eren to make use of his royal blood.
No, by the Founding Titan.
It seems the Titan expert Hange knows everything even more than Marley.
Have you seen the Founding Titan? I know it's so humongous that it seems like nothing can be done, so We've got no other choice.
We've gotta put our powers together.
Corrections by masaca "Pride" How exactly do I get my mom to eat Falco? Just do it by force? If he's hurt and finds out about his Titan powers, it's over.
I can't afford to fail.
I've gotta think of a better way.
What an innocent kid.
He hasn't whined once about camping out here with every reason to doubt me.
Does he seriously trust me? Dammit! Sasha Would you have understood? Um, I thought we were going to a hospital, not a deserted village.
There's something interesting here I wanna show you.
This is Ragako Village! Eh? How do you know that? Last night, I heard you talking to yourself.
Sasha was your comrade shot by Gabi on the airship, wasn't she? You brought me here knowing who I was but pretending not to.
Why? To get revenge on me? No.
Stuff like that happens in the heat of battle.
Don't worry, it can't move.
It's been like this for years.
What were you gonna do after showing me this? Can you help me brush the Titan's teeth? You don't get a chance like this every day.
Huh? We've gotta go way up there to brush.
Let's climb up and take a look.
Sounds good, right? Right Falco! Get away from him! Gabi?! He's gonna feed you to the Titan! Huh?! Conny! Stop! Stay back! Don't come near us! Conny! Shuddap! I don't wanna hear it! Don't talk! You wouldn't get it! You're just gonna say to give up on my mom and let him live! A know-it-all wouldn't get how idiots work! Falco! Use the Jaw's power! The Jaw's power? Huh? What about Galliard? You can't! Stop! Falco! Gabi, please forgive Conny.
Huh? Hey! I said to stay back! Hey! What are you doing?! Say something, Armin! You told me not to talk! So I'll let my actions talk.
My brother What was your plan if I hadn't saved you? To turn your mom back into a human.
And inherit the Colossal Titan.
If you thought for a second, you know that'd only make her suffer.
When my mom sent me off, she said to be a splendid soldier.
And yet, her son almost killed a kid and a friend.
That's the kind of soldier I am.
Me, too.
I couldn't stack up to the commander.
Armin I wanna be a soldier my mom could take pride in.
So, let's go save people in trouble.
I found you.
I'm glad.
Did you come looking for me? Or for this scarf? I knew you would have it.
I'm sorry.
I thought it'd bring me closer to you.
I have Thunder Spear shrapnel in me that they can't remove.
It's a pity I won't be able to see the free world that Eren Jaeger creates.
It wasn't much, but I had the chance to speak with him about you.
He talked about wanting to throw the scarf out.
So, rather than throw it out, I thought I'd just Give it back.
I became a soldier because I admired you.
I have no regrets.
Because I gave my heart and my life following in your footsteps.
Is that the last of the rumbling Titans? Finally, an end to all this noise.
To me, it sounds like the bells of freedom.
Our Eldian Empire has endured the world's persecution for 100 years! That ends now! Now, we are free! Our liberator, Eren, and we Jaegerists have triumphed over the world! Say, Mikasa.
Will you join the Jaegerists and rule as one of 'em? Not interested.
Looks like Jean made up his mind.
Give your hearts! - Give your hearts! - Give your hearts! Give your hearts! - Give your hearts! - Give your hearts! Give your hearts! - Give your hearts! - Give your hearts! Long live the Jaegerists! Give your hearts! This one's for Eren! We should hurry and see Reiner.
It's okay, he'll be out for days.
Is this detour a good idea? We've gotta fill our stomachs.
You think it's true, Armin? Mmm.
If all hardening has come undone, it's likely that Annie has A-Annie?! - Huh? - Eh? Huh? Annie's stuffing her face with pie! Cut it out, Conny.
She eats like a pig! It's her first pie in years! Sorry! The line took forever and She's gone.
"Dear Hitch.
I ran into Armin and Conny and decided to join them.
I'm going ahead.
Sorry for the trouble.
Thanks for talking to me these past four years.
Your gloomy roommate.
" Good grief.
I can't finish this alone.
Comrades of the Empire, thank you for gathering! We will now execute two Volunteers who opposed the Eldian Empire! With this, we shall carry on Eren's will to dominate the world by declaring our reign over Paradis Island! This criminal is Yelena! The real reason she rebelled from Marley and supported the Eldian Empire was so Zeke could obtain the Founding Titan's power and wipe out Eldians with their euthanization plan! - In the end, she's a filthy Marleyan! - Yeah! Eren managed to beat Zeke and halt the plan, but this criminal served as Zeke's loyal pawn! You whore! Send her to hell! Yelena Have any last words? Aren't you gonna shoot? Die, mainlander! The Subjects of Ymir will prevail! Ymir's bloodline will last forever! Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her! Not yet! This criminal is Onyankopon.
He aided Eldia without knowing of the euthanization plan, however! He said he'd rather die than live under the Eldian Empire! It's not too late to change your mind I aided Eldia to save my homeland from Marley, but I was helping you, too! And what did that get me? My homeland will be crushed and my family massacred! And the only ones left will be you xenophobic shits? Sucking up to you guys for life isn't worth it! Even you should know how insane indiscriminate killing is! Why don't any of you understand?! Don't just stand there! Say something, Jean! Huh? Hey! Whoops.
I missed.
Hey, what's the big idea? Floch! It's the Cart Titan! - They got away! - Jean got eaten! -And Yelena! Shit! Where's Mikasa?! Have her go after! Where is Mikasa? Hear that? Four gunshots in a row Jean's signal to continue the plan.
We've got enough weapons and food! All their eyes will be on the other side of the fort.
Let's go! Someone's watching us! What now, Armin? Gotta keep going! Hurry, Mikasa! I ain't ever going in a Titan's mouth again! The Cart can stay a Titan for months, right? Don't you brush your teeth? That's a rude thing to ask a lady.
When did you partner with Marley? Last night.
Why? If you stayed a Jaegerist, you'd have everything you wanted.
I wish I could've plugged my ears and stayed cooped up in that room.
But then, those ashy bones would never forgive me.
Jean I don't quite follow, but thanks.
Just wash off already.
Why me? Securing you was part of the deal for us to borrow the Cart's power.
They wanted you alive.
Get up.
Annie! Calm down, Reiner! Don't worry! They're our allies! There's not much time.
Let's go.
Where to? To save the world.
Corrections by masaca Enemies are made in the chaos of war.
We hated, loathed, and killed one another.
What lies beyond the campfire? Next episode: "Night of the End.
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