Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

Previously on Babylon Berlin I need to see the interrogation minutes of Overbeck, Greta.
The Benda murder case.
All Benda files have been under lock and key since last week.
- By whose decree? - Councilor Wendt.
You're turning into a master spy.
Samuel Katelbach, editor.
Isn't he an acquaintance of yours? Three murders in one week.
Betty Winter, Felix Krempin, and Tilly Brooks.
You and Rath are now both dealing with those three cases which are apparently linked.
We have a reputation to lose, gentlemen.
- Did you know the gaffer? - No.
But we had some common interests.
Fraterna Saturnii.
It's an infamous organization.
You are invited on 24 September Password: Osiris.
Tristan Rot is much obliged.
You drive.
Miss Ritter established contact with Fraternia Saturnii.
How did she do that? Apparently, they're looking for dancers.
- For the ritual.
She knows some.
- I can imagine where from.
At any rate, we need to shadow her inconspicuously.
No way.
To deliver ourselves to an amateur in such an investigation? Never.
When I see Rot, I'll arrest him.
You will not.
We need to be undercover.
Listen, Rath.
You turn up out of the blue from Cologne and are plonked in front of me.
You get my position.
But there is no planned job title for you nor any need.
I don't know who holds his hand over you up there and I don't know who else you're in cahoots with in this city.
- But I know that I don't trust you.
- We're a good match, then.
You don't trust me, and I you even less.
TRISTAN ROT'S VILLA BERLIN-DAHLEM I'll arrest the guy as soon as I see him.
- And read about it in the press tomorrow? - No.
The whole thing must be absolutely discreet.
Good evening.
I'm not sure this place is right.
It looks dark.
The address is correct.
You know what is expected of us? I do.
Everything has been explained to me.
Well, then Osiris.
The lady.
Follow me.
Hermes tris megistos.
Hermes tris megistos How would we recognize which one is Tristan Rot? Open the gates.
Open yourself.
Open yourself! Obey.
Hermes tris megistos.
Hermes tris megistos.
We call the astral body of Betty Winter.
Show yourself, Betty Winter.
Use the gate.
Of Juliana.
Get ready.
You wipe all material things off yourself.
The pain the lie the lust, the anguish.
And you become Betty Winter.
Tristan, now.
The connection.
Your tongue, quickly.
Show her your love.
She needs you now.
Help her.
I lead you through the ungraspable.
The enigma of the end.
Only in the experience of death you are reunited and recognize each other.
Drink the curare.
In one gulp.
What is this? The bridge! A shadow! Help me.
Help me! My lover, I'm burning! I'm burning! I'm ablaze! That's enough.
We end this.
Don't interrupt now.
My lover! The tongue.
Tristan Rot? You're under arrest.
Anno! Anno is dead.
Anno died on the Flemish battlefields.
I'm Dr.
And I was never here.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I'm supposed to meet a journalist - Swimmer or nonswimmer? - Pardon? - Who are you looking for? Samuel Katelbach.
Right in front, the gentleman.
Thank you.
Good morning, Mr.
So, what do you want? Can we talk sensibly or are you still incapable of that? If you can finally explain why in the Zörgiebel case you claimed one thing in court and told me another thing, we may get back to communicative business.
In court, I took my institution's side.
- That was it.
- You know what? Screw you.
- What would you like? - Rollmops.
And two eggs in a glass.
- Something else for you, Mr.
Katelbach? - No, thank you.
And a coffee.
- Make it a double.
- Yes, sir.
Drink is for man, guzzling for the hound, for some 'tis the other way around.
But like my Aunt Jolesch used to say, a man more handsome than an ape is a luxury.
I found your name on a list.
Where did you get this from? It was among the papers of the political police.
What's this? Why does the political police have my name on a list? Do any of these names ring a bell for you? Must be a list of the good ones.
- What makes you say that? - Because of him.
Hans Litten.
- The lawyer.
- Litten is one of the good ones.
And I'm right before him on the list.
That's just great.
Maybe some stuff got mixed up in the archive.
I don't know.
But you should exercise caution.
At the newspaper, - but also in your private life.
- Caution.
Listen, my dear detective.
I have a finished manuscript in my drawer in which I prove that Lufthansa secretly works with the military.
It's all happening in some hangar at the airfield in Staaken.
All completely illegal, of course.
And I'm wondering right now if you just showed me this list to draw me out of my shell.
Why wouldn't you walk out of here and spill everything to Wendt and his comrades at the Reichswehr ministry? Because that's of no use to me.
So selfless? Have you been here before? No.
I've heard it's a meeting point of your friends.
Artists, journalists Just because we work in the same field doesn't mean we're friends.
Believe me, there are a few backstabbers in here.
Particularly in the front.
The nonswimmers, yeah? I see you've been studying your Baedecker.
- Don't move until I tell you.
Understood? - Yes.
At the table behind you Thomas Mann is sitting.
- What? - Don't turn around.
What's he doing here? He belongs in the back with the swimmers.
Ah, his brother Heinrich is here, and his wife Nelly.
Who's that? No way, La Dietrich? Don't! - Who's coming in now? Einstein? - Albert Einstein? Oh, well, they just left through the door.
You missed them.
You scoundrel.
Yes, that's how it is here.
Sharks and toy fish.
You get spat out before you even notice you'd been swallowed.
Here, it's not as civilized as in the back where the successful ones sit.
They all pull each other over the barrel.
And they all know it, too.
But here Here, you can't trust anyone.
Thank you, Gereon for warning me.
And for getting the bill.
He's paying.
Hot chick! Charlotte, you're a hot one! Summer is coming.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, DS Böhm.
- I heard you were at the path - Where's your nice tunic, Miss Ritter? What are today's tasks? Type up these interrogations.
Court format.
The state attorney asked for urgent delivery.
I'm training as a criminal assistant.
This is a job for a stenotypist.
Why don't you get yourself one, then? I'm sure you know the best ones.
Very well, sir.
- Oh, and Miss Ritter? - Yes? Actually, I do have something for you personally.
Come back at six p.
and turn off the lights at the day's end.
And you go downstairs and get Herbert Plumpe to the interrogation room.
- Who's Plumpe? - The actor.
Tristan Rot.
Real name Herbert Plumpe.
That's common knowledge.
- Hey, Lotte.
- Hey.
- Where are you going? - To the archive.
To type up some interrogations.
- For whom? - Böhm.
He's got it in for me.
- Sounds familiar.
- Miss Ritter, I'm looking for you.
Can you take it? I'll be right there.
I need addresses and telephone numbers for these names.
Anything you get from the resident register and the telephone exchange.
What is it? I'm not sure yet.
- But it's urgent.
- I'll be quick.
You seem to have gotten over our joint outing into gangland.
Unlike you.
- What's that supposed to mean? - The same shirt for days, you reek of booze and not even time for a quick bath.
My family is out of town.
In Cologne, for a few days.
I see.
Maybe we could have lunch together? You definitely look like you need something strong.
- One p.
at Aschinger? - OK.
- Boss.
- Ah, Henning.
And? Nothing.
There is no Helga Rath registered in the hotels in town.
Thank you.
And with these, you can also listen in.
They came up with it.
Put this in here.
And then it's like the radio.
We will see about that.
I don't understand why you want to detain my client any longer.
Rot tried to make contact with his deceased wife.
Whose murderer is still at large while you molest him.
You suspected your dead wife in the yard of the film studio, right? - No.
I - Mr.
Rot is an occultist.
- I'm aware of that.
- He conducted a ritual in order to make contact with the deceased.
We know that.
But we're more interested in the question about the yard.
In order to establish contact with the dead, you need to do certain things.
I'm listening.
Candles must be placed in all places which the deceased was familiar with.
With their picture.
After three days, you can try to make contact.
And the yard I saw her.
- She was standing opposite me.
- Why do you have a key to the yard? It's outside Betty's dressing room.
I was hoping to meet her there.
There was a candle in the yard.
And a photograph of the actress.
Meaning? That the story he's telling us is probably true.
What else do we have on him? Not much at the moment.
We'll have to let him go.
I'll keep questioning him.
And then you let him go.
If I have to.
All right, Mr.
Let's start from the top.
Thanks for lending us your rooms.
I help where I can.
I have to search you.
The others insisted on it.
Someone is trying to undermine our joint foundation.
Let me stress that: our joint.
We are competitors, yes.
But we are also allies.
We have created a system we all profit from.
Real estate.
But only we are under fire.
Only us.
The question is, who profits from this? Who benefits from our downfall? Which one of you wants a piece of our cake? Which one of you? My gang and I, we cover the north.
Everyone here wants your slice in the center, what else? It's the best part.
Top-notch sky-blue silk.
Everyone thinks that.
But we wouldn't off your girls for that.
If we really want to redivide everything, we'll off you and your copartner, but no chicks.
You make dough for us, we make ash for you.
That's how it was, and that's how it should remain.
And I'm telling you, I'm telling you all, If you don't help us find this Judas, we will all go down together.
You with us.
When Judas Iscariot betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ, why did he do it, what do you think? You're asking the wrong guy.
Because? I'm no theologian.
The one who proclaims his loyalty the loudest is the traitor, the Judas.
And they will share the fate of the historic Judas.
He will be hanged.
He'll put himself to death.
Judas Iscariot recognizes the mortality of his Lord on the cross and suddenly he knows he's damned.
That his name is damned forever and ever.
He knows he must die and puts himself to death.
- Did you notify reception? - Yes.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- Hello.
- You're already here.
I wasn't eavesdropping.
- Won't you come in? - Thank you.
Sugar? Yes, two.
Thank you.
Are you closer to resolving your insecure situation? I think I have already taken an irreversible step.
A step to where? Away.
Away from all that was.
But I am also wondering why I am doing all this.
- What? - Accept your help.
Meet with you.
We're just having a light lunch.
Why do I risk losing everything? You want to get to know the unknown.
The unknown in you.
You've always known it was there, but you've always pushed back into that dark chamber where you store all which that you can't comprehend and which you are afraid of.
I look into your eyes and I see astonishment.
Everything seems alien.
Almost every moment of the day like Like the life of another person.
But you yourself are that person.
We rarely have moments when we feel the strength to climb up to a new level, to choose something different from that where everything is going, seemingly without our own doing.
We happened to meet in such a moment.
That's why we are here.
Pictures, pictures.
That's great.
Detective, is Tristan Rot confirmed as a suspect? Detective, is Tristan Rot confirmed as a suspect? Is he the perpetrator? Are you the Phantom of Babelsberg, Mr.
Rot? Litten, Katelbach, Pechtmann.
And you don't have a telephone number for Mr.
Pechtmann? No, I don't.
I only have his workplace.
- Workplace will do, thanks.
- Hoppegarten Racecourse.
- The racecourse in Hoppegarten.
- Do you need the address? No, I know where it is.
- Operator, which number? - Miss? I need some information.
I'm looking for a locksmith in Friedrichshain.
- And the name? - Kessler.
Kessler, Horst.
Do you have an entry? I have a Horst Kessler on Grünbergerstrasse.
- Where? - Gaststätte zur Frieda.
Gaststätte zur Frieda.
Thank you, goodbye.
Or check the other bag.
Please check if there's You know? What are you doing here? Come with me, Erna.
- Come with me.
- Talk to Ali, then.
Ali, be nice, please, OK? Horst, you, too, yeah? There you go.
You can have madame until tomorrow morning.
Careful, Erna.
Oh, Horst.
You're cute.
Do you want to eat something? I have some bread.
I'm yours.
I'll eat something if you want me to.
I'll fry an egg for us.
We'll have it with bread.
I've thought of something.
I've been meaning to suggest it.
By now I know people, and they are influential.
And if they talk to that bastard Ali and if I offer him something for what he calls an investment, he'll have to leave you alone, Erna.
Because I'll make him an offer he has to accept.
That way, we'll manage to set you free.
So you can be with me.
Do you still want to be with me, Erna? No one thinks she'd be capable of it.
She looks so innocent.
Pardon? I meant the girl.
An assassination like that.
What will she get? Life.
She confessed.
Repentant and confessed means life in such cases.
In the name of the people, the following verdict is issued.
The defendant Greta Overbeck, housemaid, date of birth 14-6-1907, is sentenced to death for the murder of Councilor August Benda and his daughter Margot.
The court sees it as a given that the murder was planned and committed in a malevolent and insidious way.
An appeal is allowed.
The defendant accepts the verdict and expressly perempts an appeal.
The court is closed.
Who can pardon someone on death row? The president of the Reich.
Only him? And do you know someone who knows him? The president of the Reich? No.
Well, Zörgiebel, of course.
And Wendt.
He was Hindenburg's aide.
But we have to do something.
Go see Hans Litten.
- Who is he? - The lawyer.
He runs Red Aid.
You can try your luck there.
The verdict is harsh.
But she did plant the bomb.
- She never denied it.
- But Greta was used.
She's no murderer.
Yes, she is.
Why do you claim your wife is in Cologne? I beg your pardon? I saw her.
Here in Berlin.
Haus Rheingold in Nürnbergerstrasse.
I'm sure.
Thanks for the list.
No, we don't have an entry of the name "Rath" last week.
I'm sorry.
Look for Schwarzbach.
Helga Rath, née Schwarzbach.
- May I? - No.
This goes against our house rules.
Don't waste my time.
Where's your mother? Gone.
Who sent her the flowers? Who is "A"? I don't know.
Answer me! That's enough, thank you.
It's goulash.
It's been simmering since yesterday.
Don't take it personally, but my metabolism isn't at the height of its powers.
You don't drink, you hardly eat.
Your work doesn't seem to be good for you anymore.
Please, Mrs.
Elisabeth, don't trample on a heavily injured man.
And you won't tell me anything anymore.
Believe me, it's for your own protection.
In this case, joint knowledge is almost more catastrophic than knowledge.
If it ever gets to be on a knife's edge, they'll believe I'm privy to your wheeling and dealing anyway.
Wheeling and dealing? What do you mean? Don't you start.
Besides, no one will think you're privy to it.
Why should they? Then I'd be the natural keeper of your secrets.
Why do you want to keep my secrets so urgently? I read your last articles.
You never told me.
I can just about imagine who has you in their sights.
I think it's right of you to denounce that.
I'm glad to hear it.
Elisabeth, I never thought you would be interested in the illegal rearming of the German military.
You should have asked me.
How about seconds? Yes, yes.
I'd love some.
Thank you.
Would you have time? For what? You wanted to find out about some secrets.
Right now? In my room.
I must say, Mrs.
Elisabeth, your goulash is the beginning of my resurrection.
As a man and as a reporter.
Reporter will do.
What was your last sentence? "If only she'd stuck with silent films.
" "If only she'd stuck with silent films.
" Witness Vera Lohmann.
Balthasar is grieving for his Elsa.
When she refuses to go back to him MODERN LIFE MAN MACHINE She refuses to go back to him, so he wants to replace her with a machine.
A human machine.
I'm your new cellmate.

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