Baby Bandito (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

En lo ajeno reina la desgracia

[somber ambient music playing]
I need you to answer more of my questions.
[Franco] Sure. No problem.
But, uh, I already told you
everything I know
in my statement like five times.
I read it.
I wanna ask you about the moment
you came face to face with the criminals.
What did you say to them?
They just [gulps]
They held me hostage.
[dramatic music playing]
Where's Gerardo?
I I got on my knees,
put my hands on my head.
We don't have time to deal with this shit!
No one heard from him.
No one knows where Gerardo is.
He gave you this deal, asshole!
They kept me there
uh, on the floor, at gunpoint.
You better tell me where he is,
or you're not gettin' outta here.
At one point, I
I just started praying.
Like some sort of survival instinct?
Yes, right.
It was a survival instinct, like you say.
[footsteps entering]
[door closes]
[prosecutor] Look, buddy
[Bozo clears throat]
we've reviewed the footage
from the security cameras,
and you were not kneeling down,
nor praying for your life.
So I ask you, please,
can you stop this whole show, yeah?
And tell me exactly what it was
that you had to do
with the robbery and these thieves.
And do it quickly,
unless you take your freedom for granted.
- But I don't understand. There's nothing
- [prosecutor] No, don't say anything.
I'm gonna have you locked up
the rest of the day
until it all comes out.
I'm not gonna say anything
without a lawyer present.
If you don't want to say anything,
then don't,
but I'll make sure you're put away.
All my bosses want is a head,
and I'm looking at a face right now
that really would like to become famous.
I want your your guarantee
I won't be the one to go down.
I want it in writing.
[prosecutor] Okay.
You have my word,
but it has to be something meaty.
[tense music playing]
I was contacted by a group of guys.
- Who?
- [Franco] They were
Look, all I can tell you is that,
on the day of the job,
they weren't the ones that showed up.
Th They were not the ones that I knew.
And I don't
I don't have anything to do with them.
I They didn't pay me.
I don't even know them.
[Bozo inhales, sighs deeply]
[door opens]
[sighs softly]
[tense music continues]
[door closes]
[music fades]
[Bozo sighs deeply]
Yeah, agent Bozo,
you're not the one who is in charge here.
Now if you're so concerned
about procedures and whatnot,
I suggest that you remember
that I am in charge, yeah?
And if we don't get on the same side here,
this is not going to work, is it?
Look, Prosecutor,
I'm not here to be a nice guy.
I merely think we should have gotten
the guard to confess on his own.
Not struck a deal right away.
Now he wants a lawyer,
protection, conditions.
All just a pain in the ass.
But he told us
what we wanted to know, didn't he?
So if you wanna keep working on this case,
you're going to have to
stop being so naive.
Don't you understand?
- [lights zapping]
- [dramatic music playing]
What the fuck happened now?
[lights zapping]
[high-pitched ringing]
- [muffled indistinct chatter]
- [dramatic music continues]
[door opens]
[tense music playing]
["Red Eyes" by Drooom playing]
[woman sighs]
I am a warrior ♪
It's in my blood ♪
- Oh shit.
- [prosecutor gasps]
Energy ♪
Coming through my heart ♪
In my body ♪
And the hunger doesn't stay ♪
[music fades]
[breathing heavily]
[kids clamoring]
[breathing heavily]
- [chatter on TV]
- [sighs]
[objects clattering]
- Where are the keys?
- [Ana] I don't know.
- Please, Kev, just drop it.
- [chatter on TV]
- Cut it out. Stop!
- [Kevin] The key doesn't fit.
- [Ana] I said knock it off!
- [door rattling]
[Ana] Stop it! Hey!
[Kevin pants]
For fuck's sake, Mom.
I told you, I'll come right back.
[Ana] Panther said to wait here,
so that's what we're gonna do.
So have a seat and calm down.
Stop yelling and bickering!
[man on TV] They do.
They don't know anything.
[woman on TV] I know
Come on, Ma.
Gimme the keys.
[chatter on TV continues]
I'll be okay.
You know they're not here.
You're lying.
Look, when Panther gets back, talk to him.
Now do me a favor
and leave me in peace. Yeah?
[chatter on TV continues]
[woman, on TV] Sure,
but not everybody reacts that way.
Whatcha watchin'?
Just pure trash.
[indistinct chatter on TV]
Why don't you do me a favor?
Tell Mom to let me get out of here.
Will you help me?
Come on, Abuela.
[distant sirens wailing]
Bring me my pills.
[dramatic music playing]
Thanks, Gram.
[dramatic music continues]
[Génesis] Kevin!
[music fades]
[Kevin chuckles]
[Génesis laughs]
- How are you here?
- Mm.
I was waiting for you the whole time.
Last night was hot.
I didn't think I was gonna see you again.
I know what you mean. Mm.
- Hey.
- What?
I have a surprise for you.
- A surprise?
- Come see.
Mm. [chuckles]
Mm. You're gonna freak. Come on.
[both chuckling]
Okay, chill.
You got me a present?
- What is it?
- [chuckles] A surprise.
You ready?
[dramatic sting]
What's all that?
Our money from the robbery.
But how?
[tense music playing]
What did you do, Géne?
[music fades]
I only took what belongs to us,
fair and square.
- [Kevin] It's not right.
- Kevin, listen.
I have a plan for us.
You have a plan?
That's all ours.
We're not stealing from anyone.
You don't think that's stealing?
It's not how it's done.
Come on. Panther told us to hide out.
That's what's important.
Hide so that no one can find us.
And that's what we're gonna do.
[tense music playing]
But we'll do it right.
We'll go somewhere else.
We'll be safe.
and a flight out today.
No way I'm doing this.
I can't leave my abuela and my mom.
- And Panda and the guys, they'd kill us.
- They'll understand.
[tense music continues]
I won't betray them.
Kevin, it's not betrayal.
We matter too.
If we're gone safely, they'll be safer.
Or you want your mom locked up forever?
We'll leave her money.
Kevin, we'll leave her a lot of money,
so she's taken care of.
And when we're settled there,
we can even bring her.
Let's fall off the map
and save everyone the trouble.
[knocking on metal door]
[knocks on door]
Oh, hi.
How you doing?
- I've been better.
- [Panda] Why is that?
I fought with my mom, and look.
[Panda] Are you okay?
[Nidia] I just don't wanna be
at home right now.
Why don't you stay here?
- [Nidia] Really?
- Sure. I would love that.
- Thank you.
- No, no. Anytime. Come in.
- [Nidia] Hello.
- [punk rock music playing]
[music continues over speakers]
[Enzo grunts]
[Mística pants]
Oh. Sorry.
[music continues in background]
[Enzo sniffs]
[Mística] I swear, I'll kill you
if you lie to me again.
[music ends]
- [Enzo] Mm-mm-mm.
- [Mística huffs]
Now where do you think you're goin'?
[construction rattling in distance]
Hey. Come back here.
Hey, asshole, are you trying
to keep a secret or something?
Like what?
[slot machines chiming, trilling]
The girl that came to see you,
take good care of her, treat her well.
You think I don't know
what's going on here?
She looks like
she's been around the block before,
so you, use protection.
Don't be an idiot.
Watch what you say.
[slot machines chiming]
[door clatters]
- [Nidia chuckles]
- [Panda] Sorry about the mess.
Hmm. My room's the same way. [chuckles]
[Panda chuckles softly]
Do you like anime?
No, no, no.
That's just something Kevin put up.
He's your best friend?
- Yeah, we're like brothers.
- [Nidia] Hmm.
[sighs deeply]
If you get tired and you wanna rest,
you can lay down.
If you close the door,
you won't hear anything. Yeah?
But stay with me, why don't you?
[sensual electronic music playing]
What do you do when you feel angry?
Eat a pack of cookies and I feel better.
[both chuckling]
You're hilarious.
Everyone tells me
I should be mysterious around women.
But when I get nervous,
there's no point in trying.
Are you nervous right now?
[sensual music intensifies]
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
[music fades]
[ominous music playing]
Our security cameras are old
and they're not independent,
so when the power went out,
they cut out too.
Nothing was recorded from any angle
for almost 15 minutes.
This is the last image we have.
[keyboard clacking]
[Bozo] The station's cleaning
is outsourced to a private company.
They're not good,
but that's not their uniform.
Not what that woman is wearing.
According to the sign-in forms,
there were several cleaners on that shift.
None of them recognized her.
No one has any idea who she is.
["Zandunga" by Mitre playing]
[woman humming along to music]
- [music continues]
- [humming continuously]
[man singing in Spanish]
[woman continues humming along]
[woman, over phone] Amador
our little Greyhound is ready.
Now we can say our goodbyes.
[music continues]
[man continues singing in Spanish]
- Hello, Mr. Amador. Good evening.
- Hello. Evening.
[music fades]
I want you to tell me
what the hell they did to my brother.
Dad, you better tell me.
[Amador] Natalia,
you have to understand one thing.
The more stuff you know,
the more danger you'll be in.
Is that clear?
You should've thought about that
a long time ago, Dad.
I'm sick and tired of this shit.
Are you listening?
Your brother's gone.
How'd it happen?
[Amador] We're not exactly sure yet.
- Vulture is looking into it.
- [Natalia] Vulture?
You look at me, please,
and you say what they did to my brother.
[Amador] Natalia, let Vulture do her job.
[somber music playing]
Let's go.
[Russian breathing heavily]
[Vulture] I will find them.
I swear it.
I want them, Vulture.
I want the scumbag who killed my son.
I'll avenge Greyhound.
- And what do we do with the Russian?
- [Amador] Leave him.
I'll keep him in check.
You act as you need to.
[somber music playing]
You are my grandson.
You have to understand,
sometimes we kill for love.
But killing, torturing people,
there's nothing pretty about it.
At your age, I wish someone would have
given me a bag of books, notebooks.
You won't learn anything on the street
or playing those shit video games either.
Do you wanna end up like me,
your dad or your uncle,
becoming some sort of animal like us?
You don't, do you?
do as I say.
[Natalia] The family is broken.
Is that clear?
[Natalia] Don't lie to me again.
Never again will I be the last one
to know about something.
Promise me.
For my brother.
I promise.
[water trickling]
You were going to hit the airport
and nobody thought to say anything to me?
You are my husband.
If we don't have trust in one another,
what do we have?
We were trying to protect you.
You're underestimating me.
You and me,
we tell each other the truth first.
Then we lie if we have to.
You understand?
["Guadalupe" by Pánico playing]
Come along ♪
Oh, honey, since you seem so wild ♪
Oh ♪
You got a voice ♪
Mm, you sounded like a tropical queen ♪
Oh, you're giving me the jungle fever ♪
Soy un animal in acid dream ♪
And you make me go wild
Wild, wild, salvaje, ooh! ♪
[Mística breathing heavily, moans]
[instrumental music continues]
Conga ♪
Did you hear about my congas? ♪
Oh, love it to my congas ♪
- Baby, move it to my congas ♪
- [Enzo grunts]
[Mística moans]
Oh, congas ♪
Congas ♪
[music fades]
- [lock clicking]
- [door opens]
[door closes]
[keys jangle]
[Ana] Panther.
Kevin's gone.
[Panther] Where'd he go?
No idea.
The one thing you had to do
was not let him.
If Kevin listened to me,
he wouldn't be mixed up with you.
What was I supposed to do?
Let him do it by himself? Is that it?
You could have convinced him not to do it.
Or warned me what he was getting into.
[Panther exhales]
He left his phone. Now what?
Where are you going?
I don't know.
- I'll go with you.
- No.
[door opens, closes]
- [somber music playing]
- [indistinct chatter on TV]
[chatter on TV continues]
- [Russian] Evening.
- [man] Hey.
[Russian] A water.
[chatter on TV continues]
[water pouring]
I found this skateboard
in the neighborhood.
Must be some kid's.
You know whose it could be?
[bartender] No, no clue.
[Russian] What about you?
You know whose it is?
What about you?
[unsettling music playing]
Yeah, I might.
[footsteps approaching]
[Russian] May I?
[tense music playing]
Looks like a nice one.
Why not keep it for yourself?
I wouldn't want to make a kid upset.
You're a real good Samaritan, aren't you?
- Huh?
- I am a Christian.
Ah, I see.
[chuckles softly]
Something like that, yeah.
How do they let you in church
with that bleach-blond hair you got?
Because all us angels have blond hair.
[Toño] I don't like your religion.
Those guys drive me nuts
when they come to my business.
I chase 'em out with a hose.
- I blast their mandolins
- [chuckling]
their tambourines.
I kick those fuckers out.
Pour him another beer.
No, thanks. I don't need your money.
I pay for my own shit.
[ominous music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
Just go in, get your passport,
and let's go, okay?
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
I'll honk if I see anything.
[dramatic music continues]
[car horn honking]
[breathing heavily]
- [dramatic sting]
- Where the fuck are you going?
Not going anywhere.
[Panda] Then why do you need
your passport?
So you're just gonna run away like a rat?
Panda, the Butchers are looking for me.
If I don't go, they're gonna kill me.
- And what's gonna happen to me, you moron?
- [Génesis] Kevin!
Kevin. Hey, Panda. Kevin, we gotta go.
Just fuckin' leave then.
Just bail, you fuckin' coward.
- Hey, man, stop. Chill.
- [Panda] Stay out. I'm talking to him.
I'm gonna come back for you, dude,
when you turn 18.
- I'll do it.
- Fuckin' "turn 18"?
And what if they come
looking for me, asshole?
You're gonna be safe.
- [Génesis] Kevin. Kevin, we have to go.
- Guarantee that?
Bro, please trust me.
Have I ever let you down?
[loud bang on door]
[loud bang]
- [bang]
- [Russian grunts]
[grunts, breathing heavily]
[suspenseful music playing]
[objects clattering, smashing]
- [grunts]
- [objects clatter]
[mirror shatters]
[suspenseful music fades]
[pensive music playing]
[Panda] Get off me, man.
[prosecutor] Listen and listen well.
I know that we need to have a baseline,
but what do we have?
A wire cutter from a hardware store,
a missing guard,
and another one
who died in this very office.
So, let's cut the crap.
They're gonna want to escape.
I want double the manpower at the border
and especially at the airport.
Am I making myself clear?
[airplane engine whirring]
[reggaeton music playing]
[man singing in Spanish]
- [music continues]
- [indistinct chatter over PA]
[Génesis] Tape one across
and another on top.
[Kevin] Promise me one thing,
that your plan is better
than my heist of the century.
The plan's gonna work.
[music ends]
[woman 1] Hi. Good afternoon.
Luggage to the side please.
Passport, please.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- [woman 1] Have a good trip.
- Come back soon.
- Yeah. Thank you. You have a good one.
[indistinct chatter over PA]
[woman 1] Hi. Good afternoon.
Hi. Good afternoon.
- Enjoy your trip.
- [woman 2] Thank you.
[woman 1] Come back soon.
- [woman 3] Hello.
- [woman 1] Hi. Good afternoon.
[tense music playing]
[woman 1] You're all set.
Have a nice trip. See you soon.
- Hello. Hi.
- [woman 1] Welcome. Good afternoon.
- [woman 4] Hi. Good afternoon.
- [woman 5] Afternoon.
- [woman 1] Place your luggage to the side.
- Okay.
There you are, sir. Have a nice trip.
- Come back soon.
- Thanks a lot.
[tense music pulsating]
- [man] Good afternoon.
- Hi.
Your passport
and your ticket, please, sir.
Where are you traveling?
[Kevin] To Italy.
- [police] And the reason for the trip?
- [Kevin] Tourism.
[tense music continues]
This passport is new.
First time traveling?
- Have a nice trip.
- Thanks.
[tense music continues]
[Panda] Panther.
Kevin and Génesis left.
Where to?
I just know they left Chile.
See ya.
[somber guitar music playing]
[inhales deeply]
[breathing heavily]
[music fades]
[unsettling music playing]
[woman 6] Next.
Come through.
Come through.
- [beep]
- [security] Come through.
- [beep]
- Next.
[tense music playing]
[Génesis] Thank you.
[security] Come through.
[tense music building]
[music crescendoes]
[metal detector beeps]
You need to remove any metal.
We're dead if they catch us.
- It is gonna work.
- [security] Your necklace.
Go through again.
Come on through.
[soft beep]
[tense music continues]
[music intensifying]
[intensity subsides]
[reggaeton music playing]
[lyrics in Spanish]
[music fades]
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