Bad Banks (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Die Gewinner von heute

Hello? Are you Mr.
Bharadwaj's friend? Yes.
Good, we've stabilised him.
He'll get back on his feet.
That's the only thing I can tell you.
Do you know his family? - I'll give you their number.
- Good.
- Can I visit him? - Tomorrow, maybe.
Jana! - How is he? - All good.
Looks can to be misleading.
She definitely doesn't look like someone who would hack her own bank for money.
She needs the money.
She'll do it.
Trust me.
The other thing was more difficult.
The guy I was about to recommend to you for handing Picelli is in Asia.
And he won't be back anytime soon.
So, I have a recommendation for a local, but I don't know him.
I can't vouch for him.
BAD BANKS I was accepted already.
The guy's daughter probably wanted an internship, and so I was kicked out.
You also have a dad you can intern for.
Learn from it.
Relationships, networks, it's the most important thing today.
You think I like the idiots at the board or this amateur finance minister? - Yes? - Richard just marched into the bank.
I quickly took him to your office, no one saw him.
Okay, good.
I'll let Maxi out at the fund.
She's starting an internship with us.
Don't let this asshole leave my office! The head of the bank supervision can't just waltz into my office! She isn't reachable anymore.
Did something happen to her? What? - I have no idea where to look.
- You could call her.
I don't know anything about her.
Who her parents are, where she lives Slow down with this girl, there are thousands like her.
I can guarantee that nothing happened to her.
I'll find her.
And you're really worried, right? Alright.
I'll take care of it, yeah? You go now quietly and don't you ever show up here again, yeah? Deutsche Global Invest Incubator, Berlin Where were you? Do you have the license? - Almost, relax.
- Asshole.
How are we going to do this now? Shanti's done enough for coders to take over his job, but we need a briefing from him.
Even so, we don't have enough manpower to do it in a few days.
Adam, what about the license? Adam? The license? I have to deal with a few formalities.
I'll have it.
- What formalities? - Formalities.
You know how important this is.
Should I be worried Everything's fine.
Jana, can we talk? Yes.
I've always behaved professionally.
There are rules.
Rules that we agreed on beforehand.
I've been doing this crap for six months.
He keeps getting creepier, I can't anymore.
- It's brand new, right? - He thinks we're in a relationship.
Come here! I can take it all away again.
I can take it all away.
Do you want that? Do you? You're earning more than a banker in his first year.
You hit the jackpot! You will call him.
- What's wrong? - Well My wife claims I hit her to get a temporary injunction against me.
What? I didn't hit her, are you crazy? My lawyer will clear it up.
Now listen.
I called a friend who connected me with Ukrainians that will do it illegally.
Do what? If you get the briefing from Shanti, we can outsource.
- We'll do it like the big guys.
- With money from Mauritius? Yes.
It'll be expensive.
It'll be between 120,000 and 200,000.
For everything to be finished before the launch.
They want 80,000 as a down payment, how fast can we get it in bitcoin? Or Monero? What? Picelli could tell Leblanc we're withdrawing money, but it's 200,000 at the most.
I'll find out where the money has to go so we can start in Ukraine.
How many coders are they? 30, 40 people.
They need all the material and an exact briefing.
We've known each other for a long time, but - Luc! - One minute, please.
What? Someone wants a letter page for one of your bonds.
What's going on suddenly? The two of us have to whip this bank into shape! Okay, hold on a second.
Ladies and gentleman, now it's official.
Luc Jacobz is bank in business! The Big Dog is back, motherfuckers! What do we sell? - Junk! - How much of it? All of it! You have to wait.
We need some money from the account.
- Forget it.
- Felix, there's no other way! Jana, I want to have this shit behind me! You think I don't? I need the money.
Shanti, I am really sorry for what happened.
You don't need to apologize.
I do.
Are you okay? I mean, is everything all right? Yeah.
Inflammation of my heart muscle.
I am going to be okay.
- Will I lose my job? - What? No, Shanti, no.
I really love my job.
Just like you do.
I don't know anyone else who works as hard as you do.
Listen Shanti, I really hate to ask right now.
But I need a briefing from you.
So that others can continue working.
Only if it won't upset you.
No, it's okay.
You have your notebook with you? Yeah.
If the doctors see me working, they will throw you out.
There is no need to hurry, you can take your time.
Where do we start? I promised you.
Green Wallet will get through it.
We're winning.
Kiev, Ukraine Let's go, people! The Berlin project is on your desk.
The code has to be ready in six days.
Each step is listed.
If you have questions, ask! Let's go! Jana, what is this? You have to discuss things like this with me! Call me back.
Hello! Everything alright with you? Jana! The thing with the Ukrainians, you know how risky that is? An external team without due diligence.
How do you know they aren't stealing our code? You have to talk to me about things like that.
I know.
We're catching up.
Are you coming to the sprint meeting? Yes, in a sec.
- How are you paying for this? - Please just trust me, okay? You see that it's working.
Liekam? Hello! Paul Rensing from legal.
We have to discuss something.
- Can you come with us? - Okay.
Do you have an empty room? Here's good.
Liekam, I won't beat around the bush.
To achieve quicker success in robo-advice, Global bought out Fin21 today.
It was decided that there will be no more resources given to Green Wallet.
Global is now checking how they can use parts of Green Wallet for Fin21.
Your team will be disbanded for the moment and what can be offered to you and your team will be decided in the next few hours.
Tomorrow at the latest.
We're about to launch.
It's important that you understand this: Green Wallet is history.
It is absolutely forbidden to talk to others about Green Wallet or the current development.
Please sign this.
Ben! - I'm sorry.
- Fuck you, Jana! Ben, please wait! Ms.
Liekam? How is Mr.
Bharadwaj? Good.
What you're experiencing is terrible.
That's why I want to give you the good news.
You and your team will stay.
I want you to take over the leadership of Fin21 with the same passion you ran Green Wallet with.
I Mr.
Fenger and his team are waiting for you.
You should go now.
This is the voicemail of Ben Kaufmann.
Please leave a message.
Ben, it's me.
Can you please call me back? Jana! Take a seat.
Well All of this must be totally crazy for you.
But you heard the good news from Ties.
I personally made sure you won't get kicked out.
You can continue in this position for Fin21.
- I understand.
- Great! And I promise you, it's the best thing that ever happened to you.
What we need from you is real conviction.
You sold Fin21 as the big enemy this whole time, we're all certain that this was a PR strategy, but we have to clearly hear it from you once.
That you really want this here.
That you want to be the CEO of Fin21.
- That you believe in Fin21.
- Sure Show us passion! First, thank you Gabriel for pushing for me like this.
And Fin21 is great.
It's probably the most promising robo out there.
- So, you're happy.
- Yes.
- I'm very happy.
- We're happy about it.
And Green Wallet? It was fun, but you can't compare it to Fin21.
Why? Come on, we have to get a bit more.
You fought for Green Wallet like fucking crazy! You looked like you believed in it.
You were pretending, right? Sure.
Say it.
The whole sustainability topic is a good show, very effective and helpful, but Come on, be fucking honest.
Tell me.
The whole idea is nice-sounding nonsense and a very naive experiment.
Come on! Fin21 isn't an experiment.
Fin21 is a guarantee for success.
Thank you.
Very good.
Alright, well.
We've looked at your team.
We'll have Thao and Shantimay on board.
Not Adam.
We don't see any use for him here.
- I understand.
- And Ben miscalculated.
Shit happens.
Great guy.
Alright, that's enough for now! We'll see each other tomorrow morning and keep talking, yeah? Congratulations.
Welcome to Fin21.
- Welcome! - It looks good, right? See you tomorrow.
Open up! It's annoying that it's all so complicated.
So your life is complicated.
It's good that you're working at the fund.
You get to see how complicated life is for others.
You have to view it egoistically.
Grandfather didn't care about his employees because of his social conscience, it was in the service of wealth.
These days it's not enough to buy a few homeless people a hot dog.
We have to confront ourselves with ethical topics, and our family has always attached importance to that.
Wait a moment.
What are you doing here? - What do you want? - Someone came to me.
He offered me money if I went to the police.
- Who? - I don't know.
Why don't I accept the money? I'll give you 50.
The other one is giving me more.
You'll get 100,000 but you'll meet with Richard again.
Call him.
Call him! Hello Peter.
Yes, this is Viki.
Sorry, I wasn't doing well yesterday.
But I have time tomorrow.
You do too? That's nice.
I can only say that we'll find a solution.
- Stop looking at me! - Adam, I'll get you back.
We'll find a solution.
Ben Kaufmann Dialling This is the voicemail of Ben Kaufmann.
Please leave a The brutal methods of pimps According to your experience, what's the typical background of a prostitute? I believe all women who sell their bodies for money have experienced sexual violence in their childhood.
Here it is! The great thing.
European Credit Opportunities Fund.
Or at least the preliminary brochure.
Warm and fresh like croissants that you have in bed in the morning, Christelle.
It'll take a few days, it hasn't passed supervision yet, but Isabelle, I need the first flight to Berlin.
Right away.
Thank you.
Paul, do you have a minute? I wanted to ask you about the portfolio.
We have a few ETFs there, and I don't know whether Sorry I'm late.
I think the order is the most important thing for now.
Let me know if you don't like how I listed things.
You'll find the employees on the left, including CVs and so on, function and activity, how long they've been around, etc.
- Felix? - Yes.
Hi, how are you? - Good.
You have data? - Yes.
- Banker? - Yes, a banker.
- You need to replace him at his bank.
- Replace? Not for ever obviously but he needs to be sick for a couple of days.
You give call on day and I follow him.
On the same day I can make him sick.
How do you make him sick? Wait.
- Attacke.
- Fuck A robbery.
- Easy.
- So is it a broken arm then? Break an arm, or leg.
Just don't hurt him seriously.
We don't need that man to get seriously hurt, that is important.
- Don't worry.
Okay? Easy.
- Easy You call me? I can imagine it's not easy for you right now.
Your enthusiasm for Green Wallet wasn't just an act.
But it still can't be compared to Fin21.
It's a big jump for us.
Luc pooled a new fund for me from the bank's old portfolio.
A junk fund? Fin21 belongs to Global now.
Ties will want you to adapt the portfolio.
He'll want Global funds to be in there too.
The bank is meant to get something out of it.
You'll add Luc's fund to the portfolio.
Then you'll go to the supervision in Berlin and to all the important finance portals and media, and say that Ties forced you to include the fund.
So it will look like Ties helped his son get rid of the junk.
Everyone in the bank knows how Ties favours his son.
So I'll have to betray Luc as well.
You'll simply claim that Ties forced you.
And if Luc asks you, you'll say the same.
Even Luc will believe you.
He knows his father, this could be his idea.
It's actually cool, right? You mean Fin21? It's the best that could've happened to us.
What's up with you? We tell the guy, and it's done by the evening.
- Keep me updated, yeah? - We'll let you know.
Thank you.
See you then.
- Thank you.
- Jana, what is this shit? Fenger and Leblanc are working together.
Leblanc's alternative plan came too quickly.
Green Wallet hasn't launched.
We couldn't implement the plan otherwise.
She had to have had this plan, which means she knew that Fenger was selling Fin21 and when.
- She arranged it with him.
- Yes.
It's her chance to rehabilitate herself at Global.
Fenger shamed me yesterday.
I think he knows what we did.
- How can we check this? - With the only question that remains.
I didn't tell Leblanc that it didn't work with Ties, that the tablet fell down.
Why this new plan? How does she know this? I'm glad we're finally talking about it.
We have to be 100% certain that it was Thao.
- You know what that'd mean? - Thao'll replace us.
If we go to prison.
Ben? How are you? Good.
Ben, I'm just as mad.
That's why I tried to call you.
- I still can't believe it myself.
- We shouldn't see each other anymore.
We should.
We should still see each other.
It's not It has No one can No one has - Can you please speak normally? - I am speaking normally.
Ben, I I'm very sorry about what happened.
But this has nothing to do with us.
There are no advantages, only disadvantages if we see each other.
Which we shouldn't.
- Ben, I don't understand you.
- For you.
For me what? Because you came.
When you came just now - What happened when I came now? - There are no advantages if you Look at the sky.
I have There's no advantage if you come.
S, T, O, Q, R, S.
Taxi immediately.
K, I, J, B.
K, I, J, B, N, O, Q Stop, please, stop it! Ben, stop it! Please! I called a taxi and I want you to come with me.
Ben, can you just come with me? I wanted to just be normal with you.
Turn right.
I think my friend needs to see the doctor.
- Dr.
- You've been here before, right? Yes.
His name is Ben Kaufmann.
Yes, Dr.
Heiss? Can you come to reception? Thank you.
She'll be right there.
- Hello, Mr.
- Hello.
You brought him here? But I don't know what's going on.
Kaufmann should stay with us so we can examine him and check his medication.
It will take one to two days.
Can you give me the keys for Kasper? Risperidon Neuroleptics Treatment of schizophrenia and psychoses I'm going back to Bordeaux.
I'll be making a lot of money here over the next few days and then I have to lay low at your place.
I wanted to ask whether you have a place to sleep? Very good.
I'll call you.
GUY Incoming call Everything okay? Adam, what is this? I'm nearby, let's meet Christelle Leblanc Let her go.
- Sorry, guys.
- Shut your mouth! I'm sorry! Stop it! They found out.
They kicked me out.
- I don't know what will happen now! - Nothing.
- Thao, you'll go to work tomorrow.
- What? You'll go to work tomorrow.
Do you understand? - I can't! - You can.
You will go to work.
Jana found out that Thao is passing on information to me.
You have to keep her on the team.
- Thao will not get fired.
- Sure, no question.
The escort isn't responding to calls.
She hasn't made a statement.
I'll try to find something out.
Financial Supervision Dialling I want to remain anonymous and report a colleague at my employer Deutsche Global Invest.
Sure, I'll wait.
Hoang Ling Thao.
Do it.
As quickly as possible Anonymous Welcome to the largest incubator in Europe.
I'm Jana, and my team and I, our charming and intelligent CFO Thao Hoang, and our very intelligent coder Shantimay Bharadwaj, who is unfortunately still on sick leave.
It's a great honour to greet you all here and I'm sure you will like it.
And of course I hope you will all see that Berlin is the coolest city in the world.
What you've done together with my former crazy boss is absolutely amazing.
And of course I hope you have trust in his vision when he hired me to replace him.
Also: See you all very soon, let's go! Thao Hoang New message The police wants to question me.
No idea why.
Help me! Delete contact and info? Delete You will be contacted by Thao Hoang soon.
She isn't my client anymore.
Refuse to represent her.
You've never worked for her.
Can you take back the restaurant loan? It can't be traced back to me.
Hoang, I was dragged into the Deutsche Global Invest crisis last year, so my ears pricked up when your colleagues called me.
They are suspicious of you.
I don't understand anything.
We've searched your private laptop and smartphone.
And we found this.
What? It isn't about whether you leaked the documents, but rather how you got to them.
You were reported for stalking twice, and there are still personal injury proceedings against you.
I want a lawyer.
Just to be clear, this isn't an interrogation.
You can leave at any point.
But it would send a bad message.
You'll be under investigation.
Someone just tried to mug me.
Name is Jason Picelli.
I am on a parking space.
Listen to me.
What do you mean it worked? What happened to Picelli? He's in the hospital, lightly injured.
All good.
Injured how? Our man hit his arm with a baseball bat, and something broke.
Moving on.
I'll do the rest now.
The money has to go.
- Okay.
Thank you, Felix.
- Bye.
How are you? Ben It doesn't scare me off, okay? I don't like you any less if you're sick.
Do you understand? And regardless of how much time you need, I would like it if you wanted to see me again.
Let's keep seeing each other, yeah? I'm not a strong person, Jana.
I don't care.
I couldn't protect Green Wallet.
No one.
No one could've protected it.
- They could've.
- No.
- Hannah could've protected it.
- No, she was the first She could've protected it from you.
I was at Carlo Leiing's yesterday.
I begged him to get on board again, and he told me what you did.
You know, Jana, I really thought something was glowing inside you.
Something bright.
That was worth awakening.
That's constructive, that wants out.
I We're done, Jana.
We are.
Please just accept it.
Jana, goodbye.
Please go now.
We won't let that happen.
Yes, but honestly, I owe my landlord 10,000 euros.
Could you maybe help me? I really hope that's not the reason you're here again.
Of course not.
It's totally fine if you're angry with me.
You screened my calls because you were angry.
That's fine.
- We can talk about it.
- It's fine.
Why are you smiling? I'll help you with your money problems, but you don't have to pretend you're not angry with me.
I'm not angry.
It's normal to have an argument.
You fight, and then you talk about it.
Unknown number Mauritius Yes? When? Yeah? It's me.
I think you should know what Jana did.
Alright, I have to go.
I'll be in touch.
Who is forcing you to do these things? I can protect you from whoever dragged you into this.
Your pimp or I'm self-employed.
- What did they do to you? - Nothing! Viki, please Everyone has a reason for why they do what they do.
The best thing about it is we have a clueless guy above us named Ties Jacoby who will give us what we need.
Jacoby has pros and cons.
I'd be most interested in the topic of implementation.
I will protect you, Viktoria.
I have to go now.
Stop it! Stop!
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