Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 8

Previously on Babylon Berlin Is he the man you met as Fritz Höckert? - No, it's not him.
- That's impossible.
- Vera! - Lotte.
Call a doctor, quick! Pechtmann? Colonel.
What are you doing here? I'm sorry, but a cop turned up and took me in.
- Did he give you his name? - Rath.
He took me to Alexanderplatz, and then they got the girl.
Did she keep quiet? The problem is they know my name.
So I wonder where they got that from.
If they know my name, they will get to you at some point.
If they trace it all back What do you want? I thought since I know someone here who owes me a favor, I'll ask for one.
- A favor? - Yes.
Money? You want money, right? Yes.
I'm guessing you didn't talk to anyone about this? Of course not, no.
Not even with Stennes? No.
What about your copartner? Kessler.
I thought I'd go straight to you.
You did good.
A dramatic turn in Babelsberg.
A third actress has fallen victim to Berlin's insidious serial killer and has pulled him down into the abyss.
The up-and-coming artist was a beguiling new discovery equipped with everything which makes a star shine in show business.
The identity of the perpetrator is still kept secret.
He is now in a ward at the Charité, closed off and guarded by police.
Unconscious, heavily guarded.
Badly injured.
No one knows when and if the unconscious murderer will wake up.
The investigating detective who was hot on the heels of the perpetrator was allegedly injured when he tackled the scoundrel.
Luckily, he is likely to be able to leave the hospital soon.
The great hall in Babelsberg Film Studios, crime scene of the murders, was locked up and blocked off.
A continuation of the shoot seems out of the question now.
Germany's master homicide detective, Criminal Counselor Ernst Gennat, tells it straight: The perpetrator has been caught, but the case still holds many riddles.
But people can feel relieved that this unscrupulous perpetrator is no longer at large.
Thank you, gentlemen.
And now all of Berlin wants to know: who is the mysterious and brutal murderer whom the residents simply call the Phantom? I know it can't have been him.
Not after what he did for you.
What do you mean? Remember? You flipped the coin a year ago.
Who would take the blame.
Who would go to prison.
Heads say I'll go.
Tails say you do time.
Look at it.
Take a close look.
Do you understand now that it can't have been him? He went to prison for you.
Why do you have this? Please don't hurt him.
He's your best friend.
- He's like a brother.
He's family.
- No.
He's a Judas.
You have a couple of broken ribs.
The doctor said don't get up.
What about Weintraub? - Alive.
- Has he been questioned? He hasn't come to yet.
And Vera Lohmann? I I - I - I'm I hope I'm not interrupting.
I'm Charlotte Ritter, criminal assistant It's you.
Thank you.
How are you? Who is "A"? I was worried.
I've been to the hotel.
Who is "A, period"? Anno? Anno? Gereon, no.
What are you talking about? Who is it, then? No one.
- A friend.
- Who is the guy? He doesn't matter.
Who is paying for the palace you're staying at? I've come to see you because I want to tell you something.
Oh, yeah? Gereon, I'm having a baby.
By whom? What? By whom are you having a baby? By you.
Who else? I'm asking you.
- Why are you saying this? - You're hedging.
I'm faithful to you, always have been.
That's what Anno thought, too.
You shoot the doe.
Aim at the shoulder blade.
Breathe out first, then you shoot.
What's the matter? Shoot.
Moron! - Litten law office, Seegers speaking.
- This is Helfers.
- women's prison Barnimstrasse.
- One moment, please.
Litten, the prison director.
- Litten.
- We have the appointment for the enforcement of the judgment in the case of Greta Overbeck.
- It's on October 6.
- What? Yes.
I wanted to inform you of that.
- Who set this date? - The Ministry of Justice.
It seems the application for revision hasn't been processed.
- Enforcement so soon? - Yes, this is It is unusual, indeed.
I'll see to it right away.
Thank you.
Scandal! Lufthansa in military scandal! Lufthansa involved in illegal armament of the Reichswehr! Lufthansa in military scandal! Lufthansa involved in illegal armament of the Reichswehr! - I have mail for you.
- What? Why didn't you refuse acceptance? I don't officially live here anymore.
Now the Home Guarders know that I'm still here.
They're long gone.
I've been downstairs.
A summons from the political police Yes.
They're investigating high treason? And I'm rotting away in this chamber.
In a mattress crypt.
- Like Heine in Paris.
- You're not sick.
Like Raskolnikov in Petersburg, then.
You're not guilty, either.
You see, Mrs.
Elisabeth? I can't think straight anymore.
Nothing but lame comparisons and skewed images.
This is not healthy for a man like me.
I don't know what your problem is.
This is your chance for peace and quiet.
You eat regularly, sleep a lot, ponder your unsettled life.
A man of your age.
You can't go on like this.
At some point, there must be an end to a bachelor life.
What do you mean exactly, Mrs.
Elisabeth? Mrs.
Elisabeth? Just think about it.
Excuse me.
Miss Seegers! Hello.
- Are you about to leave? - Yes.
I was transferred.
- Who would do such a thing? - Oskar.
An unreliable subject.
Would you like to sit down for a minute? Just for a minute.
Madam? One vodka with soda and pork tartare on a bread roll.
So, what are we going to talk about now? Karl Marx, Adam Smith? Actually, I'm sinking my teeth into economic subjects.
But that's not your speciality.
- But it's my pet issue.
- Is that so? - What is it about? - The future of the German economic system.
The German economic system doesn't have a future.
Is that so? If you talk down to me, I might as well leave.
I was just smiling at you.
Does that make me arrogant? Remains to be seen.
Why doesn't the German economic system have a future in your opinion? Because the capital has been unleashed and has become so greedy that it won't stop at conning money out of the masses with blatant lies.
Speculation fever has gripped them all.
Not me.
Are you immune? Speculation is an American, a Jewish business.
Actually, I am immune to that.
But you? Don't you sometimes secretly dream of a flashy Duesenberg convertible? Stop making fun of me.
Stop asking me rhetorical questions.
The belief in never-ending consumption, man's malice to cheat others and to reward that with money, all this will lead to the downfall of the system.
And where will we see this first? Thank you.
At the stock market, of course.
- You think the stock market will collapse? - Definitely.
And it is this collapse which will liberate our society.
You don't appear to find this threatening.
So far, this is just a theory.
By a smart mind.
- 150 marks.
159, you can count it.
- Yes.
- And this is? - The advance payment.
You said you needed one.
And I thought we could pay the rest in installments.
Installments, no.
Operations need to be paid for in advance.
What, and this? I would take this for the appointment.
150 marks just for the appointment? - Yes.
- But we can't wait any longer.
My sister needs the operation.
- Do you want an appointment? - I have a regular job.
Well, if you want the appointment, I'll keep the money.
If not, well, I have to ask you to leave my practice, yes.
Well, you can come back when you have the money.
Ilse! Ilse.
Anything to go with the sausages? - As always.
- Not even the soup? - No.
- Very well, madam.
I'll be right back.
There's a doctor who's cheaper.
In Wedding.
Tomorrow morning? How much? Three hundred.
Look, it's shiny.
Look, it's shiny.
Want to swap? Hey.
Are you hungry? You're lucky.
I had you come in because the date for the enforcement of the sentence has been set.
Yes? In five days.
On October 6, 10 a.
Five days.
You'll spend your last night in a solitary cell.
If you require spiritual care, please let us know.
Thank you.
What about your lawyer? I don't have one.
And the revision application? An application for revision was made.
Isn't he your lawyer? I'll have to have that double-checked.
I'll let you know, Miss Overbeck.
- What's the matter? - Nothing.
The idiot.
If we ever go to war, what do we do with people like that? Want a piece? Or feeling sorry for poor Bambi? Shut up.
Bambi, Bambi Bambi wants to play! Come on, then.
Are you nuts? Do you want to kill him or something? Come with me.
Toni? Don't you recognize me? Yes, I do.
- What are you up to? - I'm waiting.
But there's no one here.
- What about you? - I want to go in there.
To warm up a bit.
Are you hungry? Come on, I'm buying.
Just until it stops raining, then I have to go anyway.
Tell me a bit about you two.
How you've been faring the past few months, you and your sister.
All right.
Let's go.
You're new, right? Name, age? Moritz Rath, 14.
Listen up.
All of us here, we're all bound together, you hear? One community.
Bound by our blood.
By our German blood and the faith in our Führer, Adolf Hitler.
He sees us all.
Every single one of us, and if we're united.
Do you know that? If we stand behind him and his ideals as one.
Like we promised him.
For unity, for community, for our people.
Do you understand? He sees that.
We have to fight.
Until blood flows, if necessary, OK? But together, against the enemy.
Not against each other.
Then we can achieve anything.
And believe me, our enemies, they're everywhere.
On the street, in school, in your family, everywhere.
That's why we stick together.
Is that understood, guys? Yes, Rottenführer, sir.
What do you say? Yes, Rottenführer, sir.
Put your hands on the flag so I know you understood what I said.
This is the symbol of our unity.
And now shake hands.
I met an uncle yesterday.
One of your uncles? Just some uncle.
A filthy rich spiv.
He said, "I can't read very well.
" I said, "Because of your eyes or something?" And he said, "Because of loneliness.
" I said, "A posh uncle like you is lonely?" He said, "Peter," he said, "loneliness is worse than when I was still with my missus.
" You're laughing.
He was very upset, he nearly bawled.
I said, "Why don't you find someone to read to you?" He said, "No one will read to an old man.
" I said, "I can ask around and see if I know someone who can read to you.
" I can read.
That's what I thought.
Toni can read because she was in school.
How much does he pay? Well, don't you ask the right questions? I have to give you that.
That's the most important question with uncles like that.
I'll read to your uncle.
But only if he I've got the key.
- How are you, where have you been? - Everywhere.
And nowhere.
What do you want to do now that the evening's begun? I thought we could go to the pictures.
What's showing? Blood of the Pharaohs.
With Winter? A rerun.
I have two hours.
- After that, I have plans.
- Two.
That's enough time, silly.
Let's go.
If you see Ilse, right? You can tell her I made an appointment for her eyes.
- Is that right? - That's right.
Alfred Nyssen speaking.
Good evening.
Wendt here.
I've been thinking about what you said at the stock market.
And? See, if you had presented the matter in a little more businesslike way, without the drama, you may have had a better response.
Anyway, you could be right with your analysis.
- Yes, yes.
- You absolutely want to buy your way back into our circle.
I want to support you.
I want to create something that lasts.
As a speculator? As a designer.
How much do you have for your bet? Ten million.
Maybe only eight.
That won't be enough.
- No.
- Wager 100 million.
That would be a proper plan, right? A hundred million? Without your advocacy and without the help of the banks, this sum will remain out of reach.
Listen closely, Mr.
I'll bring you back into the circle around Seegers.
I can do a lot of persuading.
But the flow of capital, you will have to guarantee that all by yourself.
How would I do that? Ask your mother.
Hello? Anybody there? Anno? What do you want from me? Walter Weintraub.
Are you sure it was he who committed those crimes? Our investigative analysis says there is no doubt, yes.
What's the guy's motive? Why would he go against his oldest friend? There could be different reasons.
Jealousy, revenge.
You could probably best answer this question.
Which leads didn't you follow? What might have you overlooked? You really refuse to accept it.
Are you managing? - Pardon? - Your wife left you.
She's not my wife.
How much? ARE YOU READY? Normally, I get girls off the street.
Or mothers who already have five or six.
Housemaids, workers, but none like you.
What? Sit down, why don't you? - Schwarzbach, my name is Schwarzbach.
- I don't want names.
Forgotten it already.
I'm sorry, I don't even know why I'm here.
- I don't know - We don't make any decisions today.
Drink the St.
John's wort for your nerves.
And then we'll see if you really want my help.
Calm down, girl.
You're not the first one to come to me.
There are so many.
You're not alone in the world.
I brought suffering to many people.
Death and a lot of suffering.
The ones who incited me to do it were not Communists.
They were National Socialists.
They disguised themselves.
I was duped.
Why did you lie? May I ask you something? Would you give me a hug? They threatened to harm my child.
Who? Who threatened you? I can't tell you that.
Just hold me, please.
Will I be able to talk to him when he comes to? I sure hope so.
Good evening, Mr.
Good evening.
Do you know where you are? In the hospital.
Why did you do it? We've been had.
What? Duped.
Who? It was a trap.
Yes, I got that.
How and who? Who was the man? Walter.
- Walter! - Edgar.
Will he survive? Not unless we repeat the procedure right away.
What? Esther.
I love her.
I was worried you had changed your mind.
Here I am.
However, today's show is not for beginners.
But you intimated that you have experience.
What is this about? Let yourself be surprised.
As long as I get paid.
As we agreed, 100 marks.
As you can see, this guest is willing to pay adequately for his wishes.
I'll leave you alone now.
When you're ready, please ring this bell.
Criminal Assistant Ritter.
The year is 1917.
You were separated from your league of fearless French Amazons and fell into enemy hands.
You've been a prisoner for months now, without contact with your loved one at home, without contact with any man at all.
And the soldiers of the enemy treat you badly.
You've been watching these men for weeks now, their bodies steeled by combat.
You can feel their courage, you can smell their virility.
And your observations rouse lust in you like you've never known before.
So you touch your breasts and feel your nipples grow hard under the cloth, as hard as bullet casings.
And you brace yourself for the moment when you can finally act on your growing arousal.
And you call those men your enemies.
You want them! All of them! Come now! Get up.
Take her blindfold off.
Do you love him? Edgar.
Say it.
The search warrant.
Subtitle translation by Stephanie Geiges
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