Bad Banks (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


Do you have any siblings? I don't know Can we communicate or something? Hobbies, or Do you like cats? What do your parents do? Who are you? I have to go.
I don't want the others to find out.
Would that be unprofessional? You have to promise me one thing.
If I get you to not think about work for several minutes, give me a slap.
- Good.
- But you'll have to try hard.
I'll do it, some day.
And then you'll give me a hard slap.
The teams and I had a meeting yesterday.
- All right, Ladyboys, fresh coffee.
- Fuck off! For you.
There's the little party animal.
Why do you look well-rested? - He's a baby, a newborn.
- You look like a princess.
A pretty princess.
Calm down, Davie.
Keep your dick in your pants, fuck.
At least pretend to have a hangover.
How idiotic.
Green Wallet? - Do you like it? - Good website, good code.
Do you think they'll become anything? I think they've got something.
The question is, how quickly.
Whether they're ahead of their time.
Ahead of their time People spend more and more money on organic stuff in supermarkets.
10% of Germans are vegetarian.
There's some change.
So why do you work at Fin21? I'm serious, it's a good question.
Right, Davie? Why are you in this capitalist den if the future is Green Wallet? I didn't say that You said it! - Did he say it or not? - I don't know anymore.
You said it! You think Green Wallet is the future.
- It was just thinking out loud.
- Give me an answer now.
Why are you here? I think maybe, sometime in the future But you're too dumb and are betting on the past! You work here and believe we're the losers of the future? Why are you lying to yourself? Don't be a coward, quit.
Quit! I don't want to quit.
Do you know why you don't? Do you know? Because you're a cowardly whore.
Just like everyone.
That's why Green Wallet will fail.
You drink this here, destroying our oceans.
Exploiting the farmers in Ethiopia, destroying the rain forest.
You probably donate 50 euros a year that are tax-deductible and buy a new phone every year while children die in the countries you give your 50 euros to! You're an asshole! Just like everyone else.
Every single fucking person orients themselves on things they want to understand and things they don't want to.
All of us here, Davie too, we cheat our conscience, and those who are most successful at it, at telling themselves they're doing the right thing while they hurt others are the winners! Gabriel You're cool, you're a liar like everyone else! High five! Come on, high five! Get the fuck out of my office! BAD BANKS Morning! Take a look.
Imagine this is Ties' tablet.
- What? - A lot of action yesterday? Nice.
15 seconds.
If you have Ties' password.
Why are you suddenly so keen on the plan? The crap will be behind us then.
I hid the files.
Ties won't find out he has it on his tablet.
That's true.
When it's on there, it's on.
Is Shanti auditioning for a Bollywood porn, or what? We'll figure out how we'll do this.
He lowered the volume.
No one is meant to know that it's his birthday.
No, that's not true.
How are you? You look like crap.
I just work a lot, but everything is fine.
Deutsche Global Invest Incubator, Berlin - Were you ever a proof person? - Yes, fit and proper test.
It's not that easy today.
Let me do it.
I'll gain access in two days.
Three days are fine.
Just get the license, otherwise we can't launch worldwide.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
You decide how to proceed with Ties.
Not Thao.
Don't worry.
See you! Don't be scared.
We'll stay professional.
Guys, please.
Everyone, let's see it as an opportunity, rather than a problem, okay? We are well prepared and we make sure that the launch is accompanied by our announcement that GreenWallet will soon be available in the UK, too.
We got to do it.
Please trust me, we really need to dig in over the next few days.
But we are going to do it.
Okay? So, let's go.
Shanti has some intense days ahead of him.
He has to implement the incubator and prepare it for the international market.
The problem is that everything goes through him.
He has to update everything the coders do.
Everything the designers do won't work without him.
Will he be able to do it? Is he there yet? Yes, he is.
You've already pulled one all-nighter.
We'd like to help you.
- Take off some of your workload.
- It won't work.
I have to do this myself.
Shanti, have you ever pulled more than one all-nighter in a row? No.
The next few days are going to be hard.
We'll get you a room you can sleep in.
It's your shot to prove yourself here, okay? The biggest shot of your life.
You're gonna be so fucking proud of yourself.
All right? You're gonna do it.
Leblanc! What did he say exactly? Khano was in a FinTech conference with Sydow.
He said that even though there were Global employees there, he's worried about you.
How did you find this out? Singnam from the back office heard it from a colleague, and he heard it from someone in Sydow's department.
You should wear flats.
Khano was never very creative when he kicked people out.
First, things come out of him at some conferences which spread all over the office, then he gives you a task you won't be able to fulfil.
What should I do? The only thing that can win you some time.
Thanks for the help.
I'm the one who should thank you.
DEUTSCHE GLOBAL INVEST, FRANKFURT AM MAIN They asked again whether they can print details about me or my source.
No, don't mention your position or any details.
You want to be referred to only as an insider.
All right, got it.
See you later.
An insider from Deutsche Global Invest reports on Supervisory Board disagreements regarding Robert Khano's competence.
Insider? This is ridiculous.
Gossip like this, we just ignore.
Nothing this newspaper writes can be ignored.
Sorry, Quirin, she Why don't we speed things up? What's my mission impossible? Pardon me? I heard the rumors about me have started circulating.
Welcome to the club.
Since this merger, this bank has been sitting on so much junk that I have absolutely no room for maneuver.
You've been promising me for months that this will change.
Why us? Why don't you make the change? It's not my fault that we're stuck with all this junk.
The regulations make it absolutely impossible to make it valuable again.
You don't seriously intend to blame me for this.
Fortunately, we do agree on one point: this sort of bickering is the last thing we need right now.
We are not only in the focus of the EZB, also the international press is looking at us.
So we need constructive solutions.
And apologize to Maria.
I can't accept disrespectful behaviour towards my employee.
Where is Luc? He had something.
He has the day off today.
- Why? What is he doing? - I have no idea.
Here, my friend.
There's no deposit on it.
- What? - There is no deposit, you ass.
I'm coming to Berlin.
You know what people in Frankfurt call me? The junk dealer boss.
But I can't get rid of the junk and there's no other job for me because there are less and less jobs, and all the Brexit bankers have flooded the work market.
- You want to be in the incubator.
- Yes, of course.
You brought in those three boneheads.
- They brought a FinTech.
- Exactly.
And my concept is that I'll start as an entrepreneur in residence.
I'll look over people's shoulders, and will slowly let my experience flow in.
What experience? Are you really my father or a clone? You look different.
It's the new glasses.
What experience do you actually have? For this? So, how's it hanging? - Can we speak outside? - Oh yes.
Sorry that I didn't answer.
We have a lot to do today.
I was a bit angry at first, but do you have five minutes for me? - No.
- Then two minutes.
I've been thinking how you can improve Green Wallet's performance.
It's a bad time now.
Why don't you listen to what I have to say? Thao? Is she hiding from me? You're so unfair! We've always worked so well together.
- You've become so antisocial! - We're working like hell.
Get far away from the bank and stay there.
It's not the nice, new world everyone thinks it is.
Jana? - Is he gone? - Yes.
What's up? The pin for Ties' tablet.
He's standing by the counter up front, I'll find something to distract him.
Thao Hoang New message I have Ties' password.
Victoria Escort Incoming call I'll do it for 100,000.
With an advance payment.
50,000 now.
I'll get the money and contact you.
Hey guys, morning.
Gabriel Fenger, nice to meet you, man.
- Thanks man! Enjoy your day.
- Okay.
What the fuck? Gabriel? Impressive office.
- You can't just come in here.
- A surprise visit.
How's it going? - Gabriel Fenger.
- Ben Kaufmann.
You can't just Good timing, you left Goldman at the right time.
- Respect.
- Thank you very much, but still Don't worry.
I'm about to leave.
Coffee? Outside? - Pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure is all mine.
Good luck.
- It's cool.
- Thank you.
Shanti, how is it going? Is there anything I can do to help? Just stop offering me help.
And my name is Shantimay.
Shanti is a women's name.
Thank you.
It's your turn to explain.
Explain what? Why you lost your talent in six months.
- That's what you think? - Please, what is this crap? Is there a plan behind this that I don't understand I believe in Green Wallet.
Come on! Are you fucking kidding me? A sustainable bank can maybe work for people who need an account but say "I hate bankers, "I'll put my money in a useful account", but not a robo-advisor like Green Wallet.
That's a fucking joke.
Many people in Germany and other rich countries are thinking about how to invest their money.
If we show them they can get high returns while doing a good thing, it can work.
It won't, and you know it.
- It will.
- No.
Jana, you're right, sorry.
Every person has to make their own experience.
I have another appointment now.
I fly back tomorrow.
Let's have dinner tonight.
LONDON You've been an approved person before, have you? Right, I am familiar with all that.
This way please.
Then you are probably aware that your status has been inactive for too long.
I am afraid you have to renew your application.
That's why I am here.
Multiple Choice today, right? There is the door.
Too good Too good for this shit.
Excuse me, Sir? Sorry.
We have reviewed your application and would like to speak to you about it again tomorrow morning.
I have time.
So, new office? I've been trying to pool these high-interest-bearing bonds into a fund for months but there's only complete junk in it.
Even loans from Leipzig 2025.
What happened to you? A year ago you would've thought of something.
- What broke you? - Should I jump from here or what? How do you think Sydow became who he is, or how I became who I am? Or your father? Do you think we followed the rules? I want the old Luc back.
I have a trusted contact in a small bank.
He knows a banker that you know.
And if my contact buys a part of the junk from you and resells it Then a contact of mine goes to your contact, and I buy it all back Here's a list with trusted contacts and some constellations that would hide the road trip.
You'll make the junk valuable again.
And you'll finalise the fund.
Valuable? And don't jump.
Isabelle? I won't have contact with Luc from now on.
No emails, no calls.
- How's it going? - Good.
I just have to go to an interview tomorrow.
With the financial supervision? It's a standard thing, no idea.
- Is there something that - No, nothing.
I don't care what you're up to, but I have to know I said no! It's all good.
Then get back to me, okay? Gabriel Fenger New message Where are you? Sorry, I just wanted to remind you to drink.
Promise me.
- Thank you.
- Okay? Take care.
I saw that you read my text.
I can't make it unfortunately.
Fucking bitch! David Kubiak Dialling Hey Dave, you have to find an address for me.
K, J, I, G, F, E, D.
Ben? Good morning.
Sleep well? The bill.
You know what? Fuck you! And you, fuck you! Fuck all of you here! We just came from my lawyer.
We came by directly before he sent it to you.
And? How's it going? - Good, thank you.
- What? - It's going well, thank you! - What's going well? Jana, this is Karin, my mother, and my brother Flo.
- Ben, I'm leaving.
I'll see you.
- We'll leave soon, you can stay.
What do you do? I'm Ben's colleague.
- What? - She's a colleague! - A techie.
- Co-CEO.
We bought Ben's start-up for Deutsche Global Invest.
That disaster just happened last week.
It just happened last week.
She thinks it's a bad thing that we were bought up.
- What do I think? - That the buy up wasn't good.
What do I know? You wanted to walk on a minefield, so now you are! Don't look at me like that.
- Seriously! - Sorry that I'm worried.
- You're too good a person, Flo.
- So, the reason we're here.
It's all in your lawyer's writing, that I would love to read, but I have to go to work now.
Why do you react so aggressively when we visit you? I'm just speaking loudly so you understand me! If you messed something up with our money again - Our money? - What? A few months ago, it was still dad's money! Our family's money.
No, it's my money that I financed my company with.
- We should - We tried.
We'll come back when your company is broke, and we have to pick up the pieces.
Are you coming? Sorry, good luck.
Sorry about the two of them.
Shall we? Since Fin21 was founded a year and a half ago, we've amassed 10,000 customers.
My clientele is already worth 13 million.
We could have 57,000 customers three years after founding.
- From organic growth alone.
- Impressive.
But we looked at the lifetime costs per Fin21 customer.
We arrived at a running cost of 70 euros.
With CAC, it's 250 euros.
The conversion rate of registered customers to active customers Funny.
People peel bananas from here, but monkeys take the other side.
The monkeys are right.
You damage the bananas much less.
- You used to negotiate more creatively - I wasn't as successful in the past.
You want to value Fin21 at 150 million.
We can get a deal with eight big banks tomorrow who all want to cooperate with Fin21 to redirect their customers' savings and avoid the ECB penalty interest.
Our conversation partners from yesterday can offer 100,000 customers with deposits worth 3.
8 billion.
I can sign eight deals like that.
I feel no pressure to sell Fin21 right now.
If Fin21 is valued at less than 220 million, we won't even talk to you.
You built Green Wallet with the inheritance from your father? I've been in a legal dispute with my family.
If Green Wallet doesn't work, I'll be broke.
We can do it.
- Why are you hesitating? - Am I? You making yourself scarce and don't want to sell.
Talk to me.
I want to sell, but maybe not to Lindberg & Stern.
What's your plan? Good morning.
Where have you been? - I'm on time.
- Jacoby is at the front.
Let's be quick.
Can you help me? Just a moment.
I'm sorry.
Leave it.
The cleaning lady will do it.
It's alright, leave it.
What is it now? Oh my God! - Everything all right? - Yes, all good.
Fuck! Mr.
Jacoby, is this yours? I was caught up with something, sorry.
- It fell.
- What were you doing? I'll buy you a new one, of course.
I can't believe it.
Fuck! Clarnow Palace, Brandenburg Let's go! Luc here.
Of course it's me! Don't you recognise my voice? The US and Great Britain loosened up their regulations a long time ago.
Only we have our banks in a chokehold.
The result is that we aren't competitive anymore.
Germany wants to be the eager beaver but we're the inhibitors.
The deals, parties and drugs were cooler, the women were hotter, the clients were cooler, they were happy we made them rich! You want to announce to the press that you want to ease up the bank regulations? And announce the tightening of liability regulations for bankers.
Sorry, but no one will understand that.
Easy to explain.
Regulations down, liability regulations up.
A clear message.
We ease up the regulations if you're prepared to be individually responsible.
You gamble, you're liable.
They don't understand that risk means profit and returns, and at times losses! Not our fault! I like the initiative.
You know we'll never be able to tighten the liability regulations.
Shall we say three? Yes? Who are we making happy with this? For finance people nothing is worse than individual responsibility: "I am liable if I gamble with other people's money? "I hate the new finance minister.
" And the population: "Our new young finance minister "wants to ease the regulations of the evil bankers, I hate him.
" It's a lose-lose situation.
What do we get from that? Who do you mean by "we"? You, me, the whole country? They're ruining everything! FinTech and all that crap.
Daring to be more realistic means speeding up processes.
Of course this interests you.
For sure.
I think this is all a bit rushed.
You think in categories that might have been applied in the US in 2007, but not in the reality of the European financial sector today.
This way we have no future.
It didn't work.
Ties is now distrustful.
Thao Hoang What are you doing with Jana? You showed me this video.
Why? Because you're scared I'm too interested in her? You're trying to build trust? I don't trust you one bit.
I think all emotions are an engine for great success.
Revenge is an engine like that.
I wanted to show that I understood that.
I want to sell Fin21 to Global.
Then I'm asking you to be patient.
Jana works for me.
As soon as I have what I need from her, I'll take her to court.
But I still need her.
Thank you for coming back in to see us again, Mister Pohl.
So, you have been an approved person in London before, passed all the tests, no problem, everything on that score is fine.
However, we've received some information from our counterparts in Germany that there is this suggestion that a restraining order, or a pending lawsuit something of that nature has been taken out against you.
In relation to an alleged instance of domestic violence.
Is this true? That actually there is no lawsuit, she didn't file charges.
My wife is just trying to take away my kids.
I am sure you are going to appreciate Mr.
Pohl this is a sensitive issue and we will take a dimmed view on someone who failed to disclose something like this to us.
- Do you understand? - Sure.
Really and I am sorry.
I clean this up with my lawyer straight away and submit the required information.
How is it going? Jana Liekam Hi, can we have three pints, please? Thank you.
I still have to clear up a few formalities - So, what's new with you? - Not much actually.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Who are you? That is the wrong question.
So what is the right question then? The question should be what am I going to have next.
So, what are you going to have next? - You.
- Are you sure? Absolutely sure.
Jana? I'll go and meet with the support guy, okay? Is everything okay with you? I'll lose it if it doesn't continue soon.
I think he can't do it.
Alright, take care.
Shanti, hey.
Let's go get some fresh air.
- No, I really - It's all right.
Okay, take a break.
It's fine.
- Fresh air is good for you.
- Ja, I guess so.
I'm totally against something like this, but sometimes it can save your ass.
Only if you want it.
But you'll survive the next hours with this.
You're almost there.
And then you are gonna be so proud of yourself.
A simple police statement, yeah? Sydow gave you money in the last six months so you'd meet with Peter Richard.
- Sure.
- You'll get the rest after.
Don't fuck this up! Asshole.
But thank you.
Peter Richard Incoming call Idiot.
Gabriel Fenger Incoming call Mr.
Fenger? What a surprise! Hey, what's wrong? I am losing everything.
First my family and now my job.
Soon they will all realize that nobody needs fucking bankers like me anymore.
I am pointless, I am a fucking waste of space.
Don't say that.
I'm dead.
Please don't say that.
Please breathe.
Jana, come quick! - My back hurts.
- Shanti? Talk to me.
Where? Shanti.
An ambulance, immediately! Do something! My co-worker is in pain.
He's feeling very bad.
I think maybe his heart What's going on? We called an ambulance.
It's going to be fine.
Shanti is in St.
Marien Hospital.
Please come! A colleague of mine, Shantimay Bharadwaj, was just brought here.
- Can you tell me where he is? - I'll have a look.
- Can you please tell me? - Take a seat.
You're not the only one here.
Other people are waiting.
Calm down.
Take a seat.
I'll have a look.

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