Baby Fever (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

You Look Like Someone Who's About to Throw Up

1 It's pretty lucky that we ran into each other.
In a weird way.
I'm sorry about the screaming.
It's a very scary hoodie.
It's a normal hoodie.
No, it's not a normal hoodie at all.
It's a hoodie a criminal would wear.
Mega scary.
- Ah.
- Mm.
Most dangerous man.
Trust me.
- Okay.
- It's better without it.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
What did you get up to this evening? Um I went for dinner with someone.
So think we could get a coffee before you go back then? Yeah, yeah.
- I just need to check my calendar, yeah.
- Great.
I'm planning on leaving next week instead.
- So that's a week from now? - Yeah.
Thursday, if everything goes as planned.
[pensive music.]
Go for a coffee with Mathias and then what? Apologise for being too full on last time? "Okay, I was joking about wanting kids.
Oh, but by the way, I accidentally stole some of your sperm, and now I'm pregnant.
Surprise!" [scoffs.]
I'd get fired.
The clinic's reputation will be ruined.
And Mathias would never speak to me again.
Terrible plan.
Fuck! [retches.]
I don't think I have time to input all the records before Well, sometime next week, I think.
I think I might have broken my windscreen when I hit three OAPs at the pedestrian crossing.
- I'm sure it'd be fine if they're a bit - Hello! Are you even listening? Huh? - No.
- Oh.
I think you really need to talk about the date because you look as if you're going to throw up.
It was fine.
- Okay.
- Yeah, it was fine.
We, uh, ate cherries.
But? I met Mathias going home.
- Mathias? - Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Didn't he leave? Yeah, well, apparently not.
He's not leaving till next week, and I'd love to see him before he goes again.
Yeah, but wouldn't it be better to find a guy who's not moving to Guatemala in a week, Nana? - Yep.
- So come and look in this country.
I mean, as Helle mentioned before, we should always be talking about security.
It's an important aspect of everyday life.
At the sperm bank, for example, we just invested in a fingerprint scanner.
For the hands.
It's for the fingers on the hands, but it's basically The same thing basically that I recommend that you only use your fingers.
- [Helle.]
That That's Thanks.
- [knocking on door.]
Then there's someone - Uh, is it now? - What an incre [Helle.]
What incredibly, wonderful, perfect timing! [Helle inhales deeply.]
Surprise! [chuckles.]
Well, we all wanted to have Soren here on a more permanent basis, and, um [sighs.]
after some quite hardcore negotiations [chuckles.]
He said yes.
In case anyone here, God forbid, doesn't know what you do, I think that you should give us a short introduction to who Soren is.
- [Soren.]
Well, I live in Valby.
- [Helle.]
Right now, I spend most of my spare time training for the triathlon here in Copenhagen.
Soren lives in Denmark, Simone's right about that.
That makes things much easier.
And yes, I'm about to become a dad.
I'm sorry, what? To a very cute Border Collie that I'm on the waiting list for.
[all laugh.]
Oh, stop it.
Oh, you really scared me there.
I thought you needed paternity leave straight away.
No, not at all.
But he calls himself Dad to a dog.
[Nana groans.]
- [knocking on door.]
- Yes? - Hey.
Are you busy? - Hey, no.
No, come in.
Came to say thanks for last night.
It was nice.
It was nice.
I also came to say sorry for not telling you I'd be around here more permanently.
I actually didn't know until this morning because Helle has been really vague.
Hey, I think it's nice you'll be around more.
I'm glad you think so.
And if you like, I would like to cook you a meal next week? Um Let me check my calendar.
We'll find an evening that works.
Why can't we just pretend that I'd that I started a new treatment before I turned 44? - I'm sorry, but - Yeah.
There's a Scandinavian Fertility clinic in Aarhus, and I know their age limit is - Is 46, yeah.
I already talked to them.
- Yeah.
The waiting list is nearly a year.
- I see.
- So Well, our in-house age limit here Yeah.
It's very strict.
[Anette sobs.]
I'm Yeah, I'm okay It's just so unfair, it comes so easily to some, but for me, it seems so hard.
It really cheered me up to hear about what you went through to have the twins.
We were just [clears throat.]
We just got lucky.
I wish I was that lucky.
- Can I have Anette's folder? - Yeah, of course.
How did she react to her treatment discontinuing? - She's pretty upset.
- Yeah.
- I guess I couldn't help.
- Yeah.
You know, back in the day, mm, it just happened.
- I know.
- Mega inconvenient.
One evening, their eyes met across the crowded room - [laughs.]
- next thing, she's pregnant.
Seriously though, both of my grandmothers said they had to get married real quick because they ended up getting pregnant.
And when their babies arrive after seven months, they came up with an excellent lie about them being preemies.
- So smart.
- Sure.
Uh Could you make a copy of that and put it on my desk for me? Good.
I inseminated myself three weeks ago.
Uh, here.
And today is the 14th.
Okay, great.
So I just need to have sex with Mathias before he leaves in seven days.
So when the baby arrives in eight months, I'll I'll just say it was premature.
And he will think he became a dad in a normal, non sperm-stealing kind of way.
[upbeat music.]
Hi, this is Mathias.
I was just thinking about that coffee.
Um, should we do it today? [Mathias.]
Uh, I'm helping my dad up with his shed.
- [Nana.]
Helping him with his shed? - [Mathias.]
It's a long story.
Come on, please? Don't be so boring.
[Mathias chuckles.]
Okay, well, how nice of you.
Oh, come on.
I have a great idea.
It's nice to get out of the city and see something different.
Is it hard living with your parents? No, but it's nice to get some peace.
Look at that one.
- With its human mouth.
- Yeah? [Mathias.]
What's it saying? [Nana.]
"Help me.
" [laughs.]
You found that funny, huh? - It was funny.
You can be funny.
- Aww.
[light music.]
Um I just wanted to say, um I'm sorry for the thing that I, um The other day, well, it was just so No, wait.
Let let me restart.
I mean - The children thing? - Yeah.
I mean, it's not something I think about at all, really.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Just when you're drinking with your ex who you've not seen for seven years? Yep.
It was really shit.
I don't know what it was.
It's really just Yeah.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
- You don't want children? - No.
Well, yeah, but I don't know, really.
Well, not right now.
There's plenty of time, you know? But I have thought a lot.
About us.
Yeah, I have too.
And those days.
I have a thousand questions that have never been answered.
I get it.
I was really upset.
[soft music.]
- What was that? - I'm sorry.
Sorry, I don't know.
- [scoffs.]
- I'm dumb.
I was so dumb then.
Okay, so let me cook you dinner before you leave.
I think that's a bad idea.
It's just from what I remember, you and cooking is not a good idea.
When did you start doing that? - Come on, stop.
- [laughs.]
- I'm very good at cooking.
- Right.
- I've become very good at cooking.
- Okay.
I'd like to see a proof of that.
I'll show you.
- It'll be epic.
- Okay.
It's a deal.
[upbeat music.]
[upbeat music fades.]
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
IUI - M.
DAHL - 3871 - 1 [Nana.]
Just try to completely relax.
Good job.
And try to relax your pelvis a little more.
Just like that.
Deep breaths.
You're doing really well.
And egg is now in place.
Well done.
I'll just remove this.
I do have to go now.
Is that okay? - You said you were leaving at one.
- No, my presentation is at one.
Well Okay then.
You can go.
- [Tobias.]
Okay, see you later then.
- Thanks for coming.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Let's fill this out then.
- [Christina.]
[door closes.]
It's strange because even though it's my fifth egg transfer, I still feel like I need, uh Someone to cheer you on.
I don't know.
Maybe we've just reached the stage where we take more from each other than we, uh, than we give.
And you guys? Is your balance in the positive? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I - I'm working on it.
- [pen clicks.]
[pensive music.]
- [Simone.]
Nice strike! - I'm thinking Greek inspired.
We won't spend on an all-inclusive trip to Kos.
We never really left the hotel room.
If you know what I mean.
- Mm.
Okay, splendid.
- [Nana.]
Want to know more? - No, not really.
- We were having sex.
I just think it'll take more than feta and sex for him to stay here in the country.
- You think? - [Simone.]
I do.
Seriously, there's only one choice here.
It's obvious.
Soren is sweet and clever and - He's really into you, Nana.
- Yeah, yeah.
I know that.
Mathias lives 6,000 miles away.
I know, but I'm not going to marry him tomorrow or anything.
- I mean, I'm just cooking dinner for him.
- [clears throat.]
- Mega low-key.
- Mm.
Weren't you supposed to be seeing Soren this week? Yeah, but he's not Mathias.
I mean You cannot fail on Soren.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Don't.
- Okay.
- Good.
All right.
- Absolutely.
- No.
- No! - No! [delightful music.]
- Have a nice day.
- Yeah.
- [staff.]
Good morning.
- [Soren.]
Good morning.
- [staff.]
And welcome.
- [Soren.]
Thank you.
- [staff.]
Has everyone being friendly? - They are.
- Great.
- They are.
Everyone's really nice.
Everything's on guard? - [Soren.]
Yes, definitely.
- [staff.]
And you know your way around? [Soren.]
Yes, exactly.
- Uh, it feels, um - [staff.]
Feels like home? [staff laughs.]
Well, anyway, I'll go and make a cup of coffee.
- Maybe try the juice as well.
- Yeah.
Come on! - [staff.]
You'd better go get your coffee.
- Yeah, I will.
Come on! Come on.
- Have a good day.
- [staff.]
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
Oh, coffee.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I have a client, I have to go.
The juice is taste like piss.
So, look, everyone, uh, big decision taking this route to become a family is difficult.
- So, congratulations.
- [both.]
I see it's planned.
I think Jason and I always knew we wanted children.
So then when we met Mia while back it was a really special day.
- Very special day.
- Yeah.
We really can't wait to experience it all.
Especially the delivery.
I bet.
Yeah, but the delivery - I'll do that alone, no? - What do you mean? We already We talked about it.
I'll have my mum there and you'll come when [Jason.]
We never agreed to that.
We always said that that that we should all be We should all be there.
Is there anything else you haven't told us? [Mia.]
"Anything else," seriously? Can you have a chat about this in private? Yeah, that's a good idea, love.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
I thought that I've I thought I already said.
Or maybe I thought they would handle it better - when I told them here.
- Mm.
Sometimes I think it's less painful to be direct.
And sometimes it turns to shit.
Oh, Soren, now that I have you, um, the fruit scheme.
How do you feel about it? Pro or con? [Soren.]
Um, I think it's good.
Yeah, I like it.
- Okay, I won't bring it up again.
- Okay.
You don't like it? I got a melon.
- [Soren.]
I see.
- [Anton.]
It's way too big.
- [Soren.]
- [Anton.]
An apple will do.
- You don't need more than that.
- [Soren.]
- [Anton.]
Uh - [Soren.]
I don't know.
Uh You know, I was just thinking of raising it at the next staff meeting.
- Okay, go on.
- Have you got a second, Soren? - Of course.
See you! - [Anton.]
See you.
Uh, hey.
I've been meaning to talk to you about dinner.
I I'm really The thing is, I've got so much work on my plate.
Yeah, no problem.
- Let me know when works for you then.
- Yeah.
- Maybe next week? - Yeah.
Oh, it's just that, next week's quite busy.
But after that, for sure.
We'll find a day.
- Okay.
- Great.
Hey, uh, wait.
Look, I get it.
You don't have to I mean, I get what this is and it's okay.
You can just say it.
"We're not gonna happen," so, it's fine.
Feels like I lost my own will ♪ I'm going mentally ill ♪ What's keep dragging me down? ♪ And if you're trying to be nice ♪ I go all good, I'm fine ♪ Am I stuck here to drown? ♪ I'm losing control ♪ My head's spinning round ♪ - [ringing.]
- Could this be love? ♪ You came out of the blue ♪ It's like catching the flu ♪ Could this be love? ♪ [sighs.]
Well, um I had actually moved the last point to AOB.
[Helle chuckles.]
But it looks like we have plenty of time HI, AGAIN.
It was, uh It was actually Nana who helped me a couple of days ago.
Nana? Yes.
I was thinking it might be better if you tell us about Anette.
Uh We just It can wait until next week.
Yeah, but next week has already been moved to the following week.
So, let's get it over with.
- [phone thuds.]
- Yep.
Uh, I recently spoke with Anette.
I'm sure that you all know how she's been coming here - for three years now.
- Will you pour me a cup? - [Anton.]
- She turned 44 right after our first egg transplant, which was in August, and unfortunately, didn't have a successful result.
So I talked with her and I think She's in perfectly good health.
So I'd like to propose 46 is the age limit.
Uh There's a reason we set the limit at 44.
Well, yeah, but we could reconsider it.
What do you think? - Helle? - No, yeah.
Well, I We all know that the probability of a successful pregnancy is negligible - after the age of 44.
- Yup.
Three to four percent after three rounds of IVF.
Yes, thanks.
I also want to help.
But the more non-valuable attempts we make, the lower our success rate gets.
And unfortunately, that is what people look at when they're deciding who to choose.
So, now we can't So now we can't take chances because it might affect the sales figures? - I mean, Helle, he's saying that - [Niels-Anders.]
No, I'm not.
But you've always said that shouldn't be a factor, right? - You You're right.
- Yep.
I'm sorry, but there has to be a a reasonable chance.
Of course.
And we shouldn't give people false hope.
But I mean, if there's any reasonable chance.
And for Anette, four to five percent is a small chance.
- And she's more than willing to take it.
- Yeah, but Doesn't it say we make families in our brochure? - Then we better fucking well do it! - It's not about that.
[Niels-Anders sighs.]
Well then.
Yeah, well, sorry, but that's that's how I feel about it.
We'll let the We'll leave it up to the individual assessment.
We'll trial that for one-year, then we'll look at the numbers and re-evaluate.
- Thanks.
- [Helle.]
[door opens.]
- [Nana.]
And how about Malene? - Morula.
- [Nana.]
So I can invite her in tomorrow? - [staff.]
Have you seen Helle? Isn't she in her office? No.
She's not answering her phone.
Shall I give her a message? No.
It's confidential.
- It needs to be in private.
- Okay.
But, you know, I am I'm the union representative, so you can say anything to me.
Yeah, I mean, it's about the break-in.
Mm? It looks like someone did steal some sperm.
A straw is missing.
Well Well, that sounds very odd.
Are you sure about that? About the missing straw? I've counted everything four times.
So, there can be absolutely no doubt.
- Okay.
- So I can see that it's from a client who deposited three straws.
And now there's only two.
It's a miracle they didn't take No, it's a miracle they weren't all stolen.
- That there's some left.
- No, it's not.
It isn't a miracle.
It's actually very unfortunate.
It's not a normal donor.
It's a depositor.
What what [tense music.]
What do you mean about a depositor? How sure can you be? I can see that it was deposited by a cancer patient.
Probably before he started undergoing chemotherapy.
A cancer patient.
[closing theme music.]

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