Attack on Titan (2013) s04e28 Episode Script

The Dawn of Humanity

Everyone says Eren has changed.
I've thought that, too.
But maybe all of us are wrong.
Maybe Eren was this way from the start.
And if this is the real him I I wonder what I saw in him There're really cities full of people outside the walls Don't talk about the walls in public.
Ah, right.
The world outside the walls And we're the first people from inside to step foot in it! Did you not hear me?! You could say this expedition takes us back to our original mission.
Let's go scout.
The Dawn of Humanity Corrections by masaca Welcome to the continent of Marley! I'll guide you to the Azumabito estate.
Onyankopon! I'm glad you all made it! What do you think of Marley's biggest port? Wha?! That horse! Or is it? Huh? It's some sort of cow! It has to be! It's a car! I've heard about 'em before! Hello there, car! People are staring! Ugh! They think we're bumpkins now.
- -Eh? - -Pretend we're not with 'em.
- -Hey! Car! - -Hey, wait! Wait for me! - -Please, come back! If we don't stop 'em, they'll try to feed it carrots.
Don't be silly They're buying carrots! So many people Eren, we don't know what to expect, so stay close to me.
Eren? Right.
Quit spacing out, Eren! We're in the outside world! Yeah This is the other side of the sea isn't it? Hey! Stick with the group.
Especially you.
Be right there! Watch it, kid! I'd like one, please.
Sure thing! - -Here you are.
- -Jeez, Sasha! Not again This is flippin' cold! - -Lemme try! - -First time having ice cream? - -Whoa! The hell?! - -First time having ice cream? - -That done hit the spot! - -One for me, please! Me, too! I told 'em not to stand out.
Nobody's gonna see that and think they're island devils.
Hey! You guys gotta try this! Hey there, sonny.
Can I interest you in some sweeeet candy? I'm talkin' to you.
Cool outfit.
You in a kiddie gang? I smell something good! The thing Nicolo told us about?! Three more, please! Thanks.
You should try this.
Ice cream, huh? You know it? Just through my dad's memories.
Eldians in the zone rarely get to have it Even though the outside world's so big.
But none of us realized it.
Or maybe we just didn't want to.
Hey! That ain't your purse.
Thief! It's another enemy migrant! How'd you get here? Snuck aboard a ship, I bet! He doesn't understand us.
Let's toss him in the sea.
Nah, let's smash his hand so he can't pickpocket anymore.
Tie him up where everyone can see.
That'll cut down on crime.
That's taking it too far! I already got my purse back! This isn't about you.
We've gotta punish him to set an example.
We're trying to make a living here.
Besides, he could be a Subject of Ymir.
Countries have been doing blood tests like mad lately.
No one can sleep at night knowing devils could be in their midst.
Hey! What are you doing?! Who said he's a thief? All I said was, "That ain't your purse.
" It belongs to his big sister here.
My! Talk about a nutty family! Right, Big Sis? Ah! Sorry about my little brother! Yeah?! I smell bullshit! Let's go! Hey! Wait! Where'd that brat go? Th-There.
Well, it was just some change from the Azumabito.
I'm sorry you went through that.
As blood testing has improved, countries across the world are finding they're inhabited by Subjects of Ymir who've fled the zones.
Back during the height of the Eldian Empire, being a Subject of Ymir was a sign of status among the world's elite.
But as the Empire crumbled, they found themselves being exiled from places.
Such is life for Eldians outside the wall.
Alas, it will be difficult for Paradis Island to establish friendly relations.
Even so, giving up on peace means we'll have to go along with Zeke's plan: To leave our fate in his hands, and to sacrifice Historia and her children.
Yeah But we came here to avoid such a future.
And for the Subjects of Ymir Protection Group's debut in tomorrow's forum.
It's still not clear what that group seeks to achieve.
We'll be observing them first.
But if they seem promising and agree to speak with us You'll express that Paradis Island seeks peace.
Naturally, the Azumabito are happy to help you down that path.
Though, are you being realistic about your chances of success? I know it'll be very difficult.
And dangerous, too.
But having said that, we have to give it our best shot.
I suppose so.
Where is Eren? Eren! Did you forget you're the enemy's primary target? Everyone's been looking for you.
The boy from the market? What happened? Nothing yet.
What do you mean? This is It's a place for people who lost their homes to war.
Just like us: One day, our lives changed, and everything was taken from us.
All our freedoms stolen.
Why do you care so much about me? Eh? Because I saved you when we were kids? Or because I'm family? H-Huh? What am I to you? You You're family.
Huh? Huh? I think he's inviting us.
Hey! The hell you doing, Eren?! Are you an idiot?! Good timing.
We seek to aid refugee Subjects of Ymir scattered across the world! They are not Eldians, nor do they believe in the Empire's dangerous ideologies! They're the tragic victims of the Eldian Empire's forced interbreeding! It's the detestable island devils we should hate! Hate the devils who fled to the island 100 years ago! Those island devils are our true enemy! That day was the day Eren left us.
Later on, the letter he sent said he'd entrust Zeke with everything, and by the next time we saw him, it was too late.
I wonder was there any other choice we could've made? Maybe everything had been decided from the start.
Still, I can't help but think: Back then, what if I had given him a different answer? Would things have ended up the same way? When did it all begin? Back then? No It doesn't matter.
Everything happened by my will.
Everything comes after this.
Eren, both Eldia and the world can be saved by the euthanization plan.
There's just no other way.
To aid our takeover, the brass was given wine tainted with spinal fluid.
Believe in Zeke as he does in you.
I'll pretend to go along with Zeke's plan.
You do that, too.
Pretend to go along and then what? The MPs are pushing their plan to turn you into a Titan to eat Zeke.
It's either fight them or run away.
Caring for cattle hasn't been the only thing on my mind.
I knew that, but there's no need to run or fight.
If it's our best hope for the island's survival, I'll go along with it.
There's no other way.
But back then, you protected me.
Everyone stood up for me.
And that's enough for me.
You're fine with that, but I'm not.
Huh? I'll destroy the world and all our enemies.
I'm gonna wipe out every last one of 'em.
That's wrong! Not everyone off the island is an enemy! Most of them won't have any idea why they're being killed, just like your mom! I know, but the only sure way to end this cycle of revenge fueled by hate is to bury our hate-filled history along with civilization itself.
They want you to bear children as sacrifices for the island.
I won't let kids eat their parents anymore.
Eren, I If I don't do something to stop you, I won't be able to live with myself.
If it's hard on you, just wait till I can erase your memories with the Founder.
I can't! You can.
Because you're the "worst girl in the world" who saved me back then.
Headaches? I never heard anything from Ksaver or the researchers about an illness specific to the Ackermanns.
But records show their power awakens when their survival instinct is triggered.
A reflex to "protect their host"? I doubt it's anything like that.
The way I see it, Eren Her devotion towards you has nothing to do with some "forced behavior.
" I think she just likes you enough to rip apart Titans for you.
Say, Eren So? What will you say to her? What are you talking about? I've got four years to live, at best.
What if I got pregnant? Even after I'm dead, their lives will go on.
I want them to.
I want them to live and be happy.
A global, combined fleet Nearly every large cannon that exists in the world has been gathered here today.
All the minds of humanity focused on a single purpose.
Seeing how it's a miracle this fleet came together, if we can't stop this here, then nobody will.
This rumbling.
That's! Yeah It's him! It's the Attack Titan! I'll wipe out every last one of 'em from this world! Corrections by masaca
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