Avenue 5 (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

I Was Flying

Have a great morning, everybody.
Fly safe, fly true.
- MADS: Fly - SARAH: Safe! - MADS: Fly - SARAH: True.
NADIA: Captain Ryan.
JOHN: My daughter wanted to meet the hero who saved Avenue 3.
Oh, well, he's ov Oh, you mean me! - (CHUCKLING) Yes! - We're all heroes on this ship.
- What's your name? - Jade.
Powerful name.
Okay, Captain Jade has the bridge, everybody.
Just in time to press the button to clear the main thrusters.
It's not connected to anything.
NADIA: This way, Captain Jade.
Good morning, Iris.
Surrounded by stars, and yet still you shine.
- Noted.
Judd is indisposed.
- Oh.
That's a shame.
He's fracking some merchandise ideas, - and he just hit gas.
- Did he say that? - Yes, he did.
- Of course he said that.
So, you're hosting the passenger breakfast.
Your guests - Is that Mrs.
Rodriguez? - It is.
I met her yesterday.
Deaf in both ears.
You could just say "deaf.
" I hear you, Iris.
'Cause I'm deaf in no ears.
- Breakfast is in - Crew karaoke tonight, Captain? I only ever sing when I'm drunk.
(SIGHS) So ask me again at 5:00 p.
- You got it.
- Breakfast is in tw Hey, set your phasers to fun.
- Aye, aye, Captain! - (LAUREN LAUGHS) - They are so great.
- No, they're really not.
- Breakfast is in twenty minutes.
- Twenty minutes, yeah.
You know what you could talk about? We just set the record for the biggest yoga class in space.
RYAN: Really? Who did we beat? Come to the Judd Over Easy Breakfast Buffet.
If you're not completely satisfied, you're wrong.
Okay, all right, can we just be done now? I'm done.
Are you? - Yes! I'm done.
- Great.
So, can we just say sorry and move on? Movin' on.
- You didn't say you're sorry.
- Neither did you.
You said, "Let's say sorry," but you didn't even say it.
(SIGHS) Okay, well, I'm sorry I ever married you.
- Is that good? - No.
- Is that good enough for you, Doug? - I'm sorry I ever met you.
Believe me, I can't wait to never see your lunky face ever again.
Oh, I know whose face you wanna see again.
Hunk McSpunk here.
- There you go.
- MIA: Jesus, did you go through my phone? - You psycho! - You zoom in I zoomed in too much.
Right there! I bet you wanna rock that like a bad banana, - don't you? - Yeah.
You know what? I do.
And thank you for reminding me of all the hot banging sex I had with him.
- It was phe-no-me-nal! - Oh, I'm glad you loved it.
- Okay.
- DOUG: Oh, shit.
I forgot my plate back there.
Save me a seat.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
By the way, it's gonna be at the bottom of the swimming pool on Deck Fuck You! - (DOUG CHUCKLES) - WOMAN: I'm so sorry.
Can you hand me three Danishes, please? Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy today's cocktail, the Judder Juice.
It's mostly milk.
Good job.
I like to see folk take pride in their work, even if some might call that work "menial.
" Not me, though.
I value your labor.
Uh, I didn't see the gloves.
(SIGHS) - Oh, Mr.
You're here.
- Hey.
- I thought, uh - Yeah.
No, no, no.
I came up with a week's worth of great ideas in, like, 11 minutes.
Uh, make what I say on here happen.
Who's my favorite captain? Ooh! New idea.
We'd sell more steaks if the restaurant was completely red.
That's science, probably.
Uh, check that it's science.
(SIGHS) Change restaurant lights to red.
So relaxing.
And I'm not even bending.
(AMERICAN ACCENT) It's a yoga supernova.
They bend so we don't have to.
Does yoga burn a lot of calories? Because we're losing profits in the food court.
Can they, like, move more? - IRIS KIMURA: Um - JUDD: Fast yoga? IRIS: Fast yoga? You know how old asteroids are? They're even more ancient than this old astronaut.
MAN: (OVER PA) Final call for the asteroid.
But they don't look as good for their age.
Look at that piston, huh? He's been checked, right? The old guy? - To work with kids? - The ex-astronaut? Of course.
Yeah, he's just telling them - about the - Oh! Oh, the asteroid! Everybody up! Up! There's a a hot-ass rock comin'! - Come on! - IRIS: He means please.
(OVER PA) An asteroid is coming, in a good way! ALAN LEWIS: Diagnostics came back on Ave 2.
Slight oxygen dip, but should be nominal by 0900.
Uh, Ave 5 slingshot round Titan is all on schedule.
- How did the vent clean go? - Uh, A-Okay.
Although Great, keep me updated on the Titan fly-past.
Get in, people.
Enjoy the view.
Oh, God.
Here we go.
Welcome to Judd Mission Control.
My name's Rav Mulcair, director of Judd Galaxy.
Oh, excuse me.
hatch seal inspection all good? - All good.
- Good.
As you can see, there's a lot of technology here, but all Uh, trajectory good? - EMPLOYEE: It's good.
- Good.
All you need to know is that it keeps your loved ones safe, and keeps me on the coffee.
KAREN KELLY: Can't we have, like, forest or lake, or just, you know, space? It's been stuck on "heavy industry" for two days now.
- No, it's not changing.
- But can you fix it? I think he's trying, sweetheart.
You know, we have an observation deck.
- Yeah, there we go.
- Oh! Okay, I have an observation and we don't even need to go - to a deck for it.
- (MATT CHUCKLES) We paid for a space cruise.
Well, okay.
I mean - you say "paid," right? - (FRANK SIGHS) But it was your sister who paid for a non-transferable ticket.
- Now, I'm not saying - All right.
- you're stowaways.
Right? - Whatever.
I hope you're not saying that.
MATT: No, Karen, look.
When I was 19, I would go to music festivals and I would sleep in the porta-potties, so I'm not a stranger to stowaway culture.
- (FRANK STUTTERS) - Okay, we're not stowaways.
- MATT: Okay.
- She paid for a ticket, - she couldn't come.
- FRANK: Right! Foot operation.
Her little toe is enormous, bigger than her big toe, and I'm signed off with stress from my office, so Sorry to interrupt, um Miss Ellis in 810, she wants to know if we can move the guy in 811.
Apparently, his breathing sounds fat.
Uh Excusez-moi.
Duty calls.
But I would love to disperse your irritation.
And I would love to hear more about Joyce's huge little toe, - so, uh let's circle back.
- Okay, well, I will circle back in an hour.
She will.
She's very persistent.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I'm very absorbent.
(LAUGHS) KAREN: What does that mean? I don't know.
Okay, let's go live to Avenue 5! How much do these know? Uh, the civilians know about the 26-second delay.
Judd, hello! (CHUCKLES) Right.
ALAN: While we wait for the delay, why don't you give them the tour? Oh, why don't I? Thanks.
Great idea.
Wind it.
Uh, that is an award-winning atrium, in terms of design Yes.
Yes to that.
This is the main dining area, which is red for a reason.
That is the spa area I can't deal with that now.
To help you relax.
There's even a soft play area.
I want one.
Judd, hello! - RYAN: Welcome to space! - (CHEERING) Wanna watch us run rings around Saturn? Why's she just standing there? Why is she Why is she not talking to us? - No, it's the delay.
- What are you talk I thought you had a guy outside fixing that.
We do have a guy outside.
(SIGHS) Operation Complete Waste of Time.
Joe Tell me, what can you see? JOE: I see absolutely no point in being here.
I see that we are about three hours before we slingshot - around Titan - (BUZZING) and I see a warning light here.
JOE: There's usually some writing next to the light that tells you what it means.
(LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY) I think it's the Sarcasm Alarm.
- JOE: Well, it's working.
JOE: Oh, you think? (MAN SCREAMING) (GIRL SCREAMS) JOE: Reset the grav sim.
(YELLS) I can't quite Joe, I can't quite Just give me a second's warning.
(CROWD SCREAMS) All done, Joe.
Hello? Joe? You're welcome.
Fuck Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I was flying.
Did you see that? I was I was flying.
Iris! Jay, I need to know what just happened, and who's to blame JUDD: Iris! and if you're okay.
Whose Whose dog is this? Someone help her! Who brings their dog to yoga? (CHATTING CHEERFULLY) - (CROWD GASPS) - RAV: Oh Um (PANICKED CHATTER) They're in the safest of hands.
Okay, everybody.
Everything is fine! Everybody, stay calm.
And pay attention to my words and not my tone.
Okay? Are you sure everything's fine? Well, no, I'm not.
I think I've just swallowed a tooth.
I don't think it's one of my teeth.
I know people are scared right now, but don't be.
When a fire broke out in the ballroom of Avenue 3, Captain Clark over there saved a lot of lives.
- Well - JUDD: So, just keep calm! - Yeah.
It was a small fire.
- It stayed small - because of your quick action.
- Ah, well, the paramedics probably also deserve an honorable mention.
As do the sprinklers.
Look! Look, it's the asteroid! ALAN: There's nothing you can do.
(CROWD SCREAMING) The floor is very soft.
(GRUNTS) You okay? Why? Are you hoping I broke something? Everyone okay? - (MIA SIGHS) - No.
I'm stuck in space with my current wife.
Oh, honey.
Honey, whatever it is, I'm sure they're dealing with it.
Please, let's not interfere.
Oh, I'm going to interfere.
- I know.
- Not interfere.
(SIGHS) I know.
If you're injured, just stay where you are, and we will get to you, okay? If you're If you're not injured, but you're lying on top of someone who is, stop it, okay? Uh, Darren, could you could you locate Joe for me, please? Thank you.
This guy Show me a safer pair of hands, Iris.
You can't, can you? That is a super-tourniquet.
That That is beautiful.
Do you do gift-wrapping? If I ever needed a double hand transplant, I would leave him with stumps.
If anyone could handle being a double amputee, it would be him.
Not me.
Could you locate Joe for me, please? It's really kind of urgent now.
Thank you.
My, you are flexible.
You are The cleaning lady, is she okay? - Uh, I can check.
- Yeah, just let her know it's gonna be a late night, probably.
Joe! Can someone get me Joe, please? BILLIE: (OVER PA) Captain? Captain, this is Billie McEvoy, Engineering.
I've reset the grav sim Okay.
Can you meet me in the atrium? BILLIE: I'm in the atrium, sir.
I can see you.
What do you look like? Like me.
Okay, I'm I'm gonna go facial.
All right? Five seconds.
That looks terrible.
Okay, so no major structural damage, but we are still establishing the lasting impact to our course.
What? What? No, no, no.
There can't be a lasting impact.
Oh, there will be an impact.
Five-thousand people smashing against the side of a ship is gonna have a knock-on effect.
- I'm saying it can't - Well because we have a schedule.
Okay, did you hit your head? No, I did not.
Unfortunately, I am still fully conscious.
Okay, because I'm not understanding why you're not understanding that we will be impacted.
Yeah, I'm gonna talk to Joe.
No, no, no.
Captain, wait.
Uh, sorry.
Uh D No.
So, um So, Joe and I, we were trying to boost the comms link, because, you know BOTH: Judd is unhappy with the delay.
And there's nothing anyone can do about the delay, - so - So, you did the, uh The EVA.
It was one of the other engineers, and now I can't get ahold of him.
Who was it? Don't Don't say it was Joe.
Moe? Moe.
Of course it was Joe.
I knew it was Joe! I knew it was Joe - Told me not to say any Okay.
- because we don't have - an engineer called Moe.
- No, we don't.
So, I thought it was Okay.
This God.
My mouth is so dry, I can (SIGHS) This has been a terrible conversation.
BILLIE: Yes, sir.
- These numbers are all up to date? - Up to date.
That's a lot of broken legs.
First priority: - passengers.
- Absolutely.
I was thinking gift bags, free massage, 40 minutes.
Jesus, Iris.
I'm not Santa Claus.
It's to make them feel better.
Who's gonna make me feel better? All right.
Other first priority: stockholders.
Actual first priority.
Back in the game.
I'm going out to get Joe.
That's the way.
No man left behind.
Dead or alive.
(LAUGHS) No, alive or alive! (MUFFLED) Those are the options! Just keep breathing, all right? Keep breathing, everything will be fine.
You're now in the hands of the Judd Corporation.
- Oh, shut up.
- Lucky you.
Sorry to bother you, but it's my job.
I need to know what happened, and that it won't happen again.
(AMERICAN ACCENT) It was just a one-off grav sim failure.
We got a couple of injuries, but mostly just bumps and bruises.
- (SPEAKING RUSSIAN ON-SCREEN) - So, we're through the worst? Steady as the rock you're carved from, Iris.
(SPEAKING ARABIC) Just your standard Tuesday.
- You going this way? - This way, yeah.
Then where are you going? DOUG: Think he's got it under control? Sure.
The suave, yet rugged captain.
Yeah, I think he's got it under control.
What? You like a guy in uniform now? Anyone can wear a uniform.
- You horny for garbage men too? - (MIA SIGHS) God, what are you talking about, Doug? Why don't you stop being such a child? - Oh, I'm a child? (SCOFFS) - Yeah! Everybody, take a deep breath in.
Everybody take a deep breath in.
- Okay.
It's gonna be okay.
- KAREN: Pardon me.
Or not.
What the hairy hell is going on? I need to know.
- Is the ship breaking down? - BAILEY: Are we safe? I am as ignorant as you.
That sounds rude.
I meant it to be self-deprecating.
I can't find my daughter.
She was on the bridge, wearing the captain's hat.
Okay, well, those hats are reinforced, and they protect your head, so - Oh, you have the hat.
- SPIKE: Maybe I can help.
I I was one of the first 30 astronauts to orbit Mars.
Well, I mean, you were the 30th, right? (CHUCKLES) And the first Canadian to land on it.
Okay, well, if we're listing accomplishments, I was the first man to get alcohol poisoning at Maplewood Middle School.
Look, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be pedantic You know what? I do mean to be pedantic.
You're the head of passenger services, and right now, we are not being serviced.
- (CROWD MURMURS AGREEMENT) - So, what the f-bomb is going on? She's very good at this sort of thing.
We get great deals on insurance.
I don't think we're covered for this.
Yeah, you checked the box, right? Yes.
Ladies, gentlemen, and fluids Crisis over.
Now, wasn't that a gas? We all have a cool story to tell our therapists and chiropractors.
Why is there a dead man in the sky? (CROWD GASPS) MAN: Oh, my god.
Did we just bump into him? Or is is he from the ship? R.
You're a star man now.
If it's any consolation, he had very few loved ones.
I never wanna die.
Okay, well just go with it.
Go with it.
Why are you still here? Go on.
Five minutes, be back.
We've mapped the new trajectory.
That implies we no longer have the old trajectory, and I really liked the old trajectory, so I'd prefer if we just keep the term "the trajectory.
" Yes? Just throw it up on the screens.
Guys, eyes front.
We've got the the trajectory.
Well, that's quite a way off, but not too Whoa.
Where's it Wow.
It's gone right That's the sun.
It's gone round the sun.
- ALAN: Oh, that looks bad.
- RAV: I want it stopped.
- Stop.
- Five minutes till your next call with Mr.
- Is that - RAV: Oh, my God.
LORI: Is that the new trajectory? Uh yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it is.
That is very long.
Oh, for fuck You can go You can go now.
RYAN: You sure that he's dead? Stabbed through the heart with his own screwdriver.
Why's there no blood? Maybe it missed his heart, and that's why there's no blood.
Space is cold, Captain.
You know that, right? Joe's blood is frozen.
Yeah, yeah.
Or it could've missed his heart.
When it thaws, it'll Oh! (EXCLAIMS) - It's gonna do that.
You see that? - Oh! Oh! RAV: Hi.
How are you all? Good.
Pretty good.
I have a little thing with my knee, but I think it predates the accident.
Um how are you? They're on a delay.
Don't forget.
RAV: Everyone here sends their love and best wishes.
(CLEARS THROAT) - Right, okay.
I've got - JUDD: Good.
Pretty good - RAV: Oh, I'm sorry, (CHUCKLES) I think you're still talking - JUDD: I have a little thing RAV: Could you repeat that? I I think I've ALAN: He says he's got a bit of a chronic knee thing, - but he thinks he'll be okay.
- RAV: Oh, fine.
JUDD: I can't do this anymore.
I can't do this.
We need this fixed.
IRIS: They're on a delay.
I know that, Iris.
Rav's on the delay, not you.
So, when you speak, I hear it immediately.
RAV: Okay, I'm just gonna talk because of the delay.
I've got some (CHUCKLES) difficult news.
Um, it seems you've been knocked off course - by 0.
21 degrees.
- JUDD: So, what what is that - What's that - RAV: Which means uh, the trajectory has changed.
Sorry, ma'am.
No ID, no entry.
Oh, okay.
Um, Dan.
- Sorry, ma'am.
- I'm supposed to be in there.
If you don't let me in, that is a problem.
- But do you have any ID? - And it's a problem that will be raised in the meeting that you are stopping me getting into.
You know, I don't have it with me.
You do, however, and I Thank you so much.
You're a sweetheart, Dan.
The new journey time, three years to get home.
- Subject to change.
- What? I didn't need to be in there.
RAV: We're all feeling very positive.
(CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) - Um, I feel I should probably - Three human years? Well, it's not gonna be dog years, is it? Fuck! Let's all take a second here, all right? Sounds like we got a few to play with.
We've got this! (CHUCKLES) Yeah! This may be the worst disaster since Google folded.
They'll figure this out.
You know, they turned the moon into a massive jail, they patented the liquid glove.
How hard can it be to reset a course? .
21 degrees.
That's, like, what, less than half a right angle? How can that make us three years late? Billie? Um, me? Okay, so we were going this way - JUDD: Uh-huh.
- and now we're going this way.
You see how my hands are moving far apart? - Mm-hm.
- And it's further in reality, obviously.
(CHUCKLES) Obviously, that's obvious, right? See? No.
That's wrong.
That's not right.
- It is right.
- Is it right? - Yeah.
- No.
It would be a straight line.
- No.
- No.
- What? - Yes.
- Okay, who's the engineer here? - Who's the genius? - Who's the captain? - Who fucked up? - DREW: But how did that guy die? - MAX: What the hell's goin' on? Should we be scared? Maybe, if if you want.
You're supposed to say no, you prick! - We are paying to be here.
- Okay.
I'm trained to make sure that your body wash gets replenished, not to rectify the catastrophe of human existence.
So, worrying doesn't help, okay? Because the way you're acting right now, I'm finding you all extremely unenjoyable - at this point! - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) And I wish we were in separate rooms, and I hate being alone! Look, in five weeks, this journey's gonna be over, and I'm gonna be home, and I'm never gonna have to think about you ever again! - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) - All right, all right, Tony Macaroni, so listen to mama.
We've been knocked off course, and we won't get home for three years.
- What? - (CROWD GASPS) - MAN: Three years? - (MATT LAUGHING) Oh, my God, that is hilarious! Oh, I just made a whole speech.
Karen, it was supposed to be your sister who's here, and it's you! (LAUGHING) She was saved by her big toe! - MAX: Why the hell didn't you tell us? - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Why did we accept those tickets? We were gonna get a divorce.
We were about to split up! We thought "Why not just the space-cation? It's only eight weeks.
" I blame the yoga! Her class of bendy fuckers bashed against the wall and knocked us all off course.
He told me to set a record! Oh, so it's your fault? Maybe it was my fault.
Maybe it's Space Pony's fault because he got everybody up to look at the asteroid! MAN: It was a shitty asteroid! You know, if you don't start taking me seriously, everyone here is dead.
- (CROWD GASPS) - And you'll be first.
- What does that mean? - I don't wanna die! Right? What does any of it mean? This is fate.
And it is freestyling with us.
- This is, like, jazz fate.
- DOUG: I hate jazz! - MAN: And I hate fate.
- Hey! - He's got a point.
- What are you so happy about? I'm a nihilist.
- No, you're not! - Whatever! Oh, my god.
Everybody scream! (SCREAMS, LAUGHS) Fine.
Let's just switch the gravity off and fire everyone at the opposite wall.
- Problem solved.
- IRIS: Problem solved.
Billie? Problem solved? Obviously not.
No, we were going to use the gravitational pull of Titan, and we would've missed that now.
JUDD: All right.
Ryan, what's your plan? Well, "plan" is, uh, a little grand.
It's, uh It's not quite there yet.
I want answers.
You're the man who saved Avenue - Avenue 3.
- Three.
- BILLIE: That's right.
- JUDD: I read the reports.
I don't even read.
You're a damn hero.
Yeah, you were a hero then.
- Be a Be a hero now.
- Hero now.
- BILLIE: You're the captain, s What is the matter with you people? It was the paramedics! I've said this over and over again! The fire on Avenue 3 was put out by firefighters! And the sprinklers came down from the ceiling! I was a bystander! I can be in the vicinity of a catastrophe, wearing a nice hat! Anything more than that, I'm out! (CLEARS THROAT) (AMERICAN ACCENT) Look, first thing's first, we need to calm the passengers.
What the hell just happened with your voice? Yeah, what the hell? - I raised my voice, I'm s - JUDD: No, no, no.
No, you did, like, a a puppet show, and then you did, like, a different voice.
No, I definitely didn't.
- IRIS: You definitely did.
- Yeah.
You did You did, like, a (BRAYING) Okay, it wasn't exactly like that, - but it was very similar.
- Are you Australian? - JUDD: Yeah.
- No, I'm not Australian.
- All right.
- I'll tell you what I am: - I'm English.
- What the fuck? - Oh, my God.
- That's so much worse! Oh, really? You think that's worse? Well, this is worse even than that.
I'm not a captain either.
- Oh, that makes sense.
- Oh, my God.
That makes a lot of sense.
- Are you an admiral? - No.
What? - Vice admiral? - No! This is a driverless ship.
All right? I was hired just to to give the passengers some reassurance.
I think it's as insane as you do.
And the American accent? I I dunno.
Passengers find American more reassuring.
God knows why.
Not as reassuring as having an actual captain! Hey, dial it down! I'm the one who gets to be mad! Okay, it's a really bad idea to give him anxiety.
You're a prick.
Bravo, that's a fantastic contribution.
Well done.
You should get a badge for that.
Maybe little gold J, I dunno.
You see this little piece of floor over here? More useful than you! This This little green tin? More worth than you, dude, and I don't even know what's in it! That's actually my lunch, so it is worthless.
That's not enough for anyone to eat.
Look! I am doing exactly what I was employed to do.
Not one molecule of this is my fault! Well, you need to get us out of here.
No, actually, I don't! That's not my area.
(SCOFFS) Clearly! No.
My job is to motivate the team to get us out of it.
All right, Captain Not America.
If you're not in charge, who is? Joe.
Joe is the was the real captain of the ship.
Joe the the dead guy? Joe, who hired me because, well I don't really wanna speak ill of the dead, but, let's be honest, Joe's social skills were I mean, the man could barely finish.
In terms of sentences.
- Oh.
- RYAN: You know.
I mean, he didn't like the passengers, he didn't like the crew.
- He liked you.
Hated you.
- Really? Thought you were a flat-out fucking nightmare.
Fuck him.
But if you wanna blame anybody, I'm afraid you've to blame the guy who put me on Avenue 3.
- Joe? - Still dead.
Well, Billie's next in line.
(SCOFFS) Okay, it's not a throne.
So, here's the thing: (AMERICAN ACCENT) I'm going to assemble the crew, and do some reassurance on them.
Stand easy.
Nadia, systems update.
All systems are nominal, sir.
Mads, orbital dynamics? Also nominal, sir.
Hey, Leah, you're gonna wanna hear this.
Join me.
You guys know what's going on? (SCOFFS) I would've asked the captain, but I'm not allowed in case he gets me pregnant.
Fall in if you wanna find out more.
All secondary circuits are clear.
Code green.
- He knows his stuff.
- No, he doesn't.
- He really doesn't.
- Oh, no.
No, no.
He doesn't.
I forgot.
(BILLIE SIGHS) But, you know, in difficult times, a crew, a real crew, needs to be the opposite of oil and water.
We cannot separate, we have to MATT: Sir.
I hate to interrupt a protracted metaphor, but this brilliant, yet furious passenger would like to assign blame.
It's not really a good time.
- I know it's three years.
- What? I know we're trapped here for three years.
- Did you tell her? - No, I told him.
So, we've got an S-storm brewing, and this A-hole - is not helping.
- Me.
I need you to talk to the passengers before anybody else finds out, and explain how you're gonna fix this like you fixed Avenue 3.
W Huh.
As I have stressed, repeatedly, it was actually the sprinklers that that did most of the, uh It was the damn sprinklers.
I don't care.
Are you gonna talk to them, or am I? All right.
Okay, unless you wanna run the ship? Let's not get ahead of ourselves! - She's my favorite.
- Is she? Uh-huh.
- Fly safe.
- ALL: Fly true.
Oh, there you are.
Let's talk.
You've got a plan, right, Captain? Just nod if words are too difficult for you right now.
No, I've got a plan.
Just go in there and smile.
Works every time.
Do you like pancakes? I do.
Why don't you order some for breakfast - at Judd Yum on Deck Five? - Hey, Jade.
You got a plan? Worth a shot.
Hi! (MUSIC PLAYS) BILLIE MCEVOY: The plan was to use Titan's gravity as an assist to save propellant English, please! Which one of those words was not English? - Propellant.
- Propellant? (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) The acceleration needs to be realigned iteratively or the gravity system could fail.
Just say, "reset the gravity.
" We don't need to make things sound cleverer than they are.
Of course, Your Highness.
We gotta get home.
We should try to escape.
We can knot some bed sheets together and we can hit the airlock.
Keep calm because it's not gonna be three years.
Who are you, and what the hell happened to your trousers? (MUSIC CONCLUDES)
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