Auton Trilogy s01e03 Episode Script


Look at me, Lockwood.
Look at me.
Giant octopuses don't just vanish into thin air.
So you're some kind of expert, are you? You can't turn your back on what you've done.
You have to tell me the truth.
-You don't understand.
-Try me.
No, I don't feel in control.
I feel old.
-You're not safe here.
-I'm not safe anywhere.
-Shall we go back, then? -Natasha.
Whatever happened on Sentinel Island isn't over.
You're part of it now, Lockwood.
It's part of you.
It's for that very reason I can't go back.
How long do you think my head would stay connected to the rest of my body? -But UNIT wouldn't -There are fairies at the bottom of my garden too.
You're right.
I tried to contain that thing Here.
But all I did was give it a route back.
All the more reason why you should come with me.
I've made a terrible mistake.
Lockwood? Mister Winslet.
Mister Winslet? Graham? What are we doing out here in our jim-jams again? Come along.
It's coming back.
It's coming back for me.
Thank you, Dalby.
Sit down, Doctor Arnold.
My name is Palmer.
You are in my custody now.
A lot's been happening, Doctor Arnold.
Catch up.
New York Stock Exchange, all systems wiped.
NASDAQ's in free-fall.
Aeroflot flight 496 fell out of the sky over Berlin, computer malfunction.
Perth Australia, sixteen patients in intensive care, their respirators just happened to turn themselves off at the same time.
Just what does this have to do with me? It started when Lockwood left Sentinel Island And it hasn't stopped.
In fact, it's getting worse.
By the middle of next week there won't be a computer left on the planet that hasn't malfunctioned.
And that doesn't even scratch the surface of what's happening at Millhampton.
Are we smelling the coffee yet, Doctor Arnold? Look what I found.
I thought it was best to let you sleep.
Yeah, sleep.
No, thank you.
I've got enough rubbish inside me as it is without adding to it.
It's out of you now.
Let's take stock, shall we? An ancient elemental force Buried deep below the surface Waiting for a signal to re-emerge.
A paranoid and secretive Governmental paramilitary team Desperate to get its hands on me Well What's inside me, before the enemy does.
How am I doing so far? UNIT, the Nestenes, I bet you never felt so popular.
Someone cut through the wrong cable at the psychic exchange? Try something a little more Conventional.
No, wait.
There is something.
Lockwood left the door open for them, Doctor Arnold.
Just when was it you realised he'd changed sides? Just before I was dragged off by the ISD.
You need me.
Why should I help you, when I've been wired up in that dungeon of delights, -interrogated for three weeks solid? -You're a close associate of Lockwood's.
Now, the question is Just how close? What do you want from me? When we last met a seed was planted in your mind.
Your very Very special mind Lockwood.
You're too kind.
It's been Germinating.
Why are you investigating Lockwood? He's UNIT's best operative.
We're investigating him because his Special abilities Are a two-way street.
He may have permanent access To the sum total of UNIT's acquired wisdom Through a pieceof hardware in his brain, but that means someone, somewhere in this great organisation is watching over his every thought.
Now listen to me, you stubborn old bastard.
Don't let that smooth-talking piece of plastic let you wallow in self-pity.
Look into my mind.
I know what it's like to be the outsider But we make ourselves outsiders.
The trick is to let people in.
Lockwood, I'm letting you in.
Where did that creature go? It hasn't gone, has it.
Lockwood, what have you done? Whose side are you on? So you're psychic too.
You read Natasha's mind.
What did she mean? From what you're showing me, Lockwood destroyed the thing.
Not destroyed, absorbed.
Into his mind? Pure mental energy.
So what happened in Millhampton, -when they got back to the mainland? -We don't know.
You've lost contact with Natasha.
And Lockwood.
You Care for him.
Then help me.
Millhampton hospital.
-Are you sure? -Yes.
They're here.
-Ramsay? -The team? -No.
The psychiatric unit.
Of course.
This is where we sent the real Winslet to recuperate.
Clever bastards.
Even you, Miss Alexander? No one else could have kept me as effectively hidden from UNIT and be reeled in without even noticing.
I was always the last boy picked at games.
Nothing changes.
If I can't get out Then I'm not going to let you in! Time to sleep.
To sleep.
To dream.
Transmission cut out.
Damn it.
What did Palmer have to say, anything useful? Only the air content was normal on the west side of the town.
Run for it! Open fire.
Not quite what I expected.
Nice to know all my research paid off, though.
-Come on, Sal.
-Just a minute.
Power surge.
Greyhound One to Greyhound Leader.
Palmer, it's Ramsay.
We need rein Looks like they've cranked up the power.
Run for it Run for it, Sal! Natasha? Ah, more dreams.
Amazing what goes on in the mind At the point of death.
Lockwood, wake up.
We've got to get out of here.
You don't remember what happened.
Lockwood, please.
You can't distract me.
You're only a dream.
I wonder who else I shall dream about? Oh, Palmer.
Have you seen Ramsay? What about the rest of your team? Oh, running behind schedule, are we? Got to find Lockwood.
That's what we're here for, isn't it? Look, you asked me to help you We must find Lockwood.
The others have arrived.
I knew he'd come.
You have a connection with him.
He reads your thoughts.
Are you sensing something? Natasha? Maybe you're not tuning into her, but she's tuning in to you.
More dreams Only dreams Lockwood.
You know you can't resist us.
Your breath smells, Mister Winslet.
Like rubber.
You are like us.
Linked to a greater intelligence And yet Part of it.
You rely on it It is part of you.
You communicate with it.
You can't shut it out, Lockwood.
If you want the implant, you could always crack my skull open and cut it out.
But then it wouldn't be of any use to you, would it? Needs a mind To operate it.
Sorry, old chap.
Nice try.
Any chance of a cup of tea? Soon, Lockwood.
Greyhound One to base.
Greyhound One to base.
Do you think it's the same creature? The one from Sentinel Island? Possibly.
There's more of those creatures on the planet, you know.
These sites have always been feared Revered and worshipped.
Ancient sites linked by ley lines, like the one on Sentinel Island.
And this is another one, is that what you're saying? Perhaps.
How are your psychic powers, Mister Palmer? Have you sensed anything yet from your protégé, -Natasha Alexander the Great? -I'm waiting.
What for, reinforcements? We should have brought a bigger team with us in the first place.
Do you think that would have made any difference? We're still alive, aren't we? -Yes, we are.
-So is Natasha, isn't she? I think so.
Anyone receiving? Over.
This is Greyhound Leader.
Come in.
Palmer! Palmer, is that you? Ramsay! This is Greyhound One.
Anyone receiving? Over.
Ramsay! Sal.
Doctor Sal.
Bit of a maverick.
This is Greyhound Leader.
Come in.
This other chap.
-Now who's he? -Yes.
Who? No.
I think a little mystery is healthy Don't you, Mister Winslet? This is Sal.
Can you hear me? -Sal, is that you? -Yes, yes, it's me.
Oh God, James, I thought you were dead.
Where are you? Listen, there's a kind Of energy barrier.
I think they've cut off the entire town.
We can't get out.
I've come back as far as the hospital.
There's a lot of Auton activity here.
I'm going to take a look find out what they're up to.
Quite a lot Mister Ramsay.
Where exactly is it, James? Can you give us your position so we can get to you? Over.
North west of the city centre.
On the outskirts.
Sal? Sal, come in.
Over! How do you find Your dream now Lockwood? Good.
You're trying so very hard, aren't you, Lockwood? But for what? The miserable speck of cosmic dust you call home? No.
No, I don't think so.
For pride Medals, pats on the back from your worthless superiors? No.
No, that's not your Style! I'll huff And I'll puff And I'll blow Your house In.
Granny what trite cultural references you have.
Never were any good at being human Were you? The form suffices But it is Constraining.
It never fails to surprise me How humans can live in something so Obsolete And Small.
The form suffices.
You are an insect, Lockwood.
You think your existence will make one iota of difference to our colonisation of this world, when we have waited a thousand million years Seen the suns of million systems grow old and die, watched life crawl from the slime and stand on its hind legs on a trillion worlds? We are time, Lockwood And you Are but A nano-second In the history Of my Species.
Dream away, Lockwood.
Dream away.
Dawn A new dawn Will soon be here.
Natasha? Sergeant Ramsay, isn't it? What happened to you? Sentinel Island The church We got back to the mainland.
Is Lockwood still alive? Yes, I think so.
You think I'm an Auton.
Would you know if you were? Would you tell me? Does that think work on humans? Well, let's find out.
You all right? I'm fine.
So what does that prove? I don't know.
It shouldn't have affected you.
But it did, didn't it? It's what, head north west? Not exactly hurrying, are they? Just gently nudging us in the right direction.
Now Natasha Bring Ramsay to us.
What the hell are you doing? Well done.
Please don't struggle, Natasha.
Stay with us.
What is it? It's Natasha.
She's with them.
Not exactly.
-Thousands of voices.
-What do you mean? The town, the people.
All of them.
Anguish, Pain.
Break the link with Natasha.
Break it! No.
You stupid bastard, don't you see? They've got to you through your psychic link with Natasha.
You're just like Lockwood.
You've sold out without knowing it.
They must have Twanted you to come here.
That's why I'm here.
What? You knew this was going to be a trap? You'd rather I'd authorise strategic nuclear action and wipe this city off the map? Do you honestly think that would have worked? And what about Lockwood? What about Natasha? Maybe they were relying on your Connection with her? And through Lockwood to every computer network in the world.
You finally see the bigger picture.
Why do I suddenly feel like a small piece on a very big chess board? Natasha? You're back.
What happened to Ramsay? Ramsay, Sal, Palmer, they're coming to see you.
Sal? Palmer? I mustn't ask questions.
I'm dreaming And I must never Wake up.
We all have to wake up sometime.
You're only human after all, Lockwood.
Special, perhaps With alien technology embedded in your mind Giving you access to so much knowledge But you're still only human.
I've always felt a bit of a non-starter In the human race.
It's only a matter of time.
I can see them.
I knew he'd come.
Get out! I'm driving! -No, you don't understand.
-It's a trap, James.
He's known all along.
He's led us into a bloody trap.
Get in.
Get in! I've had enough of this psychic crap.
The Autons.
You sold us out.
It's the hospital.
We've got to go there.
Are you absolutely sure? Yes.
Too late.
They're going to kill us.
No I don't think they are.
Shut up.
Listen They've had plenty of opportunities already.
They could have finished us off a half a dozen time by now, but they haven't, have they.
Well, don't you see? Well, look.
Look at them.
They can't do it.
They can't kill us.
What the hell gives you that idea? They tried to kill me, didn't they? No, wait, James, he's right.
They have stopped.
It's because they need us alive.
They must do.
But why? What's so special about us? If we've any chance whatsoever of stopping them that's exactly what we've got to find out, isn't it? Come on -Let's say hello to them, shall we? -After you, Mister Palmer.
Shall we go? Palmer! You all right? Difficult to say.
Did you hear those voices? -Any idea where we are? -No.
But look what I found.
God, I hoped you'd come and find me, Ross.
I knew you would.
How could I not come looking for you? Always in each other's minds.
What have they tried to do, Natasha? It's the real Winslet.
The one the Nestenes copied in the first place? What the hell's he doing here? I thought he was dead.
He was in a coma for about a year, Then he came out of it.
Of course.
Millhampton Psychiatric Hospital.
The life came again.
They said it wouldn't come back The doctors and nurses.
They said I was asleep That I'd woken up.
But it did come back.
Am I asleep again? Why can't I wake up? What have they dredged him up for? And what are we doing here? And where's that bastard Palmer? Come on, Natasha.
You can fight it.
I know your mind's strong enough.
Tell me! Listen to me.
We've got to find Lockwood before the Nestene energy starts flowing through his implant.
Where is he! Doctor Arnold.
As a matter of fact, I have found a large number of crates with the same serial code.
Triple A stroke RH stroke 2961.
Some of them have the letters A.
N written on them.
I'm told.
But I couldn't Think what I couldn't see I couldn't.
I could see everything it could see Like a nightmare.
Who's Lockwood? Lockwood? Where is he? Have you seen him? He, he is He is dying.
Dying? What do you mean? What have they done to him? Where is he? He, he's He's asleep.
He can't wake up.
But if he doesn't wake up He'll die.
Lockwood Absorbed the energy of the creature on Sentinel Island But it broke free.
It's Buried Deep They need me.
Awakening? What do you mean, awakening? Dreams And nightmares.
I'm listening.
He's He's your friend.
Yes Of course he is.
He's a one-off.
Do you know where he is? Bring them here.
Destroy the others.
No! What is it? What now? My mind's not strong enough But yours is.
They sensed your mind in mine.
We haven't got much time.
Read me.
I can't keep this up for ever.
-You know where he is.
Now go! -Not without you.
I'm not strong enough to.
Please go.
Hello, Sal.
More dreams.
No, not dreams.
James and I are real enough.
You're real.
Sal What have you done? What? No No! Thank you, Doctor Arnold.
Palmer! What the hell's going on? We were right.
They are using Lockwood's implant.
Using it as a means Of transmitting their energy.
-What! -Awakening.
Lockwood's been trying to keep them out of his mind all this time.
They tried to use Natasha's psychic abilities To break his resolve But it didn't work.
But they sensed in me Psychic powers that even Natasha didn't possess.
They thought I'd do it for them But it was you two His friends.
And now we've buggered everything up.
We're activating a billion Nestene creatures buried throughout your world.
They're coming back to life.
You have served your purpose.
You are no longer necessary.
I won't let you use my mind.
Not again.
I won't let you! Get close to him.
Right hand button, three times.
Oh, Lockwood, no! That's the trouble with dreams.
However nice they are You always have to wake up.
It's over Did you ever stop to consider the risk to Lockwood? Your best operative, UNIT's star performer that's what you made him believe.
And all the time you were planning to drive him like a sheep through a mine field.
It was the only course of action left open to me.
As far back as the warehouse weknew Lockwood had been compromised.
He wasn't compromised, he was fighting it.
Instead of sending spooks to try and catch him out, did it never cross your mind to ask him what was going on? It may have escaped your notice, Doctor Arnold, but we've just been fighting a war.
There's no room for sentiment in a war.
You used my feelings My feelings for Lockwood.
You knew perfectly well what taking me there would do.
Get him out of my sight.