Bad Blood (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


1 DECLAN: Previously, on Bad Blood Now what I'm proposing is a cooperative.
But there can only be one CEO.
Because I own something that none of you do.
City Hall and the cops.
They came in to my house, Gilles.
These two punk nobodies.
My whole family was in.
I want to legitimize our interests across the board.
Slowly pull back.
He gets to know all your secrets, but I'm your son.
You don't get to know my secrets, 'cause I don't want you to.
- Declan's on the front line.
- Why should I tell you? Because it's my job to ask.
My friend Josee, she saw some 20-year-old getting into your limo.
I've accepted that I may stay your mistress for the rest of our lives.
Rizzuto? This is an extradition order from the United States Justice Department.
We're here to place you under arrest.
: From now on, I'm in on every meeting.
I've got things covered, Nico.
Someone from the family needs to be in charge.
Declan is family.
DECLAN: Vito got 10 years.
The judge sent him all the way to Colorado Federal Penitentiary just so he wouldn't be near any of us.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) (EXHALES) DECLAN: If any major organization loses its CEO, confidence from its partners and investors is bound to be a little shaky, right? But a well-run organization, it knows not to panic.
It's just a little turbulence.
You ride it out.
Vito left me in charge.
No one had any issues with that.
And things would have been just fine, if not for the little prince.
Nico Junior decided that he should be the one to take over, even though his old man told him to stay out of it.
Hey! I believe we have some business to discuss.
No, we had that discussion.
I told you I'm not paying anymore, then I hung up the phone.
Now piss off, junior.
DECLAN: They never would have said that to me or anyone from our crew.
They figured the kid wasn't gonna to do much about it.
But this wasn't just anyone's kid.
His mentors weren't exactly priests.
Come on! (BIRD SQUAWKING) (LAUGHING) All right! How do I unlock this? Ah! (CHUCKLES) (GROANS) - What the fuck is that? - That's gasoline, man.
- (FIRE BLAZING) - (MEN SCREAMING IN PAIN) DECLAN: Acting like a psychopath, just to prove he should be the boss, set off a chain reaction throughout the city.
So to say things went crazy in the first couple months when Vito got locked up, that would be a great understatement.
- (GUN FIRES) - DECLAN: Everyone went to war.
Crews came after us.
The bikers went after the Irish.
Irish went after Haitians.
A total domino effect of shit for brains panic.
And you know what they were doing? They were all trying to rip each other's faces right off.
(BIRDS SQUAWKING) (CAR DOOR SHUTS) (SIGHS) What the hell's wrong with that kid? Declan, look, I know you can handle the operations, but that kid is gonna burn down the whole goddamn city if that's how he's gonna handle things.
I'll get Nico under control.
How are the Irish taking this? I'm into it with them right now.
Mick, he's in the dark about the whole thing.
His guys did it behind his back.
Now The investigation into the car fire? I'll take care of it, that's going nowhere, don't worry.
Yeah? Listen I knew there'd be a period of adjustment when Vito left, but you need to control things.
If people don't know who they're dealing with, they'll think nobody's in charge.
Little extra for your trouble.
(SNIFFS) I have to go deal with this Cambodian prick.
We got the whole block except for this one jerk.
Don't break his nose.
Not another nose.
Definitely gonna break his nose.
They are starting to call you the nose.
- Who? - People.
People? What people? - People! - Give it to me.
You? All right! Go get me a sandwich and it's yours.
What, I'm buying you lunch to let me do your job? That's what we do, isn't it? People pay us money, we let them run their business.
And if they don't pay us money, we screw with their lives.
He has a point.
Yeah! Oh, and extra cheese.
And tell them not to skimp on the fries.
It's a goddamn potato.
What does it cost, three cents? And the satisfaction it brings its customers, it's worth the expense.
I'll be sure to bring up restaurant economics with 'em.
And a Pepsi too, smart ass! (BOTH CHUCKLING) (DRILLING) How can there be no record of this? Yes, they're right outside my restaurant right now! Of course I'm sure! Got a light? Thanks.
You okay? Can you believe this? The city has no idea what they're doing here or how it's gonna take.
They have no record.
I know.
Dealing with the city can be a nightmare, I know.
I pay my taxes.
They are supposed to work for me.
That's how it's supposed to be.
I've got people, friends who work for the City Hall, I can make a call for you.
- Really? - Really, it's just a phone call.
We're neighbors.
You work for the gangsters.
I work for the neighborhood.
You don't scare me.
I grew up in a country where my friends get killed, they get shot in the street.
You don't scare me.
I am not gonna pay you.
Ling, you're looking at this the wrong way.
Me, and the people I work for, we so admire people like you who come to a country with nothing, and they, they, they learn a new language, they have to start over and build a life.
And that life needs to be protected.
Me and the people I work for, if you, if you have any problems, with anything, a permit, the city, a dog who's barking so loud you can't even nap on a Sunday afternoon, you call me.
And I'll take care of it.
Okay? Because I'm your representative.
I work for you.
(DRILLING CONTINUES) Good afternoon, Mr.
- Declan? - Yeah.
- Irish, right? - Yeah, rumor has it.
I wanted some face to face with you because I hear you've been doing some good things.
- Thank you, sir.
- All right.
So I gotta take care of this one thing.
You listen, don't talk.
Good job with the Cambodian.
One more broken nose and I was gonna have a mutiny.
- He's actually Chinese.
- Whatever.
Good burger, huh? The secret is that they, uh, they bake the buns right here.
Makes all the difference.
So, I'm sorry to interrupt your lunch, Mr.
Desjardins, I know you only got like 15 minutes.
I just wanted to let you know that the new minivan, that you just leased It's paid up, in full.
It's yours.
Your two boys, Mark and Luke, they play hockey right? - Yeah.
- Lots of room for gear in the back.
You know You know who I am, right? Yes.
I just want you to memorize these four company names.
Because on Friday morning, you're gonna receive bids for the Eastend snow removal contract, and these four companies are who you're gonna give the bid to.
Do you understand me? - Yeah.
- Right.
I want you to memorize those four names.
All right? Don't let your burger get cold, it's very important.
(MUMBLING INDISTINCTLY) VITO: You wanna know what I do? I size people up.
That's it.
But I size them up fast and I size them up right.
You push too hard, you cause problems for yourself.
You push too little, people think you're soft.
- They can take what's yours.
- Yeah.
But, in you, I see someone who has that ability.
I'm gonna do great things in this town but I'm gonna need help.
I can buy muscle all day long.
But instinct That's something you gotta nurture if you come across it.
- You ready to work? - Yes, sir.
You look good.
I look like shit.
What the hell's going on? It's like you said it would happen.
They're coming at us from all sides.
I'm talking about my son.
I'll get to that other stuff later.
Some of Mick's guys figured they'd go out on their own.
So they went to Nico directly.
They thought he'd be soft.
Why are they even going to him? 'Cause he's, he's gettin' it out there that he's heir to the throne.
Look, I know he's stubborn, but you gotta make him stop.
- I will.
- Declan.
I don't want him involved in this.
It's a priority.
As for this other shitstorm that's going on, you know if they think there's a split, they're all gonna panic, just like they're doing.
What you need to give them, is a pacifier.
Don't let them cry it out.
You gotta give them something.
Right? You have to take the lead.
Show them you're in charge.
The number one priority, right now, is to focus on the family.
Taking care of the family.
Taking care of my son.
You can count on me.
Thank you.
HANK: We're stalled.
One of our financiers backed out, and that delay caused us to miss a couple of deadlines.
Now we're backed up with permits.
I can't get anyone at City Hall to move on this either way.
I'd nowhere else to turn to because your father used to deal with all this, but Yeah.
So? Can you fix it? I know the usual commission is 2.
5%, but given the present climate and market volatility in our business, you'll have to go up to three and half.
(SCOFFS) No, this is an equity deal.
Your father's in for 10% of the whole.
Hmm If everything proceeds without a hitch, it's gonna take you two, three years to finish.
Another year after that to sell 75% of the units.
So we're not looking at a return for four years.
That's how equity usually works, yeah.
I know how it works.
I'm a developer.
This is a deal I made with your father, he asked for it.
I understand that but I have to deal with the realities of today.
It's gonna take a lot of money, to get you back on track.
I can't wait four years.
Nico, please.
With all due respect, I don't think you understand how this works.
When your father took a commission, I factored that into the cost and I made my bid accordingly.
We're way past that now.
I can't raise the price of the whole project 3.
5% and pay off all the engineers and all the other idiots after that.
Vito took care of that for his 10%.
I will lose money if I go to commission with you.
I have to ensure that we maintain the cash flow required to keep businesses like yours alive.
If you do not accept our offer, I will make certain that you will not see one permit approved.
The whole thing will sit here for 1,000 years and this rotting pile of shit will be your legacy.
Kiss my ass.
Hank! Why don't you take the night? - Think on it.
- No, thanks.
I got other options.
You know what? I came here outta respect for your father.
But you You're no Vito, that's for damn sure! Fuck! I feel so guilty.
He's the one in prison and I'm the one having a hard time coping.
I can't sleep.
I know this is triggering my abandonment issues.
But it's like I finally got comfortable with the choices I've made, and And he's taken away from me.
And I have to start all over again.
He's gonna be gone for years.
- You're following me? - No.
Gio's following you.
He told me where you're at.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come one, we'll protect you, you know how this works.
I don't want him to know about this.
Let's go talk.
Come on.
You can't see your therapist anymore.
You can't tell me that.
- Michelle Michelle - No, don't Don't give me that shit, Declan.
- No one's ever had to worry about me.
- I know.
I'm the best mistress anyone could ever hope for.
He can trust me just as much as you.
And he knows it.
And I'm not ashamed of getting help.
- No - She's a doctor.
Yeah, I know, there's nothing to be ashamed of.
I mean, God knows we could all use a little more mental help.
She just can't be trusted.
She's a doctor.
She's a person.
And Michelle, you don't know anything about her.
The feds, they could go after her.
Or threaten her family with things, a thousand things, unless she gave them something.
No one fights fair in our world, you know.
I'm not stupid.
I don't tell her anything about Vito.
Conversations are over with her.
Who am I supposed to talk to? And don't say you.
Emotional intelligence is not high up on your resume.
You might be surprised.
I trust two people to keep my secrets.
God, and my mirror.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
- DECLAN: Hey, Vito! - Yeah, come on.
Want a cappuccino? Ah, no thanks.
I thought we were having a meeting? Yeah, I wanted to see you alone.
- Gio.
- Yeah, sure.
I can come back.
Just a minute.
Come, stand here.
Right here? Why? Well, I heard it was your birthday.
This is your present.
Mauro's the finest tailor I've ever met and I've had suits made all over the world.
Uh, I'm not really a suit guy.
Hey, every man of standing needs to have a proper suit.
Oh I guess I have one occasion for it.
- VITO: What's that? - My funeral.
(CHUCKLES) Very funny.
No really, these are expensive, Vito.
- Bullshit, will you stop? - You don't have to do this for me.
- No, really - Please, will you stop? It's my gift to you, all right? Maybe you got a special occasion.
With your family, or You never talk about your family.
Well, my family, I didn't really That's a whole other conversation.
That's all right.
You're my family now.
Stand up straight, look at yourself.
Look good.
Yeah! Stay.
(TUNING GUITAR) Hank needs to be reminded who his partners really are.
Do it.
Didn't know what he got himself into.
Poor us for having to deal with the ripple effects.
DECLAN: Where is he? All right, we all need to get on the same page so things don't get outta hand.
What were you thinking? - I was thinking - No, wait! I'm gonna start with a different question.
(SHOUTING) How do you do, what you did, without consulting anyone? I didn't think I had to consult anyone Do you know how badly you screwed up? May I speak? Hank, the guy whose car you blew up for no explicable reason, do you know that he's, he's dating Papa Lou's sister? Do you know who Papa Lou is? - The Haitian gang leader.
- I didn't know the sister thing.
You don't know the sister thing because getting back to my first question, you didn't consult anybody before blowing up the car, we would have told you not to do that.
- That was your second question.
- No, it's not my second question, I've changed my second question to my first question.
We'll deal with my second question later.
What the hell is this goddamn dog? I bought the kids a dog 'cause they're missing their grandfather.
(SCOFFS) Your dad goes to prison and you buy a dog.
You wanna tell me how to be a parent now? How many kids do you have? Okay, take it easy.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Papa Lou, Papa Lou, Papa Lou.
He kills guys for less.
A lot less.
Not to mention that we've got a lucrative hashish and prostitution business going with him.
Kiss that money goodbye.
: You telling me to be scared? - Okay, there - Bruno, stay outta this! DECLAN: His incompetence doesn't stop there.
Just by coincidence, Hank's girlfriend, Papa Lou's sister, lives above the building of O'Leary's Pub, and that's where the Irish are running their ecstasy out of.
Well, that explosion caused so many goddamn cops to come that the Irish had to put their operation on hold for, I don't know, two weeks, maybe a month.
And they want us to cover their losses.
- Too bad for them.
- No, it's not too bad for them.
We're gonna cover their losses.
That's a clear violation on our part.
And they can shove it up their asses.
- We are in charge! - No! No! You reneged on your father's deal.
I made an executive decision.
You're not a goddamn executive of shit! The problem, as I see it, is that you want to bend over for every goddamn thing.
We have to be twice as hard now.
The message has to be clear.
Vito may be gone, but the Rizzutos still run everything.
Did you hear that last part, Declan? The Rizzutos.
Remind me again your last name! Uh I think the dog just took a piss.
God damn it! - (PHONE RINGS) - What? What? Sophie? - Get him outta here.
- I'll be right there.
Declan (SPEAKING ITALIAN) What's wrong? Get the hell off of me, you group of shitheads! Get off me! Get off! Hey, hey, hey! Sophie, whoa, whoa! Tell these freaks to let me go! They'll let you go if you calm down.
- Calm down, baby.
- Get 'em off! Calm down or this is gonna get ugly.
Hey, come on.
Okay? I got her.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on over here.
Come on.
(GASPING) - Why you so drunk? - I'm not.
- You're drunk.
- So? Why would you come here? His family's inside.
No one's gonna return my calls.
- You know he's not here - Vito won't call me.
- No, no, no, no - My letters get returned.
Why won't he call me? Listen.
You hear me? You gotta get it together right now.
Or you could very well end up dead.
Come on Come on Come on Come on.
Was he Was he still talking to that other slut? The old one? - Just tell me! - No.
You want me to tell you something? This is the truth.
'Cause I see him, I talk to him.
He misses you.
Okay? But listen, you have to be 100% invisible.
I mean he's on monitors all the time, 24/7 okay? So he can't be in contact with anyone.
- Okay - Take her home! We're gonna take you home, okay? Go home.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Go home, Sophie.
- I'm sorry.
- Go home.
Don't worry about it, baby.
DECLAN: Now go.
Come on.
Will this ever end? Jail, I mean.
- The hell was that? - Don't worry about it.
- You know what? - What? Get the hell outta my house.
That's right, my house.
I grew up in that house.
You're not the head of this family.
How long's it gonna take for you to understand that? Your behavior, right now, and upstairs, you can get a lot of people killed, Nico.
And maybe even yourself, too.
We pay you to make sure that that doesn't happen.
If you're not up for the job, we'll find someone else who is.
Now, if you'll excuse me, the family is sitting down for dinner.
We're gonna have an 8-foot-long kitchen island.
Gonna have two refrigerators, an eight burner commercial stove.
It'd be cheaper to buy an entire restaurant.
Nah, nah, I got a restaurant.
I gotta have seven bedrooms, and eight bathrooms.
- Eight bathrooms? - Yeah.
One bathroom for each room, and then an extra special one just for me.
He's building a hotel, not a house.
What do you need so much for? Pop, I keep telling you, when I retire, I want everybody in the family to come live under the same roof.
All right? Like in the old days.
: Oh, like in the old days.
We left the old country 50 years ago so we wouldn't have to live all under the same roof.
Now you give this gift back to us.
Italian prison, thank you very much.
(CHUCKLES) Pop, I'm trying to build a legacy.
This house is fantastic.
It's gonna be so good, it doesn't need an address.
Everybody's gonna know, this is the Rizzuto home.
Yeah, build an empire, not a home.
I am, Pop.
Hey, Jerry, I wanna talk to you later about plans for the green house.
You got it.
: Declan? - Yeah.
Something's come up we're gonna need you for.
There is a man we have heard coming from Calabria, a very dangerous man, from The 'Ndrangheta.
They call him "The Smile" because he's got all these scars.
He's all cut up, but he lived through it.
He was hired by the Devil's Kings.
- To do what? - To kill Vito.
The bikers want to take over the heroin trade.
The number one priority is Vito's safety.
I tried to tell him to go away for a while, but he won't listen to me.
Pop! Pop, what did I tell ya? This is not the time to run.
It's the time to stand still and be calm.
Pop, I'm in this.
As long as I'm alive, no one's ever gonna harm Vito.
I appreciate that.
On behalf of the family, I wanna be the first to invite you to live in any of the 85 bedrooms that this guy is making, okay.
Just don't use my bathroom! (LAUGHING) The special one.
- (MEN TALKING INDISTINCTLY) - (MOTORCYCLES REVVING) - Bonjour! - Ca Va? - Yeah? Good, me too.
- Sure.
DECLAN: I'm here to see Jacques.
Where's Vito? Hey.
Just us.
I don't think you came up here for a hot dog.
What do you want? Can we talk in private? No.
- Skip that bullshit.
- Okay, I'll skip the bullshit.
Um, from now on, all conversations with The 'Ndrangheta, they're over.
So you know about that? It's okay.
We understand.
Sometimes, people, they start thinking its greener somewhere else, you know? It's normal.
It's like that hot girlfriend that you just can't stop screwing until you see another hot girlfriend.
I don't know man, I screw them all, Declan.
(ALL LAUGHING) Of course you do, Jacques.
You're a very sexy man.
But the Rizzutos, they like commitment.
They're Italian.
You know church, family, food So we're gonna make our current deal more favorable for you.
You're gonna get 5% more, the product's gonna be 20% more pure.
Now, you can sell it that way or you can chop it up into the shit you normally do.
Why would you come here offering me more money if you think I'm trying to screw you? Vito, he understands people.
People get angry, when they feel they're not getting what they deserve, you know? We should all be happy with what we're getting.
That way there's no reason to screw it all up.
He's, uh Sigmund Freud, your boss.
(ALL LAUGHING) Okay, good.
I got one more thing for you.
It's in the car.
Don't shoot.
(SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE) - Brought us a gift? - Yeah.
Sacrément He was a vile bastard, this one.
You should've heard what he was saying the moment before I chopped off his head.
(PEOPLE GASPING) If you ever, ever try to screw us again, ever.
The rest of The Smile's body parts are gonna be found in all the exhaust pipes of every bike that I see around here.
You will all go to prison for the murder of that little shitty bastard.
Next time you're unhappy, just come back to the hot girlfriend.
Talk to us.
We're pretty reasonable.
Excuse me.
Where did you get your purse? It was a gift from my boyfriend.
Aw, well, it's beautiful.
Your boyfriend has very good taste.
Thank you.
You should try that on.
It would look great with your skin tone.
It's not really my style.
What about this? It's nice.
Well, let me put it this way.
Your boyfriend obviously has very good taste.
Would he like a dress like this? On you, I mean.
He prefers things that are a bit more, um, understated.
See I find that they say that in public, but, not in private.
But, I mean, what do I know? I'm still single.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah, of course.
(SCREAMS) You don't think I know who you are? Get off of me! Get off of me! Stay away from him, you goddamn whore! Stay out of our life.
I'm gonna kill you! (CRYING) Good for us.
- Good job.
- All right.
You made a deal with him behind my back? No, I fixed things.
If my father was here, you never would have done something like this without his consent.
Well, that's right.
But your father would never have created a mess like this in the first place.
And you're okay with this? Let him explain.
Your father's explicit long-term vision is to make all our businesses legit.
So, I've arranged for some outside financial guys to come in to finish the project.
We worked with these people before.
Now we're gonna get 1.
5% of their cut, and we'll do all the permits if needed, and then we get 10% of the sales.
It's already agreed on.
It's all above board.
Are you following me so far? Then the electrical and water work are gonna be subcontracted back to us by the city.
It's already arranged by my guy.
And we're gonna get more money for that.
And then, to fix the problem you created with the Haitians and the Irish, we're gonna give four condos for a buck each.
We're gonna give one to the Haitians, one to the Irish, one to the bikers, and keep one for ourselves.
So, on the one hand, these gifts are to help smooth things over.
And on the other hand, once the complex is finished, we're gonna have a secure meeting place where the cops can't follow us in or out.
- It's good work, Declan.
- Declan, it's very good.
: Nonno, how can you say very good? So we make a few dollars, he gives condos to these animals! All we have is our name and he is using it for himself.
I respect that name more than my own.
Everybody knows Papa wasn't behind this, it was Declan! On his own.
Now, I wasn't there, you weren't there.
How do we know what else he gave them? For the past year, he's the only one going to Colorado to see my father.
Why have we given him all the keys? Nico, your father explicitly wanted Declan to be the liaison so all the heat is always on him and only him.
If you wouldn't have gotten busted with an eight ball in your pocket in Atlantic City at your bachelor party, you'd be racking up the air miles.
- You son of a bitch! - I'm done.
I got work.
Where are you going? I think I'll go see Hank first.
You do not walk away from the head of this family until I say you can! Declan.
You gotta stop this, you understand me? Your father would never have permitted this.
Pop's not here right now, though.
That's the whole point.
No, I'll tell you what the point is.
The point is that Declan, has been at your father's right hand, for many years.
Declan went to prison for this family.
He stood up.
He knows everything your father knows and you don't.
Here's what you don't really understand.
Your father never had this kind of life in mind for you.
He sent you to private school, he wanted you to be something else.
He wanted you to have a different life.
And you're gonna listen to him because I want that too and you're gonna listen to the both of us.
(SPEAKING ITALIAN) I understand that, but things are different now.
Nonno, family should be making these decisions.
This is a very dangerous time for us.
And the only person you can ever really trust is family.
Declan is family.
The only way that people will be certain that Vito Rizzuto is still on top of everything is that if a Rizzuto is there to say it for him! Listen, what you really don't understand, all we want to do is keep you safe.
(SIGHS) - DECLAN: He just walked out.
- Who? Nico! He can't be without his protection.
Now get going! - Nico has the keys.
- Goddamn it! How many times I gotta tell you guys you need to protect? Now move! Move! (ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING) Shit! Shit! Fuck! (TIRES SCREECHING) Nico! Hey, hey, Nico! Hey.
Oh, shit! Shit.
Nico! No.
Argh! Nico.
Nico! Nico, God.
Nico! REPORTER: There was a drive-by shooting late last night in Montreal.
The intended victim, Nicolo Rizzuto Junior, is the son of mob boss Vito Rizzuto who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence in Colorado.
And so far, no witnesses have come forward.
We're gonna have to keep you under observation for a few more days.
Okay? Just think of this as a miracle.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
Does this finally settle it for you? What do you mean? This proves my point.
Someone tried to kill you! This proves that people think of me as the head of this family.
So that's what you take outta this? Nonno, I don't have a choice anymore.
This is a test.
They wanna see how we handle this.
If I run away and hide, they're gonna think we're scared.
They're gonna come for everything that we have.
: This is not your father's plan for you.
It's not just about me anymore.
Nonno I don't have a death wish.
I'm just trying to protect what's ours.
(HEART RATE MONITOR BEEPING) Bruno, do we have any idea who did this? BRUNO: Could've been anyone.
Irish, bikers, Haitians, another crew from New York Our guys are trying to find out.
It could have been anyone, Nico.
You've pissed off a lot of people.
But you're still alive, it's not too late to step back.
Where's Declan? Declan saved your life.
(SPEAKING ITALIAN) (MONITOR BEEPING) (BEEPING) Why was he alone? Like I said, he just ran off.
I leave you in control of my business and you can't control a kid who's having a tantrum? What did I tell you about Nico? Keep him safe.
I don't give a shit about anything else, you understand? Don't you dare try to blame my son.
He's my son.
He's allowed to screw up.
I don't know, maybe putting you in charge of my business is like messing with your head.
Or inviting you to my dinner table, or buying you birthday presents Let me make something very clear to you.
You are my employee.
You work for me.
I pay you to take care of my business, I pay you to take care of my home.
And most importantly, I pay you to take care of my family.
You work for me.
You understand? Yes.
Yes, boss! Yes, sir! Whatever it takes to remind you of your place.
Yes, boss.
(DOOR BUZZES) DECLAN: Next time on Bad Blood It's not safe in here for a man like you.
I feel pretty safe about you.
Thanks for your concern.
We have two priorities.
Protect the boss and keep Nico safe.
I, like everyone in this city have read the brave, shocking reporting about the corruption that exists on all levels of our public works.
And that organized crime has its hand in all of it.
I am Vito, right now!