Atypical (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Standing Sam

When you feel the world around you Spinning out of control You can find someone around you To bring you out of the cold But you don't ever have to hide What you really feel inside So put 'em up [VOCALIZES.]
Two high There's my college boy.
Did Edison have anything to say to you this morning? Of course not, he's a tortoise.
Well, he might not be excited, but I am.
Orientation is a waste of time, especially if you've adequately prepared on your own, which I have.
But I know what to expect so it shouldn't be a bad experience.
Where are my running shoes? Oh, honey, I don't think it's a good idea to go running just yet.
Where'd you hide 'em? Sam, don't forget you have your appointment with disability services today at 1:00 in the Taft Building.
It's with a very kind-sounding man named Rudolph.
Don't make any reindeer jokes.
I did, it didn't go well.
The doctor said to wait six weeks, it's been six weeks.
It's been five weeks, five days.
I bet you're still sore.
Let me see your scar.
Hey! My body.
Bad touch.
Now give me my shoes.
Where'd you put 'em? Sam.
This is everything you need for your appointment today.
- Sure you don't want me to go with you? - No, thanks.
Why not? Because he's a grown-ass man.
For once she's right, 'cause I'm a grown-ass man.
Casey, why are your sneakers in my t-shirt drawer? Yes! I was hiding them.
Oh, well, you should let me know next time.
I'm done.
All right, well, good luck.
I'm proud of you, Sam.
I don't need luck, I'm prepared.
Hey, honey, don't forget we have our thing today.
Do we really have to go? Are we getting anything out of it? I am.
Maybe if you opened up more.
You only get out of it what you put in.
Well, so far, I've put about $300 into it.
Am I getting that back? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
Every year after mating season, penguins lose their feathers and get a new coat.
This little guy might not look like much right now, but pretty soon he'll be sleek, streamlined and fully waterproof.
Whoa, Nelly, what happened to that sad sack? Syphilis? Is it syphilis? Zahid, what are you doing here? Just finished up orientation at the Margaret B.
Rosenkrantz School of Nursing.
Turns out Margaret B.
was quite the fox.
"B" actually stands for aboia-oia-oia-ing.
I'm going to my orientation in a minutes.
Who are you gonna be? - What? - It's a whole new world, Sammy.
These people know nothing about you.
You can be whoever you want.
I was a sexy anthropologist who wanted a career change.
Oh, and I wear suspenders now.
You can always trust a guy in suspenders.
I'm fine with my current wardrobe.
Inexplicable, but okay.
The point is, now is the perfect time to reinvent yourself.
You can be whoever you want.
That's what college is for.
I'm not looking to reinvent myself.
All I want is to not fail, to not be the four out of five.
I'm perfectly fine doing that as my same old self in my same old clothes.
You're gonna do great.
I agree.
So, junior year, you ready? - [CASEY SIGHS.]
- [SAM.]
Molting looks painful.
You mean ten months of that awkwardness? - Can't wait.
- He's harmless.
And maybe it is, I don't know.
I'm not a penguin.
I'm a bee.
Welcome to the hive.
Here's a freshman survival guide detailing everything you need to know to be the best Denton Bee you can be.
I don't need one.
I have one.
I've read it so many times that I've memorized it.
Okeydokey, tuna poke-y.
I wonder if molting penguins stand in front of other penguins and get embarrassed about all their feathers falling out.
Okay, bees, take a seat.
Icebreaker time! Whoop-whoop! We'll all say an adjective starting with the first letter of our name, then our name, then a funky dance move that goes with that adjective.
Watch and learn.
I'm Excited Evelyn.
Excited Evelyn! Okay, who's next? [SAM.]
The thing is, as a penguin, you really have no choice.
I'm Standing Sam.
- [MAN.]
Nice one, man.
- Dude, that was iconic.
- Totally subversive.
I called ahead to see what the icebreaker was going to be and I thought they might keep it a secret, but they told me right off the bat.
You're hilarious.
I am? I am.
The thing about molting is you just have to get through it.
I've been giving him more space.
- She has.
- And it feels good.
- Yeah.
- Just stepping back.
Like, I could breathe.
I think I always let you breathe.
No breathing.
Well, that's good.
So we have a few more minutes.
Is there anything else you wanna make sure we talk about today? Yeah.
You said you want me to be more open So I wanna know how did this happen.
Like, you don't just sleep with someone out of the blue.
There has to be a bunch of small steps that gets you to that point.
So I wanna know how.
I remember actually.
It was my first lie.
I was thinking about Nick.
And you noticed I was distracted.
And you asked me what was up.
I said I was thinking about some PTA thing.
And I think it was that little lie that made every other lie just a tiny bit easier.
I wish I had stopped myself.
I wish you had, too.
It kinda sucks you just had surgery.
It's not gonna be as fun kicking your ass at practice.
I'll have you know, I went on my first run, and I'm as fast as ever.
Did it hurt? - Like a bitch.
Hey, I brought you guys milkshakes.
I don't want it to be weird with us for the next two years, so peace offering.
My stomach's still a little wonky from the appendectomy, but I'll take it.
- Hers, too.
Thank you.
Hey, it doesn't completely make up for what you did, but I appreciate the apology.
That wasn't for you, that was for Izzie, but you guys are joined at the hip so just to be clear, you're still a bitch.
Excuse me.
Hey, Nate.
Go ahead, hooligans, ow-ow! Get me some hooligans, hooligans Ow-ow! Get me some knuckle-handed hooligans Ow-ow! Get me some hooligans, hooligans Ow-ow! You punched his milkshake? How do you punch a milkshake? It's liquid.
I didn't punch it.
I bopped it.
It's more gentle than a punch.
- On accident? - No, on purpose.
Have you met this kid? - Casey.
- Crowley.
You have tremendous potential.
You're smart, you're tough, you work hard and you seem completely happy to throw it all away.
That's not what I'm doing.
Isn't it? You don't think you belong here, - so - I don't.
Look I'm not trying to be a menace and I love this team.
I know.
But it's junior year.
It's a big one for you SATs, college stuff.
You need to set aside this emotional angst and decide what you want.
Do I have to? Nice suspenders.
Can you help me find the Taft building? Hey, Standin' Sam! I'll have you know that 43 kids later, Standing Sam remains choice, my dude.
Thank you.
I normally don't like icebreakers, which is ironic because I love ice.
- You're the best.
I declare that from this moment forward, Sam's our guy.
- Let's call ourselves the Tasty Trio.
- Yes! - Why? - [LAUGHS.]
It's dope, and I'm starving! Hey, do you wanna hang out with us? - Maybe get something to eat? - Yeah.
I can't.
I have an appointment.
What? You mean we gotta hang out with someone else? Bummer.
Yeah, everyone else here is just spazzes and weirdos.
Spazzes and weirdos.
- [MAN 2.]
What a loser.
- [MAN.]
Spazzes and weirdos - spazzes and weirdos, spazzes and weirdos - [LAUGHING.]
spazzes and weirdos - [MAN.]
Skip your meeting! - [GASPS.]
- Skip it - Skip it [SAM.]
I don't usually skip things.
I don't usually break rules, but it's college.
Maybe it is time to reinvent myself.
I'm going to skip my meeting.
- Yes! - Yes! Yeah! I'm Skipping Sam now.
He's still got it.
Oh, this guy.
I didn't believe it at first.
Thought the package went to the wrong place, company forgot to send it, but no.
Somebody's stealing my Omaha steaks right off my front porch.
- Wow.
They are good steaks.
You better believe it.
Hey, what's up? Sorry to bother you, but I didn't know what to do, who to call.
Okay, well, slow down.
What's going on? Amber's having a hard time breathing.
And I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting.
Okay, where are you guys? Are you home? - Yeah.
- All right, we'll be right there.
We don't get to go get burgers right now, do we? Afraid not, Chuck.
Meat's being taken out of my mouth left and right.
It was so scary.
I mean, everything was normal, fine.
We were having tacos, laughing, and then the topic of school got brought up and it was like she couldn't breathe.
She was gasping.
It was awful.
Well, it's okay.
Okay, you did the right thing.
But she's gonna be okay.
I think we're good over here.
So tell me the truth, am I dying? No.
You're not dying.
But I do think you had a panic attack.
What? Like an anxiety disorder? Panic disorder? Full-blown derealization? She reads a lot of medical journals.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
So you probably know that panic attacks are pretty normal, and they could happen to anyone.
- I've even had a couple recently.
- You did? Yeah.
The trick is just slow things down and get yourself back into a nice, calm rhythm.
My son does a thing where he recites the four kinds of Antarctic penguins, and that helps him.
That's dumb.
Oh, well, maybe you can recite something else like the different blood types.
That's smart.
O, A, B, AB.
O, A, B, AB.
Thank you.
I think we better get out of here.
Got an emergency at the Burger Shack.
Mmm! Oh, my God, these are the best chicken fingers that I have ever eaten.
Yeah, and he's super picky.
He only eats crunchy things.
I sampled the chicken fingers at all the different eateries on campus.
This one definitely has the crispiest breading.
You're the best.
Okay, we gotta bounce.
Time for me to go fall asleep in the quad for three or four hours, but hang later? Yeah, what dorm are you in? I wanna live in the dorms.
Wow, I'm assuming orientation went well.
- Very.
- Well, hon, I hate to tell you, but you missed the deadline for student housing this semester.
I already went to the housing office, and lucky for me, someone got hit by a car.
He just broke his legs.
He'll be back next semester, but his room is available.
Dorms? On campus? Not home? What does Rudolph think of all this? - I don't know, I skipped my meeting.
- What? - Why would you? - I don't need it.
I'm doing great at college without services.
Okay, we're not finished with this conversation.
School called.
You punched a milkshake? Um, no, I didn't punch it, I bopped it.
- Like that.
Ooh! - Oh! Casey.
Oh, that always makes a bigger mess than I think it will.
What's going on? Casey punched a milkshake and my folder.
I'm living in the dorms.
Yeah? Wow, I loved living in the dorm.
What do you mean, "punched a milkshake?" You have to stop punching things.
- I agree.
- Oh, do you? 'Cause someone punched a hole in the wall.
Maybe we can hang a Merry Christmas sign on Nate's milkshake, huh? Okay, bye.
Yeah, better "okay, bye.
" Can you do me a favor and put the microwave and the toaster in a box? Thanks.
At least we'll have half of them living in the house.
Yeah, but we have to keep the violent one.
What the hell? Do you think Edison's terrarium will fit in here? I think he'll like dorm life.
He's always been a bit of a night owl.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure they don't allow pets at Denton.
What? Why would they not allow pets? I'm sure they do.
Yeah, no.
No waterbeds either.
And definitely no pets on waterbeds.
That would be a disaster.
But I need Edison.
The last time I tried to sleep away from Edison, I got arrested.
So stay at home.
Why do you wanna live in the dorms anyway? Because the freshman survival guide says that students who throw themselves into dorm life are more likely to succeed.
And I wanna be close to the Tasty Trio.
- Who? - My new friends.
I'm reinventing myself as funny and cool.
Why? You're already fine ish.
Well, maybe fine's overstating it, but, you know, you're decent.
This is who I was.
I don't wanna be that guy anymore.
I'll help you.
Wow, okay.
Turns out you just need an official letter and you can get your dumb tortoise registered as an emotional support animal.
That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Yes, and it's great.
Mark my words, if I find one drop of turtle feces in my duffel bag, I will poop on your bed.
That seems fair.
So I guess I'm moving into the dorms.
Hey, it's gonna be great.
You don't know that.
I don't know that.
Maybe this is a terrible idea.
How about we go case the joint? So yesterday Mitchell shaved his entire body to get down on his time.
Now he's just prickly all over like a pudgy cactus.
Do you want the number for our couples therapist? - [LUISA SIGHS.]
- Oh.
- Who's that? Paige.
I'm watching her plants while she's at college.
I am a bit of a plantaholic myself.
I make my own soil.
It's a proprietary blend.
One part fruit peels, two parts dung.
It really does the trick.
I don't really know what I'm doing.
I've never had succulents.
Oh, my Lord and Taylor.
I love succulents.
Let me help you.
- Oh, no - You're calling me.
I'm coming over.
She's bringing dung.
Do you think it's too late for me to cancel being here? I've had a really long day.
Maybe if I just back out slowly.
Oh, now you're talking.
How did Sam's orientation go? He wants to live in the dorms, and he skipped his disability services meeting.
I'm sorry, that sucks.
But it's up to him whether he signs up for services or not.
I know.
He has to do it himself.
- I know.
- You can't do it for him.
I know.
Hypothetically speaking, let's say a student on the spectrum, adorable, brown hair, named Sam Gardner, missed his appointment to determine his eligibility for services.
Could I turn in his paperwork on his behalf? Or if you have the time, I could go through it with you now.
I'm sorry, I'm confused.
Is this appointment for you? Oh, no.
I'm not Then the hypothetical student would need to reschedule the appointment himself.
Um, well, do you think you could, maybe, just give him a ring to speed up the process? Like maybe a friendly "Welcome to Denton" call.
He's really good at returning phone calls.
No, but he can call me.
- Hypothetically.
- Is Rudolph here? - We kind of know each other.
- Mm-mmm.
We had a good okay.
When a penguin molts, they're no longer waterproof Why do you have your sweatshirt? It's 80 degrees outside.
So people know I belong here.
forcing them away from the place they feel most at home.
Yo, what's up? I'm Sam.
W-What? - Your name can't be Sam.
I'm Sam.
- Cool.
Two Sams.
I'll be Sam G.
I'm Sam G.
We're off to a great start then.
Do you have a middle name? Maybe you could go by that.
Okay, well, welcome to our room.
I gave you the bed near the window because it's better, and this one had a weird stain on it.
Do they play that game a lot? Only till, like, 1:00 a.
Oh, no.
What you did to this plant is basically waterboarding.
Okay, but how do I fix it? I need to send Paige proof-of-life.
Well, short of buying it a tiny scuba suit, just leave it alone.
Um, leaving things alone isn't exactly my strength.
You ever been to a desert? You know what the weather's like there? No more watering.
Back off, lady.
Is it always this squeaky? I'm not sure.
I mean, I usually don't open and close it 35 times, but you do you.
Pretty soon you're gonna want him to do someone else.
I'm gonna go grab dinner with my lacrosse team.
You got friends here, or do you wanna join us? I have friends here.
Tasty Trio! Tasty Trio! Tasty Trio! [SAM.]
Molting requires that you look a lot worse before you can look better.
Sorry, dude, 15 tamales means 15 tamales.
Digest it.
Now you gotta pay the price.
A tasty trim by the Tasty Trio.
- Tasty Trio! Tasty Trio! Tasty Trio! - What the hell am I watching? Hi, Tasty Trio.
Aw, hey, Stan.
Even though every penguin molts, they rarely molt together.
It's universal but lonely.
I guess they weren't my friends.
Those guys are incredibly, incredibly lame.
I thought by preparing for college, it'd be better than high school, but it turns out it's the same.
I can't reinvent myself.
Sam despite what Mom would have you believe, the universe doesn't revolve around you.
I mean, this transition would be hard for anybody.
You think the guy who just got his haircut's having a good time? I didn't ask him, but his hair looked terrible.
Did I ever tell you about my first day at Clayton? I couldn't figure out how to buy food.
I cried three times in three different bathrooms.
It was awful.
I'd say you're doing better, but you punched a milkshake.
Hey, if you want we can be each other's emotional support animal.
That role is reserved for Edison, but maybe you could be my emotional support human.
You forgot your sweatshirt.
Later, Sam.
He remembered my name.
For the dorms.
I've been over-watering you, metaphorically, so if this is something you really want, go for it.
Thank you, but I've decided not to start sleeping there just yet.
I think Edison will be more comfortable at home.
You're trying not to, but you're smiling so big right now.
No, I'm not.
Hey, Casey.
It was sweet of you to go to Denton with your brother today.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
I get it, you just had to help.
You know, you're not as different from me as you'd like to believe.
That is the meanest thing you've ever said to me.
And I'm not above bopping that tea.
Oh, well, I know you're not.
Why does it smell like crap in here? Oh, that's Kathy's dung.
Look how good Cindy looks.
Earlier today, I wasn't even sure if she was gonna make it.
You're like a plant EMT.
Look at us.
Saving lives left and right.
Who's that? Oh, Chuck.
Someone stole his Omaha steaks off his porch.
That's terrible.
People can be so mean.
Plants look great.
If you won't leave me, then I won't go If you can't see me Guess I'm a shadow If I say sorry, would you let go? It's the only thing we know If you don't need me, say it ain't so And if you won't lead me Who will I follow? If I say sorry, would you come home? It's the only thing we know If you won't leave me, then I won't go And if you don't lead me Who will I follow? If I say sorry, would you let go? It's the only thing we know If you don't need me, say it ain't so And if you can't see me Guess I'm a shadow If I say sorry, would you come home? It's the only thing we know