Bad Banks (2018) s02e02 Episode Script


KREUZBERG, BERLIN Dad Incoming call You only care about your damn bank.
That's not true, I've always helped you.
You can't even get us a loan, we're losing everything! Do you know how much money I put into your restaurant? You didn't get the last loan either.
That was my money! I didn't want to embarrass you.
I gave you everything, but I only get hatred from you.
Why do you hate me? Why? Leblanc has Picelli's confession that I hired him to set up both of your accounts.
What about Picelli? What does he know? He doesn't know anything from us.
In the video it looks like someone is forcing him to make a statement.
Maybe a cop.
We only have one chance.
We have to make your money disappear.
So that neither Picelli nor a third person finds out.
How would that work? Even if we manage to secretly write it off, we'd still have to explain the bank transfer.
My first vacation in five years will start tomorrow.
New Zealand.
I'll have to relocate my vacation to somewhere else.
BAD BANKS Alright.
Did you brush your teeth? You don't want to? It's normal not to want it as often after a while.
Cuddling is more important.
With your boss at surveillance.
I already saw that too.
Richard with a young, dark haired woman.
It stays between us, don't worry.
So you have no idea who that is.
Yes, I have to hang up too.
I'll see you on Tuesday.
Good to be back.
I understand.
You were in prison for six months, I totally understand.
But the people are waiting.
Thank you! People, I had time to think.
Of course I did, I was in prison.
Alright! Everything is organic from a store without packaging.
Eco-power has been set up, and I'm also a vegetarian now.
What? I have to live it, you know? To turn shit into gold, you have to try it first.
Write that down, learn something.
Don't make a challenge out of everything.
Of course I will.
I hate apples! Good morning.
- Cool apartment.
- Yeah, you like it? Not anymore.
- Did you research about Hannah? - She's a top coder.
I wonder why she's in Berlin and not in Mountain View or Cupertino.
An idealist.
Shanti, your room is the third on the right hand side.
Alright girls, big day today! Let's take over this baby! We leave in ten minutes! Deutsche Global Invest Incubator, Berlin I'll briefly sum up our next two weeks together.
First, the FinTech top 10.
The strategy is to go aggressively against Fin21 who are in 4th place, Germany's most successful robo-advisor.
We have to make people out there believe that They should think there are only two possibilities.
As if they had to decide between Fin21 and Green Wallet.
We're the good ones and Fin21 are the gangsters.
All marketing and PR that goes out has to be connected to a direct attack on Fin21.
- You got it, girls? - Don't fucking touch me! I am sorry.
At the same time we will initiate our UK launch, Adam will take care of licensing in London.
- Our worldwide launch is in two weeks.
- Which is also an attack on Fin21.
They only exist in Germany.
But we're going international.
That's extremely important.
I'm glad that it's starting and that we'll all get to know each other.
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport of Mauritius Hannah? Sorry, can I have a minute? Sorry, guys.
What's going on? I've been hired by someone else, just received the confirmation.
- What? - Are you going to make a scene now? Hannah, you can't quit now.
Let s talk about this.
And by the way, in the non-compete clause of your contract so you are not going to Sue me.
Hannah, please.
Let's talk about this, okay.
I really believed in GreenWallet.
I did.
But I know people like you and I know what's going to happen.
You are going to destroy this.
Politicians are creating a lot of pressure right now.
It's the worst possible time for Khano to attract attention with negative headlines.
I'm already busy looking for things about Khano with a grain of truth.
But I thought there might be more up-to-date ways than just spreading rumors.
What? More up-to-date ways? You youngsters all want disruption and all that now? Why don't you ask the taxi driver whether there are more up-to-date ways than using a car to drive a taxi.
Or you go to the toilet and think, hey, maybe there's a more up-to-date way zum Scheien, oder was? Okay, I got it.
Fuck! All right.
I'll look for a replacement.
Do you know how hard it is to find a coder of Hannah's level? Go to the convention.
We'll find one.
- You're taking him with you? - I am.
I'll see you at the convention.
Why do you think Green Wallet can be successful? Trend analysis.
It's a good time to be the first one in the financial market.
Were you a visionary at the bank? A colleague of mine from before was a real hardliner, he made a fortune from dozens of private clients, but he couldn't get happy despite the money.
Do you know why? He underestimated his conscience.
What have you done? I believe in the concept of Green Wallet.
For now.
You won't just believe in the concept, but in the idea.
FinTech Convention, Berlin Look at the people here.
80% of them will have the biggest crisis in their life soon.
Him, for example.
Cafe on the first floor In 2-3 weeks, his start-up will be screwed and he'll be in debt.
Or her, in three months.
She gets money from feminism pot, which makes it awful.
I have to meet someone.
I'll be right back.
I wanted to return it to you the whole time.
I'm sorry about what it had to come to.
The Silver Mountain documents are on it.
You will put it on Ties' private laptop or smartphone.
I'll make sure surveillance checks it and confiscates his things.
Ties has a logical motive.
It'll look like he leaked the documents before the fusion in order to sink Global's value.
Ties has used every chance to fight me since I've known him.
That's over now.
I understand that you've had to put pressure on me, but now we have a common goal.
I learned from you that a collaboration is only possible if both sides profit from it.
Our lead engineer bailed.
We need a replacement.
Help us find one.
I'll help you.
I know you have me in the palm of your hand.
But I also know that you need me.
I'm in a rush too.
Christelle Leblanc New message I'm nearby, let's meet.
We need someone with experience in all relevant frameworks, especially in ReactJS, AngularJS, and VueJS.
They also need to be scrum masters, because we're developing an agile - What was that again? - Scrum master? If I had to guess why most people are here today, I bet most of us are asking how we should invest our money, how to secure our pension We all know that we lose money if we let it stay in our accounts.
There won't be any interest in the future either.
So we can't save anymore, we can only invest.
But where should the money go? The Germans are careful and exemplary when it comes to investing money.
You're sceptical about a provider like Fin21 which I think is a good thing.
And this is why I founded Green Wallet.
Let's imagine, all the people in the world would decide not to put their money in the usual suspects.
In the big corporations that are destroying the social and healthcare system, in real estate which leads to normal people not being able to afford homes, in industry which thrives on extreme growth, thereby destroying our environment.
What if everyone would only invest money in sustainable ideas? We wouldn't just solve our largest environmental and social problems.
We would also be substantially richer.
The best thing about it is the times in which that was regarded as naive nonsense are finally over.
Even a bank like Global believes that.
We can guarantee that we will increase your money, and that this investment will have value for society and the planet.
At Global it was always about maximum profit, but we've understood that there's something that's much more valuable to people than a few more returns on their account.
Nothing is as valuable as the feeling of doing the right thing.
Thao or something? Nice that you came.
What's up? Have you told anyone that we're meeting? It's normal to say "Hey, colleague Adam, "I'm meeting Leblanc, she wants something.
" - Here.
- Thank you.
I know why you haven't told anyone.
You distrust Jana.
Sorry, I don't understand what this is.
How many times a day are you scared they'll find out? That you're a fraud? That you're not good enough for the job, that you're too dumb.
Many times a day, right? No matter how much you try, no matter how much you sacrifice, you always feel like you're not good enough, that you're a loser.
And sooner or later everyone will find out.
Even though you're one of the most talented bankers I've ever met.
That's why I want to warn you that your two colleagues are dragging you into a bottomless pit that is not your fault and you have nothing to do with.
That's it.
You'll go back and fight with yourself about whether you'll tell Jana that you met me.
But you won't do it.
You'll keep it to yourself because you know I'm telling the truth.
See you soon, Thao.
David Kubiak? Jana Liekam from Green Wallet.
David, I have to go.
- You're dissing us.
- Well, you're the bad guys.
It's brave to buy up something like Green Wallet today.
At some point an idea prevails.
It's not very brave to decide for the best one.
Why is the most talented coder working for a Frankfurter rat hole like Fin21? Thank you.
Excuse me Excuse me, can I You won't get served here.
Listen up, Atze Pohl, my friend! I always thought we were a real team! But you just disappeared without saying a word! Honestly, even I have to look for a position.
I'm the head of business development even though it's much too small for a position like this.
Marketing relies on tech, and there's no distribution actually.
No one here wants a typical sales twat like us.
It's the damn digitalisation.
I've always said that.
Yes, it's a different life here.
That's true.
- Where were you? - I had a kebab.
I can be your messenger.
I'll get the private clients on board, the pensioners with too much money Great.
- And the networking, to the Russians - Great, you'd be an overpaid intern.
Dude, could you do this outside? Luc, I have to go, get a hobby.
Jesus Christ.
Let's speak alone, okay? Dialing - Can you hear me? - Felix.
- Hello? - I informed myself.
It'll be elaborate and expensive.
I have to pay two people.
One who makes sure Picelli doesn't come to work for 2-3 days and one who I have to grease up in the bank so he takes over Picelli's job, transferring the money, deleting the account plus master data and backups, concealing where the money originated.
Can it work? It has to.
It won't be cheap, and you'll pay for it.
It's enough that I have to pull a James Bond.
The operation can cost you at least half a million.
Thank you, Felix.
And be careful, yeah? Alright.
I'll contact you later.
I can't believe we did it! Thank you all so much for your effort, your dedication and for this amazing launch.
To Xilion.
I met Leblanc earlier.
Her plan is that I frame Ties.
I have to get to his table or phone somehow.
I told her I would only help her if she finds us a new lead engineer.
She has no idea about that field.
Do you want to buy time? - Yes.
- Why do you need to buy time? - We have a plan in Mauritius.
- What? Are you doing something illegal? Don't get your Asian panties in a twist.
It's all good.
Do you have a minute? It cost me time and money to get it but I think the address will be taken care better in your hands.
She can help you uncover Sydow's corruption.
She can help you take your revenge on him.
But can she also help you rehabilitate yourself? Return to the bank? Why would you help me? Because you're better than me.
My talent lies somewhere else.
I wasn't born to be the head of investment banking like you.
And if I replace Sydow I'll do all I can to get your job back.
I don't work together with anyone.
We don't know each other.
I can only try to build trust.
My name is Jason Picelli.
A man named Felix Bender instructed me to open two accounts in the Virgin Islands.
I chose Mauritius because it's safer right now.
Bender, he transferred two million euros for someone named Jana Liekam.
And two million euros for someone named Adam Pohl.
I would be happy to work together.
- Sorry, have you seen Ben? - I think he is in relaxation.
Thank you! Ben? I wanted to talk to you about the stand-up tomorrow.
Mainly about user interface.
Soon, alright? In a moment.
Do you like them? It takes about 1,000 years for a golf ball like this to break down.
The artist wanted to make a statement about sustainability.
Ben Everything okay? Ben, wait Ben, I can't do this.
I apologize, I It's fine, nothing happened.
Let's talk tomorrow, yeah? See you tomorrow.
The Fenger Method: those who don't perform, get hit in the face.
Let's not talk about it and pretend it didn't happen, okay? H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A.
Do you know what nickname I had at university? "Max Mustermann" or "John Doe", I thought it was bad.
I thought people saw me as a man with no characteristics, until I understood that it's an advantage because people can never see through you.
But now I can't do it anymore.
- Because it's obvious.
- What? That I'm the wrong one.
That I have only lost since the fusion.
Because of the political interference and the powerful Khano.
I'm in this position because they know that I can only lose at the top of this start-up tumour.
Why can you only lose? Start-ups sound good, but need a long time to establish themselves.
If it sounds good but doesn't get going, you look for the problem.
And you'll find it in the old man at the top.
How can you speed up the process? I can force successes, short-term ones.
But that would damage the start-ups.
Does that interest you? If the start-ups succeed? - Of course.
- Why? You don't like your job! This means you should work on presenting this position as well as possible so you can soon be in a position that you prefer.
Good morning.
Things won't be weird between us, right? No.
I'm sorry that yesterday It's all fine.
- Don't worry about it.
- One more thing.
I would like to see you again.
That's nice.
I don't.
We have to work together, it's unprofessional.
Excuse me.
Do you know what happened? The guy next to Shanti is applying for the lead engineer position.
He's really good.
He's from Leblanc.
Oh, really? It would be great if we had a spy of hers sitting here, right? You'll do an official job interview, I'll try something.
David Kubiak Dialing Hello, David Kubiak? Jana Liekam from Green Wallet here.
You remember, good.
Do you have two minutes for me? He's from Leblanc, but he's good and we need him.
We won't take him.
- Jana, really? - Thao.
We'll fly to Frankfurt and meet with David Kubiak.
- I got an appointment.
- What? He's ready to talk to us.
We have to convince him to join, he's the best.
Thanks for your help.
He wasn't the right fit for us.
PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS So, that is everyone who works directly for the bank? No.
Only the first five.
Three of them should have the access permission we need and are competent enough to do what we're asking them to do.
So only these three then? Exactly.
We gather information on them and we create personal profiles.
And then we decide who will be our target.
Will you need more than 48 hours? Depends on how active they are on social media.
We'll get started right away.
My name is Gabriel Fenger.
- Hello.
- We briefly saw each other.
Do you have a moment? I'd like to make you an offer.
- What would I have to do? - Go to the police.
Tell them you want to make a statement, and then just tell the truth.
Quirin Sydow gave you money over the last six months so Peter Richard could sleep with you.
That's it, simple.
Nothing will happen to you.
I'll give you 20,000 euros if you do it.
He's paying better than I thought.
I'll think about it.
FRANKFURT AM MAIN Christelle Leblanc New message I've taken care of your parent's problem.
Damn guys, something came up.
I have to go to my parents.
Give us two number 23s.
- I thought you were a vegetarian.
- Men grow boobs if they eat soy.
It should be here.
Maybe here.
What is this here? It's the address he gave me.
Here! - Unconventional.
- I couldn't think of something better.
- What do you mean? - No one can know we're meeting.
Fin21 is worth more than 100 million by now.
That's when the paranoia starts.
Especially when you're meeting with the competition.
I looked at Green Wallet in more detail.
You have a pretty good code there.
Thank you.
We're just missing a lead engineer.
So why are we meeting? Is there something wrong with Fin21? Fin21 is screwed.
Everyone is talking about having to be the first one to launch, to get customers, it's bullshit.
In the end, the one with the best code prevails.
I don't know if that's you, but it's not Fin21.
We all know that.
I'm the first rat to leave the ship.
It's quite urgent.
We have to launch in two weeks and catch up to Fin21 quickly.
That's doable.
I know all the weak points.
How much do you pay? - I get 20,000 here.
- That doesn't scare us off.
And shares? We will come to an agreement there too.
Everything okay? Breathe, breathe.
Call an ambulance! Breathe, breathe.
- Jana! - I have no reception! They poisoned me! They poisoned me.
It was dramatic! Can someone help me up? Fuck your life, hands off! The winner of best actor is David Kubiak! - Were you ever an actor? - I rehearsed for ages.
Come on, it was funny! - Where's your sense of humour? - Hats off, great joke.
Nice that you only lost your dignity in prison and not your humour.
What's a sales guy like Adam doing in your FinTech? Do you even have a use for him or Can you please explain this? Yes, sure! I invested in numerous FinTechs in the last year.
I have to plan ahead.
Fin21 is just one of them.
I invested even more while I was in prison.
I thought why not just be the CEO then! Crazy, right? Circus gaga.
- Should we go have coffee or - No, I have to work.
Our office is right around the corner.
Then we're opponents now, I guess.
I have risked a lot for Green Wallet.
Don't take it personally if I take your clients.
I'm gonna destroy you.
- Let's go, Davie.
- How was I? Good? - You were amazing! - Yeah? What do you want from me? - I want you to work for me.
- Which means? I think Jana is working on two things.
She's stalling me, and she's trying to get herself out of a tight spot.
I'd like to prevent both things from happening.
Jana will destroy herself sooner or later.
You know it, I know it.
I would like to make sure that she doesn't destroy you.
Just give me a sign and then I'll send my lawyers to make sure that the lawsuit against you goes away.
The student's injury, the stalking accusation.
I know it makes you dependent.
We can do this.
Trust me.
Then it'll be over, and you won't go to jail because of others greed.
Give me a sign.
- He looked pretty bad.
- He is bad.
There's no way he knows what we've done, right? - How? - No idea, it was just weird now.
I'll get off here, thank you.
See you tonight.
Can we wait here a bit? - No, what are you doing here? - What are you doing here? I want to see my children.
Sabine! Sabine! - We arranged that I'd see them.
- No.
- She didn't say you could see the kids.
- It's been five months.
Five fucking months! - Being aggressive won't help - Did you talk her into this? That you're violent? She came to that herself.
- Why are you provoking me? - Please.
You want me to lose it, that would be easiest.
You torture me until I lose it, until I punch someone, and I lose custody completely.
No one has to provoke you, Adam.
You're naturally an asshole.
Let's go.
Say it.
We got the loan.
We can finish the renovation.
We didn't know how much money you invested in it yourself.
And? I'm proud of you.
Try this one.
Thank you.
I look like my father.
And something like this? Better.
I can't pretend nothing happened.
Ben Kaufmann Ms.
Liekam, what use do I have for you as a co-head if you only hire overpaid people? We need a lead engineer, he's the one.
I spoke with Mr.
Bharadwej, he believes he can do it.
Shanti is a very good coder, but he's missing practical experience Since I moved up the launch by a week, quick pragmatic decisions have to be made.
You launch in seven days.
- We can't.
- You can.
Use it to show the people here that you're a leader.
Otherwise I'll kick you out.
One week, that's it.
Are your dance moves ready, Pascal? You need a bit more.
We should do this before you really start to piggyback.
Trust me, it's the perfect time to sell! Exit now.
You'll make a huge profit and I'll get my share.
You have to learn two things: one, be patient, two, don't let others ever know what you're thinking.
Poker face.
And now shut up and drink with me! What the fuck? We worked together! Four glasses.
Four is better.
This is unbelievable! Thao Hoang Incoming call Yes? If your lawyers can do it, I'll help you.

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