Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e10 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 10

Previously on Babylon Berlin He's your best friend.
- He's like a brother.
He's family.
- No.
He's a Judas.
- Damn.
- If we don't find Weintraub in 24 hours, we'll be in the eye of a hellish storm.
LEGALIZE ABORTION I want us to seize the chance for a radical new beginning of society.
Are you sure you've exhausted all investigative methods? We don't have long, our time trickles away Let's pack your bags and go home.
Don't you see the world is breaking up? It's too late now.
I've been longing for you far too long I just never told you about it You are everything I want You are everything Criminal telepathy, ladies and gentlemen, is a science which has been able to lead us to ever greater successes in recent years.
It is the localization of missing persons and suspects in particular where the help of a medium is often successful, yielding the most satisfactory results.
Juliana, please come here.
I connect the medial being by means of tranceless suggestion with the respective persons through image materials, contact with personal items, and information about current conflicts.
Ideomotor movement, that is, the soul's finest sensory impulses guide the medium's body subconsciously, completely subconsciously, thus leading us to the desired outcome.
Let's try it.
Weishaupt, please turn off the lights.
Juliana, focus on Walter Weintraub.
Where is he? Do you have a personal item? Mr.
Ulrich, please.
This is the suit the wanted man was wearing when admitted to the hospital.
Go back in time and space.
Go to what was before.
He's lying on the ground.
Can't defend himself.
The other one Another one, he Discern, Juliana.
A fight.
A knife! It's falling! It's falling! It is undiscovered still there.
Where? Where exactly? A half-pipe above it all.
The other one! The other one.
Who is it? His likeness.
A likeness.
A doppelganger! It is here! It is here! The source the force field It is here! It is here! Stop! Enough! Calm! Moritz? What happened? Nothing.
What do you want from me? Come with me, please.
To the luxury brothel? Stop that.
- You act like a cad.
- You stop.
I don't want to live in that stupid hotel where you suck up to that spiv.
And I want to join the Hitlerjugend.
Still no trace of Weintraub, and we don't have anything on the Armenian.
Why two knives? Why two identical ones? Ulrich will examine them.
Forensics will determine if it's Weintraub's knife.
Maybe our faith in the infallibility of the police records department is too unbroken.
What does the medium mean by "doppelganger"? There were several costumes.
Now we have several knives.
What if Walter Weintraub is not the only Phantom? Right.
We seized this one from Weintraub.
- Yes.
- It's the same knife.
- The same model.
- But there is blood on it.
Please examine them immediately.
Also check for fingerprints, OK? Certainly.
Thank you.
I'll take care of this.
I want a clean slate.
- Between us, too.
- Yes.
Me, too.
Where is he? - Walter is in a safe place.
- That's too vague.
Until you have calmed down and he has recovered, it'll stay like this.
- Why should I calm down? - You have no grounds for jealousy.
We belong together.
All three of us.
I can save the film.
I'll take over Betty's role and finish the film with Bellman.
- We'll shoot a few - After three other actresses died on the shoot? No.
Josef was at the house.
The bank wants to impound it.
I'll think of something.
We already started shooting.
You're my girl.
Still are.
Freeing the body Of the spirit all alone Veins all charged up Arteries made of chrome My new self be free Now it lives without two In one In one A face of immortality A look into eternity You're smoking, so you've recovered.
Esther is undeterred.
She is finishing the film.
She loves you.
She will never leave you.
You left me.
As soon as you are well, you'll leave my house and I'll never see you again.
Chief Constable.
I need an arrest warrant for Horst Kessler.
And then? We arrest him.
With the same result as with your alleged Mr.
Höckert? Horst Kessler is with almost absolute certainty the man who placed the bomb in Benda's house.
We'll arrest him and keep grilling him until he confesses.
What do you mean? A strict interrogation, that's what I mean.
I want the man to confess.
I need your backing now, nothing else.
- I'll arrest Kessler.
- No, you won't.
Get me evidence, and you'll get your warrant.
- Yes, operator? - Go ahead.
- Alfred Nyssen, Berlin stock market.
- How can I help? I'm waiting for an overseas line.
- Yes, transatlantic.
- We'll connect you again.
Thank you.
New York? I'm listening.
What? General Electric? 342.
5? Yes.
Wells Fargo I've got that.
Thank you.
Prices aren't falling.
No sign of that, none at all.
Patience, Wegener.
How much have we lost so far? With the losses of tonight in New York, 11,850,000.
Did you hear me? Yes.
Why don't you go home and take a rest? What about you? We must notify your mother immediately.
Yes, Wegener.
I will.
Kessler? He's back.
- He's not home.
- I don't know, then.
Ali, you wouldn't know where your pal is hanging about? No clue.
On Wednesdays, he usually has his boys at six p.
They're not so popular around here.
Friedrichshain is red.
The only thing the browns get here is tar! - And? - Feathers! That's right.
Have you asked Pechtmann? He's his buddy.
He lives across from here.
Pechtmann? Schneider.
Party leadership.
I'm looking for Richard Pechtmann.
Is he your husband? Is he home? No.
He disappeared.
I'm worried.
My Richard wouldn't just take off like that.
Wait, since when is your husband missing? Since two days ago in the morning.
At work, they said that the police were there, that they took him in.
He's been gone ever since.
Thank you.
Miss Overbeck needs to sign this.
If I can't persuade your friend, you try.
Don't forget, without a written mandate, we don't stand a chance.
In four days, your friend will Miss Overbeck, my name is Litten.
I'm a lawyer, and as you know, I've taken on your case.
You know each other.
I applied for a revision of the verdict at court.
I will demand a stay of execution.
You have not had any defense so far, Miss Overbeck.
Miss Overbeck I want to contest the verdict.
And I am sure that our chances are good.
But only if you, first of all, appoint me as your counsel, and secondly, if you cooperate with me in a credible way.
I have snuffed out two lives.
One of them was a child.
I demand that punishment be executed, as I deserve.
That is all.
Will you let me go? Greta The guy who called himself Fritz His real name is Richard Pechtmann.
He has a wife and a six-months-old baby.
You were used by murderers.
If you take all this on the chin you're letting the true perpetrators off the hook.
Your death will only help those who abused you.
They will get off scot-free.
They will keep killing or having others kill and keep using innocent people for that.
Aschinger on Alexanderplatz.
Who? - Yes? - Henning speaking.
We have something.
- Regarding Pechtmann.
- Go ahead.
I meant to say we have nothing.
Workplace, hospitals, inns, hotels.
- Negative everywhere.
- All right, Henning.
Put him on the wanted list.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Why the fuss, Alfred? The dining room would do.
I need to tell you something important, Mother.
You do? Good.
You're nearly 40.
When I was 40, I had been married over 20 years.
To your father, God bless him.
No, it's not about that.
I gave birth to two children and lost one.
But grieving for your brother and later grieving for your father have made me strong, Alfred.
So I could take responsibility for the business, for the staff, their families.
That's what it's about.
Responsibility is something you only learn if no one makes decisions for you.
And as long as I am alive, you have me.
Mother, I have decided to take on responsibility myself.
And not just for the good of our business and our staff, but responsibility for something greater.
Something really great.
It may not look promising yet, but this is part of the plan.
The stakes are increasing by the minute.
What may seem like a loss right now will make the end profit even greater, day by day.
Will you please tell me what this is about? The welfare of the German people.
What did you do, Alfred? Have you sold? Now? No.
I made a wager.
I don't understand you when you speak with your mouth full, boy.
I made a wager, Mother.
With a high stake.
On an earthquake.
On the downfall of a defective system.
On the decline of the American financial craze.
How much? One hundred and six million.
Behind my back? We're lagging behind at the moment in terms of our desired rate, but we still have time until the options are due.
The end profit, Mother, will be of fairy-tale dimensions.
How much have we lost to date? Yesterday it was around 11 million.
OK, it's one or two million more per day It's a good thing we have the doctor.
What does my analyst have to do with this? He will attest that you are insane.
But there will be no losses, Mother.
You have to trust me.
It must be possible for you to take me seriously! Just once! Your incapacitation is in a matter of days.
That is out of the question.
Let them examine me.
I'm in full command of my rational facilities.
You are legally insane.
Go to your room, Alfred.
I've lost my appetite.
About to get into the warm bed? Stop.
I don't want to think about it.
If the dirtbag doesn't change, I'll have to pick the nits out of the mattress.
He's handed in the key, anyway.
With hot greetings for the unknown beauty.
He'd be the one for you.
Believe me.
He's got class.
A proper monsieur.
He wants to meet you.
I can't wait.
One more thing.
The landlord says no pets.
- What? Why? - You'll see.
"The deer looked at him and thought, 'He is charming.
He is adorable.
But I mustn't stare at him like that.
It's not proper.
Besides, it could embarrass him.
' And he gazed into space again, above Bambi's head.
'What an arrogant look,' Bambi thought.
'It's insufferable what someone like him surmises.
' And he stared dead ahead pensively.
" Another chapter? Well, central heating is a beautiful thing.
But it needs to be working.
But the water it's warm.
No more chapters for today.
You can have a bath.
Seriously? Thank you.
Thank you.
But you leave the door open.
The spots marked in red are all schools.
We want to work through them.
Liebich Middle School.
We don't have anyone there yet.
- OK.
Who knows someone there? - I do.
Erna, that's not the sign.
There are enemies everywhere.
We must be on our guard.
- You're late.
- Sorry, Rottenführer.
Moritz! Are you hurt? No.
Anyone else hurt? Where is the gunman? Who shot the gun? - Evening, Renatchen.
Have you seen Toni? - No.
- And your mother? Is she in? - She should be.
- Renatchen, come here.
- Yes? Come quickly, you have to help me.
Yes, it all went well.
All good, all good.
What luck, oh, boy.
Take that away, too.
You? What's the matter? - Was Toni here? - No.
Excuse me.
Can you tell me something about the man who fired the shot? At the meeting? This is your boy? Yes.
- And you're a witness? - Yes, sir.
- Bring in the next one.
- DS Böhm has taken on the case.
We'll determine the responsibilities tomorrow, Detective.
I'll take the boy home now.
Good night.
That man was a criminal.
He was wanted for a crime.
He would have gone to prison for life.
You mean it was right for him to be shot? I mean you've got the wrong friends, Moritz.
When the others said that the police are after us, that you're all for the reds, - I always defended you.
- I don't take sides.
The police don't take sides.
- You don't believe that.
- That's enough! Toni? Toni! Toni, I was worried.
- Did you hear? - Yes.
Let's go inside.
Where have you been? I'm tired.
No, my friend, this is not how this works.
Where were you and where is the money from? - What money? - The money for these birdies.
- Toni! - Let go of me.
Where did you get the money from? - I found it.
- Found it? And I'm supposed to believe you? And where have you been? - I was at a friend's.
- At whose? Renate.
That's a cheeky lie.
I went to see Renate, she said you weren't there.
And another thing.
Tomorrow, you'll take the birds back.
I can tell you that much.
And you won't move a toe until tomorrow morning.
Do you understand? - What if I need the bathroom? - I don't give a flying monkey's.
I don't give a damn.
This is Irmgard Benda.
Would it be possible for you to meet me on short notice? Yes, of course.
With pleasure.
Where? At the Romanche Café, tomorrow noon? - OK.
- Thank you.
Dear Helga.
I don't know where this arduous journey will lead us.
And I know even lesswhether we still have the same destination.
But there is something which is meaningful to both of us.
It's Moritz.
He's losing his grip.
I can see it.
And we need to find a way to prevent us from losing him.
Only the President of the Reich is able to intervene in this extraordinary case and make sure that I, the new counsel of Greta Overbeck, get the chance to reexamine this contradictory case.
Subtitle translation by Stephanie Geiges
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