Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 9

Previously on Babylon Berlin If it turns out that Betty Winter was murdered, the insurance won't pay a penny.
I want to save this film, you know? You know that Edgar will never let you.
But why not? To protect you.
We are examining the interface between nature and the humanities.
Following the fundamental breakdown of body and soul after the Great War science must now find a way into the future.
To lay the foundations for creating the man of the 21st century.
A way which doesn't just heal the injured body but makes it superior to the uninjured body.
Only the invalid's body presents an opportunity for artificial body parts.
Only the gouged-out eye socket has room for the camera eye.
Only the amputated arm gives us the option of a steel hand.
The mind injured by war, however, is the best foundation for overcoming fear.
Only it knows the abysses of the destroyed soul so profoundly that it makes it unassailable.
This is the path we need to take now.
We'll create the new man.
We'll create the man-machine.
An android, free from pain and fear.
Excuse me, I didn't know Should I get the car? Someone's picking me up.
Just open the gate.
I understand.
The demon wants to subjugate Elsa, but not as a slave.
He rebuilds her into a machine.
And Balthasar goes looking for her and finds her in the netherworld? Yes.
The demon is the ideal man.
The man-machine.
He abducts Elsa into the netherworld and rebuilds her.
Then Tristan comes in.
Hold this, please.
He approaches her, but she is no longer the woman she used to be.
Her face is obscured by a mask of steel and electrics.
That'll be you then.
He implores her to make a new start.
This is great.
This is good, it's really very good.
And together they remember their lives.
Cuts of the material we shot before the accident.
Murder, Joachim.
We all know it was murder.
Yes, of course.
Anyway, he comes looking for you, and finds you like Orpheus his Euridice, and thinks he can persuade you.
But he doesn't succeed.
The demon, excuse me Excuse me.
The demon goes between Balthasar and her, the robot woman.
Balthasar is horrified, desperate.
He looks into the demon's face, he pulls off his mask, and it is he himself.
He must recognise that he himself can't resist his desires and his urge to subjugate.
It was him alone who made her soulless because he wanted to conquer and dispose of her free spirit.
Goldmann wrote a fantastic duet for this.
I wrote it.
He composed the music for it.
Sure, only you can write something like this.
René, please play some of it.
Freeing the body Of the spirit all alone Veins all charged up Arteries made of chrome My new self be free Now it lives without two In one In one A face of immortality A look into eternity My heart is torn out But you Are devoid Of pain - Esther.
- So beautiful.
This saves the day.
Orpheus and Eurydice in Demons of Passion.
The horror of technology's take-over of power.
Love, disembodied through the power of machine.
It's a good idea.
I could have come up with that.
Is it at all possible to save us? No.
Come in.
What are you torturing me with this time? The usual method, business reports, minutes for the board.
I need signatures.
I promise it won't be long.
Here, have you read this? A Miss Thea Rasche writes, do I want to be her sponsor and finance her Atlantic flight? - Thea Rasche, the Flying Miss? - Well, I know her daddy.
The little miss will be the death of him with her flying.
Have you decided? Just because I'm a woman I'm to pay for such a passion? Give me that stuff over already.
If I were 20 years younger, and my son not such a cretin, I would try flying myself.
But my destiny has other things in mind.
And therefore What is this? It's from the trust.
Your son is asking you to sign.
That boy is magnificent.
How does he imagine this? I might as well sign over the family fortune.
Now he thinks he needs to finally jump on that stock market nonsense bandwagon.
What naiveté, Wegener.
What can be done? Simply don't sign, Mrs Nyssen.
Well, you're not wrong there.
And what is this? The regular bonus payments for the long-term staff.
Just a formality for the bank.
Can't you do that after all these years? Sorry.
The bank is very careful in those matters.
After all, these are non-refundable substantial sums Alright, alright.
Thank you.
Tell my son I wish to have lunch with him.
- This week.
- Very well.
To what do I owe the honour? I'm missing a groom.
Who? You know who I mean, Richard Pechtmann.
As far as I know he was arrested.
As far as I know he was released again.
- Was he? - Shortly after questioning.
After the line-up with the house maid.
Overbeck, yes.
- What did she say? - The truth.
That she doesn't know him.
Is that what you wanted to see to me about? No, you had intimated that If the movement is in financial straits you would supply capital reserves.
A lot of money needs to be spent until the next election.
I see.
There may be resources.
If the financial markets play along.
I'll keep you posted.
Abducting the main suspect last night was a brazen scam.
But this abduction also shows that we're not dealing with a single perpetrator in this murder series.
This was an organised gang which will stop at nothing.
Whose gang? Which organisation? I can't say anything about that.
But I can assure you and all Berliners that due to the severe injuries of the suspect, he is posing no acute danger Councillor, can you tell us who the Phantom is? Sorry.
But I can also tell you that our forces will leave no stone unturned in order to get the suspect back into custody.
We have instructed all hospitals in the city to report all admissions immediately.
Weintraub last night? A conference in Potsdam kept me until late And I can inform you that arrests were made that night.
- Thank you.
- Who was arrested? Can you give us names? - Is it the man in the picture? - At this time I can only implore you not to fan the hysteria in the city any further.
Thank you.
You can't fob us off like that! The public has a right to know! If we don't find Weintraub within 24 hours, we'll be in the eye of a hellish storm.
I can't for the life of me provide information about Weintraub's whereabouts.
- You can, but you don't want to.
- No.
That is simply beyond my knowledge.
Why am I here, anyway? You are under urgent suspicion of the abduction of a murderer.
Paragraph 473, abetment to cover up a felony.
Why were you there, anyway? I wanted to ask Detective Rath about the state of the investigation.
While your men overpowered our guards and abducted an injured criminal.
Do you have witnesses for this claim? You see, you have nothing on me.
I sit here accused, but I suggested yesterday that this is about something other than Walter Weintraub's life or those pitiful uninvolved dancers or the corrupt gaffer.
What is this about in your opinion, Mr Kasabian? It's about me.
Someone wants to obliterate my existence.
Why do you cover for Weintraub, after all he did to you? Yesterday I turned to Detective Rath for help, and today, as a wronged citizen, I turn to you, Councillor.
Are you really sure you've exhausted all investigative methods? Back to the cell.
I'm out of here by tomorrow at the latest.
He's making us look like fools.
There may be another possibility to find Weintraub.
Admittedly, it's an unusual idea.
You mentioned it in passing once.
Criminal telepathy.
As far as I know, all serious greats of this field can be found in Vienna.
But I don't know of anyone in Berlin.
I do.
First the money.
Two hundred fifty-nine.
What is this? That's all I have.
I mean, for today.
The rest next week.
Thank you.
- You can pick her up in two hours.
- I'll come in.
No, you stay out here.
It's alright, Lotte.
Joseph! How could you betray us like that? Esther, they're keeping tabs on me too.
The supervisor insisted on having the house as security, considering the your husband's activities.
Those gentlemen They're buying the house from the bank.
Get off my property.
It's not yours yet.
Call off your shmocks and get out.
Don't make a mistake, Esther.
Get lost, weirdo.
Now that I'm back again you need to make a decision.
Do you want to be with me? You laugh.
I'm serious.
We walk out of here and you never have to come back, you know? - But Ali says - Ali only wants to make money with you.
What's up? Doesn't she want to go with a brown shirt? What do you say? Not really sure.
If she doesn't want to go, you can buy her in instalments.
Leave it, Ali.
- Don't you butt in.
- It's my pub.
She's my girl.
What about him? What will he do when I don't get him money? I told you I'd give him 200 marks.
And I'll turn tricks for your loveliness? No! You won't have to! That will be over.
- Will you go with him? - He says it's a deal.
Alright then.
You'll be back anyway.
You've got your money, so shut up.
Spoiling for a fight now? Not now and not here, but I'm telling you, I'll see you again.
I think so too.
I'll see you again.
Damned Nazi.
- Where is Richard? - Heil Hitler, Gruppenführer.
When did you last see him? With you, at the editor's office.
Why? The police found him.
Arrested him and faced him off with Overbeck.
And for some reason they let him go again.
And you? Has anyone been to see you? No, I was gone.
Took the Jungvolk to Grunewald.
- Who is she? - My fiancée, Erna Heinrich.
- How long have you known her? - Two months.
- Why do you want to know? - Because you need to be careful, damn it.
When Richard turns up, you let me know immediately.
Who knows what kind of deal he made with the police.
Are you sure the police haven't been here? Someone was here.
- Schneider.
- Schneider.
A party man from Munich.
- And you know him? - No.
We don't know him.
Get rid of the whore.
Right now.
Do you understand? And you'll find a new place to stay.
Without delay.
What are you doing? Erna, you're staying.
We're staying.
I won't have him tell me what to do.
Did it all go well? Yes.
Take the dressing off in three days.
Thank you.
You OK? Bambi didn't understand and kept going.
He had become calmer.
The forest was singing around him.
The light turned more golden and got hotter, the leaves on the bushes, the grass on the ground, and the moist, steaming soil began to smell strongly.
New energy swelled up in Bambi and spread through all his limbs, so that he stiffly walked about in hesitant moves as if he was artificial.
Keep going.
He stepped towards a lowly elderberry bush and beat the soil with knees held high and rampant blows so that clods of earth went flying.
Thank you.
You have a visitor.
Councillor? Detective.
Samuel Katelbach.
- Didn't he used to be your neighbour? - The journalist? Yes.
He ignored a summons.
So? And he is not in his and your old home.
Indeed? I always had the feeling he didn't want to leave.
I'm not convinced of that, either.
It seems so expedient, this sudden move to an unknown address.
What can I do? I thought we'd take a closer look at his last place of residence.
Do we have a warrant? It's in the works.
Good evening, Mrs Kasabian.
- Hi, Olga.
- Hi, Mrs Korda.
There will be a way.
We'll take it together.
You and he and I.
I will rescue the three of us.
My own brother-in-law can't stop the bank from demanding their money back.
But I will get it back for us.
If the film is a success we'll get it all back.
And then we'll show all those who have written us off.
We'll beat them.
With skill.
With art.
Not with violence.
Not with fear.
But with beauty.
With imagination.
While you are sleeping and Edgar is in jail I'll get our lives back.
Mr Rath.
Mrs Behnke.
Is Katelbach in? No, he moved out.
- When was that? - A few days ago.
More specific, please? He wanted to go to Budapest on Friday, at least that's what he said.
- Why? - Mrs Behnke, concealing something from us now will have serious consequences.
I don't want any consequences.
Why is the wardrobe there? - Which wardrobe? - Do you want to play me for a fool? This, Mrs Behnke, will have consequences.
He said it was about life and death.
I couldn't turn him in.
He received a summons for a hearing.
No-one gets strung up for that.
What do you think? The woman is harmless.
Katelbach must have wrapped her around his finger.
What do you think about Katelbach? Hard to say.
He liked me a lot at first.
Until my statement in the Zörgiebel trial.
- No wonder.
- Yes.
He resented me for that.
I still think he wanted to keep in touch with me.
Put him on the official wanted list.
Betrayal of military secrets.
He won't get far.
Giving my son Alfred Nyssen power of attorney.
Full stop.
Criminal, Wegener.
And you are sure? Of course we are sure, Mr Ahrensen.
You can now decide if your bank is to be a winner or a loser of the imminent restructuring of the financial market.
Spending 106 million reichsmark on everyone else drowning while sitting in the only intact rescue boat has a certain cynicism to it.
Not cynicism, Mr Ahrensen, foresight and common sense are the architects of this rescue programme.
And your mother obviously agrees.
What sort of terms did you have in mind? When do you think all of this will go down the drain? We propose three months.
First of January, 1930.
Let's do it.
What a surprise.
- What happened? - Sports.
Boxing? Something like that.
Thank God.
I was worried they arrested you and you won't come back.
Are you OK? Yes.
And you? - I just hope I won't get on your nerves.
- You'll stay as long as you need to.
Your nephew was telling me about his adventures with the German Workers' Youth.
They seem to be a robust gang.
Has your mother seen you? No.
Might not be a good idea in your state.
Senior, I don't want to go back.
Will you talk to her? Alright.
- Go to your room.
- You what? You have school tomorrow.
And I need to talk to Mr Katelbach.
- Good night, Mr Katelbach.
- Sleep well, young gentleman.
- Good night.
- Good night, Senior.
Lovely lad.
Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink.
Thank God not a vegetarian yet.
But politically a little wobbly.
He's young.
There's no fool like a young fool.
Before I forget I have something for you.
A little present for the host.
From my home country.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
And Did Councillor Wendt fall for it? I think so.
And Elisabeth? I mean Mrs Behnke? She played along flawlessly.
She'll get a complaint.
Oh please.
The poor woman has suffered enough.
I'll do what I can.
Where are you off to? A police colleague is having a birthday.
And before that I need to talk to the boy's mother.
Go on, standing on one leg is a wobbly affair.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Good evening.
- I'd like to see Mrs Schwarzbach.
- Whom shall I say is here? - Her husband.
- One moment, please.
the gentleman to my left started to snore loudly.
The lady next to him had a bad cold and was wheezing And then the conductor turns around.
My heart nearly missed a beat.
Yes! He thought I was the culprit! I, who was sitting in my seat quiet as a church mouse.
I had hardly moved.
It took a while for him to notice it wasn't me, but the lady next to me.
Gereon? What are you doing here? It's about Moritz.
He's at my flat.
And he doesn't want to come back here.
- You what? - He knows where his home is.
- His home.
- Who is this? Is he "A"? - His home is with his mother.
With me.
- Is he "A full stop"? What, here? In this joint? Helga Let's pack your things and go home.
- It's too late now.
- No.
It's not.
I lost the baby.
What? A miscarriage, Gereon, I lost our baby.
Mr Rath? Good evening.
What do you want now? I thought maybe we can all together Stop that! Gereon, stop it! Don't! Stop it! Stop right now! Do something! Are you OK? Get out.
You're barred from the house! Get lost.
That's absurd.
High treason and military espionage.
Katelbach is no secret agent, right? No.
The prosecutor will never succeed in court.
Write this down, please.
But this story, about Lufthansa providing their facilities near Berlin for a military base, that That must be a military secret.
First of all, it's an illegal entanglement of this company in the secret rearmament of our country, and thus it must be brought to light by the fourth instance.
The what? The free press, Mrs Behnke.
I would say this is a threatening gesture.
Katelbach, Heymann They want to intimidate the entire critical press.
- That's all.
- So you don't think there will be a trial? Yes, there will.
But you know, a trial can drag on.
For one year, or two.
And during the entire time, the defendants are under surveillance.
And even the most hard-nosed ones can't pretend it doesn't impact them.
So they withdraw.
And their opponents have already won.
And what should I tell Mr Katelbach? Mr Katelbach is in a safe place? OK.
That's all I want to know.
Tell him to stay at that place, at least for some time.
I will let the prosecutor know that I'm taking on his defence.
Therefore, every file will pass my desk.
Thank you.
Don't worry too much, Mrs Behnke.
So long.
- Goodbye, Mr Litten.
- Give Mr Katelbach my regards.
- Are you all good? - We're fine.
- Charlotte.
- Hi.
Happy birthday.
Let me kiss you.
This is for you.
- Thank you.
- Good evening.
All alone tonight? Don't want, have or need one.
You know.
What about you? Has your beloved arrived yet? - Good evening, Detective.
- Good evening.
How are you? - Excellent.
- You don't look like it.
Show me who? The one with his back to us.
The blonde one.
Introduce me? - But you better not say anything.
- I wouldn't.
Yes, you so would.
And then he shouts in a steely voice, "may the post grow on you!" Excuse me, Fred, may I introduce you to Charlotte Ritter, homicide? - You must.
- This is Fred Jacoby.
He's with Tempo.
Pleased to meet you.
The pleasure is mine.
Do you want Do you have Shall I get you a drink? I'll get mine.
I'm fine, I still have one.
Excuse me.
Mrs Behnke? Yes? I may be able to support you.
Me? You are trying to uncover certain illegal machinations, like in high-flying military circles.
What are you offering? I have information from the innermost circle of the German mititary.
No, I have access to such information.
Does Mr Litten know you are here? Good.
What kind of information is it exactly? A A secret plan.
I believe it's the so-called shadow army.
The war plans of the Reichswehr.
Deployment plans, size of divisions.
When can you deliver such papers? How can I access them? In two, three days? - OK.
Friday? - Agreed.
Six pm? At the north entrance of Kaufhaus des Westens.
Do you know it? Like the back of my hand.
I can't pay my rent.
You must pay your rent.
I can't pay my rent! You must pay your rent.
I will pay the rent.
What's that? Trouble.
Right under the sky.
Can't you live on the ground floor? They didn't have a vacancy.
I'm sorry.
Another year older.
Take the accordeon.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
A high-ranking visitor.
Evening, everyone.
- And sundry.
- Evening.
Today we're saying happy birthday Reinhold Gräfe, 40 years old Pour me Pour yourself Pour us all another drink - Bravo! - Here's to you, Reinhold! To our host, police photographer and shining star in Berlin's night sky! - For he's a jolly good fellow! - Hurrah! - Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Here's to you, dear Reinhold.
And to our friendship.
Thank you for coming.
Right, and now the birthday boy.
What? No, no.
- Oh yes.
- Not in a million years.
First we, then you.
Sing! Sing, sing, sing Alright, alright.
One moment, please.
There you go! Excuse me.
Thirsty? Or lonely? Just thirsty.
I've been a criminalist for a quarter of a century.
You won't fool me.
What do you mean? For people like us, marriage is poison.
I'd love to ban it for my staff.
But I haven't managed that so far.
Sometimes our job forces us to make private decisions which are unpleasant but imperative.
What makes you say that? Trust me.
A song written at a time when I didn't know yet who it was for.
I was alone in my dreams In my mind I was kissing A thousand times Today I saw you standing at my door I wonder, may you be looking for me? I can see it in your eyes Only I can understand this look You are everything I want You are everything I want Come and carry me through the world Come and take my whole life You are everything I want You are everything We don't have long Our time trickles away Don't you see the world is breaking up I've been longing for you far too long I just never told you about it You are everything I want You are everything This star will burn up in a flash Our luck depends on the morrow now You are everything I want You are everything Come and carry me through the world Come and take my whole life You are everything I want You are everything Ali Köhler? And who are you? That doesn't matter.
We heard you had some trouble with that swastika guy, Horst Kessler.
What if I did? He's stirring up your district, Köhler.
First he takes your girl and then your people.
When that Kessler guy is dead you'll get the same again.
And how will I get the rest? We'll find you.
Don't you worry.

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