Bad Banks (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Long Live the Queen

I'm flying to Frankfurt tomorrow and I'll negotiate with Global.
What? What about? A professional secret.
How did you do it? I won't think about that now.
Don't worry, I'll handle things with Leblanc.
She should leave you alone.
Thank you.
This means you might work for Global again? How would that work? It's a magic trick.
- Would things get easier if I stay? - No.
It's my success strategy.
Always go down the hard path.
Adam? Adam? Found A4, heading to Cologne Fuck! BAD BANKS Your WCar is in parking level D, spot 521 Found B519, heading to Kelkheim Hello, gentlemen.
Schwarz, this is really a pleasant surprise.
I'm very curious as to why you want to talk about it now.
My entire life I've worked towards the things that will happen in the next few days and now it's time.
There was only one person who knew about things.
The things one doubts about indicate the strength of one's spirit and goal.
This man tasked me with founding the subsidiary company Silver Mountain in Bahrain in order to sell our own junk.
Here are the documents showing the undeclared cash payments that I received from him, so I would stay silent.
This man is Quirin Sydow.
- Sir, your coffee.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Christelle - How are you? - Fine, thanks.
A bit surprised, I guess.
- Surprised? - About your invitation.
As you can imagine I had to make a decision.
Whether to support the safe candidate, or the underdog.
What Mr.
Schwarz raved about in his cell is complete nonsense! That doesn't matter.
You will pack your things and leave the bank.
Then you will report to the police.
After lunch I would like to take you to HR to discuss your CFO-contract.
That is the right position for you.
The supervisory board has been informed.
I've discussed it with all the key people.
Well, that is I am a bit speechless.
Perfect timing.
Christelle - I am just giving her the good news.
- Excellent.
Yes! No, I don't give a damn! Find out where they are! Right now! I'll call the police, Adam.
- Please, let's talk.
- The children aren't here.
- But are they okay? - Yes.
Sabine, I'm I'm in a dangerous situation.
I just want to talk.
There's the whole gang! Bon app├ętit! It's nice that we're all at one table.
Quirin, please.
Don't make this embarrassing.
Oh, no, no.
I know I lost.
What's interesting is that I first worked with you, then with him against you, then with her against you, then you with her against me, then I with you against him, and now you're with him and her against me.
Crazy, right? What a crazy world! We see ourselves as geniuses but it's chance that matters.
- Quirin, it's decided.
- No, nothing is decided.
I'm not going away.
- We will negotiate now.
- That's not an option.
You're going to be banned from the profession.
There is always a solution.
I'm not going anywhere until we found a solution.
Come on.
Otherwise, it's not going to end.
Guys, I'm left with nothing.
What will I tell my daughter? What have I done? Yes, we fought against each other, but now we're sitting here at the table and are eating.
Fellow human beings eating at the table.
And one with nothing left for him? Come on, guys! Please! Quirin, put the knife down.
I am going to kill myself today.
I am going to kill myself today.
I am going to go home and kill myself.
That is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard.
Me too.
Come on, Quirin, you are better than that.
We are not.
He is talking nonsense, right? Of course.
Gabriel, I really want to bring you back into the bank, right away.
Thank you.
Why are you in danger? I'm realising more and more how important you all are to me.
We will talk once now and then you'll go.
It's one thing that you deceived me, pretended to be a square and hid what I kept finding out about you.
What you did, your brother, your past But it's another thing if you say you're in danger.
I believe you, because that's what you are.
A danger.
I wonder why it took you so long to hit me for the first time.
Sabine, I didn't hit you.
Please, that's not fair.
I pushed you by accident, but I - You're a danger to my children.
- They're our children.
- As a mother I have to do everything - Please, Sabine, let me try to explain.
You can hide it, control it for a while, but it will always come back.
- I'm trying! I'm doing everything I can! - It will always come back.
I won't drink anymore! It will always come back and my children will be far away from you then.
Please, just go.
- What are you doing here? - Did something happen? - How did you know I was here? - What happened? Are you following me? Is there - Are you following me? - Adam, wait.
What do you want from me? Fuck off! Guys, thanks.
- Hey, what the fuck is this? - Good to see you.
Good to be back.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I'm back.
Good to see you, guys.
You're still here? Hello, genius.
Thanks, guys.
Get to work.
Come on.
Welcome back! What about Jana? Is the bullshit over? I think we should have a normal working relationship and not talk about conspirational things.
Alright, then I don't have to worry about Jana.
- And it was that easy? - Yes, very fast.
Khano prepared the change.
There was total confusion here.
What did she say about me? I don't think you need to worry.
Okay? - You think? - She got what she wanted.
I made it clear she should end the nonsense with you.
What did she say exactly? She's on the board and achieved everything.
She has no reason What did she say when you told her to stop the nonsense with me? Jana, relax, okay? Trust me, today is very different than yesterday.
- Okay, thank you.
- Sure.
Let me know, if you - Not now! - Leave.
- You can't do this.
- Leave us alone.
- Jana, please! - It's alright.
The thing with Central Risk Book was a misunderstanding between Adam and me, I didn't want it, it was a mistake.
We have no reason to attack each other.
- I don't want it to continue to escalate.
- Escalate? What has escalated? End recording Was it a good idea to come here? - I want to put aside what's between us.
- You didn't answer.
- I don't know whether it was a good idea.
- It wasn't! Why? Because now you think I'm scared.
If Central Risk Book was a misunderstanding, if you didn't want to stab me in the back, why aren't you fulfilling your task? What happened was my fault.
To make amends, I'll do the Ties thing, but after that, we're done.
- Do your job.
- It's the last job I do for you.
Dad? Dad, what are you doing there? - What are you doing? - My entire life Maxi My entire life I'll get help.
Shit! Emergency call My life's shit! Hello? I need help.
My dad hurt himself.
Kronberg, Paul-Ehrlicherstr.
- He stabbed himself in the chest.
- Stabbed himself in the chest! Please hurry! No, don't take it out! - What are you doing? - I fainted for a bit.
Sorry, I pissed myself.
Everything I said to you, it doesn't mean anything.
All that family stuff, it's meaningless.
- The whole damn family stuff.
- That's not true.
Everything is meaningless.
It's not important what you do, Maxi.
You're meaningless.
Stop it.
- You have to have a fresh start.
- No.
Shit! Bank supervisory board head allegedly murdered Leblanc, new CFO? Adam Pohl Incoming call - Where are you? - They killed the supervisory board head.
What? Peter Richard, the guy that Sydow was covering for.
Covering for? When the trial started, he covered for him.
You don't know if he knew anything.
Leblanc is the new chief financial officer.
And now she's tidying up.
They killed him.
- What will she do with us? - Adam, stop it! You're drunk! - You don't have to take part in this.
- In what? Jana Liekam Incoming call LUXEMBURG Adam Pohl Dialing Adam! Let him go! Stop! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Down! What's wrong with him? He's breathing.
- I'm calling the police.
- Go take care of your wounds.
Come out when I call for you.
- I have to call the police! - Go to the bathroom.
Adam just wanted to scare you.
Or threaten you.
But he didn't want to do anything to you.
I swear, he didn't.
I We didn't discuss him coming here.
I didn't want that.
I wanted to stop him.
I'll get him under control.
Adam - I'll get Adam under control.
I promise.
- Listen, Jana.
Adam broke into this house.
He fought with my security man.
He didn't survive it.
When the police comes, you'll confirm this statement.
You tried to stop him, but he wanted revenge.
But nothing happened! My security man had to do it out of self-defence.
You can't do this! Stop it! Take the bag off! Take the bag off, please! He's suffocating Adam! Please take the bag off.
Please take the fucking bag off.
Please, you've got us both.
That's what you wanted.
Take the bag off please! Take your cell phone out.
Take your cell phone out, I'll tell you every I'll tell you everything.
You've got us Please! Stop it! Please! Take the bag off.
I'll tell you everything.
Adam Pohl and I, Jana Liekam, made several millions with our hedge fund together with Felix Bender by betting against the case of Deutsche Global Invest, and afterwards, I leaked the Silver Mountain documents which I stole from Mohamed Saltan's phone without him knowing.
Bender transferred our shares to an account in Mauritius.
The accounts were managed by Jason Picelli.
When Picelli gave us problems, Bender hired a local person who was meant to injure Picelli, so that someone else could make our money disappear with the bank.
Picelli was only supposed to have a bone broken, but something went wrong and now he's in a coma.
I don't even know how he's doing! I think what you're doing with Fenger is the right thing.
Sleep with him more, make sure he falls deeper in love with you, but don't ever let him get too close to you.
As soon as you reciprocate his feelings, believe me, he will drop you.
Let him suffer, you can control him that way.
In the future, take this against your panic attacks.
I don't need an employee with mental problems.
And stop thinking you can take care of it yourself.
Take the pills.
Any questions? You're okay.
A concussion, but that's it.
Just sleep, I took care of everything.
Christelle Leblanc Incoming call Good morning.
I used an old contact to investigate, and I just got an email.
Picelli is fine, he woke up.
So you can stop worrying about it.
Can the three of us meet for breakfast in an hour? - I'll send an address.
- Okay.
Picelli woke up.
He's fine.
Leblanc wants to meet us.
Let's go.
Eat! Jana? Ties' role is being discussed by the board.
I'm afraid he'll rise up in the ranks and that can't happen.
So hurry.
Are you planning on doing something against Leblanc? No.
Anonymous Incoming call Hello? Okay.
No, don't do anything.
Let us wait and hope she'll contact you.
It's too obvious otherwise.
Now that Fin21 belongs to Global, it can access institutional foundations.
It'll be cheaper and more exclusive.
Sell it as a big advantage to customers.
Choose DGI foundations that are adequate for Fin21 and fill the portfolio with them, as quickly as possible.
Here are the foundations.
Seriously? Listen, I was supposed to make suggestions about sustainability.
Leave it alone.
That's over.
Just add what's on there, ok? Yes? Maria.
- Nice hair.
- Thank you.
You always look very chic, Maria.
Where does that come from? - I don't know.
No idea.
- Everyone has their talent.
I was happy to hear from you.
I don't know what to say about the Quirin thing.
- I hope no one thinks - No one does.
You wouldn't know something like that.
I'd like to talk about your goals This doesn't have to be a long job interview, I'd like to hire you.
I'd like for you to ensure that from now on, I look like an icon on every photo that's taken of me.
You'll make sure I wear the right outfit for any appointment and that I look fresh and alert.
And here's a list of everyone in the department who need to be fired.
Please clear that up with HR.
That's it.
You can go.
Of course it's hard to make a prognosis, but I think Mrs.
Leblanc is a very moral, visionary personality that doesn't just have the necessary strategic competence, but also the assertiveness that this bank desperately needs.
And one must also say that it's about time that we saw a woman as the head of a financial institute.
Long live the queen.
Isabelle I guess we'll be working together.
It's a kind of experiment.
What happens when you confront people with reality as a politician? Many of my colleagues would say it wouldn't work.
People want fairy tales.
They want simple solutions.
Simple promises.
Not the complicated reality.
People want to believe that all you need to make the right decision is for your heart to be in the right place and a bit of brains, but I disagree.
- Sorry, I have to laugh.
- It is laughable.
It's expected that Global would add their own foundations, but what's in there now, this European Credit Opportunities shit - Pure trash.
- I'll put our research team on it.
Very good.
Global deserves that.
We have a schizophrenic relationship with growth.
On one hand, it feels unhealthy.
We know the consequences, environmental destruction, social injustice, the financial crisis.
On the other hand, we aren't willing to let go of wealth.
I'm advocating for an open discourse.
For politics without blinders.
Without distractions.
It really did happen.
She hired me.
Very good.
We won't have contact for four weeks.
I'll contact you.
And don't try to contact me or do something on your own, ok? - I don't plan on it.
- Okay, good luck.
It's great and exemplary how important topics like the environment and social issues are to Germans.
What isn't exemplary is that we repress how this growth and wealth comes about.
You're probably the first banker to be in a fashion magazine.
How important is your appearance to you as a female leader? Not important.
Unfortunately, a woman still has to ask herself if she wants to use her looks or not.
Using your looks as an instrument is dangerous.
I look the way that's comfortable for me.
Deutsche Global Invest has now founded an incubator, a breeding ground for young companies.
They have even gotten the successful FinTech start-up Fin21.
Instead of young people only building new technology, good investments and great products for customers, the company's old junk is also foisted onto the customers.
I don't recommend it.
If this is Deutsche Global Invest's new strategy, God help us.
Anonymous Incoming call Jana Liekam? Hello Miss Liekam, this is Robert Khano.
Mister Khano, hello.
Miss Liekam, did you receive a list from Mister Jacoby that included all the funds to be incorporated in the Fin21 portfolio? No, he instructed me to choose the funds myself.
Well, one exception.
The European Credit Opportunities Fund? Exactly.
- Thank you, Miss Liekam.
- You're welcome.
- She is lying.
- What? Who? Jana Liekam.
I told her to pick only funds that are adequate for Fin21.
Then why the hell would she choose this one.
I don't know.
Ties, I am so sick of you protecting your son.
What? I am not.
Jana Liekam is lying.
You are seriously accusing the CEO of Fin21 of deliberately harming her own company.
Imbecile! Jana? Ties wants to see you.
Come in.
Why did you do this? - Do what? - I don't understand it.
Why? What do you want to achieve with that? Did someone pay you to do it? Luc.
- She - Wait, let me.
Let me ask her.
Jana, what happened? He forced me to include your foundation.
Luc, this woman is lying.
Does that make sense, dad? For her to lie? I've said everything there is to say.
- Stay here, until we - Stop it! Don't touch me! - She's lying, believe me.
- I didn't say I don't believe you.
FRANKFURT AM MAIN I'm surprised you contacted me.
I'm going to Leblanc tomorrow.
- Why not? - Right.
Do you have any siblings? An older sister.
She lives in Australia.
- And your parents? - I only have my mother left.
She lives in a retirement home.
In Australia.
Jana I've been thinking.
I'm going to invest more in research on what we can get out of the topic of sustainability as a bank.
Maybe, you'll return to my team at some point.
It's very important to me that we behave in a professional way with each other.
But can I stay at your place tonight? What I said before isn't true.
You're the only person I trust.
That's stupid of you.
I know.
You've spent enough time in Berlin.
FinTechs are well and good but only part of the real organisation.
I need you here in Frankfurt.
You'll get an entire department.
A new one.
With top-level clients.
Auto, pharma and arms industry.
If the regulations change and if I can strengthen my influence on Schunk, they'll be our most important clients.
What about Adam? I'll take him back too.
He's very talented.
I can use him.
Do you remember a place in your life, maybe in your childhood, where you felt in complete peace? If our psyche wasn't capable to suppress the things that burden us, we would fear to go out or to do anything for ourselves due to a bad conscience about what happened to others.
Suppression is important.
It's a survival strategy.
Find a place that you can return to anytime.
You'll need it.
There's something you shouldn't underestimate.
As long as you work for me, it's in my interest to protect you.
Honor - Loyalty - Courage
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