Attack on Titan (2013) s04e26 Episode Script


I never imagined Floch would take action this quickly.
It's over if the Jaegerists destroy the flying boat.
So why haven't they? Beats me.
They probably doubt we're still around, let alone trying to stop Eren.
It's easy enough to destroy it, but it'll take decades to restore the tech with most of the world gone.
Plus, they'll want it to ensure the mainland is empty.
I think the reason they're here is to capture the Azumabito with all their boats and stuff.
But the moment they realize we're here at the port, they'll blast the flying boat into smithereens.
Preventing that will be difficult, even with some of the Nine.
But if we can't manage this much, we'll never take down the Founder.
Let's plan to Corrections by masaca "Traitor" We've gotta kill 'em all at once.
That's the only way to secure the flying boat.
For this to work, we'll need all our Titans and all your weapons.
Got it? Not so fast.
What? If we go in recklessly, the Azumabito will get caught up in it.
Right! Why should we care about your distant relatives? They attacked our homeland.
The Azumabito dying will pose problems, Annie.
Isn't that right? It's true.
I should be able to pilot the flying boat on my own, but without the Azumabito mechanics, it's just a boat without wings.
Currently, the wings are folded up to make it easier to tow.
And it's not just a matter of unfolding the wings.
The original plan was to service it in the hangar and pilot it after some training.
How long will that take? I don't know.
It depends on the Azumabito.
I see.
Sounds like you wanna protect the Azumabito while they service the boat.
But not just that without killing any of the Jaegerists who come to stop us, huh? If possible.
We've known 'em since we were cadets.
So, what's your plan? Tell me.
How do you plan on buying enough time for the Azumabito to service the flying boat without killing anyone? Let's hear it, Armin.
Don't you have a grand plan like when you cornered me? There's no such plan.
We either wipe 'em out, or don't and lose the boat.
Hold up! We're here to save people! And yet, we've gotta murder some of our friends first?! What the hell?! True You guys shouldn't be expected to help out in this operation.
Nor expected to make that choice in the first place.
Unlike us, you probably wouldn't have destroyed the wall that day.
Like I thought, I'm the same as you.
Is that what he meant? You guys don't have to fight.
Eh? Watch from a safe place with Gabi and Falco.
If the Jaegerists spot you, you'll have no choice but to fight.
So, stay out of it.
And just watch you guys slaughter each other? Is this even a situation that Titans alone can solve? I have no intention of spectating.
After all, the Jaegerists have killed four already.
Besides, humanity doesn't have much time left.
I saw Titans crossing the sea, giving off tons of steam.
Judging by their speed, they've probably set foot on Marley.
I'm sure the closest cities in the northeast are already destroyed.
Who knew they'd cross the sea so quickly? Just how many have died thus far? Tell us where Eren Jaeger is headed! Talk or I'll give you another elbow to bend! Magath! Don't be scared.
I won't kill you.
That's a relief.
I changed my mind.
I don't wanna die till I see how this ends.
If you take me with you, I might just say where Eren is headed.
Securing the boat comes first.
We don't have time to torture her.
Conny, Armin, Mikasa, Jean I want to apologize for my behavior last night.
We were wrong.
I was foolish to bring up justice.
Disgusting as it is, I was desperately trying to justify my actions.
I feared to look at myself and see I've become as vile as Marley.
None of you are to blame.
It's wrong to make you bear the sins of the past due to your race.
Pieck, Annie, Reiner You shouldn't have to endure the world's hatred your whole lives, either.
However, it's our duty to remember this stupid, bloodstained history and teach it to future generations.
Eren Jaeger wants to eradicate everything, and that's unforgivable.
This hell won't end until we turn away from all this senseless killing.
But please Just this once, look the other way until this senseless bloodshed is over.
I refuse.
I won't stand by with clean hands.
Just look at all that steam! We'll never see a day where history changes more! Of course, that includes Hizuru's, too.
Civilization will be completely erased and all lands born anew.
You need not worry about things anymore.
Just focus on contributing to the island.
Fortunately, you have Hizuru's finest engineers here to do their part.
Right? If you don't want to lose any more of them, just do as you're told.
Sorry to spoil your wonderful mood, but Eh? What "change" are you so happy about? If you think Paradis Island will be safe now, I'm afraid you're wrong.
The world will shrink, that's all.
You'll still continue to kill one another, as always.
Thanks for your thoughts.
I'm starting to think that, too.
But it's very important to know one's place.
We don't need Hizuru's technology.
If we decide seafaring and flying boats don't matter much to us, we'll nip trouble in the bud.
Got it? It's important to know one's place.
Understand? Floch! Where are you?! Where are the Azumabito?! Armin?! Floch! Why all the commotion?! Where've you been?! Chasing the Cart Titan! It's with the Armor! They're swimming away! Hurry or they'll escape! We need the flying boat! Order the Azumabito to get it ready! What are you? What are you doing?! Why didn't you chase the Cart?! It's obvious they'd run south! They killed Jean and Onyankopon! Armin! There's the flying boat! Floch! Send the Azumabito mechanics out here, pronto! Stop! Halt! Daz! Samuel! What are you doing?! Are those explosives?! Take those off! We need it to stop the Marleyans! They'll get away! Wait! Calm down, you two! The truth is, we heard you guys teamed up with Marley and wanna use the flying boat to stop the rumbling, supposedly Th-That's crazy talk! Yeah! If Eren's stopped, the island is doomed! Th-That's what I thought.
You guys wouldn't put the island in danger after we're finally saved, right? Of course not! Thank goodness.
I don't know what I would've done if you were traitors.
Just hurry up and take the explosives off! You know, despite the fact they're our enemies, part of me thought you guys might try to stop Eren from killing everyone.
What's wrong? I disconnected the detonator.
Now, if Floch actually listens and lets the Azumabito mechanics come And we somehow get everyone aboard once the flying boat is ready If all goes to plan, no blood needs to be spilled.
Don't you think it's a little strange? If they knew the enemy fled south, a locomotive would get here faster.
Much faster than using horses, at least.
So why would they be sneaking around? No, there's no proof But Trouble should be nipped in the bud.
We failed! Huh?! Floch! Kill her, dammit! I won't go down without a fight! Kiyomi! Enemy attack! Mikasa, Armin, and Conny have betrayed Eldia! Kill them! They'll shoot through the window! Run to the basement! It's begun We've got no choice but to wipe out the Jaegerists! Lady Mikasa! This way, Azumabito! Hunker down in the basement! Follow me if you wanna live! Hey! Daz! Stop! Armin! Don't move! Samuel Daz Blow up the flying boat.
Hurry! Samuel, you You betrayed us, Conny! Even though you said we'd expand our lands and eat meat together! Argh, dammit! Why'd it come to this?! We're sitting ducks here! They'll kill us one by one! It's fine! If we're in a safe place, the others can let loose! They're in the basement! Bring more explosives! They holed up with no escape?! No Could this be?! So much for that.
Why'd it come to this? Nothing can take the violence out of people.
Right, Captain? Fetch more Thunder Spears! Daz! Blow it up! Armin! Stop! S-Stop! Armin! You traitors! Why?! Aren't we all friends?! You are our friends! But! I! Someone has to be the one to do it.
S-Sto! Someone has to be the one to stain their hands with blood.
Corrections by masaca Hesitate and die.
Aim the gun and pull the trigger.
All while believing the betrayal leads to saving the world.
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