Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 7

Previously on Babylon Berlin I'm looking for these two acronyms, O.
and F.
- Yes.
- Go back to the beginning.
"Those boys are fun, I thought.
One was called Fritz Höckert, - the other Otto.
" - They were using fake names.
Richard Pechtmann They are Benda's murderers.
What we see right now is a mania at the stock market.
That Ahrensen guy and his Jewish financial business, they are nothing but a state-subsidized, international criminal gang.
We'll put a stop to their game.
At the time when Betty Winter was murdered, I was with him.
When you picked me up when I was released, we were together the entire time.
But the problem is he was gone for 30 or 45 minutes.
If he finds out that I told you that he'll kill me.
If we have the 13 here It was 14-3 then we have over in New York I - Samuel.
- Mr.
Samuel Oppenheim.
In Frankfurt am Main, he did the stock market - That's what he did.
- Mr.
Nyssen! - Mr.
Nyssen, I'm sorry, but - I know.
My doctor's appointment is in in 21 minutes! The thing is, none of the companies can seriously expect such an increase in value.
But by now the whole country is banking on the gains spiraling up.
But there is no motive for that.
It's a You would call it collective hysteria.
- Why is this such a burning issue for you? - Pardon? I'm devoting myself to the nation's future.
That's the answer you would give a reporter from Deutsche Allgemeine.
But please don't forget this: I am your analyst.
I beg your pardon.
What are you looking for when you dive so deeply into this matter? Sometimes it seems to me as if you were following a plan.
As if there was a goal outside of the societal, of the great economic context.
What is driving you? Your dedication in this matter? Your extensive research The economic future of Germany? What is the end goal for you? What is it, Mr.
Nyssen? Revenge.
Where is Detective Rath? Hasn't turned up yet.
What's the matter? - Operator, which number? - Please give me Berlin 13-11.
- One moment.
- I'm listening.
We're natural-born listeners.
Always at the ready.
- She doesn't trust us.
- There's no answer.
- She's right.
- Yes.
Now she wants to talk to us after all.
It's about Walter Weintraub.
Could we keep him under surveillance? Without DS Böhm, too? OK.
Excuse me.
Where do I find the stables? This way? Thank you.
- Which of you is Richard Pechtmann? - Why? Has he done something wrong? What do you want from him? To ask him something.
With whom does he have the pleasure? Rath, CID.
Is it you? Richard Pechtmann? Since April 22, 1904, if I can believe my mother.
Why? Does the name Greta Overbeck ring a bell? No.
Don't know her.
She was the maid of Councilor Benda.
August Benda.
You've heard that name before? Not that I know of.
You met Miss Overbeck on May 5 this year at the lake.
You started a relationship with the girl.
Calling yourself Fritz Höckert.
Not so fast.
I don't know any Greta something or other.
So I can't have a relationship with her.
And I can't swim.
So you won't mind me taking you to a lineup.
- You what? - A lineup.
You and Greta Overbeck, facing each other.
- What, right now? - Correct.
Well, I'm at work right now.
Not anymore.
Let's go.
I can arrest you right here if you prefer.
No, it's all right.
I'm coming.
You'll cover my loss of earnings.
DISTRICT COUR BERLIN-MITTE The verdict is final, dear colleague.
According to the files, the defendant refused any revision in court.
No, she refused to appeal, which is not surprising, for she confessed.
But you, dear colleague, know as well as I do that with a verdict as harsh as this one, any duty solicitor must apply for a revision.
Since the duty solicitor neglected his duty to contest the verdict, I will do this on behalf of the defendant.
This document states my reasons for the revision.
A second document is being sent out today to complain to the appropriate office at the Ministry of Justice.
Are you not disproportionate in your furor to try and save a de jure convicted felon? Is it because she is pointing the finger at two Communists? I'm just pointing out the rights of a citizen who has been wronged in a constitutional state whose values I believe in.
Are you a Communist, Mr.
Litten? I'm a defense lawyer.
Taking my leave.
Put me through to police headquarters, Councilor Wendt.
Hoffmann, you can help me.
- Sir? - Take him to interrogation room 1 and wait for me.
Yes, sir.
Off we go, move.
Stop pulling me, I'm coming.
What I need now from you is a special warrant for a lineup between Richard Pechtmann and Greta Overbeck.
You are the only one who can authorize this.
Where is the man now? Downstairs, interrogation room 1.
Give me the women's prison in Berlin-Friedrichshain.
Let's go.
The perfect murder, variant of the week.
A small insulin injection into an unconscious or sleeping body and the sleeper will continue to sleep for good.
What about the injection site? Wouldn't forensics find that? Rubbish.
An insect bite, that's all.
Tricky thing, insulin murder.
Particularly for the smart-aleck department upstairs.
Are these all the exhibits of the victim? I mean, Tilly Brooks? Yes.
As requested, I prepared everything for inspection.
Clothing, jewelry, and so on.
I can't believe that we can't find any leads.
We've never had that happen before.
- Do you need my help? - No.
Continue with the comparisons.
Very well.
- You really think I can come up? - Don't worry, Mom said you can eat with us.
Mother? Oh, no.
Can't do the garden today.
I have work to do.
Give me your bag and go upstairs.
Schmidt is waiting with dinner.
- Go! - See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
We'll do the garden on the weekend, I promise.
All right, Mrs.
Hey there.
You've picked the best pair of the lot.
More trusting and loyal than the others.
Very tame.
You won't have problems with them in the apartment.
How much is it? I only sell them as a pair.
Six marks apiece.
So 12 marks for both of them? Well, I'll have to save up for quite a while, then.
But they are beautiful, thank you.
Ruth! Esther! Come back here.
Right now! Can't you save them for me? Until I have the money? We'll see.
Weishaupt? Come over here.
Who examined the medallion, you? Yes.
You didn't open it.
That's sloppy work.
Look here.
A hair.
A sloppy job.
But now we have something we can work with.
- Well, then - Attack! Miss Overbeck, this is Chief of Police Zörgiebel.
My name is Gereon Rath.
We met a short while ago at your former employer's house, Councilor Benda.
I want you to follow me to that window and take a look into the room.
Please come here.
Is that him? Is he the man you met as Fritz Höckert? - Miss Overbeck? - I don't know.
I will ask you one more time.
Is this the man you met by the name of Fritz Höckert? Who you had a relationship with and who you thought was dead? No, it's not him.
That's impossible.
- I don't know this man.
- Why are you crying, then? Look at him.
Look at him! Control yourself.
Take the inmate back.
Why do you protect him? Why do you protect him? You can leave.
OK, then - About my loss of earnings - Get out! Thank you, General, for persuading your esteemed circle to give me the chance today to introduce you to something.
An idea.
Picture yourself in a casino.
At a roulette table, like this one here.
And you place a large amount of very valuable chips neither on a color nor on a number.
Instead, you place your entire bet next to the layout.
The croupier will ask what you are doing and you say, "The next ball you spin will find neither a color nor a number.
Give me, say, a hundred times my bet if my prophecy is correct.
" We can assume that the croupier will accept this, in his view, as an absurd, but lucrative proposal.
You have an interesting profession.
I mean you.
The player.
You are a geologist, and you've developed a localization system for earthquakes.
It can predict their location and time to the second.
And when the croupier then spins the ball the entire casino is shaken by the shock wave of two eroding tectonic plates.
The ball, which was on its safe way to a random number between one and 36, flies out of the wheel into the empty space and is swallowed up by a crack opening up the vibrating parquet floor.
Then there is silence.
The quake is over.
The damage is enormous.
But one man, that is you the seemingly reckless gambler, leaves the hall with a broken bank and pockets full of money.
I want to talk to you about the economic situation of our country.
What is imminent in the finance markets in Germany has the dimension of an earthquake, and a devastating one to boot.
Take a seat.
Small investors are offered investments which they can never pay back.
Those are substantial sums.
But you're investing in many areas.
Even if one certificate is not performing favorably, you still have five, six, seven others to absorb it.
- Yes, but 200,000 marks? - A bargain if you look at the development of the stock market.
And you have generated almost enough of an increase in the value of your stock to guarantee the purchase with that.
No price is increasing anywhere near as fast as the debts of the army of guileless wannabe investors.
If this goes wrong, I need three lifetimes to pay this back.
The market is flying higher and higher.
Why not have a big piece of this giant cake, too? Nothing points to the possibility that your prognosis will come true.
The Americans are showing us how.
Growth in almost all segments has been constant for years.
The Americans will be the first to have their pipe dreams explode in their faces.
And then it's our turn.
Because the panic will slosh over to us.
Like a flood wave of biblical proportions.
It will look harmless enough from afar, but it will approach surprisingly fast and will wash everything away.
So you seriously want to make a fortune by betting on the downfall of our economy? I want us, all of you and myself, to seize the opportunity to shape a radically new societal beginning.
There you are at last.
- Did we arrange to meet? - No, but I need to talk to you.
What's the matter? Are you OK? No.
What happened? - You had something urgent to say.
- Yes, but you first.
I found a witness in the Greta Overbeck case.
- What kind of witness? - Her lover - who turned your friend's head.
- Where is he? It wasn't him.
- What? - She didn't recognize him.
- Greta? - Yes.
And everything in me says it's not true.
What did you want? Walter Weintraub.
He is connected with the murder at the film studio.
Vera Lohmann told me.
- How so? - Assistant Ritter? - Yes? - Excuse me, Detective.
Are you still dealing with the Brooks case? - Of course we are.
What's up? - We found a lead.
In the Brooks case.
- Do you want to come? - Yes, OK.
And how exactly is this to be done? Naked sales.
The Americans call it short selling.
You sell shares you don't actually own yet.
How does that work? We offer to sell shares at a moment in time X, let's say in three months' time.
And we offer them at an incredibly good price from today's point of view.
However, the price is only good compared with the enormous prices of today.
But after the earthquake, when time X has arrived, and we sell at the price which was set back then, then the real price we have to pay will be at rock bottom.
On that day X, we will stock up on cheap shares.
But our buyers have to pay.
- Because they have committed to that.
- Fairy tales.
So the question is, are you, all of you here in this room, prepared to invest 40 to 50 million reichsmarks? An investment at the end of which we can expect profits of over one billion reichsmarks.
Why don't you do it? Don't you have the capital? Not of this magnitude.
General, I thought in a gentleman's club, you meet gentlemen and not gamblers like him.
I'm not an economist.
I wanted your appraisal of this issue.
I'm an economist.
And the pipe dreams of our host here totally lack economic sense.
This is a photograph of the hair, of the head hair The top layer of hair.
Of the top layer of hair which we found in the medallion of murder victim Tilly Brooks.
We compared it to hair from the suspects, and we actually found a match.
- You collect hair? - We have a register in which we record physical properties of convicted criminals, indeed.
These properties include hair, fingerprints All right.
Whose hair is this? Walter Weintraub.
He murdered Tilly Brooks.
Go on, then, go out and become famous.
Pardon? You arrest the Phantom.
You join the ranks of the criminalist semigods of this department, you'll have your picture taken, you let the press celebrate you even if it was a laughable hair from an idiotic register which led you onto the right track.
Thank you.
DO NOT ENTER! Thank you, gentlemen.
Much obliged, thank you.
Right, men, listen up.
You know what's at stake.
You spread out over the entire area.
No one, I'm telling you, no one comes into this hall unless you've frisked them two or three times.
Is that clear? Johnny, you're personally responsible for making sure nothing happens to our main bird.
You don't let her out of your sight.
If she needs to pee, you'll flush.
Got it? Sure.
Right, men, and now for the ballet.
You two stay out here, the others go in.
We'll do the balustrade Good evening, Colonel.
- The mail? - On your desk.
- Wonderful.
Do I smell sauerkraut? - Yes.
Very good.
I haven't eaten all day.
Then I'll heat up the meat right away.
If I didn't have you Then, Colonel, you'd have someone younger.
Would you serve my food here? I'm expecting visitors.
- Boss.
- Where's Weintraub? He's shooting the film in there.
- They're shooting again? - Looks like it.
And who are those nice guys? - Guards.
- Their guards.
- Weintraub is here for sure? - He's in there.
- Yes, in there.
- You stay here.
Yes, sir.
Today we'll shoot the scene where Elsa meets the demon.
Netherworld, first appearance, scene 61.
I want everyone ready on set in ten minutes.
Where do we find Mr.
Weintraub? - What do you want from him? - I'll ask him myself.
- So? - He was in the office earlier.
If you please? Come.
Weintraub? Seor Walter? Mr.
Weintraub? The snail's pace with which Seegers wants back into the Reichstag can only mean one thing: - He's afraid.
- Afraid? Of what? Seegers is afraid of power.
Afraid of political power because he needs the people to be on his side.
But he doesn't understand the people.
The meeting with that daydreamer should have proven that.
What a waste of time.
Right, gentlemen, may I, or are there reservations? Re.
- Mine.
- No! von Schleicher's.
A double stab with the dagger, unbelievable.
Trick of the century.
What about that journalist? Katelbach.
He's turning into a troublemaker, I'm afraid.
But we have the means for that.
Use the SA.
They shouldn't become our daily cleaning squad.
Why not? Because we mustn't be indebted to those people.
They are useful as long as they hold our stirrups.
But they understand the people.
Understanding the people doesn't make you capable of ruling a state.
Not ruling, no.
He's duplicitous here.
Why? Because you tricked Papen when he said "Kontra.
" I with "Re" must think you're my kind of guy.
I'm happy to have your trust.
But your fickleness makes me wonder.
Now we're married after all.
I'm glad.
The NSDAP won't stand in our way.
On the contrary, they'll clear the way for us thanks to their connection with the people.
But watch out.
Give them your little finger, and those mutts will bite your hand.
Please get ready to shoot.
We want to shoot in ten.
Arms up.
Hold your breath.
Very nice.
I like that.
And down.
Turn around.
That's wonderful.
Turn around again.
I like that a lot.
Hold your head straight.
That's great.
And up.
Shoulders - There! - Get Henning and Czerwinski! Weintraub! Weintraub, freeze! Stay down! What's going on here? Don't leave the hall.
You are safe here.
We've called for backup.
- We need to find Detective Rath.
- OK.
You stay here and guard the crime scene.
Czerwinski, this way.
I'll take the north exit.
Help! Vera! Vera! Vera! Lotte Call a doctor! Call a doctor, quickly! Get a doctor! Everything is so dark.
Look, up there! We know who you are, Weintraub.
- Get together, everyone! - Close together! - Hands up.
- Arms up! Jump! We'll catch you! Careful, careful.
- All right? - Charlotte, are you OK? - Vera Vera.
- Are you in pain? Vera.
Subtitle translation by Stephanie Geiges
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