Baccano! (2007) s01e06 Episode Script

The Rail Tracer Maneuvers Through the Train Slaughtering Many

1 Would you go with him, and see what's happening in the conductor's compartment for me? This is bad! This is bad! Barnes was apparently successful in getting two bottles of the finished product out from the site of the fire.
Where is your daughter? She's been taken away, by those men in the white suits.
You were threatened, and couldn't help it? Yes, sir.
Gustavo Baggetta's monstrous strength is most extraordinary, and thinking that I was about to be killed, it just happened.
I told you, don't say anything that will put Eve-chan in danger! Yeah, sorry about that.
I've taken all measures.
Even if you were in fear for your life, as with Elean-kun, I don't think much of you using that sweet girl as an excuse.
Nicholas-kun, you ultimately bear personal responsibility for this incident.
See to it that you are more careful.
Understand? Very well.
Any word? None.
They don't appear to have moved yet.
Let me know if there is even the slightest action.
If Gustavo and the Gandors get into an argument over Dallas, a piece or two of detailed information should turn up.
Tell me what it is, and don't leak anything.
H-Help me! This is the freight hold! This is the freight hold! This is Spike.
What's going on? They're gone! They've both disappeared! Send backup!Send backup immediately! Calm down! What happened? What happened?! Stop! Stay back! Stop! Stop! Stop!! I must refuse.
What obligation do you think we are under, that we must assist you in carrying out your retaliation? Well That outsider, that guy named Firo, is having his run of the place-- You, who are not even members of the family, do not need to worry about our business affairs.
Then, how about this, Luck-san? If you'd be willing to help us out, we will join your organization.
That's not a bad offer, right? Listen, Dallas-san, tell me the truth, have you ever wondered why we haven't ever reached out to you before? You don't think that we have turned a blind eye to your impudent conduct because we were afraid of you, do you? I'm going to say this clearly for you.
The reason we haven't invited you into our organization is because we haven't seen an ounce of worth in it for us.
Because of all of the muggings that you have been perpetrating, the attention of the police has been drawn toward your direction.
That's why we haven't gotten involved.
That's all that people like you are good for, at best.
What do you know about us? I know that you got the snot beaten out of you by a young man who clearly looked younger than all of you.
Why, you-- Ber-- Luck, who are these ill-mannered runts? No one I know.
Huh? Liquor? Beats me.
Okay, Mary, you get in here.
You'll be able to hide in here by yourself.
But Czes-kun, what about you? I'm going to go on ahead and check things out.
Mary, you stay hidden in here.
Be absolutely sure not to move.
It's okay.
I'll be right back, okay? That takes care of the kid being underfoot.
Now I just have to find the immortals.
Jacuzzi?! Nick! You're all right! Yeah, I got all muddled up.
Where did the lookouts go? Uh, I'm not even sure about that.
Thank you, fuck you, the villain arrives! Huh? There aren't any lookouts, are there? That's no fun.
Be that as it may, though, thank goodness you're safe, Lua! She made it, Ladd.
H-Hey! Untie my ropes, too! Huh? Why? Something in it for me? If you were a woman, I'd expect a kiss or something, but you're a man! Or instead, what if you were to die like this? In fact, die.
Your fate is to die! Who was that guy? Search me.
J-Jacuzzi I found you! No screaming allowed.
I hate to do this to you, Ladd, but it'd be okay if I got this little girl, right? Unlike Ladd, I only like to torture weak people to death-- There they are! Those are the guys! Yo! Those guys are here with you, are they? Jacuzzi-kun? How do you know my name? Whoops Did I neglect to introduce myself? I'm Ladd Russo.
Now you understand how I know who you are, right? Russo You're a member of the Russo Family? What do you all think you're doing, being aboard this train? Or rather, who do you think you are? We are going to be taking complete control of this train, or kill off half of the passengers, or, depending on the circumstances, kill off all of them.
If you're not planning on being killed by us, then hop off and die, right now! Are you the ones that killed the conductor? The conductor has been killed? Let's go, to the conductor's compartment.
You're lucky.
At the moment, we don't have time to deal with you.
And this is no time for us to be dealing with you, either.
But later, we're going to make sure you pay.
Oh, you're pretty tough, aren't you, crybaby? Let me just tell you, we're not the ones who got to the conductor, or that room.
Are you just letting them go, Jacuzzi? For now.
There's someone else we have to take care of first.
That hit-and-run bastard! Next time we meet, it's gonna be brutal! Brutal! I'll hit it! You'll break your hand! Then, I'll hit the one driving it! How are you going to pull him out of there? Then, I'll spit on the car! That's perfect! What are we going to do, Dallas? We can't take on the Gandors.
Shut up! Damn that miserable punk Firo! Just you watch.
Someday, we're gonna kill him and the Gandors! Still, your family is loaded, right? Can't you come up with some idle money? They said it all went to a burglar, last month.
That's cold.
Even so, you've at least got something to eat, right? There's that cute sister of yours.
--You stay away from Eve.
--H-Hey You do anything to her, and I'll make you pay.
A-All right! Now then, our journey is just about at its end.
It's been a long one, huh? Yeah.
At the beginning, we were time thieves.
When we stole those watches, right? There was that time when we tried to steal that whole museum, too! That was impossible, huh? Yeah.
So, to at least keep anyone else from going in, we stole the entrance! That was heavy, huh? What made us reconsider our ways, and decide to do good from then on, was when we stole the inheritance of that rich man.
Now there won't be a fight over the inheritance, huh? I'm sure they're thanking us right about now.
And so since it feels so good to do good things, let's do something good for our last job! Like what? We're going to steal the mafia's black money! Yay! Isaac, you're so cool! Hey, now, watch out! Watch out! What did you say?! That's Eve Genoard, right? So it seems.
Call her down.
How do I do that? It's your job to figure that out, isn't it? Want some? No! All right.
Yes, Genoard residence.
From the newspaper? Yeah.
They says they got somethin' to say to you, Miss, 'bout Master Dallas.
About Big Brother? Somethin' 'bout havin' new information, or such.
Thing is, it can't be over the phone.
They says it gotta be in person, or they can't tell you.
Then let's go over to the newspaper.
Jacuzzi How did that much blood get up there? Hey, guys.
There's something up on the forward coupling.
Guys, let's all take a look on "go.
" Ready, set Is that the Rail Tracer? What's with you, girlie? You're dressed funny-- A-All right! I'll let them go! So lay off of me! You're the one I have business with.
Amazing! You got them, all by yourself! Incredible! --Thank you! --Thank you! Imagine, you helping us, total strangers! We owe you our lives, missy! Be careful.
Why did you hit them? I'm terribly sorry.
They suddenly ran out into the street.
Ask us for anything! We'll do anything for you! Well could you help me carry these four back to my car? Kindapped? Miss Eve? Yes, sir.
We just received word.
I told you so! What do you plan to do about it?! Huh? Now, Gustavo probably isn't thinking of doing anything to Miss Eve right away.
Elean-kun, calm down.
But sir! What concerns me is the company's responsibility in fanning the conflict between the Gandors and the Runoratas.
Nicholas-kun, you have considered that, haven't you? Yes.
I'm taking every precaution to see that it doesn't happen.
See that you do.
Now, go on.
President, I'm sure from his face that he's plotting something! I know.
Nicholas-kun is probably intentionally driving Gustavo toward the Gandors, and hoping to uncover some dirt.
He probably wants to find out some top-secret facts, in his own way.
President, are you saying I should leave it alone? Top-secret facts notwithstanding, there is a lot about Dallas Genoard that is unclear.
Has he really become immortal, or hasn't he? If something is cleared up because of this, it's just what we want.
Besides, there is the threat of conflict between the Gandors and the Runoratas without us doing anything at all.
How do you mean? The legendary assassin, Vino, a.
Claire Stanfield, is headed toward New York.
Word is, at the behest of Luck Gandor.
Vino Aboard the transcontinental express out of Chicago, the Flying Pussyfoot.
Doesn't look like I'd get much knowledge out of him if I did devour him, but I've brought it on myself.
Ennis Yes, sir.
Looking up at the starry sky that goes on forever, we sing a melody of a dream we have of our limited eternity The water of adoration, overflowing in our hearts will reach someone in the distant future I believe so Running through time prolonged, our voices calling out will someday become a great song We can go on spinning our love though it may still be such a tiny light now Miria, everything is going to start! The beginning, huh? Uh, "Ad-wee-na" It's "Ad-weh-na.
" Oh, right.
"Ad-wee-na A-wehss You've reversed it, Isaac.
"A-weh-nass Ad-na"