Bad Banks (2018) s02e05 Episode Script


BAD BANKS Do you hear me? I'm celebrating a bit.
It worked.
It really worked.
The money has been transferred.
Free at last.
We'll talk when I'm back.
No more phone calls, throw the cell away.
Felix, wait! How's Picelli? He'll be fine.
I didn't ask, that would only attract attention.
- He'll be fine if it's only a broken arm.
- Exactly.
- I have a date.
I have to hang up.
- See you soon! All right! Forget the guy.
- What do we do about Leblanc now? - She has nothing on us anymore.
But we have something on her.
We have the information about Emox.
Forget it.
She safeguarded herself against that.
And how? She bet against her own clients.
You can understand that a week later too.
And if she didn't safeguard herself, she'll go after us before we report her to the board, so we should do it immediately.
Let's wait till tomorrow, okay? Nothing will happen anymore today.
I don't have the energy to scold you.
We are in the same position we were in when we first came to this country.
Get out of my face.
This awful situation has to end as quickly as possible.
I won't be able to think clearly as long as I have to do this to you.
But it'd be even worse to release you if you're not safe.
Just tell me.
Tell me his name.
Quirin Sydow Incoming call No one is forcing me.
Let's do it.
Call the board.
- Come on, I can just do it - No.
- Jana - No! Isabelle Kayser Dialing Isabelle.
Please connect me with Compliance.
DEUTSCHE GLOBAL INVEST, fRANKFURT AM MAIN Good morning, everyone! Unfortunately I have to interrupt your work.
I'll call you back.
Please stop all of your work immediately.
All of department C, please follow me.
Leave everything here.
You back there, did you not understand? Thao was always hard to suss out.
I often asked myself why she's doing this job, what drives her, whether she likes me.
I still don't know today.
She always did good work, but we had almost no private contact.
With the current situation, the investigation, I can't keep Ms.
Do you need a replacement? I'll talk to the others and let you know.
Then let's move on.
So, what do you think about it? I'll ask my colleagues, but you definitely need to file a complaint.
I want to know who acted independently in Central Risk Book.
I don't know that, we have a clear hierarchy.
Do you know what will happen if it comes out that our bank bet against one of our largest clients? Financial Board Dialing I want to report something.
I received something from German Global Investment.
I didn't hear about anything, I would've reported if I had.
Did you find out something about the escort? No.
Fuck! Sydow did something to her.
I don't think so.
It's too risky for him.
I have to hang up.
Good morning.
Richard, from the financial board.
We'd like to speak with Mr.
Gust from Compliance.
Yes? Luckily we reacted.
The board is here.
Mohamed Saltan Incoming call Momo? Everything is screwed here because of the Emox thing.
The board is here and Leblanc claims she didn't give the instructions.
- They're looking for the guilty one.
- The board? Yes.
But Leblanc already closed down the office before they came and she claims it was us.
Now heads are rolling, damn it, Jana! - Was it you? - No.
Jana, what should I Jana? Fuck! We are glad that you have reacted voluntarily.
Whether you arranged to speculate against Emox - Which I did not do.
- It's your responsibility either way.
That's why the steps you made this morning is an important sign for us.
I understand the impression it would make otherwise.
I'm very sorry that it took so many days until we noticed it here.
We would've contacted you today still.
May I ask how this came to be? - No, you may not.
- Of course.
- It's bullshit! - We decided it.
- You decided, Jana! - It was nil nil.
We had no reason to attack Leblanc.
Everything was fine.
You just started a war with her.
- I'll deal with Fenger.
- If we hadn't called Shut up! Dad Incoming call - I'm trying to help you.
- By bringing me to the incubator? - No.
- Luc.
I know you.
I don't want you to cause a mess again just for not getting what you want.
So that's my pattern? Do you know what your pattern is? Offering me help for something I don't need.
Bye, dad.
If we could somehow Top news this morning is the leaked plan of finance minister Alexander Schunk to loosen bank regulations, even the capital requirements.
He also wants to increase the personal liability of board members, another contentious issue, especially for this sector.
Fucking amateur.
He will never be able to change capital requirements.
There is no way.
Personal liability on the other hand, that will get him votes on the left.
- The Brits did it.
- Either way, it's going to cost us.
This means we have a finance minister who wants to be feared by everyone.
Who wants people to talk about him.
The fucking asshole.
Possibly the shareholders freak out.
They have to see us take action.
We should criticize this publicly.
I'll get my team to prepare some key messages.
And we should get rid of Leblanc by next week.
Isabelle, make an Incoming call - Yes? - Hello.
- Who is this? - It's me.
- Who is me? - Your son.
Not now.
Make an appointment with Schunk, even if it's just for 10 minutes, I want to speak to him today.
Jacoby wants us to take Global's foundations into account, and since you only took sustainable foundations at Green Wallet You're asking if I have plans on sustainability for Fin21.
For marketing purposes, for example.
I don't think it's a bad idea, but he had problems with it.
You're our finance wizard.
Don't you want to suggest something? The coffee tastes like crap.
Can we have coffee outside? I don't understand your strategy.
I'm sensitising people on important questions for the future.
If we want a flourishing European financial sector, we need a better balance between risk and liability.
The balance worked very well for our shareholders! Now they're unsettled! Very much so! In your situation I thought you would support me on every possible idea.
But liability regulations, that's going too far? That crosses the line.
Sydow, why would a man like you be scared of a word like liability? Did you learn German as a child? No.
I was always pretty bad at German for a Dutch person.
I learned it in the last 10 years when I lived here.
I was in a boarding school for a while, and there was a Dutch guy in the school.
He spoke a bit like you.
A bit funnier.
He always switched words.
When he wanted to say "I started the car's engine," he said "I torched the car.
" He was really bullied by us.
Not by me really.
I was kind of a loner, people steered clear of me.
But I observed it.
How everyone made fun of him.
I don't know, I wanted a piece of that.
I also wanted to rile him up.
For weeks I thought up ways of how I could hurt him.
It was fun for me.
Stop What you're doing right now, I would've gone for it a few days ago, I would've probably reconciled with you, but after yesterday We're all fighting with our gloves off, we have all crossed boundaries, but what you've done, that thing with Picelli Are you out of your fucking mind? I feel like I could be attacked right now.
- By who? - Let's discuss this on our way to Berlin.
Felix, what happened to Picelli? - Why do you still have the cell phone? - Stop lying to me! I gave very clear instructions.
I expressed myself clearly.
- Felix! - There was an accident.
Our guy ran Picelli over.
He's in a coma.
It's not our fault.
It was It was an accident.
- Will he be okay? - I have no idea.
I just know that he's in a coma.
Listen, Jana, this is very important.
Every move we make could be dangerous.
You will not call the hospital.
And you won't pay anyone to go there and see.
We'll never know what happened to him.
Do you understand? Yes, amazingly, everything is going great.
When is Shanti coming back? Jana? When is Shanti coming back? - Tomorrow.
- Perfect, then we're ready.
We'd like to discuss the portfolio and the decision-making structure Ben This is the mailbox of Ben Kaufmann Gabriel, I We wanted You have to believe me I didn't I really didn't know Gabriel! Gabriel, wait! Open the window.
All the way, please.
I didn't tell you something.
I also have problems like you.
Jana Do you know what what I doubt every damn morning? My existence.
I wake up every morning thinking that I don't exist.
They call it derealisation.
And it takes a lot of energy to fight these thoughts.
And the harder I work, and the more successful I get, the more I can convince myself that I exist.
That I'm not imagining it.
That two people made me.
But I have never felt that I exist more than with Green Wallet and with you.
I will always repair things.
Always build things.
You will always destroy things.
Because you're just too big.
Too hungry.
Ben, I - I noticed that with you - Jana, I'm not your salvation.
Please leave me alone.
Federal Ministry of Finance, Berlin Mrs.
Leblanc? Mrs.
Leblanc! - Welcome.
- Thank you.
I'll summarise what I understand and what I don't.
I understand that you want to support me and my plans.
I also understand that you, as an investment head, have an interest in having an influence on my plans.
Consultation doesn't equal influence.
And here's the point I don't understand.
Why do you want to publicly support me even though your bosses have clearly expressed their disappointment? No one knows what you'll achieve with your plans yet, and as always with such ventures, there are people who react with rash fear, and people who are so unsatisfied that they welcome new approaches.
This distinguishes me from Quirin Sydow and Robert Khano.
If we had more time I'd be very interested in your disappointment.
- Next time we'll have more time.
- Thank you for your spontaneous visit.
- See you soon.
Have a nice day.
- You too.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- She's on the hit list.
- And doesn't really hide it.
She wants us to know that.
She'd be prepared to go against her bosses.
That's good for us.
We need all the support we can get.
Ask her if she has five more minutes for us.
Today Deutsche Global Invest is not only the largest European bank, it's also the only European bank with a truly global footprint.
The history of this bank dates back to almost What do you think, Mr.
Thile? This looks very harmonious, right? Well, perhaps too harmonious.
Shouldn't we be worried that our finance minister hired someone like this as a consultant? Definitely very quick support from the largest European bank, right? Absolutely.
She's in solidarity with Schunk, so it'll be harder for Khano to fire her.
Everyone'll understand it as a reaction.
Global can't afford that.
A pretty desperate plan, right? - She's buying time.
- That's right.
For her actual plan which is Put yourself in her shoes, you know her.
What will she do now? - She's already ordered an attack on us.
- Why would she do that? She doesn't do anything without a clear goal.
I'm Leblanc, on the hit list, I've nothing to lose, I'm not scared of anything.
Why don't I have Jacoby killed? If Jacoby was gone, there'd be a position on the board that she wouldn't get right now.
So she would also have Sydow killed.
We don't know what her intentions are for Sydow.
Leblanc is thinking the same things we are right now.
She didn't think we'd beat up Thao like that.
And then we had Picelli killed? What does it look like? Will she think we wanted to break his arm but there was an accident? No, she thinks we wanted to have him killed! Unfortunately he survived, is in a coma in the hospital.
Leblanc thinks we're ready to kill! We didn't manage to destroy her with Emox or Central Risk Book, so she believes we'll try to kill her after Picelli! No, Adam! She wants to be quicker than us, to anticipate us.
A preventive attack! - A preventive attack? - Yes, a preventive attack! That's the only thing that makes sense! The only thing that makes sense is that Leblanc has nothing on us, and now we also have nothing on her.
Leblanc is rational, not emotional.
And we'll be that way now too.
Do you understand me? Adam! What manager follows what interests? Christelle Leblanc is a powerful woman.
This is why this is being reported on, because men are scared of someone like that.
She's a role model, and hopefully she'll show them! Elisa H I'm right-handed.
I have not forgotten the feeling to this day.
Sometimes I dream about it.
Recently I cooked in a dream.
I turned the meat with my left hand and seasoned it with the right hand.
It was because of a tick bite.
Quirin Sydow New message Is Vicky with you? Shit! My hands.
I can't feel them anymore.
Oh God.
They're hurt.
Better? Contact me! To Victoria Escort Gabriel! Let's negotiate.
Come, sit with us.
I assume that you have hidden her somewhere, but the fact that she hasn't made a statement yet It's clear to me that you want to annihilate me, but I'm appealing to your common sense.
What use do you have in ruining me? What happens then? The trial is over.
I won't go to prison like you.
It won't bring you back to the bank.
It's not enough to annihilate me.
You have to exonerate yourself, you have to be rehabilitated, and the only one who can do it, who can ensure that you'll be invested in again, that you can be trusted on the ground is me, my dear fellow.
I owe you that.
Anonymous Incoming call I'm at Richard's, there's blood everywhere! Come quick! - Go! - Calm down! Go! Wait! Alright, stay calm! Everything's okay.
Shit! Come.
You will go in again and call the police if you want to keep the money.
No word about us.
Richard paid you.
He's a client, a psychopath, like you told me.
If you mention one of us, what will happen? He gave you money so you could snitch on me and you blackmailed me.
You'll go to prison and your money will be gone.
Okay? So, calm down.
Go in, and call the police.
Yes? I think you're repressing the wrong things.
A lot of shit has happened to you recently.
And believe me, I'm familiar with panic.
But if you try to fight it, it'll only get worse.
Fear and panic make you make the wrong decisions.
- Or the right ones.
- What's the right decision? Do you want to kill Leblanc? Neither Leblanc nor we are capable of something like that.
She did order an attack on us.
You really think they would've killed me if you weren't there? I'm glad we're talking about it.
- Yes, I think they would've killed you.
- No, they wouldn't have.
What for? - To be sure.
- We're a bank, not a drug cartel.
I'll take care of Fenger tomorrow.
What does that mean? That Fenger is in love with me and I can get him on our side.
Now let me get some sleep.
Good night.
Only one person can rehabilitate you.
Joachim Schwarz, who's still in prison.
He needs to make a statement saying he worked on behalf of Khano.
He'll do that, he's loyal, it doesn't make a difference to him.
And I would have to make a statement saying we pinned it on you to protect Khano.
Then both of us will be exonerated.
And Leblanc will be kicked out.
I provoked you back then.
I know you! I knew it would work! It was all a lie.
Gabriel, your Leo She hated me.
She would've reported me if I had merely touched her.
We try everything, we play with marked cards, we do everything in order to win.
You do too.
I'll make sure you get your old job back.
And then we'll see.
Wait a minute! What happened? - I'm not allowed to talk about it.
- I'll buy you a coffee.
I understand that you can't talk about it, but not why they kicked you out while the other two Let it go, Luc.
You're such a close-knit team, I have always envied you somehow.
You're the dumbest person I've ever met.
You've worked with us for so long and don't get what assholes we are? Maybe I'm not as dumb as you think.
What happened, Thao? - Can we talk? - Leave it, please.
You're ridiculous.
I lost my talent, yeah? Do you know what you lost? Your greatness.
You destroyed Green Wallet and humiliated me.
It won't get better.
Maybe I just want to have nothing to do with you anymore.
Yeah? Then you wouldn't behave like an insulted teen.
I don't trust you, Jana.
- You think I trust you? - What did you want? I just wanted to ask if we can get dinner.
Correctional Facility, Frankfurt am Main And your daughter is doing better? The follow-up treatment is strenuous, but yes.
And I'll be out of here in seven months.
I'm glad to hear it.
Great attitude! So the reason I'm here We thought of options back then Yes, that we ruled out.
And rightly so.
But now there are reasons to reconsider them.
Can you remember the terms? Yes.
I'll add 20% to it.
Founding Silver Mountain, buying the papers That was all Khano.
- Yes, Khano initiated everything.
- Alright.
Then you should notify the prosecutor that you're ready to make a statement.
Are you happy? I think all of the world's problems all lead back to the scarcity of one resource.
It's always about the same resource.
- Nice calendar motto.
- Simple truth.
The problem is that there isn't a lot of this resource in the world.
Not enough for everyone.
But everyone wants it, and will do anything for it.
Even if it has consequences for others.
That's life, right? Life is a bitch.
Did you know that we are at the hotel that I live in? No.
Do you feel like having a drink? Sure.
Welcome to my crib.
Fucking hell Is it really going to be that easy now, Jana? I would notice it, right? If you're pretending.
It wouldn't work.
- I don't know what you mean.
- No? You'd really pretend I was great even though you hate me? - I don't hate you.
- You hate me.
After what I did, you hate me.
It was payback.
What? What was the payback for? I never thought it would have such extreme consequences.
And I never thought you would go to prison for it.
I'm sorry.
Then everything's alright.
Enough of this crap.
Let's cut the fucking bullshit! You're here because you're sure that you can seduce me.
Do you think I'm in love with you? - I don't want to seduce you.
- What then? I just want us to get along again.
That's sweet What do you think you can get out of me? Tell me.
Tell me the fucking truth! What the fuck do you want? I think Leblanc wants to destroy me.
I'd like to know if you know something.
She wants to destroy you, sure.
Welcome to the real fucking world, Jana! That's the game we're playing.
What do you want? Tell me, what do you want from me? - Stop it! - What do you want from me? - I mean it, stop.
- What do you want? What do you want? Dr.
Christoph Mertens - Lawyer Incoming call Good evening, Mr.
Pohl, this is Mertens.
Pohl, I'm sorry, I was just in court.
Your ex-wife seems to be serious.
The temporary injunction was just the beginning, now it's custody.
This means all of your past will be looked at, including your brother and all the documented offences and crimes.

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