Auton Trilogy s01e02 Episode Script


Greyhound Seven to Trap One.
Proceeding as scheduled.
Should reach checkpoint seven at oh four fifty.
Talkative, aren't they? Bloody hell.
Greyhound Seven to Trap One.
Greyhound Seven to Trap One.
Come in please.
What the hell's that? Greyhound Seven to Trap One.
Obstruction on road.
Please advise.
Another cock-up.
Just in case.
Mike, I think there's someone here round the back of the truck.
Dave! Don't move.
Don't move or I fire.
Congratulations, Colonel Wilson.
It is regrettable.
It is, Colonel Wilson, a balls-up of the most staggering magnitude.
Doctor Arnold.
-What's going on? -It seems we've lost the Autons.
What? How? It was a covert operation.
An unmarked vehicle.
No escort.
What, a lorry load of Autons? I thought they'd all been incinerated.
That was our recommendation two years ago.
Someone, apparently, had a different idea.
They were being transported to a classified location for further research.
Further? We spent six months dissecting one.
We made a full report.
So how do you propose to get them back, Colonel? Back from where? Look, what exactly happened? We're not exactly sure.
I sent a back-up unit immediately, but when they arrived there was no sign of the truck.
We've given the civilian authorities a description, the number plate, and orders not to approach, but as yet we've heard nothing.
In short, Colonel Wilson, you've lost a bunch of deadly alien killing machines.
Lockwood? Lockwood, are you ready yet? Yes.
Yes, just coming.
You know, I was just beginning to hope that our escaped Nestene creature from the warehouse might just have curled up and died somewhere.
Are we assuming it's behind all this? Reclaiming it's minions? Possibly, but how did it know where to find them? Maybe they just came into range by chance? You all right, Lockwood? Sorry, Sal.
I haven't been sleeping too well lately.
Right, Colonel.
I take it you're up to speed on the whole Auton issue, yes? Nestene energy unit reactivation at the warehouse two years ago.
Auton assumes the likeness of senior Archivist Graham Winslet, absorbs two energy units, attempts a few faltering steps at world domination, then reconstitutes into a blob and scarpers when the odd on success start to look bad.
I've read the file.
You must understand that I'm not here to tread on anybody's toes.
But I do have my orders.
Direct from Geneva.
I have my own team, and I've been appointed head of this investigation.
Why? That's your signature.
On a transportation docket for all artefacts coded triple A stroke RH stroke 2961.
You ordered the relocation of those Autons.
Geneva has ordered that you, Lockwood, join us.
Your role will be to provide any specialist information my own scientific adviser may I want the exclusion of my containment team from this investigation on the record, need access to.
Of course.
And I insist that Doctor Arnold accompanies me.
Her work in the field of Nestene technology is unparalleled.
That won't be necessary.
The car's waiting.
We're late.
Thank you, Colonel.
I'll be with you in a moment.
Did you issue that order? No.
Something's going on.
But what? What are you going to do? Obey orders.
Have you got one of these, Sal? Ramsay! It's nice to see one friendly face at least.
You two know each other, then.
Yes, sir.
I was assigned to the original warehouse containment team.
Any reports on the missing truck? Not as yet, sir, but tracks suggest it went back the way it came.
-It's good to see you again, Ramsay.
-And you, sir.
Are Doctor Arnold and Doctor Matthews still with you? Dan's been digging up alien artefacts in Africa for the last six months, but Sal's still putting up with me.
Why isn't she here with you? This is Wilson's show.
There was something in it.
Something powerful.
Something alive.
And how did you deduce that, young lady? Lockwood, this is Natasha Alexander, my scientific advisor.
Well? I felt it.
So did you, didn't you.
This is Lockwood.
Priority code 8954B.
Relay me to containment HQ, please.
Morning, Sal.
How's it going? Thought you might have gone back to bed.
What have you got for me? I'm scanning some kind of sheet left at the scene of the crime.
Are you getting this? Yes, receiving your transmission.
Just cross-referencing.
Oh, match's up.
Trace of radiation typical of Nestene energy readings.
Thought so.
Ramsay, have a sample of this sheet sent back to Sal for analysis.
Sergeant Ramsay says hello, by the way, Sal.
Hello, Sal? So he does.
Hello, James.
Let me know when you've got something, Sal.
Will do.
Sorry, old chap.
Can't work without back-up.
Hope you don't mind.
What's your assessment? Nestene energy unit put here by someone.
Energy unit activates Autons in truck.
Autons kill your men And drive off in truck.
-Where to? -Well If we can find out where the sheet's from, we may find out where the energy unit came from, and perhaps where the Autons have gone.
Not necessarily.
No, not necessarily, Colonel.
But since your truck seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth, I've resorted to grasping at straws.
Who do you think put the energy unit there? What a bizarre question, young lady.
If I knew that, I wouldn't be groping around here.
Well, if you have any more flashes of insight, do let me know.
Come on, Corporal.
Shift it.
You knew that energy unit had been here before you checked.
Oh, yes? And how long have you been psychic? Only since birth.
So you read my mind.
It was written all over your face.
I think I'll wait in the car.
Will everything be all right now they've arrived? Yes, of course it will, Daron.
What did you want to see me about, Vicar? Daron you were always the first.
You were always the one with the most fervour.
You led the way for the others.
Am I to be the one? Yes, of course, Daron.
But there is one thing I must ask of you.
You mean you mean to prove myself worthy.
Are you willing? There's nothing I won't do.
Good, good.
Because there are those among our community, mercifully few, I'm glad to say, who simply do not believe.
Oh, they'll come around, Vicar.
-I'm sure of it.
-Time is short, Daron.
We have opened our hearts to these souls and they have refused us.
That refusal has led them straight into the hands of Satan.
Now that our disciples have arrived, these servants of the devil must be struck down.
You know who they are, don't you? And all you have to do is think of them, and they will be delivered from evil.
Priority code 8954B.
Secure line.
Get me containment HQ, please.
Sal? Hi.
What's up? I want you to find out all you can on Natasha Alexander.
-Why? -Because All I'm getting is a brick wall.
-But that's not possible.
-I know.
It seems someone doesn't want me to know about this.
Well, there's nothing on the standard personnel register.
It could mean she's pretty important.
Keep looking for me -Would you? -Yes.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, by the way, I may have something for you on that sheet sample.
Yes? Well, it's old, that's for sure.
It doesn't conform to any types manufactured within the last ten years.
Oh, here we go.
Oh, you're not going to like this.
Try me.
Do you think you can work with him? Oh, yes.
He's not going to make it easy for me, but we're going to get along just fine.
You are clear about your orders, Natasha? Quite clear, Colonel.
Those are the possible points of origin for the sheet.
This is going to mean an increase in manpower.
-Can't we narrow it down? -Afraid not.
Those are all the locations where that make of sheet has been available within a hundred mile radius.
This is ridiculous.
Just because the sheet comes from one area doesn't mean to say that's where the truck has gone.
No, but it's a start.
And I do think you need at least to make a start, Colonel Wilson.
You've got a feeling about that sheet, haven't you, Lockwood.
Is someone going to drive me home? You will give me a call, won't you, Colonel, when you've come up with something useful.
I'll get in the car.
Can't wait to get away from you, can he? Give me a map.
Sorry to interrupt.
You're not going back to containment HQ, Lockwood.
We're going to be working together.
It's not my choice.
And it's certainly not your choice, I know.
But you and I don't have any choice, do we? That's something the stwo of us have in common.
They recruited me as a child.
Parents didn't want me, couldn't cope with their psychic daughter.
Couldn't lie to me, you see, and I kept blowing all the fuses in the house every time I was smacked and sent to my room.
UNIT's been my life.
Yes, you and I have a lot in common, Lockwood.
Take a look at these locations.
-Now what? -Simple psychic trick.
My party piece.
Remember what you were thinking when you first saw that sheet? -I wasn't thinking anything.
Sentinel Island.
No, not just bad dreams.
It's over.
Is it? She'll come round.
I know she will.
I promise.
I swear it.
Of course she will.
Of course she will.
Why don't you go and bring her to me? Go on.
That's the one.
Seconded from Naval Intelligence boys.
That should do the trick.
After all, we don't want to go charging in like the D-day landings.
This could all be a wild goose chase.
It isn't.
Yes, well UNIT High Command won't get the British government's permission for a full-scale assault on Sentinel without concrete evidence.
-Did we get the AT36? -Yes, sir.
It's a prototype but fully tested.
All the men have been issued with the new high-powered ammunition.
No reports of any trouble from the island, sir.
Not a peep.
All the same, we need to land somewhere quiet, uninhabited.
Shouldn't be too difficult.
There's only one village on the island.
Few outlying houses.
There should do.
-Very well.
Carry on, Sergeant.
All right, lads, let's get a move on.
-Have you seen Lockwood? -Yes.
Well, where is he? Making a few discoveries, I should imagine.
-Ah, Sentinel Island, Got it.
-Interesting? -You into ley lines? -What? Ley lines.
There's one that runs right through the island.
So there is.
And there are some ancient burial grounds.
You think the creature from the warehouse is on this island? Yes, I do.
Anything on this Alexander woman? I'm looking at her record now.
Natasha Alexander.
-She's a psychic.
-I know.
What else? From the Internal Security Division.
Lockwood? Yes? You know what the ISD do, don't you? Yes.
Well, are they investigating you or what? Perhaps.
Lockwood, what's happened? What, have you, I mean, why would they be investigating you? -Do they know the truth about you? -Bound to, I suppose.
Something's going on, isn't it? Sal, I remember.
I did authorise the transport of those Autons.
-I have to go, Sal.
Doctor Arnold.
You'd better send them in.
Charlie, it's me.
-Is it safe? -Yes.
What happened? Did you call the mainland? Did the police take the vicar away? What's It's all right.
Everything's going to be all right.
You see, Charlie? Everything's going to be all right.
Oh, my God.
I have a new member for our congregation.
Thank you, Daron.
-There's no need to be afraid, Charlie.
-Who the hell are you? What are you doing here, you murdering.
What have you done to Daron? A strong young mind.
Just what we need.
Some do resist more than others.
Personally, I blame it on your rather expensive university education.
No simple faith.
You see? You can't fight it.
This is something far older than mankind itself.
It's been waiting.
Now it's calling to you for help, and you won't want to refuse.
Beautiful, isn't it? -Seems quiet enough.
-Well? -What do you think? -I think this is Colonel Wilson's show, and you, Miss Alexander, are his scientific advisor.
I'm only here at Geneva's insistence.
Ramsay, have the pilot drop anchor, get the men on deck and prepare the dinghies.
Let us pray.
Don't tell me.
You've a feeling we're being watched.
Ramsay, take one man and scout ahead.
-Stay in contact.
Hargreaves, you're with me.
The soldiers must not interfere.
Greyhound One to Greyhound Leader.
Greyhound Leader.
Go ahead.
No sign of anything suspicious.
Steep incline ahead.
Heavy woodland on top.
Band of the Coldstream Guards could be in there for all we know.
All right, Greyhound One.
Find a way up but exercise extreme caution.
We have entered woodland and will hold this position.
Take cover.
Lockwood! What is it? Autons.
Greyhound One.
Greyhound One.
What's happening, over? Greyhound Leader.
Autons firing from cover.
Hargreaves is dead.
Request covering fire.
This is Greyhound Leader to all Greyhounds.
Covering fire.
Covering fire.
Cease fire.
Cease fire.
Are you all right, Ramsay? Just like old times, Lockwood.
What's the situation, Sergeant? They can see us.
We can't see them.
They've got us pinned down.
We must assess the strength of their force.
Do not allow them to leave.
Leave her.
-She's not important now.
-I have to go to her.
You've experienced the rapture.
You belong with us now.
We can't make it back to the boat, they'll cut us down.
We need reinforcements.
This is Greyhound Leader to Broadsword.
Greyhound Leader calling Broadsword.
Urgent assistance required.
Do you read me? You're wasting your time, Colonel.
The last thing they're going to let us do is call for the cavalry.
The AT36.
Let's show them we mean business.
Davis, prepare the AT36.
-Do we know if this thing works? -Precisely.
It's strange they haven't moved in for the kill yet.
All we need now is a target.
Greyhound Four reports movement, sir.
Stand by.
Peek-a-boo, you plastic bastard.
Davis, fire.
Yes! This isn't solving anything.
We've got to find some answers.
Haven't you got any? You knew they'd be here.
Yes, I suppose I did.
Autons are controlled by the Nestene Consciousness.
We know a damaged fragment of that escaped from a top security warehouse two years ago.
That fragment, that creature, must be on this island.
If we can find out what it's doing here, we might at least be half-way to stopping it.
At the moment, we're falling right into its trap by participating in a pointless shoot-out we can't win.
All quiet on the Western Front.
It seems they're not intending to annihilate us.
What is it? Lockwood! Sir.
Where the hell are they going? -Ramsay, get them back here.
-Yes, sir.
What the hell are you doing? This place is crawling with Autons.
-One of the locals.
-Perhaps with some answers.
How did you know? Oh, Lockwood.
Down! No! We've got to get out of here.
The, the church.
Something Beneath the church.
What is it? They've cut off our retreat.
We can't get back to the others.
Come on.
Got any more shots in that thing, Davis? Three, sir.
Greyhound Leader to Greyhound One.
Where are you? Where are you? Greyhound Leader, say again.
Heavy interference.
I'm afraid the signals it's using to control the Autons are jamming our transmissions.
It's? Let me get this straight.
Are we still dealing with the blob that got out of the air vents two years ago? How did it get here? Your guess is as good as mine.
Something beneath the church.
What? That's what that girl said, before she died.
What's under the church? What's the matter? Can't you read my mind? The idea of not being in control really upsets you, doesn't it? No.
What really upsets me is the idea of being investigated by the Internal Security Division.
You're with the ISD? And you're investigating him? And she's apparently psychic.
When that girl looked at you, she saw whatever she thinks is under the church here.
Wait a minute.
Why are you investigating Lockwood? He's UNIT's best operative.
We're investigating him because his special abilities are a two-way street.
Did you think your dreams would be exempt? Dreams? There must have been a moment of contact, when somehow the Nestene Consciousness has gained a foot-hold in your mind.
I have to know if it's just taken up lodgings or whether it's the landlord.
You're mixing your metaphors.
Don't you think we'd better investigate this church before Colonel Wilson is obliged to make his last stand? Well, if the church is the centre of their operations, that's where we've got to go.
We knock out the blob, we stop the Autons, right? Right.
Come on.
Of course if I am working for the other side, I may not even be aware of it.
Had you thought of that one, Miss Alexander? Oh, yes.
Ramsay I want you to go back, get Wilson and the rest of the men.
No way.
Don't argue Just go.
What is it? Come on.
UNIT's creature.
At last.
O come, all ye faithful.
Well? Sense of Joy Overwhelming rapture.
Then there's confusion And loss And fear.
Oh, well, that explains everything.
Thank you.
Perhaps if you hadn't shut yourself away all your life, obsessed by your own uniqueness, you might be able to admit some of those things yourself.
I've seen them In black and white.
Maybe if you could be honest with yourself we might find out what the Nestene Consciousness is trying to achieve.
What's the matte No sarcastic come-back at the ready? No.
You've been betrayed by your own people, Lockwood, treated as an outsider.
But for the first time in your life, you feel as if you belong to Something.
I think this is the moment when you make a run for it, Miss Alexander.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
Why have you brought me here? Oh, I think you know.
You should have left when you had the chance.
I'm keeping an eye on you.
Your leaving was not an option Natasha Alexander.
In your own way, you might be as helpful to us as Lockwood.
What do you mean? Our good people of the island here Are as devoted to us as they can be but their mental energies are, without exception I'm afraid, rather modest.
It's been a long, laborious job, but we're nearly there.
All we need now is A little push From your excellently nurtured mental powers, Miss Alexander And Lockwood's special knowledge.
And what special knowledge would that be? Still resisting.
Very commendable, Lockwood but pointless.
When we last met, a seed was planted in your mind.
Your very very special mind, Lockwood.
You're too kind.
It's been Germinating and you don't want to stop it Do you.
What's under this church? What has always been Since long before the dawn of Mankind.
As Lockwood will tell you, we have been Colonising other planets for a thousand million years.
We Nestenes visited this world and many others Long before intelligent life evolved.
We made Investments For the future.
Consequently, this ground has always been Feared Revered Worshipped! Many of these sites do survive, but none so perfectly intact As this.
Lockwood, you've got to listen to me.
He belongs to us now.
And so will you.
We are awakening one of the surviving Nestene creatures.
A beacon waiting to be ignited.
Through it we shall bring the entire Nestene Consciousness to Earth.
Opposition will be -Impossible.
-Lockwood, can't you see what you're doing? With Lockwood's knowledge of all UNIT's plans for combating alien invasion We will be Invincible.
No! You said it would be me leading the prayer.
That I would bring him back to us.
Are you all right? We've succeeded, Lockwood.
It won't be long before contact is established.
The entire Nestene Consciousness? Lockwood, you've got to stop it.
They're uploading every scrap of information you have access to.
You're going to leave the Earth open to invasion.
They'll destroy us all! But not Lockwood.
He'll live on in the Consciousness.
He'll belong.
He's nothing in common with you Or the rest of your race.
What the hell happened here? Get down.
Davis, prepare to give it your last shot.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Sergeant, where the hell have you been? We've got to move fast, sir.
Lockwood and Natasha are in trouble.
They can't be.
What sort of trouble? That kind of trouble.
Listen to me, you stubborn old bastard.
Don't let that smooth-talking piece of plastic let you wallow in self-pity.
Look into my mind.
I know what it's like to be the outsider but we make ourselves outsiders.
The trick is to let people in.
Lockwood, I'm letting you in.
You've got to stop What have you done? What have you done? What have I done? You're not off the hook yet.
I haven't finished my investigation.
-All right? -Thank you.
Have you finished your investigation? No.
I'll leave you to it, then.
He's the soul of discretion.
Where did that creature go? It hasn't gone, has it? Lockwood, what have you done? Whose side are you on?