Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

1 Previously on Babylon Berlin A stubborn housemaid mustn't become the stumbling block to a national movement.
-It's your move.
-Miss Overbeck will comply.
Count on it.
Greta Overbeck's child will not leave this house without official permission.
This is about an adjustment of the facts.
Open your eyes, you have a visitor.
Not my child.
The defendant Greta Overbeck.
Defendant, you admit to placing the explosive device in your employer's desk? Yes, sir.
You did this for your fiancé, named Fritz HÃckert, for whose death you held Councilor Benda responsible? Yes, sir.
By now, you know that there is no Fritz HÃckert fitting your description in Berlin and no dead Fritz HÃckert, either.
Yes, I know that.
When you were questioned, you stated that you were deceived and that you saw your alleged Communist friend at a National Socialist demonstration shortly before the assassination.
I was wrong.
You mean, you were wronged? No, I was mistaken in that I thought the man at the station was my fiancé.
Fritz was a Communist, just like the man who introduced himself as Otto who incited me.
I must have gotten the uniforms wrong.
Rotfront and SA are very similar.
So you are retracting your statement that it was the National Socialists -who misled you into doing this? -Yes.
It was the Communists.
Red Front fighters.
One moment, please.
Gräf? Morning, Detective, I'm pressed for time.
What can I do for you? -You have access to the archive? -Yes.
-Department five, too? -I have special authorization from Gennat.
If a case requires urgent photographic treatment, I get access to files under lock and key.
Very well.
I need your help.
-Who is this? -Tilly Brooks.
-What? -Very underexposed, I know.
I tried everything.
A disaster.
What happened? What, haven't you heard? And then he very nimbly went down the facade.
Then he ran off very directly through this door here.
This points to the fact that he came from there, too.
Did you notice any other peculiarities? Vocal noises, for instance? Or did you just see a ghost, like Miss Brooks? Betty Winter's husband Tristan Rot left the studio a few minutes after the crime and hasn't been seen since.
-He vanished into thin air, so to speak.
-The earth quasi swallowed him.
We've been staking out his mansion.
He hasn't been there since yesterday.
Criminal Counselor, Mr.
Gräf brought me up to date, but maybe you could tell me Be on time, Mr.
The case is with BÃhm now.
You two will work together.
This will help the case.
Listen to his deliberations and you'll be in the know.
-Thank you, Miss -Ritter.
Ritter, yes.
Please, take a seat.
I have something else to report.
-BÃhm, you have some insights? -You saw the perpetrator? -It was a knifing.
-I couldn't reach you.
Rath, please postpone your private conversations until after the session.
Sorry, but this directly concerns my case.
Your joint case.
They didn't find any hair or skin abrasions, no textile fibers and suchlike? Nothing.
Very unusual.
And fingerprints? -We're evaluating them at the moment.
We will do that.
You go around and ask questions of witnesses and suspects.
Either you believe their statements or you don't.
Those are almost medieval methods.
We, on the other hand, will prove with scientific precision Ulrich, stop it already.
There are fingerprints, Mr.
For instance in the dressing room, in this case the crime scene.
Yes, but that's irrelevant.
Because all staff can access the dressing room.
And you questioned them all? Not all of them yet.
I arrived late at the crime scene.
-Who did all those reports here? -I did.
You don't have a crime scene permit.
-Yes, but I thought -Procedure.
How often do I have to say this? Follow the rules.
I only did the initial questioning and DS BÃhm the in-depth questioning.
In doing so, I saw two men who are registered in the prophylactic data bank.
Good evening.
Charlotte Ritter, CID.
And you are? I won't talk to her.
You'll have to.
I won't.
I'll wait for a proper policeman.
Get lost.
This moving picture is financed by two of Berlin's notorious gangland greats.
The Armenian, that is Edgar Kasabian, and his partner and CEO Walter Weintraub.
He did time for tax evasion, one year.
Double-entry accounting or something.
He was dismissed a few days ago.
A really bad egg.
A dozen heists and fraud offenses and several cases of bodily harm.
Weintraub himself didn't have any concrete evidence.
His biggest worry seemed to be if and when they can continue shooting.
Anything else? The yard through which the perpetrator accessed the window of the dressing room is also accessible through the delivery entrance of the canteen.
The janitor reports that several deliverymen were there, a butcher, a pyrotechnician and last but not least A beverage supplier and no one else.
a beverage supplier.
Check that, BÃhm.
And take the miss with you.
What for? So she learns something.
It looks like Mr.
Rath is not able to teach his assistant the rules properly.
So I'm now working for DS BÃhm? -Correct.
-No, thank you.
You and Rath are now both dealing with those three cases which are apparently linked.
Betty Winter, Felix Krempin and Tilly Brooks.
Three murders in one week.
We have a reputation to lose, gentlemen.
You can see what the press makes of it.
Counselor? -The photographs of the Brooks case.
-Thank you.
Gräf! Criminal Counselor? If you had the courtesy to jot down on those dilettantish pictures what they supposedly show, you would at least have a reason for existing in this department.
-It was rather late.
-Three things you need to carry.
Camera, film, light meter.
If this is too much for you, put in a request for an assistant.
But it's possible they would do your job, then.
I have one more thing to report.
I'm listening.
It's about one of the dancers, Vera Lohmann.
I met her when I left the studio.
Lotte! -What is it? -I have to tell you something.
-I locked her in.
-I beg your pardon? She had hoped to snatch the role from Tilly Brooks that way.
Where is this person now? She's waiting in the interrogation room.
BÃhm, you'll take this.
With respect, Criminal Counselor, wouldn't it make sense to pool the investigation with one detective? They are being pooled.
In this room and by me.
Thank you.
You two question the butcher, -the pyrotechnician, the drinks guy.
-What about me? Go to pathology and get me the Brooks file.
You'll manage that, right? Yes.
-What happened in court? -Greta retracted her statement.
What? Today she claimed she had been incited by Communists.
She what? The four most interesting fluids in terms of microbiology for a pathologist are easy to remember.
What does no woman like to touch? Sperm, saliva, blood, urine and such.
What do you want, miss? The investigation file for Tilly Brooks, please, for DS BÃhm.
You'll have to do better than that.
The DS already picked it up himself.
First thing in the morning.
I thought you'd get in touch.
Rudi, you have a talent in which you are unbeatable.
But I have no use for that at the moment.
I'm sorry.
Dresdner Bank 168.
-Is there someone here? -Anybody here? I deal with orders and deliveries.
My brother does the books.
Who supplies the studio canteen? -I do.
-So it's you.
No, thanks.
On duty.
Although -Cheers.
So you supply the studio.
Were you there on Monday? -Sure.
-So, yes.
Why do you ask? -Pardon? -Why we ask.
We're doing routine checks on everyone who had access to the yard and if anyone noticed something on Monday.
He's trying to dupe us.
No chance.
Here is the evidence for the suspected sabotage act by Felix Krempin.
They are strikingly heterogenous.
It's obvious Krempin wasn't there.
This is your department.
-What's this? -Not this.
This is mine.
I'm a diabetic.
For people like me, it's life-prolonging.
If Krempin was involved, we can find the evidence here.
-Like what? -Burglar's tools or fire accelerants.
We found all this in his apartment.
A pentagram? This is a very special box.
-Krempin was an occultist? -Apparently.
Seen anything like this before? May I? Fraterna Saturnii.
It's an infamous organization.
Excuse me.
What happened? Delivery problems.
I got "delivery problems.
" -Spasibo.
-Thank you.
So, did you notice anything? Only the actor.
Only the actor? Which actor? Tristan Rot.
Tristan Rot? He wanted my key.
Tristan Rot wanted your key for the yard? What did he want there? "You are invited on 24 September" "Password: Osiris.
Tristan Rot is much obliged.
" Key Key, please.
Congrats, Rath.
Your men are on the ball.
-What do you call it, Henning? -Double arabesque.
A double arabesque is when your opponent wants to dupe you and thinks you don't notice, but you notice and don't tell them.
-Hence the "double.
" -Dual, so to speak.
Interesting method.
Yes, we have a lot of fun together.
Did the method bring anything to light? A lead to that actor, Betty Winter's husband.
-Tristan Rot? -Correct.
That's the one.
We're staking out his house 24/7.
-KÃnigin-Luise-Strasse in Dahlem.
-Number 186.
-That's the one.
I found this paper in Felix Krempin's things.
-What is it? -An invitation for tomorrow evening.
You'll go.
With DS BÃhm.
Arrest the man, but without much of a stir.
This is probably an occultist event by Fraterna Saturni.
So what? We likely won't get in without female company.
Well, then, it's clear who does what.
-Have a nice lunch.
-You, too.
-Where is BÃhm? -On his lunch break.
-He has his lunch at home.
-He's having lunch.
All good things, God, come from you.
For what we are and what we have, we thank you.
Blessed be your meal.
Blessed be your meal.
Miss von der Heide has promised Regina an apprenticeship.
I'm glad to hear it, Regina.
Business correspondence is a profession with a future.
The ground floor apartment is becoming available.
That would make life easier for our Roland.
Isn't that too expensive? Wait and see.
Wait and see.
That's great, I just finished.
What's the matter? I went to see Ilse.
-I see.
So? -She was bawling.
Probably because of him.
She should tell that guy to go to hell.
I can't tell her that.
Yeah, but I won't go there.
Not while she's got that scalawag in her apartment.
-What's this, now? -It's an appointment for today.
I made it for Ilse and you.
At the doctor's.
-You can't go ahead and make appointments.
-But she's our sister.
Hang on a second, OK? -Hi, Vera.
So, how did it go? -I mean the interrogation.
-It was pleasant.
The detective is a friendly guy.
-BÃhm? -Yes.
Well, he made me wait a long time at first.
But then he was nice.
And he kept staring at your bosom, didn't he? I bet.
So? Fancy going dancing? Tonight? -The Dutchman? -Haven't been there for ages.
There's another thing.
I'm going to Renate's tomorrow.
Then I'm helping the Cziczewiczes get the garden ready for winter, in Mariendorf.
Tell Cziczewicz I'll be in touch.
Waiter! -You three.
Kitchen duty.
-But I Go on, move! Get a move on! Right, Overbeck.
Why did you accuse us Communists? Why did you change your statement? Go on, open your mouth! Tell us why you lied in court or we will make your life hell in here.
Why did you change your statement? Come.
Close again.
Do you know what it is? What does she have? It's not healthy.
I know that.
Well, what we are treating here is a well, a so-called early-onset macular degeneration.
Normally it's age-related, but in rare cases, well, it appears in younger patients.
-Well, I -Moreover, something else, well, has developed in your sister's left eye.
I can see, well, the symptom of glaucoma.
What's that? Raised intraocular pressure.
Is it bad? In the long term, in most cases it leads to an irreparable damage of the optic nerve.
And what does that mean, now? Loss of sight.
-And what can be done to prevent it? -Nothing.
Nothing? You can operate, well, but surely -that's outside of your monetary scope.
-How would you How much would it cost? -Six hundred marks.
-Six hundred marks.
Six hundred, yes.
You can make a down payment anytime, well, and make an appointment.
Who would pay for that? We'll manage.
Have you seen Cziczewicz yet? There may be something.
Not yet.
I'm going now.
Right now.
To see Cziczewicz.
I'll see you next week, we'll make the appointment then.
-Thanks for coming along.
-No worries, sis.
-Toni is not in.
I know.
I wanted to talk to your mother.
Mom, it's Lotte.
There you are, finally.
What's up? You haven't been here in a long time.
No time.
Yeah, yeah, time.
You just have to take your time, right? -I have to run, too.
-Sure, but why don't you sit down first? I have something for you, from your dear mother, bless her.
What is it? Don't you want to know where I got them from? They all went to my address so no one would notice.
But now that she's gone, I thought I should give them to you.
Thank you.
Bye, Lotte.
My dearest Minnchen, yesterday, fate had something strange in mind for me in that I'm passing through again and stayed at our little inn and thought of you, full of wistfulness and heartache.
How might you be? My little heart sings for you and little Lottchen.
Don't forget about me, like I never will you.
Kissing you, forever yours, E.
Hello, Mrs.
You have a visitor.
As you wished, he is waiting in your room.
Thank you.
Come in.
All right.
Yes, I I have to go now.
Hello, Mr.
Well, won't you sit down? Sugar? Thank you, no.
Listen, it's very awkward for me to ask you for help in a situation like this.
I was very glad to receive your call.
Your your situation in life is there a solution you seek? I don't know.
It's not just down to me if there can be a solution.
Then you are in the right place.
Hotel rooms are places of transition.
From here, you either keep going or turn back.
This room is available to my family at any time in town.
You can stay here for as long as you like.
Thank you.
Thank you.
-Operator, what's your number? -Please connect me with Cologne 13-0-8.
Thank you.
-It's me.
Gereon! What a surprise.
Is Helga with you? No.
But I would very much like you and Moritz to come and visit.
How's work? Tell me.
A special task for you.
How are you connected with the tourism association? Unencumbered as they are nonexistent, so to speak.
I mean good.
Could you discreetly find out if a certain person is in a hotel in Berlin? Why, sure.
-Name? -Helga Rath.
I'll remember that name.
Thank you.
And, Henning? -That's between the two of us, OK? -Of course.
If you would show me your archive ID again, Mr Gräf.
You could remember my name by now.
What do you want in five? -Pardon? -Those are secret state matters in five.
What do you want there? I won't tell you that.
Like the name says, it's secret state matters.
Or are you trying to get information from me? I would have to report that immediately.
Just saying.
May I? Sure, anytime, Mr Gräf.
Benda, Benda REQUES Good thing you're here.
I had to get to the top, -hence the chair.
-Why didn't you say so? I would have had a ladder for you.
Thank you, it's all good.
You think I'm stupid, don't you? You think the old sap won't notice, you can tell him anything.
He's a total fool, right? But I've got the right nose, my boy.
Particularly as far as you're concerned.
I know you.
Call yourself Gräf now? I showed you all the documents.
What do you want from me? Not with me, mate.
I've been at this archive for 26 years, and I know exactly what kind of files they are.
And I know they're off-limits for rats like you! I know you from the early days.
Before the police.
From the red-light district.
-What? -On your knees! Kneel, doll boy! Please, don't hit me, please Please don't hit me! No.
And he said, "Why didn't you say so right away? I would have had a ladder for you.
" And overlooked the camera in my hand.
I thought I was going to die.
You're a hero.
If my late father had heard that, he would be at peace with me and the world.
He obviously didn't know you very well, your dad.
Oh, he knew me, all right.
But not as a hero.
First Russia, now today.
You're turning into a master spy.
Talent must be allowed to blossom, detective.
I'm almost done.
Overbeck's interrogation records.
Very good.
What kind of list is this? It has names from H to M.
No idea, but I noticed it, too.
Samuel Katelbach, editor.
Isn't he an acquaintance of yours? -Operator, which number? -Give me Berlin 23-0-3.
One moment, I will connect you.
Behnke, Rath speaking.
Rath! I'm listening.
-Could I speak with Mr.
Katelbach? Mr.
Katelbach? Hold on, I I'm sorry, he's not here right now.
Can I ask you to give him a message? I urgently need to see him.
It's urgent.
Tomorrow at 8 a.
Another drink? I'd love one.
Rath? Go to Café Romanche tomorrow at eight a.
Katelbach has his breakfast there.
Very well, I'll do that.
Thank you, Mrs.
Behnke, and Yes? And have a nice evening.
You, too.
Goodbye, Mr.
No, I didn't go to the police directly.
First I just went to Berlin.
Away from the province.
I know all about that.
With all due respect, Cologne? I'm talking about Domersleben in Anhalt BÃrde.
My home village of Domersleben.
One word, two lies.
No dome, no life.
68 souls.
Half of them are family.
Oh, that's small.
So you go to Berlin.
That's right, Berlin.
My dearest Minnchen, when you come to our inn tomorrow, please bring little Lotte.
I really want to see my little daughter again.
I look forward to seeing you, to seeing both of you.
Kissing you, forever yours, E.
And the guy writes to her, missing litte Lotte.
And you think he's your father now.
I mean yes.
I don't know.
No idea.
I mean, I have a father.
I mean, I had one.
He's dead now.
And the new one, is he still alive? Maybe I'm someone completely different.
Lotte, go there.
To the inn? -Yes, I've thought of that.
-But? But do you really want to know for sure, right? To Dad.
Which one? How does a 14-year-old boy from Anhalt get into photography? And into the police? Back then, I was more on the run from the police.
You were? Well, sometimes I sold newspapers, but that's all part of the legit portion of what teenage me did for a living.
Everything I am, everything I represent I owe to one man only.
Your boss.
Our boss.
Supreme Commissioner Gennat.
The Buddha.
How so? He picked me up off the street.
He apparently saw some minute talent.
He sent me to the photo studio Pelkmann, made sure I finished my apprenticeship.
And at some point he gave me the opportunity to work for him.
In headquarters.
As the first photographer in homicide.
It was Gennat's idea? I know what you think.
He can be very robust in his tone of voice.
-He has put you down sometimes.
-But he's not always like that.
He made me what I am.
And your other life? The nocturnal Mr.
Gräf? I only have one life.
It's all part of that.
Are you in a relationship? No.
I have a crush, have had it for quite a while.
But? They don't know yet how lucky they are.
Or don't want to know.
I have yet to find out.
Well, then When the full moon shines from the sky On Lake Titicaca We'll have two more glasses of bubbly.
Do you have a cash cow or something? -I go to Luxor every now and then.
-You still turn tricks? -You would, too, for that money.
-Not in a million years.
Here you go, ladies.
Why do they pay so well? It's all a question of tolerance.
yerba maté, The voodoo dance is beckoning To the prairie She wants to be happy Like never before For at night in Peru There is no taboo Then the gay cockatoo warbles Tenderly "I love you" If then the condor circles high in the sky You chase the timid fawn I'll ride the white alpaca You're classy, Lotty.
and shout yippee, yeah Kiss me now.
Stop it.
to a sweet rendezvous Just kiss me now.
Give in to your desire and your longing -No.
-What's the matter? You're someone different now.
So be something completely different.
Here, joy, luck and sunshine will smile on you In magnificent Peru More.
You will always be blessed here In sinful Peru Even you -Does he lie right here where we lie? -Yes.
Where else would he be? And you've never seen him? No.
Luckily I haven't.
What if he's a criminal? What does he do? I don't know, he works nights.
Turning tricks? Funny.
-Morning, Toni.
We have a visitor.
-This is Vera.
-Hello, Toni.
Will you be coming often now, ma'am? We don't know yet.
Subtitle translation by Stephanie Geiges
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