Bad Blood (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Scar Tissue

1 DECLAN: Since the 1960s, the port city of Montreal has been one of the largest points of import for coke and heroin in the world.
If you lived in New York, or Boston, or Philly, anywhere in the northeast of America really, and did drugs, they came through Montreal.
And with all that money on the table, everyone wanted their cut.
So for decades, the city was at war.
The Irish, they owned the docks, Haitians, well, they ran street level operations, the Bikers controlled distribution, but they had nothing without the Mafia.
The Mafia had those international contacts to import the product.
And in addition to extortion and racketeering, they controlled the city's construction industry as well.
Nothing got built without their okay.
But in the '90s, everything changed when Vito Rizzuto took over from his father as mob boss.
Vito was old school, but he also had vision.
He saw a different kind of future for his business and the city.
And there was me, by his side for the whole wild ride.
My old man put together the bidding for that beast.
Everybody shared in the bonuses, the kickbacks, the graft It was supposed to cost three million dollars, ended up costing a billion.
Everybody should be so lucky to get an Olympics.
BRUNO: There he is, man of the hour.
Hey! They all behavin' themselves? No one shot anyone yet, so that's a good start.
It's good.
BRUNO: Everyone! Everyone! I know you're all interested to hear what Vito has to say, so I'm gonna let him get to it.
VITO: Gentlemen! We are all at war.
Jacques, you and I still do some business, but you still try to get my action on the east end.
Papa Lou, you and the Irish, been spilling blood for a year.
This is our city.
We got to acknowledge that nobody is going anywhere.
All right, so, question is, do you wanna keep fighting over street corners, or do you want a piece of all the action? Now, what I'm proposing is a cooperative.
You're all here for a specific reason, 'cause of what you bring to the table.
But we gotta conduct this like a business.
You all get a say, but there can only be one CEO.
I suppose that's you? Oh, yeah.
Because I own something that none of you do.
City Hall and the cops.
But I'm willing to share.
Keep talking.
Look, there's enough coke, hash, hookers, gambling for all of us to make a lot of money if we work together.
But if we don't, we're gonna end up in prison or dead.
So here's what I propose, you all go home.
You relax.
You drink a beer and you think about your bright future.
What do you say? DECLAN: And so began one of the greatest runs ever.
What we did should be studied in history books.
I'm not kidding.
We brought peace between people who would never have walked down the same block together.
Like ever.
Between the gang syndicate we created, and the politicians and the cops in our pockets, we were unstoppable.
Life was good.
Life was good for everyone.
But if there's one thing you can ever count on, it's that gangsters are greedy, petty asses, and will always screw things up.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) MICHELLE: Hey! Where are the take-out menus? By the sofa.
The kitchen wasn't working for you? No.
Uh, usually when we order in, we're laying on the sofa 'cause we're too lazy to cook.
Right? So, instead of going to the kitchen to get the menus, I put them by the sofa.
Streamlined the whole thing.
You streamlined our take-out operations? Yeah, must've shaved like two, three seconds off the whole thing.
- Wow.
I'm impressed.
- Mmm-hmm.
Aren't you feeling bad that I'm gonna be home, alone, while you're out at some party? No.
But you do look very handsome.
Why, thank you.
Come here.
Now you gotta go.
- I want my egg rolls.
- Okay.
Bring me back some cake.
VITO: Bye, Michelle.
ALL: Happy birthday Dear Nico Happy birthday to you Happy birthday! (APPLAUDING AND CHEERING) Everybody get here, come on.
Come on, Papa.
Would you be in the picture? Oh, no, I don't wanna use my new camera.
- How long is this gonna take? - About a year.
NICO SR: Okay.
Did anything happen? (LAUGHING) Who wants some cake? Who wants some cake? Come on! Who wants some cake? Come on.
Here's what you do VITO: It doesn't sound very reassuring.
Vito Rizzuto.
- The yard looks good, you know.
- Hmm.
He does a good job.
Did you take care of that thing with Pierre? Yeah.
It's just a misunderstanding.
We got a new guy in the zoning department so I sent Declan down so we can run the ropes.
NICO JR: I know.
I'll tell him! Ah, beddu! Oh, my God.
And Nico Junior.
We got the all-star team tonight.
Three generations of Rizzutos.
New shoes? - Yeah, you like these? - Yeah.
Got 'em yesterday.
I like the stitching.
NICO JR: You know, you don't gotta stop talking when I enter the room.
- Yeah, we do.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I know more about your business than you think.
You know, you need to concentrate on your business.
Real estate development doesn't exactly move at the speed of light.
NICO SR: Did you see the cake? - NICO JR: Yeah.
- NICO SR: Madonna mia! (NICO SR CONTINUES IN ITALIAN) NICO SR: That's not a cake, it's a monument.
That's no dessert.
(BEEPING) NICO SR: Know what it cost? There he is.
Should we check that out? Captain said strictly surveillance.
If they want more, they can pay me double time.
- Where's Declan? - He's coming.
(COCKS GUN) NICO JR: What do you wanna do on your birthday? An ice cream cone? NICO SR: Who? Oh Come on, guys, let's go inside.
Let's get busy.
Let's do it.
BOB: Nice to be rich.
You just park your car in this neighborhood and local cops are right there.
DECLAN: You girls making out in there? We've received some complaints.
You're gonna have to come with us.
You got business in Cartierville? Yeah.
I'm in the market.
DECLAN: What do you get all those rifles and scopes for? Protection from sexual predators like yourselves.
Hey, watch your mouth.
Might wanna check in with your sergeant before you, uh, make any decision that could end your career, pig.
GIO: And just what is that supposed to mean? ERIC: What it means is we're protected.
The Devil's Kings have a deal with the police.
Call it in.
Sergeant Ramsey.
Station 19.
I don't know.
What do you think? You wanna call it in? ERIC: Just do it.
I wanna get home.
I gotta take a shit.
Hang on.
What's the name? Huh? (DIALING) DECLAN: What name am I giving the sergeant? Just tell him we work for Rejean.
DECLAN: Rejean.
Hey! Yes, it is.
Yeah, pass me through to Ramsey.
What's up? I'm good.
But listen, hey, we got a couple of bikers in the back.
They said to tell you that they're working for a guy called Rejean? Really? Oh.
Per Yeah.
All right, later.
ERIC: Well? DECLAN: My apologies, girls.
What a waste of time.
DECLAN: You wanna get out here? ERIC: Take us back to our goddamn car.
Hey, come on.
Let's go.
- What the hell is this? - You're free to go.
Told you to take us back to our car, assholes.
I can't remember where they parked.
Do you remember where they parked? No.
- And our guns? - File a report.
- Beat it.
- Let's go.
(COCKS GUN) (GUN FIRING) VITO: They came in to my house, Gilles.
These two punk nobodies, they came to my home.
My whole family was in.
I understand.
We had eight months without any dead bodies.
You don't have to tell me.
I'm the one who had to put the muzzle on 'em.
Brass hit the roof, Vito.
Who's Sergeant Ramsey? I took care of it and he's been transferred to Cote-Nord.
(SCOFFS) Should've put a bullet in him.
Better than living there.
What about this, uh, Rejean? He's taken care of.
- I don't want things to escalate.
- They won't.
(CAR ENGINE STARTING) (GRUNTING) DECLAN: (ECHOING) So, Rejean! Rejean! How do you wanna proceed? You know how this works.
- (SPITS) - Ah.
(REJEAN LAUGHING) Bruno, did you see that? See what he just did? That was disgusting, yeah.
DECLAN: On my shoe.
Sorry about that.
Bruno's a class act.
He's a real class act.
This kind of stuff makes him queasy.
So, Rejean, who gave you the order? (PANTING) Why should I tell you? Because it's my job to ask.
Declan, come on, we've already got two bodies on this thing.
And Vito would prefer to avoid adding another to the pile.
Come on.
DECLAN: Rejean, do you know Bruno? Do you know what his nickname is? "The Peacemaker.
" That's pretty self-explanatory, even to an idiot like you.
You know what he'd like to do? Bring you a cappuccino.
He'd like to bring you a nice soft rag and wipe that blood off your face, 'cause he hates blood.
It's true.
Rejean, I'm going to ask you one more time.
Who gave you the order? And don't say Jacques.
I know it wasn't Jacques.
This is you, stepping out on your own.
You know, someone's telling you, you could be the next king or some kind of horse shit.
Come on, just tell me.
Bruno will let you down.
He'll let you down softly.
He might even take your hand, walk you outside.
Hell, who knows, he might even blow you in the car.
(ALL CHUCKLING) I've done worse.
So? Kiss my ass, you Irish prick.
(LAUGHING) GIO: All right.
Forget about it.
This piece of shit's not gonna say anything.
DECLAN: I'm done! It's your turn, Gio.
Attend, attend! Wait, wait, wait! Oh! Hey! Hey! - DECLAN: Yeah, yeah.
- (REJEAN SHOUTS IN FRENCH) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I kill you! (CONTINUES SHOUTING IN FRENCH) You son of a bitch! (CONTINUES SHOUTING IN FRENCH) DECLAN: Don't you throw up, Bruno, you'll spoil my dinner.
(ENGINE REVVING) Sorry, I'm late.
We waited for you, except for Pops.
When it's time to eat, you eat, you know.
He's busy, so stays late, that's all right.
Everything okay? Oh, yeah, I'm great.
How are things with you? Hmm.
- DECLAN: Boring's good.
- NICO JR: I know.
You bored? I can't say that I am.
Buon appetito.
You look good, Declan.
- I know.
Thank you, Diana.
As do you.
- (DIANA CHUCKLES) Those SQ idiots are outside again.
After last night, never hurts to have an extra set of eyes.
How'd it go in the east end? He finally came around.
Give me a name.
I'll make it all stop.
No more bodies.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Interrupting? I should get going.
I still got things to do.
Everything okay? (SIGHS) - What's the problem? - I should be in here with you.
He gets to know all your secrets, but I'm your son.
I should be a part of everything.
You don't get to know my secrets, 'cause I don't want you to.
- Declan's on the front line - And I'm willing to be.
I'm not.
It's my job to keep you safe.
All right? - Hi.
- Hi.
I have to work in an hour, but I'm really glad you called.
I missed you.
Was just in the neighborhood.
I got you something.
(EXHALES) Oh, my God! This is so beautiful.
I saw it and I thought it would be fantastic on you.
Here, let me put it on.
This I've never had anything like this.
Now you do.
You know, you don't have to buy me such expensive things.
I don't want you for that.
I don't have to buy anything.
If you don't like it, we can take it back.
- No.
- Yeah.
Absolutely not.
Let's go to the hotel.
I thought you said you had to work.
I do.
I guess I'm gonna be late.
- I guess so.
- Yeah.
VITO: Thanks, Michelle.
That was fantastic.
I wouldn't mind some more wine.
What's wrong? All right, what's wrong? (SIGHS) Come on.
What's bugging you? What's wrong? My friend Josee, she saw some 20-year-old getting into your limo.
That's what's bothering you.
That's what all this is about? It's nothing.
It's just Gio borrowed the car to impress some young girl, that's it.
I would rather you admit to screwing her than feed me a line of bullshit like that.
I never ask you to leave your wife.
I never complain that we can't spend your birthday or Christmas or New Year's together.
I accept the real you.
I've accepted that I probably won't have any children and that I may even stay your mistress for the rest of our lives.
But I won't stand for this anymore.
And you will treat me with the respect I deserve.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I won't ever disrespect you again.
You better never see her again.
I'm gonna take a shower.
I got a meeting later tonight.
MICHELLE: Yeah, I know.
(BELL TINKLES) Is he coming? Yeah, he's busy.
He's coming.
He's coming.
I need to talk to Vito.
I was going to take care of that piece of shit, Rejean, myself.
We're all gonna talk about it, Jacques.
Non, non.
You don't talk to us.
He's talking to us.
And I got an issue with one of my suppliers.
I need Vito to step in.
We will.
Mick, come on.
You must have a problem too.
(CHUCKLES) - Can Vito fix that? - (LAUGHING) That's funny.
He's coming.
He's coming.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Good to see you.
Take a seat, everybody.
We all know why we're here.
We all know the issues.
Turns out one of the Devil's Kings went out on their own.
Jacques didn't know anything about it.
So, let me put that question to rest right now.
But this guy, Rejean, made a side deal with the Bonannos.
Rat-faced pricks trying to force their way into our action.
And this isn't the first time, believe me.
They wanna take your business.
And they know the only way is to go and get rid of our good friend and leader.
This isn't the first time they have tried to unsettle the apple cart, and it won't be the last.
All right? I'm gonna stop before I get all worked up.
Vito, I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Right now, we're all doing very well.
Things are going smooth.
Things are peaceful.
But these New York jerks are gonna keep coming back at us to take what is ours.
And they're counting on the fact that we're gonna turn on each other for a few extra bucks.
If anybody here thinks that they're gonna do better with the Bonannos or the Irish, or the Bikers, or the Haitians, let me remind you, you're not going after the Rizzuto family.
You're going after City Hall.
The policemen.
The guy who shovels snow from your driveway, drives your kids' school bus.
I own them all.
And they don't want blood on the street.
And they got my back.
Let me make some acquisitions.
Already taken care of.
Oh, uh, we might have a bit of a problem with the parking structure.
We need 10 feet deeper than they're willing to allow.
It's already done.
Oh, and, uh, one more thing.
From now on, no more commission.
I just get a straight 10%.
- Equity? - Yeah.
Vito, I already have investors.
Not without the permits, you don't.
Not without my construction people.
Not without the union bosses, without them, you got shit.
Yeah, but, uh, I pay people for those.
And I pay you to let me pay them for those.
You no longer have to pay me 2.
You don't have to pay it to the commission.
You don't have to pay it to construction.
You no longer inflate your building cost reports, all right? I want you to do what you do best.
Build big, tall, beautiful buildings in the sky and I'm gonna be your silent equity partner.
Now, all other projects that are in play, they stay as is.
But from that point on, everything is legit.
You understand? - Yeah.
- Take your shot.
VITO: I want to legitimize our interests across the board.
You just wanna drop all our businesses? No.
Slowly pull back.
I wanna implement like a long-term plan.
I mean, it's funny, 'cause we're We're at a point now where our operation is running so smoothly, it's basically on autopilot, right? Everyone's getting along.
We got money coming in so fast, we don't even know how much we got.
Half these guys don't even carry a piece anymore.
And now, you just wanna step aside? Listen, Declan.
I've been working to get to this point my whole life.
And yet just when you think that nobody would dare cross us, some animals decide to come to my home trying to take a shot at me, with my family there.
This is that life, Declan.
It's always gonna be that way.
It doesn't matter how much money we have.
It doesn't matter how many pockets we line.
We respect tradition.
- We respect family.
- Yeah.
We have honor, but we are in a business that requires us to deal with these animals who walk around thinking they can wear the crown.
We can't rely on them to determine our existence.
We've evolved, do you understand? We've evolved and they haven't.
- And they never will.
- Okay.
Do you understand that? I do.
All right.
So which hand do you do, you know, the swing with the club? The golf thing.
I don't know.
Hey, Jimmy, we'll take, uh, two sets of these.
Ah! Thanks.
Hey, Pop! Well, today I'm a mechanic.
(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
About an hour? Yeah.
Just let me get cleaned up.
Listen to this, last night, I got the hiccups.
I haven't had the hiccups in, I don't know, 20 years.
I know this guy who had the hiccups for 10 years straight.
- It killed him.
- Get out of here.
- No, really.
- The hiccups killed him? Having hiccups 10 years straight made him crazy.
Jumping off a bridge killed him.
(CHUCKLES) You said on the phone you wanted to tell me something.
VITO: Oh, yeah.
It's about that conversation we had the other night.
I don't wanna keep you out of my life, Nico.
I don't wanna exclude you.
I wanna legitimize all our businesses, you know, across the board.
You know, when you do that, you need, uh, you need a face of the company.
I can't do that.
You can.
You're really gonna do that? Yeah, I mean Now's the perfect time.
We got plenty of money, protection.
Look, I I don't want you to be a boss.
I want you to be a CEO.
(POLICE SIREN CHIRPS) What do these idiots want? Mr.
Rizzuto? What can I help you with? This is an extradition order from the United States Justice Department.
We're here to place you under arrest.
For what? BOB: Think back to 1981.
The murders of Alphonse Indelicato, Philip Giaccone and Dominick Trinchera.
I bet you never thought you'd hear those names again, did you? I never heard of 'em.
ENZO: Vito? Vito, would you close the goddamn window, it's freezing in here.
I want the window open.
Sandro, are you cold in here? - It's a little cold.
- It's a little cold.
- I'm cold.
- We're cold.
Look, I don't wanna smoke up the car.
We'll smell like smoke.
You don't show up to a meeting smelling like smoke.
It's unprofessional.
So, don't smoke.
I want a cigarette.
What's your problem? You got the heater on.
It's 10 below outside.
I got the heater on, the window open.
I'm freezing and sweating my balls off in here.
(LAUGHING) You know, the rules are, the driver chooses the music and the temperature.
Well, we got different rules here.
Anyway, it's time.
Big Mike says we go around the back.
All right, here you go.
- Salute! - Salute.
All right.
You're all gonna wear those.
Those are clean.
No serial numbers.
What are we doing here? Ah! You're gonna rob the joint.
You'll knock around the guys that are here.
Except for me.
Don't touch me.
You're gonna ask me to open the safe under the bar.
How rough do you want us to get? Ah Break a nose, not a kneecap.
You know what I mean.
Why bring us down for this? You could have had anybody do this.
Anybody can wave a gun.
Not everybody can be trusted.
Your old man owes my old man, hmm? For that thing down in Venezuela, so we're calling it in.
If there was anything else you needed to know, it'd be told.
Where do you want us? Wait in there.
Wait in there till you hear me, uh, talk about going to the zoo.
That'll be the signal.
- The zoo? - MIKE: Hey! Everybody knows I love the zoo.
It won't stand out.
MIKE: Ah Yeah! Sonny looks like he's lost a few pounds.
The doctor said I need to exercise.
- Come on - So we got a dog.
I take it for a walk around the park every day.
Nah, nah, nah, nah! He lost weight 'cause his wife stopped making cannelloni.
Ah! Ah! See? But every time he takes the dog for a walk, instead of cooking, she comes over to my place for a little screw.
Oh! I don't like this.
Come all this way for a smack and grab? He's a capo.
What are you gonna do? Say no? Your father says to do what he says.
- I'd do what he says.
- Quiet.
I never took you as an animal guy.
- I love dogs.
- You know what? You know what you gotta do? You gotta come with me to the zoo.
Ah, here goes the zoo.
PHILLY: What's with you and the zoo? MIKE: Hey, these are majestic animals.
VITO: Don't move! God damn! What the hell is this? (CLATTERING AND GRUNTING) Stay on the goddamn floor! Guns On the bar.
Slowly! - You got it? - I got it.
You know who you're playing with? Yeah.
A guy with his dog with his two fat backup singers.
Hey, stronzo, empty the safe behind the bar.
You're dead men, you know that right? We're all capos.
How stupid can you be? - Not as stupid as you, Sonny.
- (GUN FIRES) PHILLY: What the hell was that? You jagoffs! You think you can run my father out? What are you talking about, Mike? We'd never do MIKE: You would never what? Huh? - Mike, Mike - He's my father! Huh! You greedy bastard! Huh! Huh! (GRUNTS) You were family, Phil.
Now you You're dog shit! (GRUNTS) No, Mike! Ahhh! (YELLING) (PANTING) No, Mike Trin, you're too stupid to deserve a beating like that.
(FIRING GUN) (MIKE GRUNTING) (PANTING) What the hell was that? Those asses, they were gonna try and knock off my father.
You, you believe that? Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.
- Jesus, Mike.
- Stop whining.
What do we do now? You gotta, uh You gotta clean this place up.
Come on, there's, uh, mops and buckets in the closet down the hall there.
Come on, let's get this over with.
ENZO: Watch your feet.
You know, we're never gonna get this all out.
Come on, my nonni used to clean up messes worse than this all the time.
Hey, look around.
We've been at this for three hours.
We're not even close.
You know, maybe if you hadn't smashed his head to pieces and shot him in the face.
Maybe I went a little overboard.
I got a better idea.
Hey, you guys hungry? There's a pretty good deli near here.
It's six blocks that way.
Hang a right, it's right on the corner, huh? (ALARM RINGING) Hey.
Six blocks.
Hang a right.
Drive carefully.
Thanks, fellas.
Vito, we gotta go.
What the hell is this, Renata? You're being charged with racketeering.
VITO: For what? This all has to do with the murder of the Bonanno captains.
It was like 100 years ago.
Big Mike Cecchin turned State's witness.
He's saying you're the one who killed them.
Yeah, well, he's insane.
He did it and everybody knows.
Maybe everybody does.
But he's a big witness for the Feds.
This is the first boss ever to turn State's witness.
But you're my lawyer.
Block the extradition.
If they can't get me to court, they got nothing.
With all due respect, Vito, the US Justice Department wanted to charge you with all three murders, but New York State carries the death penalty.
Canada wouldn't extradite if there was any chance of that.
The charge of racketeering is to guarantee the extradition.
You're going to trial.
Trust me, I got this.
All right? I got this.
You guys have absolutely nothing to worry about.
Is he joking? He's not, actually.
How many times you've been busted? Not by the FBI.
It's not the FBI.
It's the Justice Department.
I don't give a shit.
Vito is gonna be gone for a long time.
How're you gonna handle that? When you call in sick, does your whole operation just stop? No.
BRUNO: Everyone keeps doing what they're doing (SPEAKING FRENCH) The products that we move keep on moving.
The people that we serve He doesn't have a goddamn cold! BRUNO: Everyone, take a moment.
Take a moment.
This is a stressful time.
But let me remind you who this is most stressful for, Vito.
He's always taken very good care of us.
He's responsible for the fruits that we all currently bear, so now we owe it to him to keep the ship steady so he can focus on getting back home.
All right so, we meet twice a week.
Stay on top of this, all right? (CLATTERING) We could hire OJ's lawyers.
- DECLAN: Shut up.
- What? Johnnie Cochran's dead.
Ah, I didn't know.
Come on.
Vito's the man who makes miracles happen.
He's gonna be fine.
DECLAN: No, no, this is different.
This is a US warrant.
Extraditing papers.
They don't go this far unless they got something solid.
NICO SR: Nico.
NICO JR: From now on, I'm in on every meeting.
This is business.
And our business partners need to know who's in control.
I've got things covered, Nico.
NICO JR: My father is about to fight for his life.
For his name.
Someone from the family needs to be in charge.
Declan is family.
Declan, I know how much my father values you.
But you're not family.
(SPEAKING FRENCH) REPORTER: Vito Rizzuto, now serving a prison term in the U.
, in connection with three old murders in New York.
(WOMAN SPEAKING FRENCH) DECLAN: Vito got 10 years, minus time already served.
The judge sent him all the way to Colorado Federal Penitentiary to do his time just so he wouldn't be near any of his known associates' family.
Thanks a lot, Judge.
I knew he could do the time, he could handle anything.
But everyone else? Well, let me just say, that shit was about to hit the fan, the wall, the whole goddamn house.
DECLAN: Next time on Bad Blood The number one priority is to focus on the family.
Taking care of my son.
I believe we have some business to discuss.
We had that discussion.
I told you I'm not paying anymore, then I hung up the phone.
Now piss off, Junior.
How do you do something like this without consulting anyone? The message has to be clear.
Vito may be gone, but the Rizzutos still run everything.
Did you hear that last part, Declan? The Rizzutos.