Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

Previously on Babylon Berlin You're turning into a master spy.
Talent must be allowed to blossom, Detective.
Samuel Katelbach, editor.
Isn't he an acquaintance of yours? Why does the political police have my name on a list? Do any of these names ring a bell for you? Must be a list of the good ones.
Because of him.
Hans Litten.
- The lawyer.
- Litten is one of the good ones.
A stubborn housemaid mustn't become the stumbling block of a national movement.
Miss Overbeck will comply.
As long as you don't fulfill this part of our agreement, we won't strike again.
Neither against the lying press nor anywhere else.
You personally promised me you would find the people behind this crime.
I know.
The defendant Greta Overbeck is sentenced to death.
But we have to do something.
Go see Hans Litten.
- Who is that? - The lawyer.
He runs Red Aid.
- Why do you claim your wife is in Cologne? - I beg your pardon? THANK YOU FOR THE LIGH YOU SHINE INTO OUR SOULS.
OK, we'll print it, page 13.
Before Walter Hilden.
What does he call it? "Ars Amandi for Employees.
" All right, then, page 14.
And this poem, Theobald Tiger.
"I Have A Cold.
" Page 15.
How many pages do you have? Four.
Plus these pictures of construction plans, as you wished.
Very good.
Lead story.
Page one.
The article is continued on page 15.
- Seriously? - No one reads four pages in a row, not with our paper.
Headline: Lufthansa Makes Staaken a Military Airfield.
- Will we be using an alias? - What for? They know who I am anyway.
Is this true, Tristan Rot is a suspect? They let him go, but still And there are photos answer the phone, Potocznik.
For crying out loud.
- Yes.
- Of the arrest? Of the release.
Very stirring.
The man was beside himself.
- Page one.
This is the lead story.
- What? Not this smear story again! It's reception.
They have a problem down there.
Sir, 20 men are approaching.
They just mowed us down.
- Call the police.
- Yes, sir.
- You had better get out.
- No.
I'm staying.
Get out.
I'll deal with them myself.
- Are these originals? - Yes.
Take them with you, go.
The book lift, quick.
Where is Katelbach? Where is that Jewish bastard? - Where were we, Potocznik? - The lead story.
You there.
Yes, you.
Get lost.
The cleaning squad.
I'll shut you up, Heymann.
I was an officer when you were dreaming of becoming a cadet, Stennes.
Do you really think you'll break me like this? I'll break you so bad, you'll fit into your kipa.
I'm Catholic.
Who's behind the lies you're spreading about the German troops? A whole network of democrats, Stennes.
People who won't stop And you two take care of that Katelbach guy.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
- Your wish? - Audience with the general.
- Name? - Marie-Luise Seegers.
My father is the new head of the military and thus your supreme superior.
If you would let me through, my father is expecting me.
- Don't you have an entry pass? - No, not yet.
Papa only took over command yesterday.
If you don't have an ID, I will have to ask you to sign here, miss.
Let me take a look inside your bag, please.
We'll do it like that.
Thank you.
Oh, morning.
There you are.
- Come, I'll take you with me.
- Where to? - To the president of the Reich.
- No, thanks.
- Yes, you'll cheer him up.
- Stop that, Dad, I won't do it.
- What won't you do? - I won't be a decorative tutu for your rulership rituals.
And I won't have your stupid clerks rifle through my bag again.
I don't want to have a debate on ideological principles with the functionary officeholders of a despotic system every time I want to see you.
They don't want that either.
They're just checking for hidden guns.
Forget about me performing at your so-called gentleman's club.
Too late, I already confirmed.
And your sister is practicing already.
Because she's too sweet to stand up to you and your lackeys.
Dad, I say no.
Annemarie Nyssen has invited me and my trusted confidantes to her house in my honor, and she asked me to contribute to the musical entertainment.
I see.
So you thought, "What did I train two daughters for?" I'll ask them to play a quaint Liszt sonata in honor of Great General Dad.
If you can't see it as a request, take it as an order.
As an order? I'm moving out.
I'll live with Oskar.
You're welcome to do that as soon as you come of age.
I'd be very happy for you.
But until then, German law dictates my responsibility to care for you and your duty to obey.
What would you know about German law? - I as a lawyer can tell you - You're a third-year student.
- God damn it! - Long enough to know that a separation between office and private person in all aspects of civil life is a must.
Except in your parallel universe of order and submission.
I'm just not a civilian.
Hold on, baby.
Don't call me baby.
Please be as respectful to me as I am with you.
Yes, if you let me.
My dear Marie-Luise, may I ask you to accompany me one last time? It's a meeting of distinguished personalities.
And I'd love to talk to you about the separation of office and private life, but not here and not now.
Aye, aye, mon géneral.
Come on, get in.
I'll take you back to the university.
Thanks, I'll go by myself.
Anyway, they're going for the entire weekend, and you can't take anything except for hunting guns and a tarp for camping.
We look after ourselves.
Whatever we find, berries or we'll go hunting.
- We? - If I'm allowed to go.
Horst says anybody can come.
It's a free German Workers Youth.
But it's that nationalist party.
No, it's the NSDAP.
They are the nationalist party.
But there are some Catholics, too.
They show us what you can find in the woods or which herbs are healing.
When someone gets hurt or mortally ill.
How so? Only if.
In such a case.
But they can also get help.
But anyway, it's good to know those things.
- To know how to survive in the wilderness.
- In the Grunewald? I'm not allowed to say where.
- I say no.
- Mom! What about your friends from the church circle? No plans for them? You mean tidying up.
- Visit old people.
- It's valuable, Moritz.
It's important to learn how to give and not just take.
Mom, please let me go.
The other guys are much more exciting.
You don't do survival training very often.
It's basic training.
Military? No way.
- No.
- Mom, please! No, end of story.
Operator, which number? Please give me Berlin 77-5-8.
Thank you.
- Keller speaking.
- Hello, DI Rath, Berlin PD.
I need to speak with Mr.
Keller, Solomon Keller.
You're funny.
Pardon? Why? First you drag him away and lock him up, and then you pretend nothing happened? I'm sorry, I - You're his wife? - Who else? How long has your husband been in prison? For three months now.
No one tells us why.
- Who are you, anyway? - Rath, CID.
Keller? Who was conducting the investigation? Yes? - Who is this, please? - My name is August Krohn.
- Hello.
May I speak with Josef Krohn? - No.
But this is his number, correct? Do you have any idea what I've been through? Who was investigating, Mrs.
Kahle? Hello, please put me through to - Mr.
- Stop messing around! - Mrs.
Kahle? - No one is interested.
- My Hugo is dead.
- Who investigated the case? - How did he die? - I want to live.
- Mrs.
Klein? - Just leave me alone! Hello? All right.
Can you tell me about the circumstances of his death? Listen, I'm not the detective in charge.
That's why I'm asking you.
- The department, maybe? - Died.
Thanks, this is helpful.
IN PRISON DECEASED? The ones with a cross are dead, the ones with a circle in prison.
What about the asterisk? Under surveillance.
Katelbach and Heymann are journalists.
Hellmann and Karst engineers.
Litten, Krohn are lawyers of the Communist Party.
And now you wonder what's the association here.
Are there names that ring a bell for you? Yes.
Litten, of course.
Kessler, Horst.
Is forging a reputation as a tough dog in the SA at the moment.
What do those two letters mean? O.
? I don't know yet.
There's another acronym.
Where did you find this paper? I just happened upon this paper.
It was under lock and key in the archives of the political police.
Thank you.
Benda once told me of the existence of a blacklist.
Put together by our reactionary opponents.
Several hundred names.
Maybe this paper is one page of that list.
Find out how this paper found its way into the archives of the polit police and, most importantly, how an SA guy like Kessler ended up on it.
I hope you know who you're dealing with here.
Be careful.
Get well soon.
Greta Overbeck.
Yes, I know the case.
LAW OFFICE LITTEN - RED AID BERLIN-SCHÖNEBERG Any idea who could have pressured your friend? Changing her statement in the middle of the trial, that was spectacular.
Objection, Mr.
It was a mockery.
She suddenly accused the Communists.
There's been new evidence on the possible instigators.
Which has no bearing on my work for now.
Apparently, the verdict was politically intended.
I read the judge's reasoning.
Despite the severity of the case, a death sentence is inappropriate.
The defendent confessed.
The fact that she had been duped is not mentioned in his verdict at all.
This judge ignored all mitigating circumstances and exonerating evidence.
Even more scandalous was the court-appointed lawyer.
Not to appeal against a death sentence is a first-rate breach of trust.
We can lodge a complaint.
And how How much would that cost? How much What can you do? I'm asking because I'm guessing that you have no idea what Red Aid is.
- I don't.
- We offer legal aid for the underprivileged.
For workers, for the unemployed.
We advise people, we represent them in court.
We fight for these people and help them get what is due to them.
Namely their rights.
And now look around and guess how many cases we are dealing with in this office.
Too many.
Too many, correct, far too many, and only very few can pay.
But everyone can do something.
- I can do shorthand.
- Shorthand.
Shorthand! How about you help me out in the office every now and then? Like Miss Seegers is doing.
She's a voluntary worker and a law student.
We're a voluntary organization.
And in return you would try to save Miss Overbeck? No.
Not in return.
I'll represent Miss Overbeck either way.
Independently of any payment.
Here they are.
The interrogation minutes of Greta Overbeck.
I'm looking for these two acronyms: O.
and F.
- Yes.
- I think I've seen them before.
pops up all the time.
Defendant: "O.
gave me F.
's handkerchief as proof.
" Yes.
Go back to the very beginning.
The full names must be somewhere.
Defendant: "It was on Lake Wannsee.
Those boys are fun, I thought.
One was called Fritz Höckert.
" - I'm Fritz.
- Greta.
- Nice name.
- Otto.
I think his last name is Wollenberg.
They were using fake names.
Those are aliases.
Richard Pechtmann - Fritz! - and Horst Kessler are their real names.
They are Benda's murderers.
Where is it? Your passport? Where and when did you last have it? A month ago in Hegyeshalom on the Austrian-Hungarian border, I still had it.
But after my return, I misplaced it somewhere.
No wonder.
Can someone please tidy up? - I don't want to say anything - Thank you.
It would be completely out of place.
They must be on their way by now.
What if you hide here? In Berlin? You're funny.
No, here in the flat.
There they are.
Where did you say I could hide? Horst, do your "open sesame.
" That's OK.
It's open.
Right, in you go.
How dare you make such a racket? - Excuse me, Mrs - Behnke.
Behnke, we're here to see Mr.
- He lives here, right? - No.
Not for a while now.
- I see.
- Yes.
Well, have a nice day.
We'll take a look around if you don't mind.
But you don't mind.
Why should you? The gentleman doesn't live here.
Hang on.
You can't just barge in here.
This is my bedroom! - What's over there? - The kitchen.
Stop! Excuse me.
Bless you.
- And this? - This used to be his room.
He's not here.
You can be glad to be rid of him.
Yes, I'm very glad.
He never paid and never aired the room.
And the mess, well, you can imagine.
Yes, that's Jewish order.
All right.
Goodbye, Mrs.
- Goodbye, Mr? - I'm Richard.
Well, then, Mr.
Are they gone? Yes, yes.
You are the greatest, Mrs.
The greatest.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Now this here urgently needs to get to my editor in chief, Mr.
It's not exactly safe, though.
When and where? Please excuse us, Mrs.
As a rule, we would have the results by now.
They should be here any moment.
I was running late yesterday.
We were unable to land here in Berlin.
Do you know why? Starlings.
A huge flock.
Kept going around our plane.
Must have thought we'd lead them to warmer climes.
Autumn is here.
There's no denying it.
If you don't have a house by now, you won't build one.
Heitmann, here are the results.
Congratulations, Mrs.
- Name, please? - Neumann.
I'd like to speak with Horst Kessler.
He's not here.
- Who is this? - Gasthaus zur Frieda, Friedrichshain.
And who are you, please? I was given this number for Horst Kessler.
Yes, I'll take a message for him.
He doesn't seem registered here.
- Shall I give him a message? - Do you know where he lives? Across from here, backyard, - ground floor on the left.
- Thank you.
Kessler? Excuse me? Who are you? Schneider is my name.
I'm with the party leadership in Munich.
And you? Do you live here? I don't know.
Pardon? Well, Horst wanted to take me with him, but I don't know if that's allowed.
I mean, I don't know if the landlady will allow it.
- But Mr.
Kessler, he lives here? - Yes.
- Where is he? - At his camp.
With his boy scouts.
Where is that? - In the woods? - Where exactly? I don't actually know.
I mean, I don't know at all.
When will he be back? On Tuesday, he said, and I get to stay here until then.
All right.
Just tell him I was here, OK? Yes.
What was your name again? Schneider.
NSDAP party headquarters in Munich.
- And you are? - Erna.
- Erna Heinrich.
- Thank you.
And sorry for bothering you.
I'll take care of it.
- Ticket for one.
- The gents upstairs.
- No, young man, this is upstairs.
- I need to get through.
- No, no.
- Let me through.
Watch your step, boy.
- What is this? - Well, well.
Your ticket, yeah? What are you doing, miss? You can't get off in the street.
Would you have a cigarette? It's you.
Would you have a cigarette? Do you have the papers? That's not the answer.
Good God, yes.
"For a good reason is Juno round.
" Thank you.
Tell Katelbach the issue will go out as planned.
His text is the lead story, page one.
ATTACK ON THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS The brawl at Ullstein publishing house was rash and completely useless.
You can see that nothing comes of it.
We wanted to prevent an article from being printed.
Why stoop down to the level of the rabble? Demoralization.
Congrats on your daughters, General.
Very beautifully grown, both of them.
- And wonderfully musical, too.
- They have their mother to thank for that.
Be grateful.
You can show your kids.
Not everyone can do that.
Brüning, nice to see you.
The honor is all mine.
My pleasure.
I will introduce you tonight.
- General, good evening.
- Nyssen.
- Would you have a minute for me? - Why, of course.
I have something to discuss.
- This is about - You did wonderfully, Mrs.
The German gentleman's club in the center of German heavy industry in your home.
And the next stop is the Chancellery of the Reich.
We think the world of you, Mr.
Yes, you're our man for the post of Chancellor of the Reich.
I will try not to disappoint your faith.
And who's sitting next to you? Councilor Wendt.
Head of the political police.
The snappy civilian back there? Next to Daddy? Yes, that's him.
- What do you think? - Don't know.
put together a resume.
- This won't be necessary.
- Yes.
I still determine the substantial direction of our circle.
OK, then we'll put him somewhere away from you.
- Are you nuts? - Who's next to me? Rohndorff.
He's a little whippersnapper.
Better? It was most excellent, dear Miss Seegers, The way you and your adorable sister played "Love Dream.
" Thank you.
What about you, Colonel? Don't you want to congratulate me on old Liszt? Pardon? No, I I'm not into music.
- Neither am I.
- You're not? Not in such a way as to give it a higher meaning.
Euphony, yes.
But when it takes on the weight of intoxication, of glorification, then no.
They are all strategies of the bourgeoisie to steer people away from a critical awareness and towards the ornamental.
So you're a Communist? Correct.
And your father, what does he have to say about that? Don't you know? "My children are free republicans," he says.
They can talk about and do whatever they want.
Are you a member of the party? Not yet, no.
What about you? Which party should I belong to in your opinion? The NSDAP.
I'm afraid I have to disappoint you.
Are you interested in horse racing, too, like Colonel Wendt? No, I'm a pilot.
My passion is flying.
My mother rode horses as a child.
So your sister has known Colonel Wendt for a while? Oh, yes.
They are engaged.
Are they? Politics is a question of fate.
Not of interests.
That's an open confession of political irrationalism.
In politics as in life, instinct is superior to intelligence.
- Says who? - Ernst Jünger.
A magnificent writer, you should read him.
The destructive spirit is jolly and gay.
Its only purpose is to make room.
Says who? Walter Benjamin.
A magnificent philosopher.
You should read him when you get the chance.
Would you excuse me? Ladies and gentlemen - Senior.
- Junior! - What are you doing here? - I need something for school.
Are you hungry? Our association has now set its sights on driving the grand coalition to dissolution as soon as possible.
Nowadays, to be conservative doesn't just mean preserving things.
Nowadays, to be conservative also means to create that which is worth preserving.
On that note Here's to the conservative revolution.
To the conservative revolution.
- Very well spoken, dear Wendt.
- Thank you.
You disappoint me.
Pardon? You sound as boring as Dad.
I have fulfilled my obligation.
Have a nice evening.
And your mother doesn't like the fact that the workers' youth fight so much? What about you? Yes, sure.
You'd get basic training.
Can I live with you again? With me? Sure, why not? And your mother? You talk to her.
I will.
I've got something.
I'm supposed to give it to you.
Night, Junior.
Night, Senior.
Dear Gereon, I heard from Moritz that you are looking for me.
I ask you not to.
Memories and feelings get mixed up in my head and I don't know which ones I can trust.
Images of you emerge from the depth.
You, me, the two of us in carefree times.
In those moments, our separation seems an impossible thing and wrong.
Then I think of our last few weeks again and I know how right it was of me to leave.
I carry you in my heart, Gereon.
But you are far away from me.
A shadow of the man I loved DS Böhm: "Do you personally know CEO Walter Weintraub?" Witness Vera Lohmann: "No.
" DS Böhm: "You have never met him?" Witness: "Not personally, no.
" "Do you personally know CEO Walter Weintraub?" - I already have that.
- Yeah, but wait a minute.
Witness Vera "No.
" "Not personally, no.
" Why did you do that? Pull yourself together.
I have to go.
- I'll finish the rest on my own.
- You're a darling.
Two thousand, 2,010, 2,020, 2,030 Yes, 2,030 and And four.
2,000 and here four.
One thousand six hundred and four.
And two, three, 400, for me.
What I missed least and most in prison, in one room.
And you.
I went to see Bellman a few days ago.
He showed me the material.
Finishing the film with a doppelganger won't work.
No one will buy it.
But I have another idea.
We have to keep filming.
The bank is stubborn.
And your brother-in-law must Stop.
I want to save this film, you know? You know full well Edgar would never allow it.
But why? To protect you.
Because he's worried about you.
Rightly so.
If you're in the public eye again, it will be more difficult to protect you.
What? He doesn't want to share me is all.
Who would want to harm me? - I'm an actress.
- Esther, you're the wife of Edgar.
The Armenian.
You don't want to know, do you? How you could finish this film? No.
Tomorrow, the police will release the studio again.
Then we'll continue shooting.
But not with you.
Your turn.
Don't have that.
Oh, I do have it.
I think that's her.
Hello there.
- Late, as always.
- Have you eaten? Evening, beautiful.
Can we go get some fresh air? Right now? Sure.
We have a plan.
To blow up the grand coalition so that we can supply the new chancellor? That's tactical skirmishes at best.
We need to disquieten people.
We need to destabilize the streets.
We need to plant doubt of security in people's heads.
We need to sow fear.
Do you want to have fights in the street? Man on man? No.
That's what we'll hire fascists for.
The Nazis? You're really going for it, Colonel.
This is not a foil.
Why don't we let the brown hordes stir up the shop? They will all clamor for a regulatory power.
And then our hour then your hour will have come.
The hour of the military.
But you can't have them beat the return to traditional values and principles into the people.
We need street fights, uncompromising, violent, now.
Interesting theory, Councilor.
Stresemann! Excuse me, Mrs.
Nyssen, for bursting uninvited into your illustrious circle.
But I thought I'd personally congratulate the new head of the military.
- General Seegers.
- Minister.
Congratulations on the new position.
I wish you strength and good luck for this important office.
I thank you.
Although I know how much you despise my politics and I know the subversive intentions of this meeting, I want to make a proposition.
To all of you.
You don't need to kill me in order to have dealings with me.
I need you as much as you need me.
Our fatherland is at a crossroads.
We can fall back into the inactivity of monarchist order, which our nostalgic hearts yearn for, or we head into a new era.
The path into a new, European Germany, we should take that side by side.
Not as unforgiving opponents.
Gentlemen, Mrs.
Nyssen, I wish you a pleasant evening.
Why did you lie? When Böhm questioned you? Why did you say you don't know Weintraub? - I don't know.
- I know you know him.
I watched you two.
- So? - What was I to do? Tell the truth, say that you know him.
At the time when Betty Winter was murdered I was with him.
When you picked me up when I was released.
When we went for a spin, you know.
I wouldn't forget that.
If anyone asks you, we were together the entire time.
Do you understand? What's with you all of a sudden? Were you listening to me just now? I was.
What were you doing when I was waiting for you in the car? Were we together the entire time? We were together the entire time.
- OK.
- OK.
But the problem is he was gone for at least 30 or 45 minutes.
- When? - Between 10 and 11 a.
Exactly the time when Betty Winter lost her life.
I know.
If he finds out that I told you that He'll kill me.

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