Baccano! (2007) s01e11 Episode Script

Chane LaForet Is Silent Before the Two Mysterious People

1 I gave up my voice in order to protect the knowledge I got from you.
Are you saying you will protect me, Chane? I am not about to get devoured.
I'll have to devour them, first.
Who'd have thought it was liquor? This time, we'll case the Martillo Family's place! It's funny, isn't it? The way people run into each other? It could be that all encounters are something of a miracle, huh? Yeah.
By the way, Maiza-san How did that injury of yours earlier heal so quickly? If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me how it happened? Perhaps someday, I will be able to tell you, but not right now.
I see.
That woman! Maiza-san, excuse me for a minute! Firo! You're Hey, just a minute! I said just a minute! Now, take it easy.
I just wanted to give this back to you.
There's only one body.
Huh? Yes Yes It means that the man is capable of going toe-to-toe with Chane.
Shoot them both, while they go at it.
C-Copy that.
Code Beta has been put into effect.
Are we really going to kill Chane-san? He said to go after her while she's fighting the white suit.
I wonder if you'd fill me in a bit more about that.
Okay, okay, drop the gun.
You there, the timid-looking one, drop your gun, too.
Damn it! Well, well, he ran away.
I can't say that he's a coward, though.
It is, I have to admit, a normal response to run away after seeing me.
"Chane" would be that woman, and the "white suit" she's fighting would be me, right? That woman is amazing.
It's the first time I've ever run away.
How about you tell me something? Why are you going to kill her, when she's one of your own? What do I do? Just toss it all in like this, and run away? I can't very well do that.
I have to at least get a look at the face of the immortal here, first.
Mister, who are you? Mister, who are you? Come on, answer.
I'm Thomas.
Why are you lying, Czes-kun? Czeslaw Meyer.
How do you know my name? A-are you the Rail Tracer? Oh, good guess.
I am the Rail Tracer.
I also know that you are no kid, and that you want to kill the other passengers.
And so, you see, I'm going to kill you.
A crimson monster? Are you trying to talk your way out of this with that ridiculous story? We're not lying! There really is a monster aboard this train! Yo, Chane-chan! I hear that you're actually hated by those black suits.
And that you hate them right back, don't you? Also, you're the number one favorite of one Huey Laforet-sama, and you are one of his adherents.
What's more, they say this Huey-sama is immortal, huh? This guy told me all of it.
Right? "Mm-hmm!" Were you aware that your black suit buddies were after you? Those guys appear to be using all of this confusion to try to kill you.
Is it true that you were actually opposed to this operation? You don't like taking hostages and such? It sounded like this Huey guy was against it from the outset, but that's weak thinking! You can trust folks like that the least! Same for you! You sure you aren't just being set up by this Huey guy? Do you want me to tell you the very first thing I'm going to do once I get off this train? I'm going to kill Huey Laforet.
To be honest, I'm not all that eager to kill you.
The other black suits all have that face that says, "There's no way I'm going to die," so they're worth killing.
But there's something about you, like you're risking your life.
That's what made me think.
Maybe it would be more fun to kill this Huey Laforet, whom you find to be some absolute being, wouldn't it? Hey, now, is it over already? That's more like it.
I'll kill him anyway! He may be immortal, but I'll kill him! Right before your eyes.
I'm going to painstakingly show that saggy bastard, who thinks he's safe because he can't die, the harshness of life! So, what's it going to be, Chane-chan? It's been a long time, Maiza Avaro.
Szilard! In fact, it's been two hundred and some years since our last glimpse, aboard the Advenna A vis.
Who's this guy, Maiza? Someone you know? Please, run away.
What are you talking about? Everyone, please, say nothing more, and run away.
I am the only one this man is after.
So just who is this guy? This man is someone who has killed 13 of my friends, as well as my younger brother.
I've devoured five more since then, so to be accurate, it's 18.
Szilard I don't know what's going on here, but Maiza, you're saying that this guy is your enemy, right? Well then, that makes him our enemy, doesn't it? What are you doing?! Don't go in.
You'll only be killed, for no reason.
What? Maiza, why is this old geezer still standing?! I'll explain later.
Right now, just run away, please! A wise warning.
But it's a little too late.
Don't go punching holes in the conductor's compartment.
You grazed my ear, you know.
If you read me, apologize.
At least say you're sorry.
Oh, I didn't know.
You can keep going.
I'll kill whichever one of you lives through it.
Who are you? Don't worry about it.
Think of me as talking air, if you like.
If you're air, then stop talking! That was pretty harsh.
You bitch! Is what he said about you earlier the truth? You know, about how you were actually opposed to this operation, how you don't very much like to kill, and how this Huey guy objects to it, too? I see.
Well then, fine.
That being the case, would you like a little assistance here? Huh? Isn't that a bit strange? I'm not sure I'm following, but you're the one who's been going around, killing the black suits and my pals, aren't you? Yeah, but after hearing what you said a moment ago, this woman comes out sounding like a good girl.
Don't you screw with me, you monster! Are you one of those? The type of person who, when a kid comes at them on the battlefield, doesn't kill him, but spares him, instead? Here I thought you were this terrifying monster, but you're just a sickening hypocrite, aren't you?! So what if I'd spare him? Huh? My thinking is that it's precisely because I'm so sure of myself that having that kind of compassion is possible, you see.
I'm fine on that point.
The reason being that there is no way I'm going to be killed.
Remember this Leniency and compassion are things that only the strong are privileged to possess.
And I am strong.
You're one of those, then? Someone who really thinks that they're not going to die? Of course.
After all, the world is mine.
Let me go! I have friends in there! No, you can't go in right now! Who are you? Who is the old coot in there? You really are a stupid man, Maiza.
If only you hadn't been so greedy, and shared your information with me back then, blood wouldn't have had to be spilled like this.
Szilard! What is this? Don Martillo, please, allow us to handle this.
It's possible that this is a matter of internal friction on our part.
But If anything were to happen to you, I wouldn't be able to face Firo.
Please, put your concerns to rest.
Go look around upstairs, and check out our office, too.
What do we do if they get back at them, Miria? It will be our fault, huh? If that happens, we can't justify it to these people.
It's a question of blame, huh? Why are you so hung up on the drug? That's easy.
I just want to know, that's all.
My greatest desire is to uncover the secret of the medicine that you're trying to keep covered up.
Only so you can increase the number of people you can kill.
That's not true.
My methods are extremely reasonable.
You're saying, people who drink that liquor become immortally young? And that Maiza-san and the old guy are immortal, too? Who are you? I created an imperfect version of the medicine, using the information I gained from Gretto.
Imperfect? Medicine that won't keep you from aging, but will make you undying.
Once strong men are made to drink it, those of us who drank the finished product are able to devour them arbitrarily.
We are able to gain their knowledge and skills without any trouble on our part.
It's a swift and sure method, don't you think? A man-made person? You? Yes, and the one who made me is Szilard, there.
As a specialized, independent colony, I am capable of being given knowledge from Szilard.
In turn, Szilard is able to separate the female cellular components and Szilard's own immortal cellular components within my cells to Wait, wait, wait! I'm not that smart! Tell me using simple terms.
What I'm saying is To put it briefly, I am made to live by Szilard's will, and I can also be killed by it.
You're weak.
You've wasted these 200 years, haven't you? Let me show you the fruits of my 200 years.
Disgraceful bunch.
They got into it after all, did they? What are you talking about? What's up with that? How can anything be so self-serving? To Szilard, I must be something like a daughter.
What kind of father can kill his daughter on a whim, and in addition, overwork his daughter under the threat of doing so?! Don't play dumb.
This is the same "grand panacea" that we both once drank.
I finally succeeded in perfecting it on my own.
There's no way a pretty girl like you could be the daughter of that geezer.
I assure you of that.
Quite a passionate display, there.
--The guys from yesterday --Dallas? What are you doing here? Surprised? You see, I'm an immortal.
I know.
It means, I could flay you alive, gouge out your eyes, and crush your heart in my hands while you're still alive, and you wouldn't be fazed by it.
Go ahead and do it.
I'm accustomed to that level of pain.
Have you ever had hot fireplace tongs thrust into your eyes? Have you ever been dipped in an acid bath? Have you ever been thrown alive into a fireplace? I lived with having someone I trusted give me that sort of pain daily.
I will not be daunted by your kind of violence.
I am prepared to handle more pain than you are capable of! You're hopeless.
That much is just a mere diversion.
Have you ever had your arm muscles carefully stripped off while you were still alive? And then had any carving done on the bones of your arm? Do you know the methods of execution they use in China? What about Japanese torture? Because of my line of work, I know tons of ways to give pain.
Including those that presuppose killing.
Czeslaw Meyer, you do indeed seem to be prepared for a certain level of pain.
But what was that look of uneasiness that appeared in your eyes when you first faced me-- the Rail Tracer? What you are afraid of is the unknown.
You're thinking that there might be pain and suffering to a level that you've never experienced before.
Let me be the one to give you that pain unknown.
Until you forget how to come back to life.
Having the black suits leave all on their own is lucky for us, huh? You bet.
Which means it's about time we were All right, you people, give us your money! And not just your money, your valuables, too! We've taken over this train now! If you want to stay alive, please do as you're told! Uh, are you sure you're not overstating it? Jacuzzi! I'm sorry we startled you.
What's going on here? I'd heard tales about this, but this is the first time I've seen it for myself.
Well, well, Don Bartolo Runorata.
It's been a long time, Luck Gandor.
First, let me apologize for our careless handling of this.
Much obliged.
Still, whatever would bring Don Runorata himself to our door? The situation is just that serious, what with the secret you boys have.
Let me come right to the point.
Come join yourselves under our umbrella.
You'll be treated right.
I must decline.
I wouldn't want to become a test subject.
Then there's one thing we can compromise on.
Hand over Dallas Genoard.
Do that, and we will never get in your way again.
What do you say? I'm afraid I can't accept your proposal-- Where is Dallas right now? Looking up at the starry sky that goes on forever, we sing a melody of a dream we have of our limited eternity The water of adoration, overflowing in our hearts will reach someone in the distant future I believe so Running through time prolonged, our voices calling out will someday become a great song We can go on spinning our love though it may still be such a tiny light now What do we do, Miria?!It says that Firo and the three Gandor brothers are felled by assassins' bullets! That's terrible!Firo, and Luck, and who else? Firo, and Luck, and Berga, and then And then Er, in any event, it's terrible! We can't remember who he is, but in any event, it's terrible!