Attack on Titan (2013) s04e27 Episode Script


So much for that.
Why'd it come to this? Nothing can take the violence out of people.
Right, Captain? You traitors! Why?! Aren't we all friends?! You are our friends! But! I! J-Just now What did you say? That it usually takes us a whole day to service the boat before it can fly.
But with the right equipment, we could shave it down to half a day.
Half a day? You want us to hold off the enemy for that long? They're gonna be throwing reinforcements at us.
We're supposed to defend the port when our Titans only last a few hours? We'll be too late.
The rumbling moves faster than a galloping horse.
Plus, they plow through all obstacles.
In half a day, they'll raze something like 600 kilometers past the coast.
For them to flatten the entire continent will take just four days.
Even if all goes right and we do stop Eren it'll already be too late for Liberio.
Even if we do get it to fly, we don't know Eren's location.
That'll add more time.
It's not like we can defend the port that long to begin with.
It's just not I have an idea.
South of here, in the Marleyan coastal city of Odiha, we own a hangar.
The flying boat could be serviced there.
We could depart at once, towing it behind us, and complete preparations in Odiha.
A coastal city? That puts it roughly Isn't it about to be flattened? We can get to Odiha before the rumbling does, but it's a gamble if it'll stand for half a day.
A gamble In any case, we won't be taking off from here.
Does the ship have coal? Y-Yes! But prep takes 30 minutes! Make it 15! If you die, Hizuru and the world are doomed! Stay sharp! Right! Right! I'll get Captain and the others! I'll let Mikasa know! Corrections by masaca "Retrospective" Eat this! Change of plans! We're leaving to service the boat on the mainland! On the mainland? Help 'em board it! Go! Go! It's the Azumabito mechanics! Kill 'em! You damn traitors! Where are the Azumabito going? What could be worth the risk? You don't think?! Reiner! Take this! Go! Go! Forget the Female Titan! Get the Azumabito! Stand up! We're nearly to the ship! Outta the way! Shoot! Are they seriously gonna service it on the mainland?! Bring all the Thunder Spears! They're taking the ship to kill Eren! We've gotta sink it at all costs! If Eren dies, Paradis will drown in a sea of blood! The world will seek revenge and butcher your parents, siblings, and children! Give your hearts! You're kidding! Huh?! They're aiming for the boat.
At this rate, those two won't last till it's ready.
I've gotta fight, too.
I can use the Jaw's power.
Bad idea.
The first transformation never goes well.
But if this goes on! Leave it to me.
After I get you guys to the ship, I'll join the fight.
If only Galliard was here instead of me He wouldn't sit around worrying about what to do! Falco, wait! Don't! I've gotta get you to the ship.
Get in! Hurry and light the boiler! Conny! He's hit in the chest.
And face, but he'll heal up soon.
Can you? I'll guard the ship! Commander Magath, Falco has Tsk! Reinforcements! Unless we do something about 'em, we'll be dying instead of leaving.
The whole train of reinforcements was taken out! What are you doing, Falco?! Get on the ship! Right! My body won't move! I can't see a thing! Now! Finish 'em off! Conny! Die, you traitor! Conny! Hesitate and we'll never stop the rumbling! Floch! I know! Take down the traitors with our ODM gear! Nail the Cart with Thunder Spears! Attack together! For crying out loud! Defend our island to the death! Our country! Huh? Falco! Falco! Now! They broke formation! It's now or never! Dammit! It all comes down to this! If I can put a hole in the hull! The one who will save Eldia is me! Floch! We can set sail! Come aboard! Let's go before they decide to come back! Falco! The enemies are gone! Come out! Pieck! Hold Falco still! Falco! You're all right now.
Falco, you did well.
Take him.
Leave at once.
Huh? What about you? I'll hold the rear.
Commander brought Falco back.
That was a close call.
So? Where's Commander Magath? It's "General" now.
It's the enemy! Not all of 'em left! Are you the one who took out the reinforcements? That's right.
Why didn't you board the ship? That there's a captured Marleyan cruiser.
It's fast enough to catch their ship and sink it, so I can't just leave it here.
I'll give you a hand.
Here they come.
I don't care.
I'm lighting up the magazine.
Now's your last chance to take a swim.
No thanks.
I've been looking for a good time to die.
Why did you side with us? It might be the island's downfall.
I saw some old students of mine heading south out of Shiganshina with Annie Leonhart.
And when I realized their plan, my heart was moved by how much they've grown.
If you hadn't stopped those reinforcements, we'd have been goners.
You'll soon be known as one of the heroes who saved the world.
Then that makes two of us.
I refuse to pat myself on the back.
Ignoring my conscience, I ordered around children to serve the country's interests and commanded them to destroy the wall.
But I finally realized: If those kids can live normal lives how happy that would make me.
Well, you might not pat yourself on the back, but I'm proud of you.
Open up! Hey! Open this door! What are you doing?! Open it! Open it, dammit! - I'm sure those kids would agree.
- Open it! Open it, dammit! Thank you.
By the way, what's your name? Keith Shadis.
And you? Theo Magath.
We decided with Magath to head for Odiha.
Rather, we had no other choice.
There's nothing we can do to save your hometown, Liberio.
If that's true, my entire reason for fighting is gone.
I'm getting off the ship.
Even if the rumbling stopped in its tracks, Liberio and Marley's destruction was inevitable.
Magath understood that, but he gave his life so we could push ahead.
He didn't do it for Liberio or Marley.
He did it entrusting us to save people whose names he'd never know.
In that case, I'll ask you again: Can you kill Eren? If I try to kill Eren can you stand by and watch? I'm sick of killing each other.
I don't want to fight with you anymore.
Not you guys Not even Eren.
Corrections by masaca The things seen that day The things they talked about The choices made that day Everything had been willed by him.
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