Baccano! (2007) s01e05 Episode Script

Jacuzzi Splot Cries, Cowers, and Shows His Mettle

1 You're Senator Beriam's wife, right? The order has been switched around.
Is that liquor? Is that box that important to you? There is one way to keep the Rail Tracer from coming here.
No, um, you see, uh Um, how can I put this? Yeah, let's, you know, settle this peacefully, see? Okay? It's okay, I know we can do it.
Okay? So so just put the guns down, okay? Okay? Please, I'm really scared here.
Right now, I don't have a penny on me, so I'll have to apologize.
Put down your guns put them down! Hey, are you really sure this is the right guy? He's supposed to be.
There's no mistaking the sword tattoo on his face.
I have to admit, he's worse than pathetic.
W-What? First, stop your crying.
I-I'm not crying You are crying, aren't you? I said I'm not crying! Fine.
Listen here.
Unless you want your head ventilated, tell me your name.
Slowly, and clearly.
J-Jacuzzi Jacuzzi Splot.
It's here I'm too late It's already caught up to us The Rail Tracer! No way.
What is all this? Nice Donny Thank goodness you're both safe.
Thank goodness really, thank goodness We're doing all right, but Nick got captured by those black suit guys.
Oh, no! This is bad! This is bad! There was that black-suited orchestra, remember? It looks like they're here pulling a train robbery.
We'll be sure to help Nick out of there later.
But never mind him, what happened here? Oh, yeah! It's awful! It's the Rail Tracer! The Rail Tracer is here! We have to hurry and get away from here, or we'll be wiped out, too! So somehow, we have to rescue Nick-- Shooting? W-What is that? What is that gunfire about? What did they shoot? Is anyone dead? Well? Well? Nice? Donny? We have to get out of here! We have to get out of here, now! To think that the boss of the delinquents that have been giving those of us from the Russo Family so much trouble was a pantywaist like you It's disheartening, isn't it, you bastard?! You dare to run roughshod all over our turf, so I was expecting someone more remarkable! W-We're bad guys that's for sure B-B-But when we first started selling booze-- you're the ones who killed eight of our men, aren't you? That's the natural order of things! So so we decided that it was all-out war with the Russo Family Would you quit your babbling?! B-But if we run away everyone else Isaac-san, Miria-san, Mary, Czes, all of them Let's all drive away those guys in black, and the Rail Tracer! Jacuzzi All of us, let's get them.
S-Stop! Put down your guns, quick! I don't want to kill you, if I don't have to! You mean, you don't want to be killed, don't you?! No! I don't want to kill you! So, Donny, wait a little longer! Please! I'm sure these men are going to put down their guns! What the hell are you talking-- What are you two doing?! Shoot him now! Kill him! How are you feeling? Run! I told them, didn't I?! You Barnes-san Ennis, why didn't you kill him? Sir, I didn't think it would hurt to wait until we confirmed what happened first.
Do not employ sophistry.
You are a homunculus that I created.
You should be able to kill someone without any hesitation.
Gentlemen, behold the miserable Barnes.
Why did this man set the fire? What did he do with the finished product? Gentlemen, will you tolerate any excuses from the man who lost the medicine that was to have released you from the terror of growing old? I will not.
But we must pinpoint the location of the finished product.
What shall we do? There is one method A method that you all know well.
--He doesn't mean --He couldn't Barnes's intelligence Barnes's experiences, Barnes's entire life-- there is a way to make them my own! S-Szilard-sama! I do this Gentlemen, rejoice! Barnes was apparently successful in getting two bottles of the finished product out from the site of the fire.
Although, they appear to have been taken.
Oh, no I know the faces of those who took them.
With luck, we will be able to get them back.
Ennis Yes? There's a man who seems to be seeking you, as well.
I will tell you about him now.
Ennis Yes? Find that group of four first.
Yes, sir.
Yes Yes Well, we're doing everything we can Yes I'm terribly sorry.
I thought I told you to find him as soon as possible.
If you don't find Dallas Genoard, it's going to be your neck in the noose.
No matter what-- no matter what, I'll find him, you'll see! I pray those are not just empty words.
You dumbasses! I'm losing face because you guys are so undependable! What about that newspaper outfit?! They only have vague information on Dallas Genoard.
Vague, you say? That's all the information we could get them to sell us.
I'm going over there.
A lousy newspaper house looks down on us, all thanks to you guys.
That damned newspaper outfit They're definitely hiding something.
He's an incompetent man, perfectly expendable.
Remember, this has to be done quietly.
But how is it that a common juvenile delinquent has an immortal body? He was supposedly given some of the unfinished product.
He doesn't suffer the influence of any physical harm, but as for aging It still has hold.
In other words, no perpetual youth.
What we are pursuing is complicated, inscrutable, and dubious.
But if I can get my hands on it, I am promised unprecedented happiness.
For that I would not mind losing my soul.
Huey Laforet is in prison.
I can get the jump on him if I move now.
Firo Prochainezo, can you answer the questions I am about to pose to you honestly and truthfully? Yes.
Do you wish to become a Camorrista? Yes.
The Camorra is an organization that was born in the prisons of our faraway mother country of Italy.
If you choose to step forward, there will be times when you will have your freedom taken from you by imprisonment.
You could even lose your life at the end of what might be termed messy fighting.
Do you understand that? Yes.
Your right foot will be in a prison, and your left foot will be in a coffin.
Even so, do you wish to keep your eye on your own path, while at times taking hold of honor in your right hand? Yes.
If it is required by us, are you able to take your own life with your left hand? Yes.
When your father kills one of us, will you be able to kill your father, and exact vengeance for us? Yes.
Firo You can still turn back.
You, who have lived a life of being used, will turn to the side that uses others.
You will be no more than a small part of this secret society, but you will still begin to work the gears.
Once you do, you cannot go back.
To be honest, knowing you, I think that you could do plenty well for yourself in legitimate ways.
You have the means to do so.
Firo Prochainezo, do you still want to set foot onto this path? Yes, I have made my resolve.
I see.
Then, show us your resolve.
All right, we're going to go look for Jacuzzi! We're off! We'll find Nice, too! It's a rescue! I'm not at all sure what was going on, what with the black suits, and the white suits, and that strange fellow holding a knife, but I'm going to threaten them with my guns, and then we'll use that chance to escape! Incredible! Listen to me, Mary.
You and Czes-kun go hide someplace safe.
It's all right.
I'm sure that by tomorrow, your father will be coming to rescue us.
Czes-kun, you take care of Mary, okay? Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
Good evening.
You are Senator Beriam's wife, correct? My name is Guth.
There is a very special matter that we would like your husband to help us with.
Would you please come with us? Please promise me that you will not harm the other passengers.
That will all depend on the response we get from your husband and the government.
Welcome! There's something I want to ask you.
Well, well, it's Gustavo-sama, from the Runorata Family.
It is a great honor for one of the capos to come in, personally.
You know who I am? Yes, there isn't anything that we do not know.
Then this will be quick.
I understand that you took a contemptible attitude toward some of my young men.
A contemptible attitude? Not at all! We always provide our customers with the best service we possibly-- Why don't you come out and tell me where that dirty brat Genoard is! J-Just a moment Unless you want an early death, tell me what you know! I'll tell you! I'll tell you, just let me go! Don't make me mad.
Now tell me! Where is Dallas Genoard?! I don't know anything more than what I already told your men earlier.
However, I can't say that I don't have any incidental information.
Whatever you've got, tell me! The Gandor Family is also after Dallas.
The Gandors? Why might that be? Hmm? Would it be a bad thing if the Gandors were to find Dallas first? Tell me how to get the jump on the Gandors.
Dallas Genoard has a younger sister.
A sister he treats very dearly, considering the ne'er-do-well that he is.
Go on.
She would make for some fine bait to reel Dallas in, wouldn't she? There are no hard feelings between you two, right? If you stab your opponent in the chest, I will kill you on the spot.
Is that clear, both of you? Very well, you may begin.
Gentlemen, the match is over.
That was amazing, Firo! Imagine, besting Maiza like that! Oh, no, I even surprised myself.
Congratulations, Firo.
Maiza-san Your arm You've gotten better! I've been an observer for many years, but you're the first capo candidate that has ever beaten Maiza! There is nothing more to say.
You will be a superb Camorrista, Firo.
Yes, sir.
To celebrate the birth of a new capo, I will fire the ceremonial gun.
Isaac has been killed! Where is your daughter? What is the matter? She's been taken away, by those men in the white suits.
Who are they? I don't know.
They seemed to be looking for us, as well, but they only took my daughter.
I sympathize with you.
For now, will you please come with us to our room? Excuse me.
Who opened this window? T-The woman wearing fatigues who was sitting there! A woman wearing fatigues? Yes! When the shootout started, s-she opened it and went outside.
I-It's the truth! It's from Comrade Guth.
He says to find a woman wearing fatigues.
A woman in fatigues? We're going to go have a look around.
Keep an eye on things here.
What's the matter? Hey, where's George? H-He's gone Huh? He's gone! When I turned around, he wasn't there anymore! Looking up at the starry sky that goes on forever, we sing a melody of a dream we have of our limited eternity The water of adoration, overflowing in our hearts will reach someone in the distant future I believe so Running through time prolonged, our voices calling out will someday become a great song We can go on spinning our love though it may still be such a tiny light now Miria, it's the Rail Tracer! How scary! It says it slaughters covertly! That means it's sneaking around killing everyone, again and again, right? That's amazing, Miria.
But what could that "inside the coaches"part mean? I'm scared!