Attack on Titan (2013) s04e25 Episode Script

Night of the End

My house will be in a prime, interior neighborhood.
Night and day, I'll sip on the finest liquor.
I won't care what anyone says.
My wife, kids, and even my grandkids deserve a bit of the good life, too.
Jean, it's me.
I'm waiting outside.
I didn't notice that.
I didn't hear anything.
Don't go.
Don't think.
If I stay put, that prime spot in the interior is mine.
If I stay Thanks for coming, Jean.
Mikasa filled me in on the situation.
Sorry I wasn't around.
You've done well given the circumstances, you two.
Levi's in bad shape, but alive.
He won't be fighting anytime soon.
We've joined forces with some stragglers from Marley, including the Cart Titan.
All to stop Eren.
Genocide is wrong.
How will you stop him? First, we need more allies.
Our options depend on who we can get.
But we can't do anything without you guys and more of the Nine.
The old military has fallen apart, so I'm no longer your superior.
But I'm asking I'll do it.
I won't let Eren kill any more than he has already.
I have to stop him, even if he's doing it to protect us and the island.
Mikasa Supposing that we make Eren stop, what then? He only has the Founding Titan for four more years.
What will happen after that? If we continue to be the target of the world's hatred for years to come, stopping Eren means our island will be destroyed.
The way I see it, Marley thinks we'll use the rumbling as soon as we're attacked.
I think they'll leave us alone, at least for the time being.
"If we don't destroy the island for good, who knows when they'll destroy us.
" It'll stir up the world more than Willy Tybur's speech! You're probably right, but it should buy the island at least a few more years.
We've already wasted years looking for answers, and it got us nowhere! That's why Eren decided to! Genocide is wrong! I'll be damned before we justify it somehow! Sorry for raising my voice.
Jean's right.
My dumb, wishful thinking forced Eren to do this.
And despite all my yapping, I ran away from the problem.
Wanting to forget everything Just wanting to live But I'm still Commander of the Scouts.
It feels like those who gave their hearts for humanity's freedom are watching me.
Most of them died without even knowing humanity existed outside the walls.
Yet, I'm sure none of them would be so self-centered as to say: "As long as the island has freedom, that's all that matters.
" Our only chance to stop the slaughter is now.
Hange I'm forever a Scout.
"Night of the End" Corrections by masaca Wanna stop glaring at each other and lend me a hand? Sharing a meal with enemies of war, huh? I'm curious: What changed your mind? If you let Eren succeed, you'll get your ideal world a paradise for island devils.
We would've stopped Eren and Zeke from coming into contact had you guys not helped them.
I already explained, General.
We don't wish for genocide.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be hiding in the forest making stew.
Finally found a sense of justice, huh? Justice? You wanna talk to us about justice? You think we're devils for fighting off the Titans that you sent?! Listen, we fought our asses off 'cuz we didn't wanna get eaten alive! Does that sound like devils to you, buddy?! Yeah, you seem like devils to me.
The threat of Paradis came true and now the world's in danger.
This is where all your fighting got you.
Am I wrong? If not for the wall falling and Eren having to see his mother get eaten alive, he wouldn't have done this! You made him use the rumbling! You wanna talk history, do you? You know that Marley was tyrannized and devastated by Eldia first, right? Still playing the victim after 2,000 years? It's like I'm talking to children.
The island's suffering is a joke compared to 2,000 years of tragic history.
Excuse me? C'mon, that's enough.
It's silly to talk about the past when none of us were there.
Jean, the general has trouble understanding us.
We're weird devils who would give up our paradise to help the very world that wants to exterminate us.
For a few months, we lived in the outside world.
We can't go back to being ignorant island devils.
So, can you kill him? Can you kill Eren? There're other ways to stop him.
I figured you'd say that.
What, then? Talk him out of it? You think you can change the mind of someone slaughtering humanity? We won't know unless we talk to him.
Let's say you can't convince him and he won't stop the rumbling.
What then? Can't answer 'cuz you can't think of him as an enemy? I knew it.
If the rest of us from Marley try to kill Eren, you guys will end up fighting us to protect him, guaranteed.
Isn't that right, Mikasa? You can't even imagine anything being more important to you than Eren.
So you wanna get rid of me?! - Eh?! - Leonhart! I understand that feeling.
I wanna stop Eren for one reason: So my father in Marley doesn't die.
That's why I need your help.
If you can change Eren's mind, all the better.
But until you try, we shouldn't be fighting.
All right, all right! The stew's ready, so let's eat! Even with rested horses, it's five hours to the port.
According to Kiyomi Azumabito, a flying boat to observe the rumbling is there.
That's how we get near the Founding Titan.
Go figure.
The Azumabito went behind our backs.
The problem is locating the Founding Titan.
We only have so much fuel.
That's why we captured her.
Where is Jaeger headed to first? I don't know.
And if I did, why would I tell you? You taught Jaeger everything about the mainland.
He likely planned out the rumbling beforehand.
You must know something.
Huh? Why should I cooperate with Marleyan bastards like you? Because your life depends on it.
It's no use.
She wants to die.
Weren't you fighting Marley to save your homeland? Don't you care if it gets crushed? Yelena She doesn't.
I'll tell you why: Because she's a Marleyan bastard, too.
You sure got the better of us in Liberio, Yelena.
Looking into your background was quite a shock.
Though an ordinary Marleyan, ever since you met Zeke, you pretended to be from a country annexed by Marley.
Disappointed with Marley, you built your own story: A fairy tale about saving the world with your prince, piling on the lies to carve your place in history.
Your passion is to be admired.
"Save the world.
" Are there any words more sweet and enticing? The noble deed of saving millions whispers to your heart.
You gobble it up as if to wash down the taste of hate.
That's what I see looking at all of you.
Shall I jog your memories a bit? Reiner Braun.
Just how many Eldians were eaten by Titans because you broke down the wall? Annie Leonhart.
You've killed quite a few Scouts yourself.
Not to mention all the civilians you crushed in Stohess.
Oh, as for the Paradis Islanders To think such a sensible person would wreak such havoc on the port, Armin.
If you include all those civilians, you've built a mountain of corpses.
Let's not forget everyone's heroic acts in Liberio especially Jean's.
You courageously fired a Thunder Spear at Falco while aiming for the Cart Titan.
Also, Gabi over here was the one who shot and killed Sasha.
Sasha was such a sweet girl, even I was saddened.
But you all had been together like a family since you were Cadets.
Your grief must be immense.
It's good, Hange.
Got any more? Yeah.
There's plenty left.
Thanks, Yelena.
You wanna get it all out in the open so we can sort things out, right? It's a shame you blew your buddies' heads off for your failed fantasy.
And it's a shame you've got a death wish now.
But how thoughtful of you.
Oh, I almost forgot.
What was the name of your friend that you mentioned to me before? Oh, right Marco.
You said that Annie was somehow involved in his death, right? Have you asked Annie about the truth behind his death? I took Marco's ODM gear away from him.
That's why a Titan ate She was just following my orders.
Marco overheard a secret conversation between Bertholdt and me.
Fearing he knew my identity, I figured the best way to keep Marco quiet was for a Titan to eat him.
So after I knocked him onto a roof and held him down, I had Annie remove his ODM gear.
Since Marco couldn't go anywhere, he was eaten.
Did Marco say anything at the end? "We haven't even talked this through.
" Yeah That's right.
We've barely tried to talk.
That's why we're still trying to put each other in the ground.
It's not too late to start.
Here we are talking to each other, when before, we would've been at each other's throats.
Could anyone have imagined we'd be eating together around a fire? As I watched it happen, I wondered why Marco was being eaten by a Titan.
- Huh? - Overcome by anger, I thought, "How dare you eat Marco," and killed it.
The guilt messed with your head.
Don't forgive me.
I'm truly worthless.
That's enough! I'm sorry.
Hey! Jean! Quit it! Cut it out! Jean! Gabi! I'm sorry.
We wanted to wipe out everyone living on Paradis Island.
In hopes that the world would forgive us, we wanted this island the devils to be wiped out.
And now, my mom, dad, and everyone in Liberio will be wiped out.
I'm sorry.
I know it's absurdly shameless of me to ask but we need your help! Please! I'm begging you to help us! Please! Let's stop the rumbling together! Please! - Please! - Please! - Please! - Please! Please! Let go.
Where are you going? Jean! What about your seconds? It's no use He left Gabi So damn noisy.
Get up.
It's time to leave.
You're gonna help us? Yeah, of course.
Hey! Get your ass up, Reiner! Your injuries healed a long time ago! Gabi Sorry for kicking you.
You okay? Yeah, it's okay.
I'm fine.
I see.
Reiner, I'm not apologizing to you.
Yeah, that's fine.
And me? It's the Cart.
It must be something.
It's the port It's occupied by the Jaegerists.
They must've used a locomotive.
There're a bunch of soldiers with Anti-Titan gear on standby.
Corrections by masaca To save the world, they must stop Eren.
Though determined to do so, old allies stand in their way.
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